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  1. And why are you ‘following’ me; that’s a bit pervy.
  2. Et tu Brutus? In moderation surely, You mean like this one?
  3. No; if I want to hear about obscure so called music, I’ll go to the appropriate thread; and perhaps they should have a memes thread. I looked in to read about the convirus, not the above.
  4. Shit, wrong thread; thought I’d have a look at the convirus thread; seems it’s turned into the ‘music’ appreciation and the lets post as many memes as we can thread; pack, gone to.
  5. This posted on David’s news page. https://davidicke.com/2021/04/04/perspective-never-mind-the-bullshit-of-intellect-i-love-you-thats-all-it-take-to-change-the-world/ I am always surprised when someone such as he promotes this blatantly sickly song - and ideology. It is not a ‘wonderful world’; the cruelty to animals and humans and nature in general is rife, and not just by the ‘elite’. Everyone in some way or another; to some degree, does harm to others. The ‘love’ that most humans know, is egotistical; imo, most don’t know the meaning of ‘love’; and I will go so far as to say, it’s another construct thought up by the ‘elite’ as another means of control. Please note the ‘imo’. Unconditional acceptance, regard of someone without any censure is more on the mark, imo. This ‘world’ and it’s inhabitants will never come together; due to the diversity of ‘human’ nature. I cannot understand why people such as David think that’s ever going to happen. And no, I’m not angry, or being an arsehole, or being cynical; look around, in your own environs as well as the wider world, and the proof is there; it’s a fact. I believe David’s view on the bigger picture of why we are here, but not the above bit.
  6. Its just a bit rich when people here state emphatically that such and such is so! No ‘imo’, no ‘maybe’; so many ‘it just is’! Smacks of propaganda - just like the other lot saying old rona is real and that’s that. Im not having a go at Velma personally, not at all, but it was not “The “old lady” appears to be nothing other than a brown coat being bundled into a police van. At no point is her face visible. Curiously, everyone seemed to know her age, which they made sure was audible on the video.” There are very clear photos of her. And perhaps she or her friend told her age. Walker states in the vid that they saw it happening from a window; he came to see what was going on, and was outraged by it - as anyone would have been. Bad acting? Geez. Plenty of rotund plods around. Maybe all the ‘crisis actors’ are people with nothing much to do and like to protest. Etc etc. I have no idea if it was ‘staged’ or not. I do agree with what you’ve said; big ups for coming back to say it
  7. In a nutshell, that’s what they are - in more ways than most people comprehend. Look after your own ‘humanity’; spirit, soul etc; try and have a bit of compassion for those that ‘comply’ (not easy all the time); and get on with nurturing your spirit.
  8. Hmm ; wish I was as all knowing as a few around here; come in handy...
  9. Maybe she’s just aged well; I know several older people who do not look their age. Maybe she is preserving her dignity by not kicking and screaming; or maybe she has health problems that don’t allow her to do so. Im not saying it’s not staged, but who knows for sure.
  10. Or maybe it’s a sunny day; or maybe she has eye troubles...
  11. And maybe it wasn’t; who really knows; you’ve just been reversed propaganded .
  12. I have to disagree re the ‘normal folk’ and spelling. I’ve found most people here do not ‘misspell consistently’ at all, so my suspicions are confirmed; most here are not normal at all, in fact a pack of raving nutters - besides being shills, and 77 brigade, and all other manner of not very nice people at all... We are doomed
  13. Out of reactions; thanks for this and your previous post - and your following one.
  14. Should have read on before answering your prior post. I have to say that I’m a bit surprised that the Brits aren’t doing more to overturn this bs, compared with Germany and others having such huge numbers of protesters
  15. Makes you wonder though, are they true figures, or just put out on the higher side so that the on the fencers will think that if the majority are agreeable with having the vaccine, they’ll go along with it too. Covert peer pressure by the liars; we all know they’ll stop at nothing.
  16. You’re all wrong; here he is with Mrs David, and Gareth and Jamie; one of the kids has transitioned; you can pick which one.
  17. I think Max should be kinder to the chooks; he plays favouritism for those flash boy peacocks ; bit elitist Max...
  18. I reckon they’ve been taken over by archons or some sinister bastard thing along those lines; I see it a lot these days; dead eyes, and eyes full of malice. Evil is afoot more and more in these god forsaken times; so much me me me and fuck everyone else. More and more people want more than their forty seconds of fame; they want power over others; emulating the so called elite. With all this so low energy around, archons and suchlike are having a feast.
  19. Haha, we’re all fucked then! Like hell!! If they ever try to vaccinate me, I’d do my best to grab it and stick it in them; would rather pass on
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