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  1. People should never forget that when the plandemic started in 2020, the hospitals were empty of convid patients and hospital staffs had lots of time to dance to post videos on farcebook while the MSM were pushing their propaganda. Eventually the brainwashed would go to hospitals for a simple flu or cold and were put on ventilators which is what killed them. Covid-19 has never been proven to exist, here is a link to Christine Massey's FOIs looking for evidence and so far ?? NONE... https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/fois-reveal-that-health-science-institutions-around-the-world-have-no-record-of-sars-cov-2-isolation-purification/
  2. She only said covid and didn’t elaborate since it wasn’t the place to discuss about it.
  3. Yeah same here, especially now after I've been exposing the truth about the scamdemic since day one. As an example, my niece is a head nurse and was 100% pro-vax, mask and mandates and now since the truth is starting to come out, she is reluctant to admit her failure to see the scam and ignores me knowing we, ''conspiracy theorists'', were right from the very beginning. Many have turned on me for being a conspiracy lunatic and even avoid me altogether including my long time hunting partner. I am ok with it and as the saying goes: It's better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. As a positive side note, My MIL passed away last April and at the wake a lady I didn't even know walked up to me and simply said: ''You were right''. I said right about what (expecting condolences instead) ? She only said ''Covid'' and then sympathized with the family of the lost loved one and left. I still don't know who that lady was but I'm thankful to see my ''conspiracy theories'' didn't always fall in deaf ears...
  4. What I have noticed lately is some people are acting like zombies in another world, really. I've experienced that quite a bit in recent times, I would ask a stranger a simple question (like directions or whatever) and that sleepwalker would just stare at me and then walk away. At first, I was wondering what was wrong with people but after so many encounters with these oddballs I then realized that it was probably the side effects of a very ''effective vaccine'' causing that. That is probably a part of what the parasites referred to as ''The New Normal'' I assume.
  5. Sorry for telling the truth about Santa, just keep that a secret between you and I (and everyone else reading this).
  6. Santa is just like Convid 19… He doesn’t exist.
  7. I personally don’t consider shedding as a threat to my health, if I did I would have to isolate myself until the end of my existence and it ain’t gonna happen and since most people believed the lies we were fed by the parasites and got jabbed, it would be nearly impossible to live without interacting with them. I live à happy life without any worries and if I’m to die because of shedding, so be it but… that’s me.
  8. I’ve been around sick people ever since that plandemic started and I have yet to get sick. If you’re not jabbed, don’t worry about it.
  9. The elite as you call them do not exist, they are PARASITES…
  10. To all, don’t let yourself get distracted with BS world events, focus on the root of the perpetrators. That’ll give you all the answers you need.
  11. Chinada here… https://youtu.be/no15zc7OBdI?si=rLfFk0YOAIr2e2rN
  12. It must be different where you live because here in Canada when the ‘’cops’’ come out with helmets on, that means they let the dogs out (thugs) to push an agenda. Oops, I meant Chinada… Who let the thugs out?
  13. Many have already started forming communities, sooner the better.
  14. For now… Wait for when they implement the CBDC and chips in humanity everywhere, without it you’ll no longer be allowed to function in this New Normal world. Eventually we’ll have to form our own communities in order to survive, better that way anyway.
  15. They, the pedos, cover up for each other and it’s in their best interest anyway. That’s why what we call ‘’elites’’ nah, PARASITES, are so faithful to their cause… because they are all compromised in some way with child porn shit that will make your head spin and somehow never gets investigated… As the other fella once said: Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see…
  16. And it’s now in Chinada, North America
  17. The way I see it is the wars and the threat of nuclear wars were all set in future plans a long time ago just like passed wars. The head of the parasite colony is pulling the strings from all angles planet wide, that be religions, education, politics, finance, perceived truth (media), medical tyranny and with a very tight grip and working hard on taking away the freedom of ALL men, women and our children of the planet. If one is too honest working with theses ‘elites’, he usually doesn’t last. Add to that all them Secret Societies pests that are always well connected with rulers on this planet… Yeah, it’s a shitshow for sure but eventually people, society as a whole, will wake up and smell the coffee and realize that it was all a manufactured society for the parasite’s own benefits. I go with my heart and my motto is: - Cause no harm nor tresspass - Respect human & animal life/Mother Earth - Give your best for a loving society - Last and not least: « Spread the Truth »
  18. Just an 8 million $$ barn for the Canadian government pukes.… https://youtu.be/MhzqSWU-vAI?si=syL9AjUb33euNdqd I suspect it’s an escape route to join an underground network for the parasites running this show.
  19. A defensive alliance that we’re looking at here i.e. NATO is more of a dictating force around the world than a law enforcement entity to bring peace between countries. Just look at where NATO bases are in relation to ‘’ our enemies’’ and you’ll realize that they, armies, are answering to the parasites, no different than the UN. Again, a big shitshow evolving as the sleepers enjoy their limited knowledge and freedom to the benefit of these parasites. I will die spreading the truth, looks like that’s the only weapon we ‘’useless eaters’’ have right now, for the time being. just my 2 cents…
  20. Hey, I’ll fill you in on a very deep secret, it’s all a great shitshow for the useless eaters (us) to believe it all when in reality they (parasites of this planet) think they are in control. Soon enough after much sufferings, we the ‘useless eaters’ on this planet will prevail with truth and diligence. Don’t EVER rely on authorities or governments or fuckwits like WHO, WEF, Banksters or UN/NATO to come to help you. The day one of these clowns say they’re coming to help you… FUCKING RUN!!!
  21. oh, you forgot the alien invasion in progress, the end of cash, only digital, pedophilia is becoming the norm so is transfuck shit and you’ll need a chip to be part of society it’s all about the climate change though, that’s why it’s all happening at once. Nothing to see here, it’s got to be a conspiracy theory.
  22. Thank you for posting this There are very few these days willing to speak the truth so it's well worth sharing.
  23. Justice like in the old west. Judged and sentenced by 12 of your peers, no appeal and if death by hanging is called for ? Done within 2 days Next...
  24. wideawake


    A man falls asleep for hours tanning on the beach, wakes up in pain burnt from head to toe and needs to see a doctor for his second degree burns. The doctor prescribes remedies, pain killers and to take 1 viagra every 4 hours. Puzzled, the nurse asked how viagra can help him. Dr. says '' it'll at least keep the blankets away from his body''.
  25. wideawake


    Here is a joke for you: 2 ladies get in on an elevator and one started sniffing and asked her lady friend: ''Don't you think it smells like sex in here''? Her friend apologized saying: Oops, sorry I burped.
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