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  1. It was an interesting video, however I have huge issue with the fact that Pieczenik used to work for Henry Kissinger. Very closely with him. His hands are filthy and Kissinger knows how to play the long game.
  2. Also the reason why the medical regulator refused to back Boris' 'mass testing' regime of the kids. Regulator refuses to approve mass daily Covid testing at English schools Exclusive: Boris Johnson’s plan to test millions of pupils a week in disarray after concerns raised Sources said the regulator made clear that it had not given the green light to the daily use of these tests on pupils who would otherwise have to self-isolate. Prof Jon Deeks, a biostatistician of the University of Birmingham and Royal Statistical Society,
  3. Bill Gates and Rockefeller Tech coalition working to create digital COVID-19 vaccination passport | TheHill A coalition of health and technology organizations are working to develop a digital COVID-19 vaccination passport to allow businesses, airlines and countries to check if people have received the vaccine. The Vaccination Credential Initiative, announced on Thursday, is formulating technology to confirm vaccinations in the likelihood that some governments will mandate people provide proof of their shots in order to enter the nation. The initiative, which
  4. Yet the 'elite' have never stopped. I posted it earlier, but Bill Climate Change Gates is bidding on the UK's largest aviation fleet. They have no intention of stopping flying. Just stopping who flies.
  5. Fixed term contract for 23 months!
  6. Unilever workers will never return to desks full-time, says boss Alan Jope says multinational firm will look at different working patterns after pandemic experiences The boss of Unilever, one of the UK’s biggest companies, has said his office workers will never return to their desks five days a week, in the latest indication that coronavirus will transform modern working life. Alan Jope, the chief executive of the consumer goods group, said the company would also encourage all of its employees to receive vaccinations against Covid-19, but would stop
  7. I don't even know why they are calling it a vaccine. Not a single person (government or medical specialist) has confirmed that it gives immunity to Covid-19. So it isn't a vaccine.
  8. Can I ask why you took a test? Did you have symptoms or were you required to by your employer? Synairgen - stock price went up by just over 10% today.
  9. I appear to be permanently out of likes, but feel exactly the same. Nothing. Nothing will happen until people are no longer paid to stay at home. Furlough is payment for compliance. What about those who medically cannot be vaccinated?
  10. Just make sure to write your password down and stick it to the bottom of your laptop Lost Passwords Lock Millionaires Out of Their Bitcoin Fortunes – DNyuz Stefan Thomas, a German-born programmer living in San Francisco, has two guesses left to figure out a password that is worth, as of this week, about $220 million. The password will let him unlock a small hard drive, known as an IronKey, which contains the private keys to a digital wallet that holds 7,002 Bitcoin. While the price of Bitcoin dropped sharply on Monday, it is still up more than 50 percent from just a mon
  11. But, but, but....what about the Surge and the Wave and the Pandemic? Already happening. Lots of very very disillusioned kids, teenagers and early 20s who have spent the last year in limbo, traumatised over killing granny, fearing human touch and social behaviour, lied to and manipulated. Out of likes +1 Where are those navy ships now?
  12. Just because we LOVE the fact-checkers, let's just recirculate this one (COVID-19 was downgraded when more information became available about mortality rates (low overall): Was COVID-19 downgraded from being a high-consequence infectious disease? – FactCheckNI
  13. FFS ! Where have I been? (researching all that is Covid, is where....) This is insane, though. May be late to the party, but what the fuck? We are definitely living under BigTechPharma. I knew they had suspended his @realDonaldTrump account, but to remove all the POTUS tweets just stinks of panic.
  14. CIA unexpectedly releases all of its documents on UFOs | The Independent All of the CIA’s publicly available documents on unidentified flying objects is now available to be downloaded. The website The Black Vault, ran by John Greenewald Jr., has published a downloadable archive of every instance of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), the government classification for UFOs. All the files are available online at The Black Vault's website. Greenewald scanned thousands of pages by hand following approximately 10,000 Freedom Of Information Acts (FOIA) levi
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