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  1. You might want to send him this to prove it was all planned years ago. 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony. https://www.bitchute.com/video/pCLllFA4gemJ/ It is really nice of you trying to open his eyes to what is really going on. People on the fence reference the vax are the ones we have to talk to as obviously they are undecided and need a little coaching. Keep it up mate, we have to keep faith.
  2. And that is before the next false flag as they call it the "Cyber Pandemic". Wait for it when they shutdown the internet (it will happen)... info will be few and far between then. That is why people need to wake up before the cabal shutdown the internet. How will you get real info? You will have to go with your gut instinct and go for it as we've been lied to long enough we should know better. This is just the beginning, WE ARE AT WAR and people don't even realize it. A little too late to wake up, just might be too late.
  3. Very true. Yet it was in our faces and not one connected the dots that I know as you said or could say what the the program at the time was all about. Weird to see that happening when we think we're awake and yet miss that kind of obvious warning...
  4. I don't watch the Olympics anymore since I woke up but I got a hint to watch that one of 2012 before it aired so I knew something was up but yet dumb as I was, I never figured it out at the time (not many did either).
  5. WOW, That is what we call censorship...
  6. During this scamdemic, this is what keeps my spirit up and loving life... (if you understand French of course). I don't need to mask up or anything, just living life as it should be with like minded people and fuck the rest... yeah baby
  7. Black flies and mosquitos are very bad here. Quite hard to do any yard work without tons of fly dope which I don't want on my skin so I set up a bottle with a perforated cap with smelts in it to capture them. I'm also thinking to make a bat's nest to help somewhat.
  8. At least he had an excuse (his missus). lol A fella I work with was against the jab all along then one day he said he had an appointment the next day for the jab. I asked him why the fuck would you go for the jab knowing it's a scam? His answer was with a stupid embarrassing smile: I don't know! Needless to say, prior to that we had discussed going golfing together someday but now he can play with his own balls... fuck him brainless idiot.
  9. It's a game mate. Google, You tube, Twitter, Facebook, etc do as they please to control humanity's perception on different subjects just like they did with world history, WW1, WW2, War on terror (9/11), school shootings, Vegas shooting, Oklahoma bombing, Waco... I could go on all day. I don't believe at first glance on anything but a deeper research into a specific subject is required most of the time if not always these days and from different sources.
  10. Because Convid-19 is new and only Convid-19 causes those symptoms.
  11. They all moved in my backyard...
  12. Since all references you can give to the brainwashed to show them it's a scam, they say it's a conspiracy and/or documents are just made up. Well, the best reference I found to get a puzzled response was this video of the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony. It's not a fake video as it was filmed with a full crowd present. Once they see that, they then agree it was planned or just walk away. I don't hear from them again about the subject and if they still want the experimental jab... go for it, it's not like they weren't warned. https://www.bitchute.com/video/pCLllFA4gemJ/
  13. If you compare the letter I posted (hard to read, I know) and your link, we can see that the New Brunswick scumbags are following the recommendations to the letter.
  14. How about the upcoming plandemic they filmed for the whole world to see? I don't think it can be labelled as a conspiracy. COVID-19 PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING OLYMPIC OPENING CEREMONY 2012 https://www.bitchute.com/video/pCLllFA4gemJ/
  15. If it was that top secret of a subject, I don't think you would find that on You Tube. That video has been floating around for a long time and notice how dark it is in the video. They say it's because the ET can't stand lights on, how convenient. lol There are a few videos out there like the alien autopsy, etc and they somehow all got 'leaked". I don't buy it, I suppose you are aware of the future possible false flag which would be an 'alien invasion" of planet earth and then the UN or NATO (the cabal really) will come to our rescue to save the planet. Just like 9/11 "the war on terror" and what is happening today, WHO, CDC and governments are spending billions of $$ to save humanity from a deadly virus (scamdemic). Yet people are still sleeping at the wheel while heading to the precipice. I'm not saying aliens don't exist, just that the ones you see on "leaked videos" in my opinion are not real.
  16. We all have different opinions so what? Say what's on your mind and if you're wrong guess what... it's no big deal. We learn something new every day and if one day you didn't, it was a wasted day. Don't be shy, that's how we learn in life. Cheers!!
  17. I should mind my own business but it bothers me to see posters like you being so arrogant and to top it off, comparing DI Forum to Facebook. Just letting you know, this forum is WAY more lenient than most forums I've been on. I personally hate when someone just drops a link without any explanation. I just never view it as it cannot be that important since you couldn't be bothered to elaborate. Chill out...
  18. My daughter sent me that one a week ago. Looks like Trudeau in that uniform.
  19. Well said and here in Canada the word going around is that our primesinister Trudeau is seperated and that it is kept secret. I don't know if it's true but it sure wouldn't surprise me as he is always supporting gay rights and always up front in the gay parades... and the gays behind drooling. Gays do it from behind I hear.
  20. Here is what my smart daughter sent me by text this afternoon as she is very concerned about her 2 little girls (my sweethearts) during this scamdemic. I warned her about kids brainwashing kids and peer pressure, so beware and explain to them to some extent what is going on and not to leave them in the dark to be influenced by other kids AND teachers. Btw, I say smart daughter because she is fully aware about this scam and she is Wideawake's girl. Her and I are one and the same, thank God because the older daughter ran up the line to get jabbed, fuck. Anyway, this is from the New Brunswick government pushing the vaccine on the young. Fucking cowards, I'd love to meet one of them in the woods while hunting...
  21. Here is something to listen to if you understand French... Souls looking for the betterment of humanity...
  22. @Seeker Here is one with evidences, it doesn't confirm aliens but still a UFO. Here is another one from Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia Cheers!
  23. There is something else at play. Steven Greer is a scammer and he invites people to join him on field trips to see real UFO's for a good sum of money. Once out there, people see lights in the sky, lol. As a doctor, why would he give up his career with a great paycheck to investigate UFO's ? According to Greer, all aliens are benevolent and are here to help... If that is so, you would think the aliens would get rid of this deadly convid-19 virus that is killing everyone on this planet before it's too late. There is a human agenda regarding aliens and I don't think it's in our best interest and he's part of it.
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