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  1. 8 minutes ago, Simple Actions said:


    Yes, it is a delicate matter in which the habits of previous life routines would have to be treated in a delicate way making sure the whole awareness of a "close community" would be clear.

    A back to basics daily life is not  for everyone who have been so  used to a luxurious roof over their heads.

    Many sections of the whole subject has a few misleading or not well understood realities.

    But keeping all "wheels on the ground" is the important part.

    Like a need for vetoed reliable leaders to organize it properly and be the voice of all, fully transparent of course.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Simple Actions said:


    hahaha spot on.


    I had all that already in the back of my mind and its always a difficult task due to all the points about "leaders" in every aspect of a society.


    And yes of course, the details would have to be in Groups instead of individual.


    I have some ideas as many people do and you too, i will come up with something "as suggestions" and see who posts on it afterwords as contribution of ideas and see what comes out of it.


    This subject is a deeply and serious one that in my own experience for example:


    Starts with 150 people saying:

    "yeah yeah i'm up for it"

    "yes indeed im in"

    "yes good idea, i am working in it"


    And then when time comes after long discussions and pros and cons etc etc the list goes on.....ends up on just 60 people......then when the "D" day comes, only 15 are really in!


    Fingers & Toes crossed


    Yes and if you look at how serious the situation is world wide and people commit to an association I would highly suggest a monetary commitment or equipment as collateral to help grow a separate society and at the same time if one particular member was to be excluded from the association for  misbehaving or laziness, his collateral would be confiscated by the association. That would be a clear understanding from the start and it would eliminate the non serious member trying to take advantage of the association.

  3. 38 minutes ago, Simple Actions said:


    That is the truth indeed.


    The other considerable temporary problem would be the people who want to do this and be part of, are spread throughout England,Wales,Scotland......and the majority of a presumably community agglomeration would probably randomly be in a certain area with higher numbers with more possible variety of possibilities either for  the shared work load within, also the possible daily living conditions that may become an issue for the ones far away with less "joint-community-support" within those smaller areas...

    I guess IF "these days" come into reality, there will unfortunately be many leaving their properties or forced to....and therefore these issues would have to be one of the main list of possible outcome  priorities to think about as a result.


    Creating a list of the people in the forum who already are thinking about it and seriously contemplating the possibility that this will not be just a "pretend" game and therefore being listed with all their trades/profession etc etc.....

    what can people do DIY wise etc etc....

    Its a very big task to make something of this seriousness work in a short planned time frame.

    But always better "early late" than "late too Late"....


    Also i am aware and anyone else here as far as i can tell that We are keeping our details hidden obviously, but if "shit hits the air-con fan" lol ......

    we will have to start opening up a bit more with details of where abouts people live etc etc so then to have an idea at least a brief vision of demographics....


    Hmm, I understand what you're saying but I would think postings on here about such a thing, would be as a general locations and groups and not individuals openly here looking for partners into such an endeavour.  

    Locals and trustworthy people you may know or the group know is how you will build a sustainable society. Start small with the most reliable and go from there. 

    I've read about skills of the members in a group, personally I would say it does not matter as long as the heart of the member is at the right place. We all have a right to live on this rock and all can contribute one way or another. 

    There will be some internal arguments and/or fights eventually and the group as a whole would have to decide what to do with the trouble makers.

    Just thinking out loud  😀

  4. 23 minutes ago, Simple Actions said:


    It has to start with someone with a substantial amount of land and money/resources in order to actually start something without the estate being involved.....as they always tend to impose those taxes and rules that most cannot even afford to comply with. The "green" inspectors, the Health & Safety box ticking.....and all the rest.....

    But if an independent investor/owner do come forward will be a good start...

    But again....will be a wide open target for the ones trying to continue to abolish the freedom of our own Manufacturing "ways".


    I've heard of local people looking at getting together to purchase a piece of land to grow gardens full and be as self-sufficient as possible away from our tax thieves. If they plan on selling outside the group, I think the government would get involved to shut them down but... if the resources acquired by the group is to be used for themselves then you have a better chance of surviving.


    Together is the only way, not alone in the wilderness...

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    I have principles in life and one of them is to listen to your inner-self. 

    When the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony aired on tv, I knew it was a satanic message but then like most of us never realized what it was until the 2020 scamdemic started.


    I believe we all have gardien angels of some kind and it is only to your advantage and loved ones.

    Stay away from that event... that"s all.

  6. 47 minutes ago, Incontinentia_Buttux said:

    "Jihad" is a thing very often thrown around by the main stream media, they over generalise / stereotype everything.  If a knife attacker has brown skin = terrorist, if they have black skin = gang member.


    Most of these attackers are themselves members of the "indigenous population" so they are in effect attacking themselves.... Also a sign of mental illness... Not a person who has a cause they can sanely rationalize.


    If I may...

    Terrorism was invented by the West with its allies (Israel? 🙄) to control the area with chaos at a moment of their choosing.   

  7. How about this here as an unexplained reality.


    My grand daughter was maybe 3 years old and we were playing "hidden in hands color game" and she had to guess in which of my hand the blue or green Easter egg was... 95 percent success rate. 

    We had mutual mental attention while doing this and lots of witnesses.



    I should probably mention that there has always been special emotions between her and I. Kind of a connection from beyond maybe?


    Ever since that 3 yo sweetheart in question started talking, she started calling me this odd name for no apparent reason. To this day all my grandchildren (5) call me by that name.


    Come to find out that name was what my father was called when he was young and it could not have been known to her as we live a good 16 hour drive away from them. 

    Go figure...

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  8. I find that enjoying life at home more then social might just be a way to survive this mentality of world defeats. "Mask to go there, masked up to buy something, etc". I would not last long in that environment (especially after a few drinks lol) and that is why someone has to achieve collectivity mentally and spirituality with likeminded people in order to combat the invaders of humanity. More important than ever.

    Alone in the woods surviving on nature against what we are up against today would be suicide in my opinion. Humanity can only succeed as a collective species, not alone split out across the world.    

  9. 1 hour ago, Notimeleft said:

    Keep pushing is all I can say. Educate people. Not just about politics, but who they really are. I try to tear down their walls with things like "who are you"? Then I explain to them how they are not anything that they identify as. You are not this or that, your not your job, your not your skin color, you are not you body image, or your political ideologies. I try to make this impression which transcends opinions and identities. This opens up the door for others to listen and challenge their beliefs. But just keep fighting however you are. For me it's all about my children's future, but everyone has their own reasons and should protect the human rights of others. That's the real fight. We are literally fighting for our rights, and they are making laws to protect all the wrongs. 


    Personally, I can deal with the ongoing scam by the supposedly "elites mafia" (fuck them) but what bothers me is to know that this is for the long run and for a far darker future. I will fight to death for my children, grandchildren and the generations to come to reverse the roles on this rock. 

    When people laugh after you tell them about satanic rituals... Remind them: It just might be more non-fictitious than you

    can imagine.


    Even a small step forward you can achieve against a takeover is a giant leap for humanity


    Keep sane folks...  👋



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  10. 11 hours ago, peter said:

    That is the only way you can deal with it otherwise you will drive yourself mad


    Not really, like what we (a 70 year old friend and I) saw last fall through the trees.

    It was a great big red glowing area from the ground to over 100 feet above the mature trees. It was quite big in circumference and only a few hundred yards away.

    I should've got out of the truck (we were at a standstill looking at it) and walked over to it to investigate, like I would do now. 

    However, we drove beyond that area to see for a better view from a different location. When we got to the new location, we could clearly see that there was nothing unusual at that spot and actually dusk was settling.

    Something abnormal happened that night for sure and I'll never know what it was now. 


    As a side note: Where we saw that bright red glowing "light", it was exactly where I had shot a moose the previous year when hunting with that 70 year old friend. Weird but true.








  11. 13 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    no the cabal have already done that as the politicians are not making the decisions anymore


    The agenda is to create a 'technocracy' which is a society run by 'experts' not by politicians


    In the covid-hysteria-crisis the decisions have been made by the sage team which in turn answers to the World Health Organisation


    The politicians are not in control of this country and haven't been for a long time. They are merely middle managers in the employ of the global investors who own all the trans-national corporations that are behind globalisation


    The politicians do as told by the cabal, I knew that a long time ago. But it would be a good start before getting to the head of the snake.

  12. 3 hours ago, francofabio said:

    to discover the work of two people that have a channel on youtube , one is rich2150x and the other one is Akvile Sava , basically they are doing the same thing done by david and many other people , and they are doing that in a very efficient way so it would be great if all of you and david directly talk with those two :D


    ... And what will we learn? I suspect not much if they're on Jewtube...

  13. 12 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    The three most revolutionary things you can do in modern britain are as follows:


    1. Refuse any vaccine or mRNA injection

    2. Get rid of your smart phone, smart TV, smart meter or any other smart device

    3. Have a white child and raise them to not be a satanic neo-marxist


    May I add ?

    4. Get rid of your evil politicians


    12 hours ago, Starchild said:

    Do you think it's possible to buy solely British (or to an extent, European) products for what we require? 


    You should buy products created from the locals, within your city and your country first when you have the choice. It only makes sense and you help the local economy.   

  14. 4 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    What will will happen with the Taliban who may now take control, and what if Al Qaeda resurfaces?


    Is this going to result in some sort of repeat of 911, but perhaps emboldened with weaponry from China?



    - Al Qaeda is an American manufactured terrorist group and don't worry about the Taliban. Let them sort out their own problems, as if America didn't have any... 

    - What is that suppose to mean a repeat of 911. 

    In case you were asleep for the last 20 years I'll fill you in on the latest reference 9/11. Bin Laden had nothing to do with it and the US (again), Israel and some other intel agencies orchestrated the whole thing to pass the patriot act and used as a good excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. 


    I can't believe there're people still falling for that false flag of 9/11, 20 years later.

    The problem in the middle east is America and Israel. Leave the middle east alone and they'll get tired of killing each other.

  15. 6 hours ago, Seeker said:

    What’s your take on it all? Some truth to it, or a total psyop? In open to various ideas


    I believe aliens/other intelligent lives are real (from under our oceans and/or space) and in also different dimensions. There's too many stories out there dating way back to conclude that we're alone in this universe.

    Having said that, I would be of the opinion that TPTB has been controlling our history books and the scientific community for a very long time to guide humanity toward a certain path. That would include an alien invasion in order for the TPTB to come out as our savior thus having the populace to follow them for a nefarious future.

    I have yet to see any of them (cabal, governments) ever doing the right thing for humanity as a whole and it's not about to change... Look at the ongoing plandemic for example.


    If aliens were to invade this planet in a dramatic way as predicted, why just wake up now if they have been around for ever? 

    We, humans in general (most) are not aware or understand our own environment like space, our oceans, plants as medicine, our true origin, the spiritual and healing power in individuals, etc, etc.

    We've been conditioned to follow and believe what we're told by our precious Presidents/ Prime Sinisters and not to question anything or you're a conspiracy theorists. Same goes for UFOs and aliens, people will demand for government protection when they see a hologram in the sky and crafts flying around as an "invasion".

    The total control of humanity and the depopulation agenda have been orchestrated a long time ago by evil forces (secret societies) that we're fighting today. 


    If an invasion was to happen 🙂 , it would probably be safer to go along with the ETs than your own government knowing how evil your own species can be. 😀








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  16. Well, seen another UFO again...


    After hearing the death of a family member a couple months ago, many ended up gathering at this house that evening on the edge of a small city (60000 maybe?) on the east coast, Canada.

    I left that place @ 11 pm alone and when I got in the vehicle I could see this light in the sky beyond an open field. When I first noticed it, it was on the move and that is what got my attention.

    Twice while sitting in my vehicle with engine off looking at the thing, I talked to 2 different people and twice I showed them the light and no one cared.

    One said it was a plane while the light was at a stand still. lol 

    The other said: A UFO and shrugged it off and left.


    I sat there alone watching it and became aware it was getting closer and closer. It stopped at I would estimate to be 2000 feet away and at roughly 30 degrees elevation. Bright multi colored lights flashing around it's center line, in the darkness of night I could see a darker shape type craft to that light. 

    I guesstimate that to be bigger than a vehicle and no sound that I could hear. 

    Weird enough as it is, bizarrely after watching it for about 1/2 hour, I left while "it" was still sitting there.

    I reacted the same way in another weird event (I'll post about it someday). Anyone experiencing something weird would've stayed as long as it remains on the spot to see how it will leave or walk toward it.


    I've had many mysterious happenings throughout my live starting when young and even though it intrigues me and want to know all about the mysterious, for some reason I deal with it in a nonchalant way knowing what I'm seeing or living at the moment. I don't understand my reactions to such. 

    Eventually, I'll post about some paranormal moments, odd events and unusual coincidences.


    Nice thread btw,

    Cheers !!





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  17. On 6/28/2021 at 8:11 PM, Mr H said:

    Two things for me of late.


    1) Deja vu. I have never experienced this before. But recently it happens every few weeks. This is not visually this is verbally. I'm having a conversation and all of a sudden I realise I have had this EXACT conversation before and I mean word for word and I know exactly what is going to be said next.


    2) This is the big one for me. I am now constantly having Christian religious experiences. Which is curious for me because I don't consider myself religious and prior I did not believe in Christianity If I am honest and I used to mock these born again Christians thinking it was a load of bollox, but I think it's happening to me. I have to say so far it's been  the best experience of my life. Thank you Jesus.


    I've had "Déjà vu" all my life and it is a nice feeling when that happens.

    I also get bad feelings prior to major events like 9/11, scamdemic, family members passing way, etc. I don't know ahead of time what it is or how imminent it is. 

    As far as your religious experiences, take it all in mate. Any positive coming your way will only help you through this nasty war going on with TPTB.


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  18. Weird how a "divorce" can save a person from criticism. 

    Where is the architect of the Convid-19 pandemic?

    Nowhere to be found and also no more subject on Kill Gates.

    Was his "divorce", a way out of the spotlight to alleviate some of the heat he was under? I suspect the same thing will happen to Falsy in the near future and someone else will take the lead to carry on the agenda.


    I just wished they would face trials for crime against humanity, Gates, Faucy and their puppets and end up jabbed for real to rest in a wooden box alive 6ft under.

    They would have time then to worship satan to their hearts content.


    Just dreaming here, I don't think it'll ever happen...

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  19. 1 minute ago, Simple Actions said:


    Oh....jabs never.

    That would not even exist in the Human vocabulary if i may stress it.

    In all this time no mask has touched my face! Not once.

    Few short attempts in some stores here and there but once my answer goes through their ears along with a long concentrated stare they immediately turn around and shut their gobs.


    Way to go mate and there is always more to do to help our cause. Not wearing the rag is sure a good starter and opening other's minds and eyes is also a good way to go against this evil plan.

    Anything at all against the cabal is a step forward.

    The key to survival is to know what is coming next and what is their end game. Once you have a good idea as to what it is, you will be well prepared to face it. I'm not only talking about financially or food, etc but mentally. If you know how bad it could get, you'll be better fit for the long run.

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