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  1. The Mail has been pushing these scare stories hard over the last few days. If you accept them as fact and not bullshit, and I have my doubts, there is something curious going on here. Given the stated low chance of dying or even being hospitalised with Covid the fact that 3 people didn't just catch it but also died is significant. Sure there could be a genetic component to susceptibility but there's been a few similar cases of families being wiped out or made seriously ill and on at least one occassion a non-blood relation was involved. It's a head scratcher
  2. You may well be correct but I keep an open mind on the subject. Personally I tend towards the idea that it was a man-made virus released with the intention of pushing the jab. It just turned out to be far less deadly than they intended, they didn't expect high levels of cross-immunity in the human population. The recent Doctors for Covid ethics symposium broadcast by UK Column went into this in some detail. Session 1: The False Pandemic (particularly M.Palmer's presentation) covers the artificial origins of the virus in some detail. More detail here
  3. I honestly don't think so. Marek's disease is massively more deadly to chickens than Covid is to humans (40-80% mortality). It's highly contagious and persists in infected areas for months. Again I don't think Covid is comparable in it's lethality, persistence in the environment or it's contagiousness.
  4. UK Column on Friday highlighted a story in the Spectator regarding the JCVI recommendations about vaccinating the over 12s. Apparently the JVCI had been recommending that children shouldn't be vaccinated unless they had underlying health issues that put them at risk. They also had been pointing out that children were at low risk from the virus and that side-effects from vaccine could not be ignored when weighing up the pros and cons. Now they've reversed this advice. The reason? As pointed out in the Spectator artice is the removal of those who disagreed from the JCVI group! They literally got rid of those who went against the plan. If this isn't completely transparent I don't know what is. Archived Article here
  5. There was that flash mob craze a few years ago. I recall in some US shopping centres it was used to storm shops and loot them. Large mobs of people organised online through social media or elsewere would be very difficult to stop. If they make passports compulsory for buying essentials like food all bets are off, the social contract has effectively been abandoned by those in power and people will be forced to break the law to eat. It will probably be used to ratchet up the tyranny and put armed police or troops on the street to stop 'looting'. Problem, reaction, solution.
  6. Exactly Eddy. I can't remember where but I recall reading about computer simulations of a deadly pandemic someone ran. One of the major problems with mass virus casualties was the potential meltdown of under-staffed nuclear power stations. Imagine multiple Chernobyls occuring worldwide as unattended stations experience catastrophic failure. There's no way whoever is behind this would want to inherit a toxic radioactive wasteland of a world. If they wanted to do that starting a nuclear war would probably be their best option.
  7. Even if you aren't Christian and don't believe in the prophetic interpretation of the Book of Revelation it's pretty obvious, given the available evidence, that the elites love their occult rituals and symbolism. Just visit the Vigilant Citizen website if you need more convincing. The Occult Elite have at the very least co-opted the symbolism, including numerology, of the Book of Revelation to inact a massive occult ritual on an unprecedented worldwide scale. The Covid Pandemic is as much a twisted black magic ritual as it is anything else. What do they hope to achieve with this act? I'm not sure, but they are trying to 'hack' reality by force of will to achieve their occult goals. Their thinking is utterly alien to me so I'm having a hard time determining their end-goal, but it's probably a Satanic Beast system of total control they crave.
  8. The number of people that this exemption will apply to is tiny. I think in the UK the initial vaccine trials last year only involved thousands of people. Additionally, recent reports by the drugs companies seem to indicate that many, if not all, of those who took part in the trials were subsequently offered actual vaccinations if they originally received a placebo. I think it's in the 90%+ range. This means the initial trials are not longer blinded and placebo controlled. This isn't good for long term studies as there is no control group. As for the 'self-declared' medical exemption that's far more interesting. I'd be keen to find out what illnesses and conditions qualify you for such an exemption. Especially if any of them include psychological conditions which might be more 'subjective' with regards to an official medial diagnosis.
  9. So it appears that blood clotting is also a symptom of progression of HIV. The risk of a first venous thromboembolism is 2-10 times higher than in the general population. Think you're on to something here. Certainly Fauci's decades long involvement in HIV/AIDS research should set alarm bells ringing here. It's way too much of a coincidence. The vaccines might cause an accelerated form of the disease in some people or the acute early symptoms for a subset of those jabbed might include clots. As the damage worsens more will experience those symptoms. With HIV it seems related to inflammation caused by the disease. Article Here
  10. I posted this in another thread some time ago. I'd appreciate your take on this. There's been considerable progess made in the last decade on Gene Therapy devices for immunosuppression. What interests me is the similarity between these medicines and the covid vaccines. Specifically the delivery mechanism using nanoparticles to deliver their payload into the cells and around the body, with size of the particle affecting bio-distibution. Agents for antigen specific immunosuppression can be used to treat autoimmune diseases and allergies as well as prevent tissue graft rejection. Article here
  11. I've resheduled my appointment using the online booking site 5 times now. I'm going to keep doing this for as long as possible. At first I was able to reschedule well in advance, more than 4 weeks. However, it's only possible to reschedule a maximum of 2 weeks in advance now. Additionally the number of vaccine centres near me seems to be decreasing. Perhaps this indicates closure due to decreased uptake of the jab? If there's a point where it's impossible to keep doing this online I'll start phoning them instead.
  12. OK this is getting a bit weird now. I'm in an area with an alleged 'Delta variant' case spike. There's testing centres springing up here, two have appeared in my local area in the last month. Here's where it gets strange. I'm seeing dead birds in the streets. 3 today on the roads, mashed by traffic. Could be nothing but the last time I remember seeing dead birds was during the hight of the pandemic April/May last year. Are they spraying something that's contributing to an increase in 'Covid' symptoms?
  13. I commute daily on a route used by ambulances to reach the local hospital. I'm seeing a significant increase in ambulance and paramedic traffic, higher than last year at this time. It could be that only a percentage (say 1-4%) of the jabs are dangerous. That way they can ramp up the restrictions gradually with each wave of vaccine amplified deaths feeding into the next, a vicious circle. There's some evidence that this may have started with the flu vaccine in 2019 which contributed to the initial wave of deaths in 2020, especially in Italy. IMO there will be a significant increase in deaths this winter but it wont be catastrophic. They'll use this to lock us down hard and possibly make vaccines mandatory.
  14. Those care home death statistics are horrific. It seems obvious to me, at least in part, that Covid was the UK government's 'final solution' to the social care crisis. There seems to have been a conscious decision at some level of government to 'terminate' large numbers of the elderly and infirm through a combination of neglect and active intervention (midazolam, ventilators, DNR orders).
  15. It's fake. It originated on 4chan. The 4chan folks were pretty quick to call it out as rubbish. Likely someone just put it up for the lols.
  16. Refuse and stand your ground. If they terminate your employment they'll have to give you a good reason for doing so. If your refusal is for religous or ethical reasons (e.g. vegan) then they're going to have a costly wrongful dismissal case on their hands and they'll know that. Speak to your union or get some legal advice if it gets that far.
  17. Thought it might be interesting to follow up on my initial post. Real world examples of issues following vaccination, especially in otherwise young and fit individuals are useful. Sage's condition hasn't improved, it's worse than previously thought and he's been back in hospital. He received a new diagnosis following a scan, he doesn't have pneumonia (like he previously thought) in short he's had blood clots in both lungs. This started shortly after his vaccination, so it safe to say that the vaccine is at the very least a serious possible contributory factor. Here's his latest video: This has wrecked his health and he could easily have died without prompt medical treatment.
  18. It cannot be overstated just how serious this report is. That the spike protein may also be a prion is of massive significance. Those infected by the virus and more importantly those vaccinated will likely succumb to neurodegenerative illness within the next 5 years. This will be horrific for the individuals and society as a whole. Prions are resistant to decontamination and can persist in the environment, remaining infectious for significant amounts of time. If vaccinated individuals shed this prion into the environment this horror show gets even worse. I's looking increasing like the virus and the vaccine are slow kill depopulation bio-weapons.
  19. There are almost certainly rising numbers of people becoming sick or hospitalised, UK Column commented on this fact in a recent broadcast. A relative of mine recently had to attend hospital due to breathing difficulties, this happened a day after their 2nd dose of the vaccine. However. they didn't test them for Covid as they apparently didn't fit the 'profile' for the disease and no mention of the vaccine was made by the staff. My feeling is many of the sick will be suffering possible acute or chronic vaccine side-effects plus over a year of fear-and-doom propaganda and lack of normal health care for those suffering from other illness and disease. They won't be testing the vaccinated for Covid, it would raise far too many questions if lots of them started falling ill or dying despite their 'protected' status. After a few months they may start blaming a variant or 'Covid-21' for these rising numbers and the unvaccinated will likely be made scapegoats.
  20. This is what I don't get. Pneumonia could be an adverse reaction to the vaccine and should be reported to the US VAERS system. To just dismiss it out-of-hand shows wilful blindness on his part.
  21. I really like Sage I've been subscribed to his YT channel for some time now. But you're absolutely right his mindset from the start of Covid has been 'I want to get back to normal, running, travelling and competing and the vaccine will let me do that'. He's not stupid, he has a college science degree and he's virtually guaranteed, given his fitness level, not to be at risk from the virus. Taking the vaccine, an experimental medical treatment, is crazy and may well have massive implications for his running career if he suffers any long term chronic effects. He will loose everything, it's not like he could sue the vaccine makers, even if he wanted to... This may be real world proof of pathogenic priming in very healthy individuals, after a 2nd dose. It might also validate what some doctors have been saying about the spike protein attacking lung tissue. If it has this effect on a young healthy athlete god help anyone who takes it.
  22. Stress and depression can have a massive impact on cognitive function. It's easy to see how some people, especially certain types of people who thrive in social situations and value certain things in life, perhaps the more materialistic, would be harder hit by the current situation than others. Living with stress, constant media fear and uncertainty about the future, especially job prospects and finances, can have a very real effect on someone's physical well-being.
  23. Sage Canaday is a world renowned ultra-marathon runner. This guy is about as fit as it gets. He recently took his 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine and has been basically bedridden since. The cognitive dissonance is incredible, he honestly believes he got pneumonia coincidentally around the same time as the vaccine. Check out his latest youtube video here, its really worth a watch:
  24. The ruling elites decided that, for whatever reason, we needed a war. Wars have always been useful tools of the elites, they enable social control, misdirect disaffection away from themselves and onto an external threat and they even get to make a massive profit on the side from exploiting the conflict for material gain. When/if wars end we never entirely get back all the freedoms we lost along the way. But Covid is just a disease, it isn't a war? Sure it is. The response to the pandemic has all the trappings of a war. We have the external threat to our very lives (the virus), the mass loss of life (elderly not the youth), the glorious fighters on the frontline we cheer and clap for (nurses and doctors, not soldiers). We also have the unrelenting state propaganda, the sombre press conferences with the dour faced government spokesmen and their morbid death statistics. We have the 'I've done my bit for the cause' vaccines and the nasty, disruptive enemy within (anti-vaxxers). It's war, they wanted it and they gave to us it.
  25. Sorry I don't. It was a few months ago. It was possibly the Godlike Productions forum or it may have been a comment on a Zero Hedge news article.
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