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  1. Paul VI Audience Hall, Vatican City. Interesting
  2. 'They' see us as the enemy and it's often far more effective to disable or weaken an enemy than kill them. This has been used in warfare throughout history from plagues deployed in sieges and Byzantine blinding to the use of anti-personel landmines and depleted uranium munitions. If we are taking care of sick and disabled relatives and friends or are chronically ill ourselves we'll have less energy to face them. This could be their plan. The vaccine deaths are just an outlier. The main objective is to debilitate the population to such a degree that we are less of a threat to them and their plans long term. God knows they've been poisoning us with toxic chemicals in our food and water as well as chemtrails for decades already.
  3. Looks like an amoeba. Could be contamination either of the vaccine (deliberate or unintentional) or in the process of creating the slide for the microscope. You don't want to be injecting amoebas directly into the bloodstream. That would be very, very bad. Especially if they get into the brain or vital organs.
  4. A quick search reveals that Professor Bauld is a behavioural scientist with a PhD in social policy. Her specialisation is in studies modifying behaviour to produce 'positive' health outcomes. Examples of her work include studies into whether paying people will get them to stop smoking, reducing marketing of alcohol to decrease harmful drinking. She is not a doctor and is not qualified to give medical advice. She is not a virologist nor an epidemiologist, she has no background in genetics, biochemistry nor molecular biology. In short we shouldn't care what this woman says, her advice is worthless. She's using flawed statistics and computer modelling to push an agenda. Yet more psychological warfare from our governments directed at it's own people, just like her colleagues in SPI-B.
  5. I did a quick search, according to this document from 2019 Dr Lee Allan is an ICU doctor at Aberdeen Royal. So it's not complete bullshit. I will however say this, I may have done this before on this forum but it bears repeating: Every year between 0.5% and 1% of adults in the UK will have community-acquired pneumonia. It is diagnosed in 5% to 12% of adults who present to GPs with symptoms of lower respiratory tract infection, and 22% to 42% of these are admitted to hospital, where the mortality rate is between 5% and 14%. For bacterial pneumonia antibiotic treatment within the first 4 days is pivotal, without prompt treatment outcomes will be significantly worse. Without normal access to GPs people are not getting timely diagnoses of pneumonia. Add to this the widespread mask wearing which will drive up numbers. While pneumonia mainly is a disease of the very young and elderly it can affect all ages so even healthy young people will get it. The bogus PCR tests for 'Covid' and an incorrect diagnosis further complicates this and will lead to incorrect treatment, possibly fatal (e.g. induced coma and ventilation).
  6. Anyone taking money to enforce these draconian rules or who thinks they're somehow profiting from this nightmare is deluded. They're getting paid to dig the graves of their fellow countrymen, their friends and family. And the last grave they'll be paid to dig will be their own.
  7. To be fair wealth is nothing without power and control. A wholesale collapse of the financial system would ruin these people just as much, if not more so, as the common people. What they fear is anarchy and revolution. Covid and the Great Reset might be their way of 'soft-rebooting' the world economy, this would enable them to remain in control and in power. That said I think the vaccines are possibly another level of control. A sick and weak population are less likely to have the energy to rise up against their oppressors, especially if chronic illness is affecting friends and loved ones. Add to that the ability to use mandated lethal vaccines targeted at troublesome individuals for assassination and you've got a good reason to roll out something other than saline shots for everyone. Just spitballing. I keep an open mind on all of this.
  8. I appreciate that. I was just pointing out there's far more reasonable alternatives to that drek (I'm a cyclist myself).
  9. Peloton is overpriced shite. Far better to buy a cheap second-hand road bike and get outside. If it's winter, you live in a high traffic area or the the weather sucks get a turbo trainer or rollers. Need an interactive service to stop you going nuts while exercising indoors? Try Zwift or one of the free alternatives like the GTA5 bike mod.
  10. In theory yes. Vaccinations bypass the natural immune system, they generally don't provoke a co-sympathetic response the absence of which can create a paradoxical effect. In short it has the opposite effect to that which is intended, tolerance to the pathogen, not a reaction against it. This phenomena is used in immuno-suppression gene therapy to prevent drug rejection. If shedding is real and we're being exposed to some sort of pathogen then it will 'infect' the unvaccinated in a similar way to any other normal pathogen likely provoking a natural immune response and robust defence.
  11. While it's possible the vaccine might cause mass deaths via ADE or an antigen specific immunosuppressive effect I'm far more concerned that the spike protein is a prion. Other people have talked about this but it's likely that, if so, the effects will not start showing up for some time (3-5 years). Prions can be species specific, are 100% lethal and completely uncurable. They can also be spread to others and persist in the environment far longer than viruses.
  12. Exactly. The only response to the vaccines 'not working' seems to be vax harder. But it's all about creating the narrative that we'll need regular booster updates going forward. With 'vaccine passports' forever just to function in society they'll then be able to inject you with anything they want at any time.
  13. I'm in the same position. I commute to work by bike and I've been getting nose and throat irritation and a slight cough on the days I commute as well as general fatigue. I had put it down to having to wear a mask to visit a relative in a care home and to use public transport but now I'm not so sure. IMO there's definately something going on here above the basic level of the vaccines. I guess if they're all in on their agenda they'll be willing to up other measures like chemtrail spraying or food/water supply poisoning. Take care.
  14. I agree it's always been about the jab but again I remain agnostic about what it does such as it containing Graphene Oxide. Investigative journalist Whitney Webb went into the La Quinta Columna paper in some depth in a recent video. There are some problems with their theory and assumptions made. I'm not discounting the idea, but the spike protein itself being deadly (e.g. a prion) could also be a possiblity.
  15. The Mail has been pushing these scare stories hard over the last few days. If you accept them as fact and not bullshit, and I have my doubts, there is something curious going on here. Given the stated low chance of dying or even being hospitalised with Covid the fact that 3 people didn't just catch it but also died is significant. Sure there could be a genetic component to susceptibility but there's been a few similar cases of families being wiped out or made seriously ill and on at least one occassion a non-blood relation was involved. It's a head scratcher
  16. You may well be correct but I keep an open mind on the subject. Personally I tend towards the idea that it was a man-made virus released with the intention of pushing the jab. It just turned out to be far less deadly than they intended, they didn't expect high levels of cross-immunity in the human population. The recent Doctors for Covid ethics symposium broadcast by UK Column went into this in some detail. Session 1: The False Pandemic (particularly M.Palmer's presentation) covers the artificial origins of the virus in some detail. More detail here
  17. I honestly don't think so. Marek's disease is massively more deadly to chickens than Covid is to humans (40-80% mortality). It's highly contagious and persists in infected areas for months. Again I don't think Covid is comparable in it's lethality, persistence in the environment or it's contagiousness.
  18. UK Column on Friday highlighted a story in the Spectator regarding the JCVI recommendations about vaccinating the over 12s. Apparently the JVCI had been recommending that children shouldn't be vaccinated unless they had underlying health issues that put them at risk. They also had been pointing out that children were at low risk from the virus and that side-effects from vaccine could not be ignored when weighing up the pros and cons. Now they've reversed this advice. The reason? As pointed out in the Spectator artice is the removal of those who disagreed from the JCVI group! They literally got rid of those who went against the plan. If this isn't completely transparent I don't know what is. Archived Article here
  19. There was that flash mob craze a few years ago. I recall in some US shopping centres it was used to storm shops and loot them. Large mobs of people organised online through social media or elsewere would be very difficult to stop. If they make passports compulsory for buying essentials like food all bets are off, the social contract has effectively been abandoned by those in power and people will be forced to break the law to eat. It will probably be used to ratchet up the tyranny and put armed police or troops on the street to stop 'looting'. Problem, reaction, solution.
  20. Exactly Eddy. I can't remember where but I recall reading about computer simulations of a deadly pandemic someone ran. One of the major problems with mass virus casualties was the potential meltdown of under-staffed nuclear power stations. Imagine multiple Chernobyls occuring worldwide as unattended stations experience catastrophic failure. There's no way whoever is behind this would want to inherit a toxic radioactive wasteland of a world. If they wanted to do that starting a nuclear war would probably be their best option.
  21. Even if you aren't Christian and don't believe in the prophetic interpretation of the Book of Revelation it's pretty obvious, given the available evidence, that the elites love their occult rituals and symbolism. Just visit the Vigilant Citizen website if you need more convincing. The Occult Elite have at the very least co-opted the symbolism, including numerology, of the Book of Revelation to inact a massive occult ritual on an unprecedented worldwide scale. The Covid Pandemic is as much a twisted black magic ritual as it is anything else. What do they hope to achieve with this act? I'm not sure, but they are trying to 'hack' reality by force of will to achieve their occult goals. Their thinking is utterly alien to me so I'm having a hard time determining their end-goal, but it's probably a Satanic Beast system of total control they crave.
  22. The number of people that this exemption will apply to is tiny. I think in the UK the initial vaccine trials last year only involved thousands of people. Additionally, recent reports by the drugs companies seem to indicate that many, if not all, of those who took part in the trials were subsequently offered actual vaccinations if they originally received a placebo. I think it's in the 90%+ range. This means the initial trials are not longer blinded and placebo controlled. This isn't good for long term studies as there is no control group. As for the 'self-declared' medical exemption that's far more interesting. I'd be keen to find out what illnesses and conditions qualify you for such an exemption. Especially if any of them include psychological conditions which might be more 'subjective' with regards to an official medial diagnosis.
  23. So it appears that blood clotting is also a symptom of progression of HIV. The risk of a first venous thromboembolism is 2-10 times higher than in the general population. Think you're on to something here. Certainly Fauci's decades long involvement in HIV/AIDS research should set alarm bells ringing here. It's way too much of a coincidence. The vaccines might cause an accelerated form of the disease in some people or the acute early symptoms for a subset of those jabbed might include clots. As the damage worsens more will experience those symptoms. With HIV it seems related to inflammation caused by the disease. Article Here
  24. I posted this in another thread some time ago. I'd appreciate your take on this. There's been considerable progess made in the last decade on Gene Therapy devices for immunosuppression. What interests me is the similarity between these medicines and the covid vaccines. Specifically the delivery mechanism using nanoparticles to deliver their payload into the cells and around the body, with size of the particle affecting bio-distibution. Agents for antigen specific immunosuppression can be used to treat autoimmune diseases and allergies as well as prevent tissue graft rejection. Article here
  25. I've resheduled my appointment using the online booking site 5 times now. I'm going to keep doing this for as long as possible. At first I was able to reschedule well in advance, more than 4 weeks. However, it's only possible to reschedule a maximum of 2 weeks in advance now. Additionally the number of vaccine centres near me seems to be decreasing. Perhaps this indicates closure due to decreased uptake of the jab? If there's a point where it's impossible to keep doing this online I'll start phoning them instead.
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