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  1. Well, here it is, folks. The cue to warn us that this will last ALL YEAR.
  2. Interesting. I saw that, and also on the front page of the DM (£33M) but The Guardian states the following (see below) so it is a definite case of throwing that good ol' 33 out there for factual inaccuracy but to make a point.
  3. Yeah, I thought so too, but then thought we probably would have mentioned it on this thread and did a search, but nothing.
  4. I know you posted this a few pages back, but it's worth re-posting. Wise words and well said. Playing Devils Advocate here, but I wouldn't be surprised in a reduction in MANY other diseases. We are living as hermits, segregated and isolated. Diseases may diminish, but at what cost? Life is for living, not Netflix and chill.
  5. This is so true. There have been quite a substantial amount of scientists speaking out against the validity of what is going on. I have seen no mainstream media doing the same, instead I see media platforms censoring alternate viewpoints, not allowing the freedom of speech that 'journalism' is supposed to hold in high esteem. It has been disappointing how much has been censored and removed.
  6. And yet it's not headline news in the MSM. They should be celebrating this. We should all be out on our doorsteps happy-clapping :) Why are they burying such great news? (that's a rhetorical question, btw). I mean, yes, it's easy to find on the web and being reported by all MSM, but not as the lead story.
  7. Can't find anything, but I do wonder why a man who is 100 years old and was battling pneumonia for the last three weeks was not already in hospital? He was apparently admitted yesterday and then tested positive.
  8. I don't think people are. I think the media are. If you had read some of the Twitter replies on his thread before he disabled it, there was a legion of people who knew exactly what he is and very few positive comments at all.
  9. Oh, to be in Michigan. The other rebellion: Dozens of Michigan restaurants defy state coronavirus order (msn.com)
  10. And the above is encouraging to read, but at the same time, in The Telegraph... International trade secretary Liz Truss said the UK wants to work with developing countries in beating Covid-19. Ms Truss was asked about whether vaccines could be given to other countries when all people in the UK are vaccinated. She said: "The UK has led in terms of things like the Covax programme, we've created the Oxford vaccine, which is a relatively low-cost, easy-to-deploy vaccine." Ms Truss continued: "Of course, we first need to make sure that our population is vaccinated. We have a target to get the most vulnerable vaccinated by mid-February. "It's a bit too early to say about how we would deploy 'XX' vaccine, but we certainly want to work with friends and neighbours, we want to work with developing countries because we're only going to solve this issue once everybody in the world is vaccinated.
  11. Ho hum... U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., has tested positive for COVID-19, his office announced Friday. Lynch, who had already received both doses of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine, was tested for the virus after a staff member in his Boston office tested positive earlier in the week. The congressman received his positive test Friday afternoon. Lynch's office says that he did continue to follow COVID-19 safety protocols, such as social distancing and wearing a mask, even after receiving the vaccine. A statement from Pfizer said that it can take seven days for protection from the second dose to kick in. However, the statement from Lynch's office said the congressman received the second dose vaccine before attending President Joe Biden's inauguration on Jan. 20, nine days before his positive test. Lynch, who represents the state's 8th Congressional District, also tested negative for COVID-19 prior to the inauguration.
  12. Seeming as we are in lockdown due to what Sage is saying to the UK government, I had a look at the most recent minutes available. Apparently, however, certain people who attended are redacted from the public minutes. Why, I wonder. SAGE 76 minutes: Coronavirus (COVID-19) response, 14 January 2021 (publishing.service.gov.uk)
  13. I know they are sing the word 'hotel' here but essentially it's a detainment camp. This is extremely uncomfortable to read. And that "The guard and his family have been placed into quarantine at a state-run facility, he added." is very unsettling. Were they given a choice? Were they taken away by force? Why couldn't they just self-isolate at home? How is this happening?
  14. So humour me guys and gals. This is on the front page of the ever-reliable DM. This is pretty much a rhetorical question, but why are we in lockdown? And why is there no clear 'roadmap' out of lockdown? Cases are falling, deaths are no higher than normal for this time of year, but there has not been a peep out of the Government. How long have we been in lockdown? How long have certain parts of the country been in continuous effective lockdown (highest tier, etc.?) Radio silence from TPTB. I can see this as a cue for a new super-duper, son of the return of the mutant strain. Or an alien invasion. There is now not even a Sage medical reason for society to be segregated further. Let us out!
  15. Tories under growing pressure over MP who backed Covid deniers | World news | The Guardian Swayne, a former minister, refused to apologise on Thursday after the emergence of a November interview in which he urged a fringe coronavirus deniers’ group, which has suggested the pandemic could be a hoax, to “persist” in protesting against lockdown. The Save Our Rights UK group has also published videos promoting the theories of David Icke and Piers Corbyn, as well as an interview in which it is claimed that coronavirus is linked to the QAnon conspiracy and that Madonna revealed her awareness of the pandemic at the 2019 Eurovision song contest. In a Sky News interview on Thursday, Swayne said the situation had “changed completely with the new variant”, but said his remarks in November were “perfectly legitimate at the time”. He earlier told TalkRadio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “We are getting very close to thought crime here, aren’t we?”
  16. See, this is what I should have done when I saw the ad outside of Tesco. Just gone inside, started coughing continuously, marthering on about a loss of taste and then got my feet out to show them my covid toes. It's an unbelievably crass advert. It is going to go down in history along with the AIDS monolith from the '80s. AIDS: Monolith (1987) - YouTube
  17. I'm not going to link to it because he is a cunt, but Tony Blair is front and centre on The Independent with an article about how we should be vaccinated more and faster. He chose his time well to crawl out of the shadows. Seeing more of him now than we have in years.
  18. It really is a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire. All these groups moving from WhatsApp to Telegram, when the founder is a member of the WEF and keeps dubious company. Musk, Mitnick, Durov, Gates and Jack Ma invited to International Cybersecurity Congress 2019 — SberBank
  19. Here too. It's not a good time. My relatives, especially the teenagers, are really suffering. And I don't mean acting like a snowflake, I mean becoming seriously and very sadly depressed. I had a discussion with one of them the other day and it was the fear porn, the constant talk of death/dying which is everywhere, and the absolute monotony of each day with no expectation of a return to normality. Teenagers feel things very keenly and often somewhat irrationally, but this past year has been harder on those who haven't had enough life experience to be able to balance it out in their minds. This is not a good time. I am encouraged by the scenes in the Netherlands, not by the looting and destruction, but by the mass of people taking to the streets. I wish I was more optimistic about how it will end up, I don't think there will be a police crackdown (beyond what they are doing already), they don't have the manpower or the same brutal approach that the UK police force has, but I can see a slow dwindle in rioting and then there will be another surge of cases blamed on the riots. I do wish they would resist destroying shops and businesses when they protest. Lockdowns have already destroyed so many peoples businesses, they don't need further damage.
  20. Funnily enough... they do seem to like the 33 there as well.
  21. I'll be interested to hear the list of exemptions (business travellers, footballers, elite athletes, celebs). We all know covid is sentient and knows only to kill granny and people with priors. On another note, I was outside Tesco (because I am living my best life) and saw one of those 'Act like you've got it' adverts on the screen. Couldn't resist an out loud "Oh fuck off!" as I walked past, and actually had a couple of people in earshot laugh and start a conversation about how much propaganda was about. It almost felt like the pub, and what a distant memory that is. Good to know there are still people out there (and near a Tesco too) who don't just tut and bleach their ears, leap sideways and adjust their mask the minute anyone breaks ranks. Cheered me right up.
  22. Amazon’s offering to help Biden’s vaccine push. There may be a reason why. - POLITICO Amazon is offering to lend President Joe Biden its operational expertise to shuttle coronavirus vaccines quickly across the country as the government struggles with logistics of the inoculation rollout. But the move could also help the company boost its own ambitions of expanding into the $3.8 trillion health care marketplace. The company made a pitch on Wednesday, just hours after Biden was sworn in, offering few details about how it envisions helping with the struggling vaccine distribution effort. But if it’s accepted, the offer may give Amazon a valuable new trove of health data just as it’s expanding into pharmacy and digital health.
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