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  1. The system set-up will likely be binary. Either they will expect us to agree enthusiastically to the vaccines or be hesitant/strongly opposed. They wont expect people to short-circuit the process by, for example, making multiple appointments and not showing up. Someone on another forum suggested we do with this vaccine what he has done for years with flu vaccines (which are mandatory for his job). He shows up, signs all the necessary papers and then walks out before getting it. That way he has documents 'proving' he's had the jab which he then show to his employer. Hilarious Not sure if you have to provide written consent for the Covid jab, if you don't that's criminal, but it might be interesting to go along with it right up until the last minute and then 'change your mind'. I plan on doing some of this myself. If I do I'll keep this forum updated.
  2. Saudi Arabia hosts a huge number of migrant workers often from poorer countries like Bangladesh. These workers have often been treated badly with unsafe working conditions, allegations of physical abuse and exploitation that amounts to modern day slavery. When Covid hit many were forced into isolation in crowded and unsanitary conditions. They suffered in high temperatures with little decent food and limited water. All types of disease, dehydration and malnutrition would be a concern in such conditions and no special consideration was given to workers with any pre-existing health concerns. Add to this beatings by the authorities, including deaths in custody and a high suicide rate amongst the detained workers. Much like care homes in the UK I would argue that a significant number of those who died could have come from this demographic in Saudi Arabia and been categorised as Covid deaths. The Kingdom has no freedom of the press covering up of information like this is a given. Link to one example of news story. There are many others.
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