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  1. Bill and Melinda own the fucking lot.
  2. Trump is an avatar; a marionette with many pulling his strings. Figureheads are distraction. New boss...same as the old boss, give or take a few token scraps of domestic policy. Beyond the curtain lies the swamp. Just out of sight...
  3. Reject it all pal. The left/right Punch and Judy show only serves to kettle the population into camps; to stop us, en masse, from turning around and collectively shining a light on all of the motherfuckers. Left (Russiagate), right (Qanonsense). It’s all rigged. Don’t trust any plan conjured up by any mainstream politician, red or blue. Our politics is fucked. Bought and paid for. None of them work for us.
  4. It’s a game. Trump played a role. It’s pantomime. Lock her up? It’s all a ride. Switch it off. Pick up a guitar or something. Q was bullshit. Russian rigging was bullshit. All the fucking energy devoted to fantasyland. Makes me despair. Imagine what we could’ve achieved?
  5. The idea that DT is the saviour of the world, that all this shit is going on behind the scenes, that DC is a prison that will lock them all up is a complete fantasy. I’d love it all to be true, that the 5D chess game has been won, but we’ve been suckered in by a four year, secret squirrel psy-op. Trump/Kushner/Mnuchin/Pompeo are the swamp. It’s all theatre. They don’t give a flying fuck about you. Embedded within this realisation lies personal growth. There is no saviour/rapture. No white hats. No galactic federation. No one is coming to the rescue. Try to get on with your
  6. He’ll be double-tapped by a Trump supporter on prime time TV. President Kamala will heal the nation. Game. Set. Match.
  7. Four envelopes. They know everything. I’m sorry.
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