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  1. Just an odd experience I had sometime last year, on a phone call talking to an acquaintance about this plandemic. He is a multi-millionaire investor and still going strong in the business. He's 100% for all those mandates and all on this planet should be vaxxed and follow government mandates. So that got me going and I asked him what about the % of the population on this planet that will never get gabbed no matter what and his response was: "Well what will happen it that the economy will rebound very soon if not already on the way and once they get as many vaxxed as they can, the non-participants will just be eliminated, simple as that." Just that easy ...
  2. You bring up a good point here and what that means is that we the survivors in the unvaxxed group (the targeted 10%) will be the sole carriers of the human gene in a not too distant future. Something to consider, absolutely.
  3. Not until after the alien invasion, it's been in the books for a long time.
  4. The WEF has infiltrated governments world wide to bring in the NWO. They want as many as possible to take the experimental injections to reduce population as warned by Billy Gates and it'll take a few short years to get there with side effects of the injections. If everyone was to die right away, the scheme would be too apparent to the population thus the side effects (immediate and long term) include cancer, heart attacks, strokes, AIDS, etc, etc. Watch the video in the link below and you will see how they control most countries. https://www.technocracy.news/world-economic-forums-young-global-leaders-revealed/
  5. @Pierre-Luc I have to make a correction reference my previous post about the helicopters. Christopher never said that they were over Ottawa, while discussing the protest that is when he included the short clip. So only god knows where that happened.
  6. I was watching the live stream on https://awarriorcalls.com/ last night and Christopher James showed a short video clip of the protest in Ottawa and it showed 3 army helicopters spraying something over the city. It was very unusual and I wonder what it could be. I checked the net this morning and I couldn't find anything about it. His latest stream (Feb 3,2022) will be uploaded on his website (Streams page 1) sometime today for anyone looking for it. Btw, Christopher James will be in Ottawa this weekend for a speech on Saturday and Sunday to expose the cabal and get support from the truckers, cops, nurses, doctors, etc to take down our corrupted politicians and others with the common-law. It's getting dirty out there for sure.
  7. @Sexpistol50 The header of this thread is misleading, police aren't told to start arresting people, this lady is reporting a crime and trespass to the police, big difference. Here in Canada Christine Massey has done the same thing, anyone can file charges against anyone and police investigate to see if it warrants arrests and charges. I watched the video of her and others filing the charges in Ontario but I can't find it now. It's good to see people doing it but chances are, the police won't act on the complaints since they are also corrupted.
  8. I never said force was always the answer but when push comes to shove, force is not a bad thing and might save your life.
  9. I don't understand you, you won't use force against evil and show them good when evil knows what good is that is why they are evil. If you don't use force against evil when you are attacked, you're bending over and that'll be the end of your present autonomy. Do as you please, I'm not bending over...
  10. You can bend over to evil, I sure won't...
  11. I recommend https://awarriorcalls.com/ Common Law... judged by your peers and not a corrupted judge
  12. What is wrong with force against evil?
  13. No, I'm talking about what we have been hearing about for so long which is the great awakening. After toppling governments, crooked corporations, corrupted legal system, medical system, etc, etc. Many on this planet will die and suffer on a grand scale to a point of desperation for humanity globally, it is only then when things will change for the better. Eventually we will win but with great pain.
  14. Here is where most people go wrong. Government have always existed, to slave its citizens and gain power, money and whatever else. It's a slave system and we should all go back to local communities ruling its own citizens. Corporations rule this earth for a very selected few and we are at a crossroad now. This is it and it's not the time to show good to evil. Go for all you got because as the saying goes... "Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride".
  15. Don't tell evil what it is to be good, it knows. If I see evil come my way I'll guarantee you I won't show him the dictionary for the definition of "to be good". Killing evil is not only good but also not sinful.
  16. Not physical (well it will eventually get there) but by exposing the corruption to all of humanity. People have more power than they can imagine but the issue is to put that in practice. Too many sleeping on this planet, as long as they got the newest i-phone, they don't give a fuck.
  17. We're not living the 1927 film, this evil scamdemic shit has to be stopped ASAP. The virus is in the head of the snake, cut its head off and humanity will benefit greatly
  18. I'll let you in on a little secret... If I am caused harm by anyone and my life depended on it, as the saying goes "I swear to god" if I go, I'm not going alone... You can't just bend over whenever they say so. Standing up for yourself is not a sin...
  19. Be careful making statements like that. The world expert Greta Thunberg will come after you for spreading conspiracy theories.
  20. I can't believe I'm writing this but I never thought one day I would wonder about that... I just wasn't aware about it since I hadn't seen it in videos. I'm sure there's better subjects to discuss besides a child statue's penis. Sorry
  21. @Basket Case Seeing it was not going to be that easy to destroy, I would've at least destroyed the genitals of the child statue. That would've hurt the pedos feelings even more and got a point across to the spectators about BBC's pedophilia tendencies...
  22. Thank you for the link, I hadn't seen it before and watching it now. From day one I never trusted Elizondo as genuine. There's a propaganda machine going on about aliens visiting earth and I suspect it's in the plan to create an alien invasion so the cabal can save humanity thus looking as our saviors when they're the ones behind it all. I believe we are being visited but if they wanted to invade us, they had plenty of time to do so. Hmm, why now. Plandemic... Great Reset... Agenda 2030... Alien invasion... Humanity saved by the cabal. Just thinking out loud
  23. Sorry for answering so late, mostly a reader here so I don't always log in. ... Thus the need for extra precautions, only common sense.
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