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  1. philips eyes reflects pure evil, that child rapist cunt.
  2. if you endorse the matrix you are a potential star if you dont you´re far far greater.
  3. this full article diana energy extraction scam.docx | DocDroid opens in your browser directly without a download..the site also allows you to download the the article to your device and the size is roughly 868kb.
  4. btw matthew delooze has mentioned that the time is nearly upon us when the serpent wont require our free will to maintain their enslavement over us , when that day comes (hopefully not) the reptilians will openely reveal themselves in our dimension as masters of the human race, they will proceed to openly slaughter people on the streets in broad daylight in a similiar fashion to what went on during biblical times when the israelite kings sacrificed babies by trowing them in fires in honour of bal moloch
  5. posted a summary of my limited interpretation of matts work, some which are my own conjecture mingled with his theories. due to the vanishing of my older posts i thought it would be good to have it reposted... You could say that we are fooled(trough rituals) to adhere to a mandalauniverse of sort were all Components of it are emantion aspects of a primordeal gods spirits, fist i want to emphasize that planets symbolise gods and not the other way around. secondly planets were only one aspect of many diffrent archetyphical energy aspects of the "gods" these planets and thier influence appear as imprisoning energies for the normal bloke but they could be altered and even destroyed by one of the higher microcosmic bodies of god "which are connected to mystery rites" for alchemical purposes. these iconic mystery bodies of god that is put in use in mystery schools are all a programmed insertions within the collective consiousness of mankind - for normal folks they lie latent as inactive - but for the one who has activated one of the many "higher ranked" mystical bodies of gods - they are used to rule over time. and the god use these as he pleases to exert influence in accordance to a prefixed timewheel that is ever cyclical. its also important to realise that we are dealing with an "superego" or various levels of the reptilian spirit that expresses itself in forms of multitude trough the iconic and codified god dresses of the world. the androgynous being dresses itself in all of them!!!so we have a world dictarship instead of a free world. you could say that these planets are lesser gods that functions as cog wheels inside a massive time machine which fate lies in the hands of the clock turner. being subservient to astrology and planets are no diffrent than being subservient to religion - becuse both feed the clock turner just the same. you can blame the universe for not giving you truth in your lead up quest to find the truth but you cant blame the universe if you fail to acknowledge it once it has been given you...and it doesnt matter if your an initiate or not everyone is entitled to it if there heart reallly wants it. one thing people need to grasp in the nwo agenda. is that the nwo is just an regurgitation of the old World order. becuse the same powerful people are involved today as they were thousand of years ago trough reincarnation. our current timecycle will mark the events that will either enslave mankind forever or it will be the only window of escape out of the matrix. only the individual can decide what it wants to harvest. becuse tptb has implemented a system that will ensure total entrappment for those who give away thier free will towards thier sacred geometry,symbolism and the rituals .all the Worlds energy lines will link up with thier monuments and geometry structures and it will build a World energy center were all our energy are constantly being siphoned off by being recycled. Another scenario is humans total surrender by accepting to be branded with a microchip..... the mass human collective creates thier reality trough thier subconsiousness thoughts. • Whenever you observe or think or feel your soul release an energy that acts as a tool of creation. You can´t see this energy at work, because we´ve been programmed to not decode it, it works just like our money currency. You pick a thing you want to buy then you pay for it, this energy is symbolic for your spiritual approval. Thus anything you direct your energy at will have your manifestation approval. What the entities from a another dimension has done is to design an con trick to lure us into worshipping them, They have done exactly that by cultivating us since the dawn of the civilization, they create symbolism and sacred geometry and then proceed to put it in our world…THEY HAVE MAID SURE THAT ANYTING YOU DIRECT YOU ATTENTION AT bares their symbolism…from the designs of buildings to giving celebrities occult names so they transforms into portable occult deities. Imagine that we are dealing with a magician who are hypnotizing us and con us to direct our energy on symbols and geometry …to gain all our energy they would have to infest all directions of our life´s doings…be it religion,sex, education,government,sports and so on and so forth, Everything we do is initially connected to esoteric symbolism. So we end up giving them all of our energy that they can use to enslave us because of our ignorance of the consequences of taking the oaths/rituals. try to liken the universe with all its inherent energies and potenials expressions as a fully painted painting signed with the initials of the human race. then try to imagine a cunnig force force erasing the intials of the human race and putting its own intials on the painting by proclaiming it as such to the majority of the collective consiousness – thus all energy that humans emit goes to them , becuse our subconsiousness interept it as they are the creators of of Everything in motion including us. they get us to Think them up as our creators . its the greatest con ever invented. our subconsiounsess our manipulated to create a reality script that supports then as rulers over us. what i have written above is the reason for the construct of alpha and omega hence the the begining of time with the dinsouars as the first offical inhabitants of planet Earth….. the first genesis etc… the archetype of a seprent Earth goddes wouldnt works wouldnt work if man came beefore it we created a mean to travel interdimensionally trough our thoughts , we thought up the means to enter planet earth and we thought up a means to exit planet Earth to return were we orgiginally came from. the frausters has hijacked those means so it leads us to their dimensions upon Death instead of home, from there we are recycled to Earth unless youre a high intiate , who exists in some of thier higher realms. “If the collective subconscious human mind does create the physical reality of the human race, which I believe it does, and symbols trigger and affect the collective subconscious, then it is surely the truth and nothing but truth, that whomever controls the act of locating and the displaying of symbols on this planet not only controls our lives, it controls our entire spiritual destiny”. Matthew Delooze 20/01/12” and please do not mistake those higher realms low level stuff as shamballa or the new jersulaem messiah concept here which are only permanent in a cyclical way for those gaining admission to it. the World is on the brink of destruction, yet some people Think people are awakening. a third of the World is starving and Another of the third lives poorly. if you are falling for the idea that we are more enlightend than we ever were and that we are progressing at an ever increasing rate then think again becuse the the decepetive forces have even higher technology and they both to maximaze their enslavement over us by putting them together. if you have windows 10 then you have to buy a new computer to run it yes? our outdated technology has to be updated when deceptive forces update thier own technology or else they wouldt be compatible with eachother… Thinks are only getting worse…. some forces are trying to change it. but they can only help people who wants help for reasons tied to free will. the mystery schools intiate individuals so that the parasitic force can exert its influence on our realms without getting exposed for what it is. it can not show itself in its true image becuse we would not worship it if it did. so it uses middlle man in form of the initated man. that said it does not matter if you are an intiated man or not , every one deserves to be free. its just that its more often than not a bit harder for the intiated man becuse the serpents spirit has posseses his heart so his emotions are subdued in really investing in the truths that can set himself free. that said its not impossible. its just harder. the controllers are just like us spirit energy but they express themselves in the form of reptilies becuse that is their collective image id so to speak - that said they can take any form they want. they have convinced us that they are more powerful than us but that is only becuse we give away our own power to them. when the serpent first decided to hijack the collective consiousness of the human race it wanted to associate itself with a thing that everyone would love and at the same time something that would give them a veil of clothing so it used the sun for that purpose. but the sun has been laddned with other symbolism which represents the serpent on simple level its just as matthew explains something to the effect that if you paint a painting and decide to place it in a museum the energy that is directed at the painting does not go to the painting but the creators of the painting - its the same with the intiate man in a way becuse they were created in the image of the gods and after thier likeness. Imagine that all of existence is in a timeless and everlasting computer of consiousness where all potenssials in the existence resides .Now imagine that in one potensial expression within all others -allows that allknowing consiousness to defragment itself into compartilized pecies that can forget all other potensials.these limited potentials are connected to the main computer (the allknowing state where theres nothing outside of you that is not a part of you) trough internet cables which allows the main computer to filter the allknowing potentials going into the cables and reaching the smaller computers/defragmentions=which constitutes the collective id and the cosmic laws..and from there imagine those defragments splitting into even lesser ones which constitutes the souls or ip adress of each indivudals. All-knowing computer-collective id-ip id (there are many cables with diffrent lesser computers that splits and consitutes diffrent collective gruops(diffrent interminesional races) continued...As far as the reptilians are concerned... Is it possible prior to the manipulation that a portal linking all multidimensions was open. If that was ever the case consider that some beings inhabitating a dimension with high awareness decided to imprison beings which in that particular time just happend to experience life in a lower dimension. So imagine the aliens somehow designed a plan which function would serve to disconnect the human beings from accesing the portal and that they where succesful. these reptilians presented us with scriptures that fooled us to believe that reptilians created us and the solar system and becuse they appeared in superious form we had no other choose than to accept their version of events as being true. Could it be that due to some univeral laws that has to be followed like for example the "the law of free will" which is essential to any creation process. They Had to implant those ideas as being true in our collective subconsiousness in order to align our hive mind to their creation script and create the outcome of what the scriptures describe. Only when the scriptures was accepted in the majority of the collective subconsiousness did we manifest the reality according the scriptures in which they where the rulers over us. Could that explain why they are not walking on planet earth since they wouldnt get our free will if they ruled us by force? Could that be the case why they formed a brotherhood between them and a few selected bloodlines which carried out the manipulation on thier behalf Could that be the case why we are fooled to participate in rituals disguised as everday events- becuse they need to renew their contract ownership over our souls continously or in matts simple allegory "The best way to explain this "disconnection" is to imagine every person on this planet is a PC connected to a very large (main) computer (all knowing knowledge-love) via telephone cables, like the Internet. A "virus" that has disconnected from the larger computer wants to take over all the PCs on the planet for its own use. To do this it has to cut all the telephone cables to the main computer. The virus realises that the PCs will know they have been disconnected when the cables are cut so the virus devises a plan to connect the PCs to another computer, deceiving them into believing they have not been disconnected at all. All goes to plan but a few PCs realise they are not accessing the all-knowing knowledge they once had access to. The virus knows this and causes the PCs that know their connections are faulty to breakdown and enter the PC "repair shop." The PC is "repaired" and no longer realise that it is not accessing the all-knowing knowledge throug its own ignorance and accepts the computer the virus connected it to instead.. In other words kidnapped victims are disconnected from their spiritual information because they are capable of creating the "anti virus" information that will reconnect all others to the truth instead of to the false information provided by the virus. A sort of super powered virus free internet (paradise on earth) can be created if enough people (PCs) can be reconnected to the one (main computer) again. By saying only certain "spiritually aware" people are kidnappe by negative aliens does not mean that people who are not kidnapped, or have no recollection of being taken, are not spiritually aware. We all have equal spiritual awareness. We are all one consciousness. It is just that spiritual awareness can be blocked more easily in some than others. (The virus takes over some PCs quicker and is more effective in some than in others). Let us try and imagine that some people (or PCs) get connected to the one true consciousness (main computer). The news is so fantastic that it needs spreading round the world. The other people (or PCs) laugh because the world knowledge (virus) has loaded their memory with lies (false programming). In our case the virus is negative aliens (inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial) and their agents on Earth. If you can understand that the negative aliens want to stop all people who are capable of connecting to higher levels of spiritual information then maybe you can also understand why they are kidnapped and subjected to the blocking of the awareness they have or capable of accessing" there he also goes into the subject of Alien abductions. many abductess are fooled to accept a half breed consiting of both Alien and human seed. the Alien copulates with the victim trough mind Control and later shows up a baby to thier victim that is part reptilian and part human this is strictly mind Control and symbolical, becuse the serpent are showing that it has the Power to breed mankind, if the abductee victim accepts the Child as hers and bond with it - it enables the serpent not only to Control the victims lifeforce but his or hers entire bloodline! it has been inprinted in collective consiousness of mankind that the sun god created himself out of the watery chaos. the watery chaos was the source of the sun god and it was always personified as the serpent and the underworld in all religions that has been previously accepted and imbedded onto the majority of minds within collective consiousnesss. worship a creation equals worshipping the creators of a creation in other words worship the sun - worship the the serpents who are symbolically responsible for controlling the archetype of creation and thus creation mirrors what the serpent wants creation to be rather than how we want it to be. we have put the the serpent as our gods in our heavens ( our symbolic archetype that registers our thoughts) we have also put the the serpents geometry and symbolism in our earth - so heaven and earth does as the serpent wants it do instead of doing what we want it it do the serpent has also hijacked the living elements to do its bidding - however the serpent is not and will never be my god but one day when the elements are purified from the putrid stench of the reptile and its whole system body of creation - it will act as a host for the incarnation of the forces that acts beyond the the matrix worlds that consists of the middle worlds, the heavens and the underworlds. the purifed elements with the real spirits of the truths (not the ones of the bible) will utterly shatter new jersulem one day. what will the liers of this World do then eh? and where are does people that have built a temple of dwelling in their hearts to host this deceptive serpent spirit that disguise itslef as light some of these people dare to say they want truth , yet they dare not to speak about what they see as their version of truth to others. they believe in hiding thier truths (which are really lies) in their hearts as they believe they belong to an enlightened click who will recieve an permanent dwelling trough a mystical union in the future... good luck with building your new jersulames...but dont get sad when it gets destroyed - i mean afterall it is a very cheap price to pay in juxtaposition to the horrendeous miserous and terror that this light force has inflicted upon mankind troughout the ages. to you i say as you do unto others - others will do to you. as you hide what you see as truth - will enable worhty forces otuside the matrix to hide the truth from you. one last thing about this new World order agenda. there exists many diffrent god Icons or dresses. yahwe, allah, buddah jesus etc... but its the same force underneath them that dress in them all. intitaties can also be laddenend with the reptilian spirit that works trough them so they becomme a peice of portable symbolism that represents the serpents Creations. in all mystery schools you had to die a symbolic Death to be reborned- there are many reasons for this but no one will tell you that they main reason for this is erasing the indiviudals own history and identity so a superego can take its Place¨for the purpose of energy theft . becuse the individual has made the ulltimate sacrifice as stupid as it is it can never recieve energy on its own behalf- becuse the individual are not thier to act as a container for the energy someone directs at it - it has killed it self - it goes to the superego that has written over the individual how you going to let people fight with eachother if they all worship the s so they create many "diffrent" gods so mankind can fight for those in the battlefields and in so doing they release the energy of conflict that the serpent likes to feed upon the most!!! the parasitic force has taken advantage of it to the very last drop we are not computer programs. we are omnipotent and omnipresent behind the layers of of multidimensonell hypnosis that currently engulfes us. when we set ourselves free all our powers will return to us,simply becuse all powers are already within us they just need accesing.
  6. for another force to slaughter us and feed upon us we (humans) have to first feed upon other lifeforms on earth , or else its a universal karmic breach , we feed on lesser lifeforms so that enables the serpent cult to feed upon us - moreover we declare them sinless so we basically make sure that they recieve no karmic retribution . we must first do to ourselves what others from another dimension wants to do to us or else they cannot - so they manipulate us into being miniature version of themselves, its cosmic law.
  7. sorry bad link in prior post.. heres a good link diana energy extraction scam.docx | DocDroid
  8. may i suggest that you look up matthew matthew delooze´s stuff, he might point you into the right direction. I strongly reccmend you read this free articel of his The Greatest Spiritual Energy Extraction Scam of the 20th Century By Matthew Delooze (1library.co) (worth the loading time) there is an cosmic democracy at play and they con us to willingly vote them as rulers over us by ironically manipulate our collective subconsiousness to uphold that narrative trough our own free will worhsip towards them. and they need to renew their ownership over the collective human soul hence we are conned to to participate in certain rituals that allows them to do so. if we stop cooperating with thier rituals they can not enter our world much less feed of our energy. please read the article if you have time bud its highly insightful .
  9. so you only became a member to prop of your sales. i cant speak for other members but i sure hell wont miss you .. bye bye and have a happy live
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