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  1. But luckily also this is for sale. I know which one I would recommend. If you are going to wear one, make it count.
  2. Definitely living in Dystopia. These are on sale
  3. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-test-and-trace-contact-tracing-delays-sitel-b1342970.html The Independent spoke to contact tracers and also saw messages between workers on Sunday and Monday confirming the lack of cases coming on to the system which is provided by company Sitel. One worker said: “I wondered why we were so quiet when we know there are about 20,000 positive cases every day at the moment. “There was something wrong with the Sitel system and uploading the cases. “It was dead, absolutely de
  4. Aaah, so diplomats and international organisation staff are immune.
  5. I fail to understand how a vaccine that has not gone through the proper trials is already being manufactured at such a capacity. I mean, I do understand why, but it doesn't have a damn thing to do with proper research and development protocols. From the same article: So after the election. You'd think you'd want approval before manufacturing thousands of doses. Also - from JULY of this year (not that it was planned or anything) https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-20/u-k-orders-90-million-vaccine-doses-from-pf
  6. Here we go. Digital 'health passport' trials under way to aid reopening of borders CommonPass aims to create common standard proving a traveller is Covid-free or vaccinated https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/17/digital-health-passport-trials-commonpass-travel-covid-19 A new digital “health passport” is to be piloted by a small number of passengers flying from the UK to the US for the first time next week under plans for a global framework for Covid-safe air travel. The CommonPass system, backed by the World Economic Fo
  7. I said it a few pages back, the media have 'leaked' the October half term circus circuit breaker way back in September and it's all been a series of dramatic interludes between now and then. I will be literally amazed if England doesn't lock down at half term like the mighty media already told us we would a month ago. It's so badly managed and yet so horribly inevitable. All the rest is just cinema. What the actual fuck.
  8. It's a very lovely speech on behalf of the North, however he is quite clearly asking for a national lockdown / circuit break at the same time. So essentially, what a load of bollocks. He's not against the machine, he's not fighting to keep Greater Manchester free and open. He's asking to be shut down along with the rest of England. Fed up with this game.
  9. The public have found a new hero in Andy Burnham (Mayor of Manchester). He is currently trending on Twitter as KingoftheNorth.
  10. What happened to all the fallen people? I remember (way back when) in early 2019 when people were fainting in China, Iran, all over the place (on the YouTube at least). What happened with that? Deleted scenes from the Directors Cut? I feel for you. When the craziness of what is happening starts personally intruding on your family and being able to get the proper medical care they need, it must be very tough. At no point do you want Social Services involved. That is a road you do not want to go down. Hope you find a way out. I have been wondering abou
  11. The problem is, regardless of resignations and hundreds of doctors stating that it was planned, they are storming ahead with it. The latest circuit breaker issue was actually leaked to the press way back in September when they reported that they were considering a two week lockdown over half term in England. Then they strung us along with Rule of 6, and all the Tiers for the next couple of weeks, but bang on time, here we are - about to have a 'circuit break' over half term. I have never know so many leaks to the media weeks in advance, which all turn out to be totally spot on.
  12. I agree it is more of a jog than a tiptoe. Question I have been asking is why? Why are they suddenly upping the pace? They could have slowly and surely brought in all the biomedic tracking over the course of a decade rather than in the space of a year without all the massive financial and economic fallout. What is the sudden rush? What is pushing them to go all authoritarian? Why (in the UK) is there no political opposition to it? Very rare to all be singing from the same hymn sheet. Everything that is social has been hit. Music, social gatherings, the arts, theatre, innovative co
  13. By talking to each other. Social interaction. It will still happen, even with the immense pressure on removing that aspect of humanity. Laws of physics. There will be a push back.
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