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  1. Lots of press saying there is no NDA and she just needs to keep mouth shut until after the jubilee. Strange if true that there wasn't an NDA attached to the payoff? Also, if he defended himself at civil court and lost, he would pay out millions. But decided not to and still payout millions! Can be only to stop other aspects of private life coming out in a full civil trail. I wonder if PA just fronted up at the start....yes, I slept with her, I didn't know she was trafficked, she told me she was 25...I was a single guy..... I think the cover up is always usually worse. The Pizza Express and the sweating nonsense, etc
  2. Just wondering what the general consensus is on GB News? Is it against the MSM narrative? Defo had to deal with a lot, on-going advertisement ban's, which is crazy when you watch it, there is an actual debate with opposing thoughts on both sides. Have to admit I do like the Mon-Thu Nigel Farage show at 7pm and he has had guests on pushing against the main stream storylines especially on Covid. One of the first who mentioned the freedom if information news about the 17,000 Covid deaths which I did not see on other TV news stations. Again, may be wrong but is Farage anti-establishment? He was the first who bought to light the channel crossings before it was picked up by anybody. I am guess he is loathed by the establishment as was the architect of Brexit too. To his credit he turned down a peerage as well when the Conservative Party wanted him to do deals - remember a lot saying he will go into the Lords afterwards but no peerage at all. Does not seem to get the credit where it is due either for what he achieved (imho) Dan Wooten and Mark Dolan presenters are also strong on anti-lockdown measures, but could also say Dan Wooten was a Rupert Murdoch employee so part of the establishment - I don't know what to think. Dolan has some pretty good monologues and called out people who kept their mouths shut during the last 2 years. Just wondering what people's opinions are on here?
  3. Yes can't see much address of this. Was a thread about the coming national lockdown, but can't see that happening at all. If anything there appears to be a mass culling of all Covid laws coming. I think people will say it's part of Operation Big Dog (save Boris)
  4. This seems to be the most plausible explanation I have heard
  5. Wow over 4,000 pages. To be fair I tried following this but over whelming! Just a few questions. I remember at the start people questioning if the virus was real. Then I think that changed and people changed to state it did exist (correct me if I'm wrong) So where do we stand now. What's the general consensus here? From the posts seems it is a population reducing exercise with the vaccine (again correct me if I'm wrong) Wouldn't it be easier just to let a real virus run rampant without a vaccine being developed if tptb wanted the population wanted to be reduced? I have no doubt ulterior motives can be behind all this, enhanced powers, abuse of power, etc. Just not seen anything to explain it all. Lots to comprehend of course, but in layman terms what is people's opinions behind the reason for Covid, great reset? Enhanced powers? Etc.
  6. Jeremy Clarkson mentioned non white people on adverts in an article in The Sun back in 2019. 37% ads featured black people but they make up only 3% of the population. I am sure that 37% figure is more like up 70% now https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9247990/tv-ads-too-pc-jeremy-clarkson-opinion?utm_source=native_share&utm_medium=sharebar_native&utm_campaign=sharebaramp
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