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  1. Interesting. I was also surprised at how up-beat Trump's farewell statement was today (and Melania's), not a hint of the bitterness he has been portraying recently.
  2. Really well written article here about the 'war zone' that they have made DC into. One section stood out for me: 'This is not freedom': militarized US Capitol a sign of forever wars coming home | US Capitol breach | The Guardian
  3. He's been talking about setting up his own (social) media platform. BBC news just confirmed that there are more troops in Washington DC than there are in Afghanistan/Iraq. Sad state of affairs when you have to defend against your own countrymen at a level higher than (to quote George W) the Axis of Evil.
  4. I have BBC World News on in the background - run up to the inauguration. Astounding amount of people milling about in double masks! Eejits.
  5. It's odd, if those numbers are real (the amount of troops in DC). Seems there must have been some serious mobilization to get them all there. Super-spreader event, for sure, among the military, but also removes the National Guard and various other troops from wherever they were, leaving those places without (and open?). This will be a strange day.
  6. Can I ask whether they were at least watched by the nurse/medic for 15 mins after the jab, in case of adverse reaction? Seems quite a heartless, inhumane and tactic to just jab and go when these are our elderly and should be carefully monitored when being given an experimental concoction I think we have to be very careful. This suppression and isolation is getting to everyone, but we are one human race and should try and remain positive and caring regardless of the pressure and relentless fear-mongering. Taking a deep breath and rising above it as much as you possible can. Me neither, but I have a lot of friends in the hospitality business and they are only too aware that this is a lockdown. They have lost their jobs, their businesses, their future and desperation is too kind a word for how they feel.
  7. 'Ambient zombie level' FOIs are great, though. It's like opening a can of (heavily redacted) worms sometimes.
  8. From The Telegraph (the leak paper for the government):
  9. Yet another U-turn! It's great news but it must be so embarrassing to be a politician at the moment. I would lie to know if they already spent the £78m or if it was just ear-marked. Can you imagine what £78m could do for the health service?? Ministers set to halt plans for daily Covid tests in English schools Exclusive: DfE to pause £78m programme weeks after it was unveiled as ‘milestone moment’
  10. It might be to stop cars crashing through barriers. They did a similar thing for Trump with cement trucks. 'Ring of steel' made of cement trucks to protect Trump in Washington DC on inauguration day | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard
  11. Germany is building camps to house COVID-dissidents. Germany is getting tougher policing its quarantine in the country- so much so, it deemed it necessary to threaten violators with a short stint in special Covid jail. It is understood the facility will be based in Dresden, local police authorities have confirmed. Germany Builds Detention Centres to House 'COVID-Dissidents' (euroweeklynews.com) "Dissidents"
  12. It's Dry January advertising, they do it every year. Definitely looks like a ploy. He was very happy to be photographed at the weekend and now he's been 'pinged'. Maybe they wanted plausible deniability for having him safely at home over the next couple of weeks.
  13. Le Monde article is here. Anyone speak French? I spot 'Covid', 'Pfizer' and my favourite, 'le Dark Web' :) Ce que disent les documents sur les vaccins anti-Covid-19 volés à l’Agence européenne des médicaments (lemonde.fr)
  14. I think it's easy to 'defend'. They can land lock them quite easily.
  15. Incentivising? That's blackmail, isn't it? Anti-vaxxers who refuse Covid jab could be BANNED from pubs, restaurants or even their workplaces under radical new plan Gladys Berejiklian has proposed a radical plan to 'incentivise' the COVID-19 jab Under the plan, unvaccinated residents would be banned from certain venues Some businesses will be urged to make patrons prove vaccination upon entry The federal government will further discuss vaccine rollout in coming weeks Those who refuse to be immunised against COVID-19 could be banned from pubs, restaurants or their workplaces under a radical plan proposed by Gladys Berejiklian. The New South Wales Premier has revealed she is considering implementing regulations that would prohibited residents who have not vaccinated from entering certain venues. She said the measures would be aimed at 'incentivising' uptake of the vaccine, which is vital to rebooting the economy, and businesses may require patrons to prove they had received the jab.
  16. I guess this means we'll be out of lockdown by June then (or at least Cornwall will). The incoming world leaders will enjoy the endless A30 as they are driven in
  17. Switzerland to Hold Referendum on Covid-19 Lockdown The vote, which could be held as soon as June, tests government’s legal powers and is latest example of Switzerland’s direct democracy .... the country is set for a referendum on whether to remove the government’s legal authority to order lockdowns and other pandemic restrictions after campaigners submitted a petition of some 86,000 signatures this week—higher than the 50,000 required—triggering a nationwide vote to repeal last year’s Covid-19 Act. The ballot could come as soon as June, and it appears set to mirror disputes in the U.S. and elsewhere over how far governments should go to limit social interactions in a pandemic—or whether to lock down at all. Switzerland to Hold Referendum on Covid-19 Lockdown - WSJ The problem is, if we had that in the UK, it would take over 5 years to even implement it if we voted to end lockdowns
  18. And you can easily turn that on it's head and reply, "Out of millions that have 'covid', only a handful are damaged or dead in comparison. It is expected." :) I am so done with this lockdown.
  19. Why Did Hundreds Of CEOs Resign Just Before The World Started Going Absolutely Crazy? - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
  20. Video is here Matt Hancock filmed out in London park after Boris Johnson's national plea to 'stay home' | Daily Mail Online
  21. Boris Johnson is facing demands from doctors, senior politicians and charities for a wide-ranging commission to examine the pandemic’s “devastating effect” on children, amid growing concerns about its impact on their education, development and mental health. A major coalition of child health experts warns that many families are being “swept into poverty” by the pandemic, which is set to significantly add to the 4 million children living in deprivation before the Covid crisis.
  22. ABout time... Coalition of child experts urge inquiry into UK's Covid crisis | Coronavirus | The Guardian
  23. Don't think so. Lead story in DM and they also have a video. Just a relaxed Saturday afternoon. As it should be.
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