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  1. It seems from data on the ONS that week 1 is historically when the most deaths from the flu happen, will this be the new variant. The fact we follow flu seasons with Australia and the new variant appears to be coming from Australia. Also the fact that flu diagnosis is down by 98%.
  2. I’m a health care professional and on entering work this morning a colleague attempted to shoot me In the head with a temperature gun, I obviously refused and requested they at least take it from my wrist, but more ominous is that I received an email stating from 01 December we will be expected to have this vaccine, or explain why not. Add this to the compulsory mask wearing at my work which I am currently refusing and have asked to see occupational health. Today I feel I can’t continue with this lunacy and want out.
  3. First time I’ve posted but an avid reader for years. HELP! I’m a paramedic of over 30 years the last few years I’ve been working in a large call centre giving clinical advice. We a have now been told masks are mandatory even if we are not patient facing. I have been refusing on the stance of a hidden disability and have now been sent to occupational health. As far as I understand this lunacy the government advice is still 1 metre with mitigation’s, if this is correct I can manage, i travel to work by underground and have yet to wear a mask, but I have had my picture taken twice by other c
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