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  1. And why are you ‘following’ me; that’s a bit pervy.
  2. Et tu Brutus? In moderation surely, You mean like this one?
  3. No; if I want to hear about obscure so called music, I’ll go to the appropriate thread; and perhaps they should have a memes thread. I looked in to read about the convirus, not the above.
  4. Shit, wrong thread; thought I’d have a look at the convirus thread; seems it’s turned into the ‘music’ appreciation and the lets post as many memes as we can thread; pack, gone to.
  5. This posted on David’s news page. https://davidicke.com/2021/04/04/perspective-never-mind-the-bullshit-of-intellect-i-love-you-thats-all-it-take-to-change-the-world/ I am always surprised when someone such as he promotes this blatantly sickly song - and ideology. It is not a ‘wonderful world’; the cruelty to animals and humans and nature in general is rife, and not just by the ‘elite’. Everyone in some way or another; to some degree, does harm to others. The ‘love’ that most humans know, is egotistical; imo, most don’t know the meaning of ‘l
  6. You’re all wrong; here he is with Mrs David, and Gareth and Jamie; one of the kids has transitioned; you can pick which one.
  7. I think Max should be kinder to the chooks; he plays favouritism for those flash boy peacocks ; bit elitist Max...
  8. I reckon they’ve been taken over by archons or some sinister bastard thing along those lines; I see it a lot these days; dead eyes, and eyes full of malice. Evil is afoot more and more in these god forsaken times; so much me me me and fuck everyone else. More and more people want more than their forty seconds of fame; they want power over others; emulating the so called elite. With all this so low energy around, archons and suchlike are having a feast.
  9. And I would hazard there are many many accounts here with no good intent.
  10. Of course they have; but present circumstance throughout the world are pretty dire; if incitement to harm is seen on forums such as this, it can be bloody damaging.
  11. I’m a free person, not some namby pamby witterer, and I’ll say what I like, about whom I like; I’m not fucking about and I’ll call it how I see it; the facts are as plain as day; Im not saying what I said without just cause. And everyone knows who is meant; I get tired of self righteous, outraged wafflers who can’t call a spade a spade - I’m not referring to anyone in particular. I like honesty and plain speaking; that’s half the trouble these days, people are too scared to speak out in case they get ‘told off’ by fucking nancies with half a brain and an inflated sense
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