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  1. you are absolutely right, another thing that the great matthew delooze said was something to the effect that when those from the unseen updates their technology they also update ours to ensure both are compatible with eachother so they can be utilised as a mean to exercise greater control of the population. in the animatrix (the animated matrix movie) it said that the machines were built in elohims image , meaning they can be possessed by their creators. matthew delooze also said that technology can be possessed just like humans.
  2. i think that depopulation is a mask for end times mass sacrifices of humans. humans dont escape the nets of the matrix just becuse they leave their physichal body behind, their spirits and minds are still trapped under the many nets and trappings that awaits humans when they make the transition. matthew deloozze said it best : we are born in ignorance, we transition to another dimension in ignorance and then we are tricked to come back here in ignorance.
  3. there was once a time whence i loved matthew delooze on level terms with the love i have for my own mother during that time i would have taken a bullet for him without bathing an eylelid. but to answer your question i was never intiatiated into any esoteric teachings by adhering to any priest-disciple relationship. i owe matthew delooze a great deal for raising my awareness level to stupendious heights but i dont worship him nor the forces he represents - simply becuse i can never be sure if they are trying to entrapp souls or free them. im sure matt is genuine - but i cannot ever be sure about the forces that sent him. any prophet that is not on level terms with those he represents are liable to be manipulated , do i think thats the case with matt, i really hope not - but since im not sure.. im destined to be a leper until i find my way out of this shithole. i will never bend over for any forces - priests,"fraudulent holy spirits nor any fraudlent supreme beings. and that is becuse very deep down i know that im all knowing and all being and noone can ever convince me otherwise... so whether i will find my escape and breaktrough in this live time or thousand lifetimes from now , rest assured i will break the schakles that holds me in bonds
  4. enjoy your slave status and the nigging little notion in the back of your head that constantly reminds you that some high preist have you wrapped around his little finger.. jump simon...jump slave
  5. it was the same with horus in egypt., that doesnt change who created them and what they represent. there was diffrent archetypes of horus such as horus the elder and horus the younger to name a few , all archetypes and icons and their associated principles and energies steem from the same order out of chaos mythologies - their source and line of mystical descend orginated from chaos and and as such they are all part of a n unbroken mystical lineage tree - no diffrent than than all intiates who are stupid to realise that not only is sacrifying themselves in a symbolical death - the highest reverens and worship it also intiates them to be controlled by forces they can never ever know fully about. all archetypes and icons of gods are in their esoteric aspects connected to mystery rites" for alchemical purposes. these iconic mystery bodies of god that is put in use in mystery schools are all a programmed insertions within the collective consiousness of mankind - for normal folks they lie latent as inactive - but for the one who has activated one of the many "higher ranked" mystical bodies of gods - they are used to rule over time. and the god use these as he pleases to exert influence in accordance to a prefixed timewheel that is ever cyclical - this simulated reality can in turn be manipulated by deeper chaos forces in anyway they see fit in the natural world just as they can cantrol the same innerland scape of all the initiates who have agreed to submit to them and yes including "gnostic christian" its important to realise that we are dealing with various levels of the reptilian spirit that expresses itself in forms of multitude trough the iconic and codified god archetypes of the world . these spiritual reptilians operates from the chaos/underworld realm you could say that the intiates becomes small cog wheels inside as massive timewheel/machine which fate lies in the hands of the clock turner and the clockturners fate lies in the hands of the reptilians forces in the underworld. all initiates who choose to die a mystical death and be be reborn by the holy spirit - becomes part of the the same mystical heritage family tree. its the same with modern masons who are intiated trough the archetype of hiram abiff/ariff indeed they are intiatied in darkness and led trough darkness to the light which can be seen as form of illumination on one level of the intrepetation on another level that very same concealed darkness symbolise that they will ever be lead and scammed by the very same darkness to live in cyclical order under concealed cirucmstances unbeknownst to them -that is also where their faith comes in - becuse they are all intiated trough the blindfold placed on thier eyes. you are no diffrent a pathetic patsie who can ba manipulated by manipulative forces in any way they see fit and they can only do that becuse you bent over for the high preists who gave you your englightenment - they can destroy you anytime they want by fucking with your secret vibrational names and when they say jump you jump like a submissive slave who have been tricked to believe that he´s free. cleary you did not comprehend my prior posts. you lack real insight . ohh and not only do you worship you are a worshipful sucker worshipping with every living breath by automatical default through your secret vibrational names/blood. they sing out worshipful frequencies . as i said... some people are destined to be enslaved..
  6. no i didnt miss it. you dont know your theology good enough and you contradict yourself left and right , a bandwagoon jumper who speaks negtively about jesus and his father one day and postively about jesus and his father another day you dont know what you want to be and you cannot argue well using your own thoughts you have to rely on scriptures which you dont even understand.
  7. my my a deluded sun and serpent worhsipper with schizofrenia, agnostic affirms uncertainty , christianty doesnt. you cant be be an agnostic christian - its an oxymoronic term. you know it i know it , and the bullshit teachers and philosophers who have convinced you otherwise knows it to. jesus is another form of hermes and horus - a pathetic host and meditiary for the luciferic serpent forces. thy eye be single refer to the light body - becoming a minature sun god or a son of the fatherly sun god - a symbolic benben. let me give you bits of wisdome - by being reborn into a vessel that is fit to merge with luciferic forces as in one identity- you basically agree to submit to a supreme force who is feeding on your energy and that force always takes more than it gives back to its hierophant. - that is why every intiate has to die a symbolic death in the mysteries . you didnt create the luciferic spirit m, you didnt create the luciferic blood , and you didnt create the luciferic avatars or titles or the living word - you are not creating and becoming anything by merging with any of the aformentioned - you are reiterating or reinacting someone elses creation - it is not you becoming the luciferic force - its is the luciferic force becoming you no diffrent than a parasite. 1 . the heirophant give up his autonomy so this wicked luciferic force you worship can be reborn as you not you as them 2. the hierophant give up his karmic history and identity so as to be fit to be a clean vessel for the force that has assimilated your energy system for its own purposes. thus shall anyone exchange energy to the person the reborn intiatiate was prior to the intiation all enegy directed towards him does not go to him , becuse he has decided to kill himslef it goes to the force that has overtaken the intiate . that is how the luciferic forces recruits "the elected" so who is agnostic christian , a sad person who thoguht he was receving enlightment by intiation or worse the force that has claimed him - i now think the latter . i dont have a god. im not one of the bene ha elohim , im not a jacobite, im not a lesser yhwh im not an "i am " i was never intiated into the mysteries by a djinn and never will be. but what i have written is relative isnt it gnostic christian, it must be if the intiated person is in slumber and the serpent spirit has taken possesion over his core. so i suppose those forces claiming the vessels can take turns into possesing the vessel, in one lifetime one soul fragment takes the charge over the possesion , then leaves to the underworld - from whench comes another one to possess the vessel in a diffrent incarnation. so maybe you are new soul agnostic christian - but whether you are incarnated in the "physical realm" or the orginal home of those pretender gods , your still the slave all the same. becuse those forces have disconnected from the real source and superimpoosed thier source over the original source form whence we alll came - reptilian or not. those very same forces are slaves to thier own igonrance and limitations. your god bigger than my god you say , what are you a 5 year old.. next you´d be telling me "my dad is biger than my dad".. i dont submit to any pretender god , there is no gods in my reality, if you want to be something that is less than you are (by reconnect to the real source) then by all means i hope you wallow in your delusions for as long as you wishfully want. and let me finish it off by telling you an even bigger truth, as i was told by matthew delooze ..these pretender gods couldnt even sustain thier existence in this realm if humanity stopped feeding them energy, if humanity stopped worshipping this force and united in one huge collborated effort to vote them out we would have the serpent souls quaking in thier aqvarium and rise far far above thier grasp. they would be less than ants as they will be one day, hope you get to witness it - better put your running shoes on mate.
  8. im not a new soul. if you are an extension of someone elses existence ill understand. im not coming back. only a slave who dont know hes a slave want to stay one. and they are not only losers but a part of the problem aswell,end of discussion, i told you the truth but you didnt want to listen, you cant eat the cake and keep it at the same time. you cant critise religion and claim you dont worship god but at the same time describe yourself an agnostic christian. thank you for showing yuor true colours. i never mentioned anything about karma and reincarnation being victim and blaming conecepts. we create our own reality and we create our own enslavement trough our own free will. but karma tied to the reincarnation process as a way to learn and grow is a blatant scam i believe you havwe a good heart but i misjudged you. we are very diffrent and not alike anywhere. your just like the rest, woefully happy in this pigshit simulation humanity like to call life. i thank you though, anytime someone tells me to accept "reality" they contribute to my reactionary response which the universe witness - one where i dont accept being a slave. so i guess my heart is just wired diffrently .... thank you
  9. you are wise. i believe the only way to counteract this seemingly endless chain of cause and effect is by connecting to our all knowing and allbeing state, and make it our duty and service to help others do the same (if they allow us ofcourse), this is what i call unconditional love. by connecting to our highest form of expression ,we leave this world of "duality" i prefeer to call it ( mass hypnosis) behind. extreme cold ceases to be extrem cold and extreme heat ceases to be extreme heat instead they merge and become something pleasant, ofcourse that is only an analogy becuse i believe we created this world collectively trough mass thought , and its nothing but a collective dream or delusion that we have subconsiously agreed to experience by choosing to forget who we are , problem is we agreed to experience this simulation as a sort of holiday, instead a parastic force entrapped us here since time immemorial and we have been unable to find our way back. when we connect to our true state we experience the highest form of love/well being and freedome of expression and that level is devoid of any boreness and suffering. life becomes a sort of a super resolution videogame ,only lacking the codes and algorithms that makes us suffer or should i say the painful matrix codes revert back to a diffrent and altered higher form of expression when we revert back to our highest form of expression
  10. i have seen enough of you to know that you have a good heart with a strong moral base to boot. yes mate .. yahweh is only willing to show love to his disciples if they submit to him and offer sacrifices, he is unwilling or uncapable to show love to those who dont submit to him, humans are entirely diffrent in that respect, so what is the source of love that humans possess, becuse our capacity to love couldnt ever come form that luciferic maniac.
  11. not to mention how money can be manipulated to recruit occult power to tptb here:s a great article about the power of money and its occult usage https://www.docdroid.net/Ck0GiL1/matthewdelooze-ill-take-it-what-is-it-docx?fbclid=IwAR0bjMJscPL-wmh2Qlp2yTaNYoRxp7irrq9OPHyWzJlo0TcRe2I3isQOwzc (written by matthew delooze)
  12. becuse its a very apt quote that is true regardless, the rest of that gurus work consist of low level mumblings, his name is jed mckenna btw. matt went true something that magnified his intelligence by millions fold. relaying that information to someone who is not one the same wave lenght is litterary impossible. it would be like trying to fit a warehouse full of information into the size of a tiny matchbox, it cannot be done. matt writes in a very watered form by purpose. his humble approach is tailormade to best suit the help of the subconsiousess of any reader, however his work can only help those who want to be free. one has to be emotionally attached to his work in order to activate the triggers in his work ( triggers that will help the subconsiousness of the reader to remember the truth aswell as to help the subconsiusness create the path that will manifest the said the truth later on.
  13. physical disconnection cannot occur becuse nothing physical really exists. by disconnection i am refering to a severed consiousness in our present normal state of awareness. read my posts a few pages back i have explained it. we are allknowing and allbeing. to quote a fake guru by the only truth he said its not about becoming true its about unbecoming false so all thats left is truth. we have to break the the multidimensionell spell that prevents us from accesing our true awareness.
  14. i havent a single clue mate, but i have been able to feel my own weaker version of a similiar glimpse intermittently ( very rarely) and its absolute freedome pure dynamic peace - boringness and suffering dont exist in it. matthew delooze said he felt a glimpse of this home consiousness whilst in his current incarnation. he said it felt like absolute pure peace . a overwhelming love that is absolutely indescribable if i recall correctly, but it was only a glimpse since that state cannot manifest in its fullest capacity in our reality as of yet for reasons unknown to me matt himself claims that he has disconnected from the omnipotent forces and choose to come here to offer humanity help . it is only when his mission is complete that those who bare witness to the truth will reap its fruit and escape from the matrix. the omnipotent forces cannot enter this World and help the people in it in full capacity at the moment becuse we have approved a ruler over our lives (the serpents) they decide the laws of incarnation on this planet becuse we have put them in our heavens as gods. so due to restrictions tied to free will anyone that wants to enter this planet from an omnipotent Place has to enter this World as a baby without thier Power and allknowing state - if we give the serpents our free will and elevate them as gods over us then thats what they become. they get to decide the rules over thier kingdome matthews journey is very very complex and its connected to a very small Group of people who foresaw that we were at risk of being hijacked by neagtive forces so they designed a plan to counteract it when the time was right and the time is right, right now! as i see it that is also what enabled Matthew to receive help and guidance from the omnipotent forces. matts articles are written in such a way that each act as reversal of the various ritual spells that holds us prisoners. matts Writing also contains secret triggers, that will remind our subconsiousness of who we are as to steer our path in the right direction. matts Writing is only a very small part of his journey, he has to be at certain places around the World and carry out symbolic action and challenges. he has to meet many diffrent authority figures and do the same. but Everything he does, is geared towards strenghtening the omnipotents forces influence over our matrix and over those who accept the help that is about to come from there. a significant thing connected to his work is opening to very large ener lines that used to ran across the globe. those energy lines were cabable to recieve energy and information form the omnipotent force. the serpent destroyed themvery long time ago. Another part of matts work is building a a new energy body for those who want truth. this body when its complete will enable us to reocnnect to our omnipotent Place trough the aforementioned energy lines. no other body is cabaple of being compatible with these energy lines when they are reopened. try to liken the universe with all its inherent energies and potenials expressions as a fully painted painting signed with the initials of the human race. then try to imagine a cunnig force force erasing the intials of the human race, altering it slightly and then putting its own intials on the painting by proclaiming it as such to the majority of the collective consiousness – thus all energy that humans emit goes to them , becuse our subconsiousness interept it as they are the creators of of Everything in motion including us. matthew raises the question what if in order for us to stay dumbed down all the serpent have to do is to attach our emotions to something they themselfes have created. matthew always recommend that we seek truth with all our heart and if we really really want it then the frauster will be uncovered - the universe for a want of better word must provide. our heart and the universe are totaly loyal to eachother. so be sure that your desires is your own and not somebody else´s e.g dont get attached to others creations - becuse if we worship a creation we also worship the creators behind that same creation and those creators will use your free will and the energy you given them to bind your soul and free will towards thier will. matthew also recommends self prayer talk to yourself and invest your deep seated emotions into wanting the truth. we have to really learn to put our emotions into wanting the truth above else if we really do that and dont surrender our emotions towards the creations of this world in form of religion /spirituality / science / and status climbing the ladder for success - then sooner or later the universe will help us reclaim our freedome. basically you have to want freedome more than you want to live in this world. i sincerely hope that the forces that help matt arent luciferic. in case they arent, im very exicted of what awaits us truth seekers
  15. to access real freedome in our deepest core - the allknowing and allbeing state.
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