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  1. Certainly in England, this lockdown (or tier system or circuit breaker or whatever the new jargon of the day is) will last at least until April. Furlough scheme has been extended until March, so the masses will be suitably paid off to prevent them thinking about what has become of their life. The Saving Christmas debacle will 'cause' a spike in fake covid infection (or the flu as we used to know it, way back in 2018) and we will pay for our few days of normality with weeks more of lockdown, guided by the science, tripping on the fucking barbed wire, taking our foot of the throat of the beast
  2. Just checked that out. Weird! I know it is off-topic, but very odd. His wife is tweeting regularly but not a single mention of her husband since 20 May.
  3. Spot on with that remark. Not just the press and media, but the political parties as well. The message is the same.
  4. And from that article: How accurate were the Government’s grim predictions? The short answer is: not very. In a July report commissioned by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, scientists estimated that there could be 119,000 deaths if a second spike coincided with a peak of winter flu. Yesterday, that figure stood at 54,286 – less than half that. In fact, the second peak seems to have passed – over the past week there has been an average of 22,287 new infections a day, down from 24,430 the week before. In mid-September, Sir Patrick made the terrifying clai
  5. South Australia to end Covid lockdown early as premier 'fuming' over pizza lie Steven Marshall says state would not have gone into six-day lockdown if it had been known man had worked at Woodville Pizza Bar https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/nov/20/south-australia-to-end-covid-lockdown-early-as-premier-fuming-over-pizza-lie What the actual fuck??? It is such a total pile of lies.
  6. Tobias Ellwood is definitely someone to watch. Haven't made up my mind if he is a kingmaker or wants to be king, but he ticking a LOT of boxes. China.
  7. The above photo is not from a 'conspiracy site', it's not from a YouTube or other streaming site heading up a documentary. This very scary looking image is actually on the front page of The Telegraph and is not meant to be scary to the masses. It accompanies a 'positive' (I use that term ironically) story on the efficacy of a new vaccine. I find the image absolutely terrifying. It speaks to me of culling.
  8. Word is about for some time now that Boris will resign in early 2021. Problem is his replacement. And when the Tories get voted out next election (if we ever have another one), people will vote Starmer (of Saville fame) in. And through all of this a certain man named Henry Kissinger is still alive and well.
  9. Well, this doesn't sound very pleasant. Poor areas of England face 'permanent' lockdown, says public health chief Blackburn official attacks government’s ‘pointlessly punishing’ approach to Covid https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/18/poor-areas-of-england-face-permanent-lockdown-says-blackburn-public-health-chief Some of England’s poorest areas face being trapped in coronavirus restrictions “permanently” unless the government tackles deep-rooted inequalities that are driving high transmission, according
  10. This was the flu last year in the States: Final 2019/20 Flu Numbers The final data on flu season 2019/2020 was released by the CDC in April as COVID-19 continued to spread throughout the United States. Between October 1, 2019 and April 4, 2020, the flu resulted in: 39 to 56 million illnesses 410,000 to 740,000 hospitalizations 24,000 to 62,000 deaths 195 pediatric deaths This year apparently there isn't any.
  11. Well, at least it's making the MSM. Comments section is interesting.
  12. I would really like to know whether this is just a Western Hemipshere/Austrailia/NZ phenomenom or is it truly global? Difficult to tell as news only ever concentrates on the local, and the local is always covid statistics. What is it like in Aruba? What is it like in Mombasa, Kenya? What it is like in Luxor, Egypt? What about Reykjavik? Are their supermarkets also on the tanoy express to depression? Hand sanitizer stations? This is - according to WHO - a pandemic. That is by the very definition global. So why is every news article I re
  13. Totally agree. There is a reason why the excellent dystopian nightmarish series by Charlie Brooker is called "Black Mirror". That's exactly what television is. The black mirror in 99% of homes in the western hemisphere. Also, funny you should mention "Cell". I was thinking about that book earlier today. The world is a very dark place at the moment.
  14. Putin has already been outed as having Parkinson's Disease and will be out by the spring of 2021, as will Boris. 2021 is the year we should we looking out for. 2020 is a dry-run.
  15. Headline on The Guardian for most of today. Just in case you thought it was safe to go back in the water... "DarkWinter"
  16. Good to see the MSM allowing comments on this one. RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: We're not going to take it any more. You can sleep with your wife but can't play tennis with her. You can shoot ducks, but can't feed them. Boffins scare us with graphs, then change them... As England was pitchforked into another debilitating lockdown, she set up an amplifier on the steps of Truro Cathedral, grabbed a microphone and began telling passers-by what’s ‘really going on’ in the NHS. Within minutes she had attracted a small crowd. Shelley has resigned in disgust from her job as a healthcare assistant
  17. What is happening in Manchester? Sounds like a classic PsyOp On kids. England campus lockdowns creating ‘perfect storm’ for stressed students Student leaders warn of mental health impact of Covid restrictions as tensions soar Strict campus lockdowns and a worsening mental health crisis are creating a “perfect storm”, student leaders have warned, after tensions boiled over in Manchester where fencing erected around accommodation was pulled down. Student leaders in Leeds have levelled accusations of heavy hand
  18. Are you aware of exactly who Starmer is? The question is how the people who voted him in as leader of the Labour Party could be bought so easily. The man is dangerous.
  19. It's here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/scientific-advisory-group-for-emergencies-sage-coronavirus-covid-19-response-membership/list-of-participants-of-sage-and-related-sub-groups
  20. I agree, but I worry that our anger and frustration is vented here, online, because we can. Our ancestors could not. It festered and grew and then the protests came. This is why they have not allowed the internet or the tv or the radio or the media to stop. Constant distraction and medium level satisfaction to ease the frustration. Plus, whatever they put in the water.
  21. Someone posted that YouTube link to the Songbird trailer earlier. Looks like New York has taken it seriously. Things are moving fast folks. https://nypost.com/2020/10/31/gov-cuomo-says-all-travelers-must-get-tested-for-covid-19/ Gov. Cuomo announces mandatory COVID-19 testing for out-of-state travelers By Dean Balsamini October 31, 2020 Visitors to New York from nearly every U.S. state will have to quarantine for three days and then prove they are COVID-19-free before “going about their business,” according to a new policy announced Sat
  22. I can't believe the fucker actually signed off with Stay at Home - Save Lives - Protect the NHS. The Nightingale hospitals were never even used the last time and all those graphs showed minimal deaths (from any reason and within blah blah days of a positive test in tiny letters) in comparison to usual flu season morbidities. I can't even. This is just a total mess.
  23. Yes, you are right. Momentary lapse of reason on my part! I'll get a t-shirt made instead :) My cousin is on the brink of going full Handmaiden and wearing the outfit to Tesco. Blessed be the fucking fruit. Everytime I see an article about him, it reminds me of Coma Baby from Bright Lights, Big City.
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