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  1. They have more resources than you think if you take into account all the brainwashed (lost souls) willing to fight for the government and wouldn't think twice of killing the unvaxxed.
  2. I think @RobSS is right. Rising up doesn't have to be violent and if it is then we would have to have numbers on our side in order to be successful and we just simply don't have enough woke people to fight violently. Martial Law would be a dream come true for these bastards, we shouldn't give them the opportunity.
  3. Sorry folks if that's been posted before but here is a short video about Google Director pushing for RFID microchips
  4. Thank you, I sure will have a loot at it.
  5. I do not back down from any convo on the subject. It is too upsetting for me to hear the brainless talking and believing the MSM. Not long ago while working in a boiler, my coworker asked me if I was jabbed (he already knew) and my answer was that I would never touch that experimental injection with a ten foot pole. He backed out a bit jokingly as if I had aids or something. I said you can go across the street if you want to, I don't give a fuck. He then asked why I wouldn't take the jab. Well he got an ear full from me and then I asked him how many boosters he'll be willing to take, 4, 10, 25? His answer was quite hesitant and said he wouldn't take that many. I just simply replied that he might stop at the 4th booster or whatever but I drew the line in the sand on day one mainly because it was EXPERIMENTAL AND MANDATORY. Not having anything to question, he just walked away puzzled. All my co-workers knew I was against the vax (2 of us are unvaxed) and I must admit that we all had great respect to each other's status. I am more than willing to debate the subject respectfully with anyone and so far, they all walked away speechless. One thing I emphasize with my unvaxed daughter when she debates the plandemic issue with others is to bring up actual facts and not some bullshit found on facebook or something. You'll be more convincing that way and they'll see that you're not making shit up.
  6. @Frankieboy Sorry, my bad. I was too quick answering after watching the clip.
  7. Don't believe this bullshit, that's worst than CNN. As Richard D Hall says: Don't believe what you hear and half of what you see. ... As if it really happened, that's why people say everything on the internet is fake because of shit like this here...
  8. We should move this convo in an appropriate thread so we could elaborate on the subject...
  9. Very true and I have always been intrigued with some anomalies on this planet like this here lol Sorry for derailing, but I also think that the elites doing this evil on a world wide scale right now are very well aware of our ancient past and they will do anything in their power to keep us in the dark.
  10. Oh shit, someone came up with the mask thing idea before I did... fucking Gates.
  11. Well, I'd recommend to wear a mask if he was to do without so she wouldn't know who the father was...
  12. We need all the help we can get... cool though
  13. I found it quite interesting about trees and stomps but according to her, some humongous trees were cut back in ancient times and yet she never explained how. Same goes about the quarries, you would think there would be evidences of machinery parts from that many years ago. She never explains when,who and which technology was used to dig up such a vast quarry. hmm...
  14. Very true and I must admit I share any updates scam related with some vaxxed family members and friends as they know what is going on but got jabbed for fear of losing everything they work for so far. Not all vaxxed agree with the tyrannical system. Lets not make anymore enemies than we have too. We need all the help we can get.
  15. Out of likes here but... Thank You for bringing this letter to our attention. That is probably what Christopher James (A Warrior Calls) was talking about when he mentioned getting support from police officers across the country against tyranny. Any help against this scam is welcome and only if the Canadian Forces would also do the same (I highly doubt it), we would be on the verge of criminal trials against the felonious entities. I hope police and armed forces in other countries are looking at doing the same and wake the fuck up... Cheers!
  16. If this is a game you are playing, you will be disappointed as I am no fool to your little scheme. This thread is full of references 3434 pages including the video in question and you ask me to show you proof? I see what you are about now and don't bother responding. Morons on here, unreal.
  17. Yeap, their own documents and statements to the public.
  18. I would keep him home for 14 days before I would get him tested by crooks. And btw, @Truthspoon hit it on the nail. Best advice here.
  19. What do you need for proof? Fauci telling Bill Gates: "We're going to kill all the vaccinated and the unvaxed will go to internment camps. We will crash the economy and control planet earth with only freemasons left." And all on video with audio? If that is what you're waiting for well, get yourself a good couch as it'll never happen. The video I presented in the original post shows more than enough evidences to put them all in jail if the court system wasn't corrupted. So... yes, 100% lies. You should watch the video again to let it sink in.
  20. I would say everything went as planned since patents were submitted years ago and not after the convid plandemic breakout. They also have plans for the unvaxed, you can put money on that... Their plan is to tiptoe their way to full control of planet earth and it is a war of biblical proportion without firing a single bullet (so far). The worst is still to come and then bullets will be used. I went to a sporting goods store 2 days ago to buy bullets for hunting and the shelves were almost empty. Yeah, delivery problems my ass... We haven't seen half of what they're capable of and how far they're willing to carry this on. I already hear on the news (in Canada) the scare about how bad the internet hacking is during this plandemic so with time again the brainwashed will believe the official narrative when they shut down the internet to the general public saying it was done by big hackers from nowhere land. It's all in the books already and going as per their little exercise in 2019 called Event 201. Why is the price of fuel going up steady? All goods are transported by trucks so the truck companies have to pass the bill on to the consumers to survive so the price on every item purchased from anywhere will increase dramatically thus crashing the economy. It is not caused by a shortage of drivers, just another propaganda. They have always told us in advance their next move so anyone with opened eyes and ears can predict the near future. For the unvaxed it is an all out war worth dying for or else, internment camps... As the saying goes: Buckle up buttercup.
  21. Here is the proof about lying... https://rumble.com/vmowu6-urgent-newsthe-smoking-gun-that-will-put-anthony-fauci-into-prison.html
  22. Here is a Covid War Compilation. What pro and anti-vaxxers are saying about the vaccine stalemate. https://www.bitchute.com/video/WqHWkCsQ9css/ The best one I've heard @ 23min 45sec was (paraphrasing here): "If in order for you to get the jab you have to be pressured, lied to, coerced, shamed, threaten, punished and criminalized, be sure it's not in your best interests". That should end most arguments with a pro-vax..
  23. The Vigano Tapes Interesting to see how corrupted the Vatican is. If you have faith in God, have a look at this video. https://insidethevatican.com/vigano-tapes/the-vigano-tapes/ Cheers!
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