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  1. Nail on the head with this one! Of course, you can always claim previous allergic reaction to a vaccine from many years ago. I have recently remembered I am allergic to many things. I'm not anywhere near the top of the priority list, but when they come for me, they are getting a polite no, then a very direct no, then I will bring out the 'medical' reasons and then we may have a little scuffle.
  2. Money pacifies the restless. There are already rumours circulating that Rishi Sunak will extend the furlough scheme again. And each extension = longer lockdown. The young students who have not had a university education this year and not had the opportunity to get those parttime jobs to start earning and help them pay their outrageous accommodation fees (where they have sat in lockdown behind a screen), they are the ones that will riot. These are the 'best years of their lives' and they aren't allowed to live. The people on the furlough scheme will sit with their 80% pay packet, saving up for their £4,000 cockapoo and watch Dancing on Ice. (apologies to anyone on furlough, but you get my point...)
  3. Grandmother, 92, dies with Covid-19 five days after her first vaccine dose | Daily Mail Online Not a mention in the article about any possible link between the vaccine and the death. It was covid.
  4. This is a little odd. With a limited supply of vaccine, why are they vaccinating bed-bound terminally ill patients? Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths, Allergic Reactions: How Many Died in Norway? - Bloomberg Thirty-three were reported in mid-January among some 42,000 people given the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in Norway, where authorities have prioritized the immunization of nursing-home residents. Those who died were all in the “75 years +” bracket and they included terminally ill patients anticipated to have only weeks or months to live. After a review, the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety said that the fatalities “are in line with the expected, all-cause mortality rates and causes of death in the sub-population of frail, elderly individuals.” The committee concluded that the risk-benefit balance of the vaccine “remains favorable in the elderly.”
  5. Californian dies hours after getting COVID-19 vaccine, prompting probe Californian dies hours after getting COVID-19 vaccine, prompting probe (nypost.com) A California resident who was vaccinated against COVID-19 died just hours later — and authorities are trying to find out why. The person had tested positive for coronavirus in December and had been vaccinated just hours before their Jan. 21 death. There was no indication which vaccine the person had been given. “There are multiple local, state, and federal agencies actively investigating this case; any reports surrounding the cause of death are premature, pending the outcome of the investigation. Our thoughts are with the family of the deceased,” the sheriff’s office wrote. An autopsy would be done Monday, the sheriff’s office told CBS’ Sacramento affiliate.
  6. It will be a case of "Are you, or have you ever been, a Trump supporter?"
  7. @ally_ukHope you are feeling better today. It's a crazy ride we are on at the moment, but you have to keep going. The tide will turn. I know, I posted about this as well - it's such a concerted and quite organised effort from UK, EU and USA, very much in lock-step with each other. Previously unheard of to be so damn coordinated with their approach. I am still waiting for the politicians to start arguing with each other. Where is the opposition in each country? It's far too civil. Not natural.
  8. 53 COVID Vaccine Deaths In Gibraltar In Only 10 Days This doesn't look good at all! 53 COVID vaccine deaths in Gibraltar in only 10 days | Principia Scientific Intl. (principia-scientific.com) Reports are that the small island of Gibraltar has seen no fewer than 53 locals dead after having the COVID-19 vaccination in the past 10 days. The report is not reaching the ‘official’ mainstream press, but fits the pattern of deaths and suppression of such news in the media and from governments around the world.
  9. I certainly hope so! Which country/parliament? Do you have a link? Ah, no, that's fake news, it's 33% more deadly
  10. With the impeachment of Trump set for February, it appears this (like so many things lately) is a manipulated farce. Very interesting and well researched article. The Case Against Retroactive Impeachment Trials: A Response To The Open Letter Of Scholars – JONATHAN TURLEY THE CONSTITUTIONAL TEXT ... Article II contains the key impeachment provision and standard, stating “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” For my part, I am admittedly fixated on the fact that impeachment refers to the removal of “the President” and other officials in office. I understand that many do not adhere to a strong textualist approach to the Constitution. However, there is a glaring anomaly in the text. Indeed, the primary stated purpose of the trial is to determine whether “the President . . . shall be removed.” At the second Trump impeachment trial, the president will be Joe Biden, not Donald Trump. So the Senate will hold a rather curious vote to decide whether to remove a president who has already gone. Moreover, Chief Justice John Roberts is not expected to be present to answer these questions because there is no president to try. Article I states “When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside.” So the Senate will get someone else. The question is who is being tried. Is he a president? Obviously not. Is he a civil officer? No, he is a private citizen. A private citizen is being called to the Senate to be tried for removal from an office that he does not hold.
  11. The propaganda is everywhere, it's total overkill. It reeks of desperation and bad planning. I feel so very despondent sometimes, but then I am given hope by the fact that they appear to be pushing, pushing, pushing, which sounds panicked to me. They are moving everything so fast, this isn't totalitarian tiptoe. So why the rush? What has changed?
  12. COP26 (UN Climate Change Conference) is being held in Glasgow in the first week of November, and they are going to hold it at a conference centre (as opposed to virtually), so I am presuming at least the elite will be out of lockdown by then. I wonder that grand new ideas they will come up with. I am sure climate-lockdowns will be one of them as we have all done it so well in the rehearsal... From the world of finance, they said the green summit would be joined by Blackrock chief executive Larry Fink, who has committed the world’s biggest investment fund to prioritise climate change in its holdings and pare down its stakes in coal projects. The summit is also due to hear from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg, as well as the chief executives of HSBC, Barclays and Standard Chartered banks. In addition, the event will debate “how private finance can work with government to ensure that green growth is able to boost the post-Covid global recovery”, the statement said.
  13. Shame that this is not all over the MSM.
  14. Yeah, I think there is a serious case here of opening Pandora's Box. They (whoever they are that created Q) have induced a form of mass hysteria which hasn't been seen for quite some time (I don't want to think about Salem right now, or the McCarthy era, but it is along those lines). The problem is, they fail to realize the depth of emotion and emotional, and in some cases deeply spiritual, that people have invested in the Q Plan. To allow that to all come crashing down in utter ruins, with no gradual withering out, will have an immense psychological effect on people. It's the backlash that I am worried about. For the people concerned and the collateral damage from the chaos that may (will) ensue. Was that part of the plan? Maybe. If not, then it has either been dealt with very badly, or there was a spanner in the works which caused it all to come crashing down before it had properly played out. Either way, it's psychological warfare.
  15. And if Biden and his administration wasn't popular with the troops before, they certainly won't be now after making them sleep in a garage with no facilities. 'This is absurd': Hundreds of National Guard members banished to Senate parking garage, soldiers say (chron.com) One small quote from a very angry article:
  16. Weird the trees have gone. Also, why is he always wearing a mask when he's behind the desk. It looks shady as fuck. He is in his own office, surely it's 'covid-safe'? Didn't bother Garth Brooks, he was hugging every damn one of them without his muzzle :)
  17. An extremely interesting article here by someone who has been sleuthing the land-buys for some years now. The man buying for Gates is Michael Larson (Cascade LLP) and he also handles the mighty wealth of the Gates Foundation, so he is Mr Money. The closing note in the article is intriguing too. Bill Gates: America's Top Farmland Owner | The Land Report Map of the land here. it also has a farmland initiative: Gates Ag One, which has established its headquarters in the Greater St. Louis area. According to the St. Louis Business Journal, Gates Ag One will focus on research that helps “smallholder farmers adapt to climate change and make food production in low- and middle-income countries more productive, resilient, and sustainable.”
  18. Does anyone remember Cicada 3301? I wonder if that was a recruitment drive to set-up the whole QAnon timeline. It's a psyop of grand proportions and they are still peddling it. I watched some guy on some livestream last night go on about how this was classic pacification tactics, in the sense of how they 'pacified' the Vietnamese by carpet-bombing them until they no longer resisted. In this case, they have bombarded possible protestors with incessant assurances that they would be taken care of, no need to act yourself, there was a Plan. Just hunker down and watch it unfold. And each time the goalposts move, but everyone stays safely in their homes, waiting for the Great Awakening. Great tactic to delay and defer any actual action.
  19. I was thinking about this today. The UK has astronomically high case numbers and associated death rates. Whilst one of the reasons is because of how the government have chosen to report it, i.e. labelling the vast majority of deaths as 'covid' when this is just lazy and misleading. But, as an island nation, surely we should be in a great position to do really well against the 'scary pandemic'. It makes me wonder if our island is the 'negative' part of the great experiment, and New Zealand (and to a lesser extent Australia) are the 'positive' parts, the 'look how well an isolated land mass can do with the right implementation of the restrictions'. It wouldn't work in mainland Europe as you would have to have everyone singing from the same song sheet, Couldn't have Belgium saying they had X amount of cases and related death rates when neighbouring France was doing really well. So they have to use island states for their blue and red corner.
  20. What a time to be alive - apparently in Newcastle urging people to "revive the economy" and "restore freedom" has been deemed as "inappropriate" Leaflet delivered to Newcastle homes telling people to ignore Covid restrictions branded 'dangerous' - Chronicle Live
  21. I noticed Biden used that term again today in his inauguration speech
  22. A variety of news outlets in England are reporting that lockdown restrictions won't start to be lifted until Easter. Easter is in April. That's almost 3 more months. I am finding it very difficult to come to terms with that.
  23. Where is Nancy Pelosi? I would have expected her at the ceremony but haven't seen her.
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