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  1. This is a few months old, but I don't think it has been linked here. Very detailed analysis of the people making money out of the Oxford vaccine and their links to a certain person. (spoiler - it's Billy Boy). The amount of money being made off the back of this is sickening. Bread and Circuses: Who’s Behind the Oxford Vaccine for COVID-19? – Architects for Social Housing (ASH)
  2. Money. Big Pharma is making millions. GPs are being paid to vaccinate.
  3. Pretty sad, pretty damn devastated in fact, to have to report that I now know more people who have recently committed suicide than have died within 28 fucking days of a false as fuck pcr test. The government has blood on their hands and are destroying lives, businesses, hopes, futures and sanity with their facade.
  4. Something really weird happened to the Forum just now. Specifically this thread. It disappeared completely from the listing and when I tried to reload from history, I got the following error message. Obviously everything seems back to normal now, but I could access all other parts of the Forum but not this particular thread. Anyone else have the same issue?
  5. It really is a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire. All these groups moving from WhatsApp to Telegram, when the founder is a member of the WEF and keeps dubious company. Musk, Mitnick, Durov, Gates and Jack Ma invited to International Cybersecurity Congress 2019 — SberBank
  6. It will be a case of "Are you, or have you ever been, a Trump supporter?"
  7. With the impeachment of Trump set for February, it appears this (like so many things lately) is a manipulated farce. Very interesting and well researched article. The Case Against Retroactive Impeachment Trials: A Response To The Open Letter Of Scholars – JONATHAN TURLEY THE CONSTITUTIONAL TEXT ... Article II contains the key impeachment provision and standard, stating “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemean
  8. Yeah, I think there is a serious case here of opening Pandora's Box. They (whoever they are that created Q) have induced a form of mass hysteria which hasn't been seen for quite some time (I don't want to think about Salem right now, or the McCarthy era, but it is along those lines). The problem is, they fail to realize the depth of emotion and emotional, and in some cases deeply spiritual, that people have invested in the Q Plan. To allow that to all come crashing down in utter ruins, with no gradual withering out, will have an immense psychological effect on people. It's t
  9. And if Biden and his administration wasn't popular with the troops before, they certainly won't be now after making them sleep in a garage with no facilities. 'This is absurd': Hundreds of National Guard members banished to Senate parking garage, soldiers say (chron.com) One small quote from a very angry article:
  10. Weird the trees have gone. Also, why is he always wearing a mask when he's behind the desk. It looks shady as fuck. He is in his own office, surely it's 'covid-safe'? Didn't bother Garth Brooks, he was hugging every damn one of them without his muzzle :)
  11. An extremely interesting article here by someone who has been sleuthing the land-buys for some years now. The man buying for Gates is Michael Larson (Cascade LLP) and he also handles the mighty wealth of the Gates Foundation, so he is Mr Money. The closing note in the article is intriguing too. Bill Gates: America's Top Farmland Owner | The Land Report Map of the land here. it also has a farmland initiative: Gates Ag One, which has established its headquarters in the Greater St. Louis area. According to the St. Louis Business Journal, Gates Ag One will focus on re
  12. Does anyone remember Cicada 3301? I wonder if that was a recruitment drive to set-up the whole QAnon timeline. It's a psyop of grand proportions and they are still peddling it. I watched some guy on some livestream last night go on about how this was classic pacification tactics, in the sense of how they 'pacified' the Vietnamese by carpet-bombing them until they no longer resisted. In this case, they have bombarded possible protestors with incessant assurances that they would be taken care of, no need to act yourself, there was a Plan. Just hunker down and watch it unfold. An
  13. I noticed Biden used that term again today in his inauguration speech
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