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  1. Thanks very much for your reply. I'm glad you're both feeling better. I'd agree that if it's a viral infection you probably both picked it up around the same time earlier. Our immune systems are amazing, beautifully complex things and will often respond differently to infections depending on a variety of factors (e.g. infection vector, overall health, prior similar infections), hence your differing symptoms. It would also explain why your wife took ill slightly earlier. I've been lucky to avoid whatever is causing this so far, although I've been very ill with the flu a couple of times in the last 10 years with symptoms identical to 'Covid'. Most recently in 2015 which left me with neurological symptoms (severe migranes) for almost 18 months.
  2. I've seen quite a few unjabbed Covid sceptics hit bad over the last few weeks with illness. Viruses usually take several days to incubate, several days from infection to symptoms is typical for the flu or a cold. Covid is supposed to incubate for over a week before you become symptomatic so 1 day from infection to symptoms doesn't fit the official narrative either. Interestingly I've heard very similar stories from others who thought they had "Covid" i.e. rapid onset of symptoms, sometimes in several people falling ill at the same time. Rapid onset like that is more typically associated with poisoning of some sort. Have you, or your SO, been in contact with anyone in the last 2 weeks showing symptoms of any sort, coughing, sneezing or who appeared ill? Did you both consume any food together that might have been contaminated with anything? Do you eat meat? If it's not poisoning or chemtrails I'm increasingly convinced that 5g has something to do with this. A new mast was just installed right outside my place of work and I can literally feel the difference since it was switched on. Another possibility is that the jabbed are shedding something that is toxic to the unjabbed. I'm trying to get a better handle on what's going on, pretending that because we are unjabbed we are somehow 'safe' from what is happening doesn't cut it anymore.
  3. From the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots wiki page: "Soldiers are equipped with nanomachines that monitor and enhance their performance on the battlefield, controlled by a vast network known as the Sons of the Patriots (SOP) system." That is, the vaccines are injectable nanomachines that connect to a network (the IoT). Similar to the graphic posted by SimonTV above.
  4. Reminder that Jason Leitch, the National Clinical Director of the Scottish Government, is a DENTIST by training. He's not a virologist or an epidemiologist, he's not even a medical doctor. Yet another cabal 'expert', a puppet and a walking, talking example of the appeal to authority fallacy. I wouldn't trust a thing that comes out of his obviously compromised mouth.
  5. Poisons are totally inert and can cause disease, you can think of viruses as genetic material that poisons our body. That said I'm suspicious that "Covid" is actually cover for some sort of mass poisoning of the population, possibly in our food, water or even the air we breathe. Chronic overexposure to electromagnetic pollution (e.g. 5G) can't be ruled out either. The mass push for vaccination is insidious and was obviously the goal from the start. To what end is difficult to determine, perhaps there's multiple goals and attack vectors, with different vaccines or batches having different short-term and long-term effects. Facets of this whole situation scream of empirical testing of the population. Could be the whole thing is also a mass psychological experiment for future reference, a compliance test on a huge scale for some future goal.
  6. It's increasingly looking like everything comes back round to food. Food as a means of control, a means for forcing behavioural change and utimately depopulation. Six months until we enter a massive food supply crisis. Do as we say or you starve. Covid has been used as an excuse to shut down the global supply chain including food supply. The war in the Ukraine has had a serious impact on global food supply of certain staple crops. There also seems to be a covert agenda to undermine food production in any way possible. Farmers in the UK being paid to stop working, food processing plants being damaged in mysterious 'accidents' and fertiliser supplies been stopped inexplicably with no reason given. Everything and the kitchen sink is being thrown at us to keep us distracted until we turn up at the supermarket one day in the future and wonder "what happened to the food".
  7. There is certainly an occult dimension to the COVID pandemic. The left/right political dichotomy appears to have it's origins in Left Hand Path, Right Hand Path occultism. The left is rebellion, rejection of traditional values and taboos. The right is conservatism, traditionalism and power derived from adherance to strict values and principles. The attitudes of the political left and right to Covid are harshly polarised. I think we're seeing this play out with these individuals, who I would label right-wing, and their right-hand path belief systems. I have no idea what this actually means, only that it's obviously playing a part in this event. It could indicate pre-planning and assigned roles acted out on both sides. I, for one, don't want to play their game.
  8. Harari is a delusional maniac. Another unqualified "expert" with an academic background in the Arts not actual science. As someone with a undergraduate level background in Genetics and Molecular Biology I have a healthy respect for the amazing and intricate complexity of biological systems and the idea we can 'hack' our biology is dangerous insanity. All their ideas will cause is horrific injury and death.
  9. This picture is a screenshot of an NBC news broadcast. Shapeshifter, demonic entity, accidentally uploaded photoshop or video artifact? I have no idea what I'm looking at but it's creepy as all hell. The original broadcast is still up on youtube. The image is displayed a few seconds after the 7m44s timestamp.
  10. Mr M


    All this seems to be heading towards a complete restructuring of healthcare if not its wholesale abandonment for regular folks. Vaccines for everything, cancer, heart disease as well as regular illnesses like the flu. If you refuse to take the vaccines for everything then it'll be your fault if you get ill. Doesn't matter that the vaccines will themselves cause illness and death.
  11. Back when all this kicked off I noted the similarity between the vaccines and gene therapy designed to suppress the immune system. Antigen specific immune suppression therapy is used to prevent drug and tissue rejection in patients. There are a number of immune system suppressing drugs developed recently using viral vectors as well as nano-capsule delivery systems very similar to the Covid jabs. One possible theory is that these jabs reduce our immunity to a specific antigen that is then released into the general population. This could be a virus or some other toxin. The reaction in the general community will be amplified by the jabbed being more susceptible to it, explained away as it being a new 'variant'. This will then feed into the next 'booster' scheme hysteria and, when they take it, the jabbed are prepped for the next cycle of release. This can be repeated indefinitely, as long as people continue to buy into the booster scheme, a vicious circle. I think with people refusing to take the booster en-masse, this chain will be broken. It may be that the level of rejection of the booster scheme has upset their plans to some degree.
  12. Was covered on the Henry Makow webpage, todays headlines (3rd Feb). I think he originally got the news/video from Jim Stone (Jim Stone Freelance). The guys contact email address is on the Henry Makow page. Hope that helps.
  13. Guy gets into a car wreck in the US ends up nearly ending up as another 'Covid' statistic. After rolling his car, despite only superficial injuries the EMT at the scene sedated him and he came to 8 hours later ventilated and catheterised. The staff, shocked he had recovered conciousness were evasive and refused to give him the information he requested. Looks like attempted murder to me, possibly to profit from bonuses for Covid patients. If true this is pure evil, it's inhuman.
  14. It might be apocryphal but I've had experiences and know of others who've received targeted ads via google for things they've mentioned or talked about soon after a conversation has taken place (a day or two). These are things that have not been actively searched for online and sometimes the item advertised is just 'wrong', however it is connected peripherally to a discussion that's taken place. The only consistent factor in these incidents has been the presence of an android mobile phone nearby belonging to the person 'targeted'.
  15. There's been huge advances in AI over the last decade, they're datamining information about us using AI systems constantly. Your browsing habits, your shopping, your health via 'fitness' devices, hell I'd not be surprised if our phones and devices like Alexa are constantly eavsdropping on us to gather info. With AI and advanced behavioural profiling they probably know more about some people than they do about themselves.
  16. At some level they require our consent to do evil to us, to murder or enslave us. That way it absolves them of the karmic consequences of their actions. The more we push back the less power they have over us.
  17. I stopped trusting government after the blatant lies they spewed about WMDs and the during the Kosovo conflict. There's also a political dimension to this that many may not be aware of. Many leftists, especially the hard left, are all in on the Covid scam. I was shocked when all this kicked-off to see how many left leaning websites not only completely embraced the official narative but started pushing the conspiracy theory that governments were engaged in covering up the true cost of the pandemic for economic reasons. Websites like WSWS.org, which have in the past been highly skeptical about official narratives surrounding major events (e.g. Sept 11th), were suddenly totally on-board with the agenda. So we're not just dealing with those who believe the official line here, there are those out there that actually think that the situation is far worse than we've been told, and that all the measures taken, the lockdowns, the masks even the vaccine roll-out, were woefully inadequate to deal with the magnitute of the threat. Conspiracy theorists after a fashion, but more or less the opposite of the people on this forum.
  18. This story was covered on a Max Igan video about a week or so ago. It's a Iraqi protestor who's been shot by a 40mm gas grenade round. The Iraqi police have been using these rounds, which are hard metal, as direct projectiles shot at the heads of protestors instead of the ground to disperse crowds as intended. The rounds are shot with such speed and force they can lodge directly in the face or skull before exploding and do horrific, often fatal damage.
  19. I've noted previously that many of the government experts touted during this pandemic have suspect educational backgrounds and qualifications. At the very least their expertise in the subject of viruses and epidemiology is obviously lacking from their educational history. Todays headline on BBC Scotland: Covid in Scotland: Restrictions are working, insists adviser "The Covid restrictions in place across Scotland are helping to reduce the spread of the Omicron variant, a government adviser has said. An update on the current restrictions will be given by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at Holyrood on Tuesday. But national clinical director Prof Jason Leitch says measures such as the closure of nightclubs are making a difference." Prof Jason Leitch the so-called expert quoted in the above trained as.... a dentist. I guess his Masters in Public health really covers a lot of ground You couldn't make this shit up if you tried.
  20. This is interesting. I'm really starting to think there's something to the whole idea of Covid being a smokescreen for 5g radiation damage with the water further muddied by vaccine poisoning. Some other environmental toxin might also be at work, they've been poisoning our food, water and even air (chemtrails), for decades now. I live in a 5g area and since they turned it on in March 2020 I've been experiencing health problems, although none specifically 'Covid' like. Three of my neighbours despite being double jabbed have caught 'Covid' or been otherwise sick with flu-like symptoms, one of them twice within 3 months.
  21. I've said it before but the focus on 'Covid' and especially the bogus Covid testing is likely leading to misdiagnosis of potentially life threatening community acquired pneumonia, especially bacterial, which if not treated promptly can cause complications and death even in otherwise young and healthy people.
  22. The Universe is electric. Much of modern science seems designed to confound, obfuscate and misdirect. Especially the entrenched dogma found in Astrophysics (Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Black Holes) and Biology (Neo-Darwinism and the origins of life on Earth). Science is scepticism, it is about always asking the questions: Is this theory wrong? Is there another possible explaination?
  23. Think it may be related to this: https://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=242025 The late Joe Vallis wrote this article in 2003. The gist of it is that the Rwandan genocide was cause by psychotronic weapons capable of behaviour modification that drove the Rwandan population into a killing frenzy.
  24. Between 0.5% and 1% of the population will get pneumonia in a given year. That's what's so insidious about the bogus PCR Covid test. If bacterial pneumonia is misdiagnosed as 'Covid' and vital prompt treatment is delayed it can easily prove fatal, especially in the elderly and vulnerable. In the US this is futher complicated by the toxic Remdesivir protocol for treating Covid, which has a catastrophic serious adverse reaction rate of over 20%. The whole thing is set up to cause deaths which can then be labelled 'Covid'.
  25. We need to keep a flexible mind. At this point if my neighbours turned into flesh eating zombies I wouldn't be completely surprised.
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