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  1. We're not living the 1927 film, this evil scamdemic shit has to be stopped ASAP. The virus is in the head of the snake, cut its head off and humanity will benefit greatly
  2. I'll let you in on a little secret... If I am caused harm by anyone and my life depended on it, as the saying goes "I swear to god" if I go, I'm not going alone... You can't just bend over whenever they say so. Standing up for yourself is not a sin...
  3. Be careful making statements like that. The world expert Greta Thunberg will come after you for spreading conspiracy theories.
  4. I can't believe I'm writing this but I never thought one day I would wonder about that... I just wasn't aware about it since I hadn't seen it in videos. I'm sure there's better subjects to discuss besides a child statue's penis. Sorry
  5. @Basket Case Seeing it was not going to be that easy to destroy, I would've at least destroyed the genitals of the child statue. That would've hurt the pedos feelings even more and got a point across to the spectators about BBC's pedophilia tendencies...
  6. Thank you for the link, I hadn't seen it before and watching it now. From day one I never trusted Elizondo as genuine. There's a propaganda machine going on about aliens visiting earth and I suspect it's in the plan to create an alien invasion so the cabal can save humanity thus looking as our saviors when they're the ones behind it all. I believe we are being visited but if they wanted to invade us, they had plenty of time to do so. Hmm, why now. Plandemic... Great Reset... Agenda 2030... Alien invasion... Humanity saved by the cabal. Just thinking out loud
  7. Sorry for answering so late, mostly a reader here so I don't always log in. ... Thus the need for extra precautions, only common sense.
  8. I know General Dallaire from working for him years ago when he was a Lt Colonel. He was very strict but down to earth kind of guy. Sad what he had to go through in Rwanda and after the genocide he heavily criticized the UN publicly for delaying sending more troops and lacking interest in solving the genocide. I have the outmost respect for that man and he's one I'd fight for any day. https://www.romeodallaire.com/
  9. I do know some people doing it now and the idea is not to get everyone's phone number, address, etc but only the ones you know and trust and so everybody else is doing the same. Eventually everyone can get connected thru others that they know. By planning electronically, you're telling your enemy what you are doing. If I was to plan something really serious with others it wouldn't be online and no electronic devices and no phones allowed at meetings. I'm not criticizing the effort, just pointing this out.
  10. That will not be helpful as they monitor EVERYTHING on the internet including emails and when they shutdown the internet, emails will be useless. That being said, it is a good idea to exchange info to keep in touch with locals to support each other when shtf.
  11. They have more resources than you think if you take into account all the brainwashed (lost souls) willing to fight for the government and wouldn't think twice of killing the unvaxxed.
  12. I think @RobSS is right. Rising up doesn't have to be violent and if it is then we would have to have numbers on our side in order to be successful and we just simply don't have enough woke people to fight violently. Martial Law would be a dream come true for these bastards, we shouldn't give them the opportunity.
  13. Sorry folks if that's been posted before but here is a short video about Google Director pushing for RFID microchips
  14. Thank you, I sure will have a loot at it.
  15. I do not back down from any convo on the subject. It is too upsetting for me to hear the brainless talking and believing the MSM. Not long ago while working in a boiler, my coworker asked me if I was jabbed (he already knew) and my answer was that I would never touch that experimental injection with a ten foot pole. He backed out a bit jokingly as if I had aids or something. I said you can go across the street if you want to, I don't give a fuck. He then asked why I wouldn't take the jab. Well he got an ear full from me and then I asked him how many boosters he'll be willing to take, 4, 10, 25? His answer was quite hesitant and said he wouldn't take that many. I just simply replied that he might stop at the 4th booster or whatever but I drew the line in the sand on day one mainly because it was EXPERIMENTAL AND MANDATORY. Not having anything to question, he just walked away puzzled. All my co-workers knew I was against the vax (2 of us are unvaxed) and I must admit that we all had great respect to each other's status. I am more than willing to debate the subject respectfully with anyone and so far, they all walked away speechless. One thing I emphasize with my unvaxed daughter when she debates the plandemic issue with others is to bring up actual facts and not some bullshit found on facebook or something. You'll be more convincing that way and they'll see that you're not making shit up.
  16. @Frankieboy Sorry, my bad. I was too quick answering after watching the clip.
  17. Don't believe this bullshit, that's worst than CNN. As Richard D Hall says: Don't believe what you hear and half of what you see. ... As if it really happened, that's why people say everything on the internet is fake because of shit like this here...
  18. We should move this convo in an appropriate thread so we could elaborate on the subject...
  19. Very true and I have always been intrigued with some anomalies on this planet like this here lol Sorry for derailing, but I also think that the elites doing this evil on a world wide scale right now are very well aware of our ancient past and they will do anything in their power to keep us in the dark.
  20. Oh shit, someone came up with the mask thing idea before I did... fucking Gates.
  21. Well, I'd recommend to wear a mask if he was to do without so she wouldn't know who the father was...
  22. We need all the help we can get... cool though
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