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  1. Come on Kiwis, we need sane and decent people speaking up for us.
  2. Come on Kiwis, please support these guys.
  3. Haha, well countered; I like yours best ?
  4. Would you, with your fine perspicacity, elucidate as to who these ‘baddies’ are; I am asking out of genuine curiosity, no anger, no sarcasm, no negativity. I just don’t think it’s the thing to point the finger without specifics; on a forum like this especially. Thank you.
  5. COVID TESTING SCANDAL: NUMEROUS LABS REPORT 100% OF PEOPLE TESTING POSITIVE FOR CORONAVIRUS At least 333 labs claim everyone they tested was positive for coronavirus https://www.infowars.com/covid-testing-scandal-numerous-labs-report-100-of-people-testing-positive-for-coronavirus/
  6. @bamboozooka I just can’t watch those two anymore; my murderous instincts come to the fore, and I’m not wasting good energy on the pieces of shit.
  7. Thanks very much zarkov, I sometimes forget to watch this wonderful gentleman. It was bittersweet; and I didn’t know they want to do away with credit and debit cards already; swine. I hope this ‘old man in a chair’ is right.
  8. Sorry for ‘getting you into trouble’.
  9. Lol, covid bedwetter ? I wish you guys wouldn’t apologise for posting; it’s good to hear from everyone ? Have a great day and watch out for ‘normies’ ?
  10. I’m not sure I agree with that verse Storm; I’ll do my ‘raging’ while I’m here in this strange construct. When my times up here, I’ll move on with looking forward to what’s next - or whatever; doesn’t matter. For the rest of it I agree wholeheartedly; and you’re right re the rural/urban thing too; seen it myself here.
  11. That’s good news; maybe it’s just taking longer than we hoped for people to realise it’s crap. Im not in the UK thanks be; here in NZ it’s mainly ‘normal’ though we still get the propaganda. No masks to be seen on the whole.
  12. My thoughts exactly Fluke; take care out there mate.
  13. Out of likes; please consider your post well liked.
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