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  1. And why are you ‘following’ me; that’s a bit pervy.
  2. Et tu Brutus? In moderation surely, You mean like this one?
  3. No; if I want to hear about obscure so called music, I’ll go to the appropriate thread; and perhaps they should have a memes thread. I looked in to read about the convirus, not the above.
  4. Shit, wrong thread; thought I’d have a look at the convirus thread; seems it’s turned into the ‘music’ appreciation and the lets post as many memes as we can thread; pack, gone to.
  5. Its just a bit rich when people here state emphatically that such and such is so! No ‘imo’, no ‘maybe’; so many ‘it just is’! Smacks of propaganda - just like the other lot saying old rona is real and that’s that. Im not having a go at Velma personally, not at all, but it was not “The “old lady” appears to be nothing other than a brown coat being bundled into a police van. At no point is her face visible. Curiously, everyone seemed to know her age, which they made sure was audible on the video.” There are very clear photos of her. And perhaps she or her friend told her age. Walker states in the vid that they saw it happening from a window; he came to see what was going on, and was outraged by it - as anyone would have been. Bad acting? Geez. Plenty of rotund plods around. Maybe all the ‘crisis actors’ are people with nothing much to do and like to protest. Etc etc. I have no idea if it was ‘staged’ or not. I do agree with what you’ve said; big ups for coming back to say it
  6. In a nutshell, that’s what they are - in more ways than most people comprehend. Look after your own ‘humanity’; spirit, soul etc; try and have a bit of compassion for those that ‘comply’ (not easy all the time); and get on with nurturing your spirit.
  7. Hmm ; wish I was as all knowing as a few around here; come in handy...
  8. Maybe she’s just aged well; I know several older people who do not look their age. Maybe she is preserving her dignity by not kicking and screaming; or maybe she has health problems that don’t allow her to do so. Im not saying it’s not staged, but who knows for sure.
  9. Or maybe it’s a sunny day; or maybe she has eye troubles...
  10. And maybe it wasn’t; who really knows; you’ve just been reversed propaganded .
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