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  1. I find it odd that you have so much interest against the vaxxed but not much to say about the actual evil doers... Your focus is lacking a bit I'd say...
  2. I see now what they meant with “The New Normal”…
  3. Shit will hit the fan before the vaxxed will be extinct.
  4. Quite a few close ''friends'' of mine and all of my 7 siblings have turned on me for not getting jabbed and for spreading the truth and some of them have even died and injured from that poison but that doesn't make me hate all the vaxxed. If one doesn't cause me harm I don't see a need to hate them or write them off as dead. That is exactly what we, the unvaccinated had to put up with in 2021, 2022 being categorized as second class in society and when they wished we would die but now it's ok to label all vaxxed the same way? I have issues with that and we should've learned by now about how we the unvaxxed were done wrong and to not get as low as some of the hardcore sheep did and writing them off as dead just for revenge... Our problems won't be solved that way and some people seem to forget who the parasites are and what they are doing to humanity. Our problems are way bigger than just the experimental injections, the NWO is well on its way with wars, great reset shit, CBDC, 15 minute cities, transgenderism, pedoshit, etc, etc, etc. Our energy would be better spent on exposing the scumbags like WEF,WHO, politicians, MSM, judges, doctors, corporations and the rest of the pukes.
  5. Blame the parents for her attitude, I have 5 grandchildren and they are all well behaved and if I was to get an attitude from any of them like the one you described above, I sure would address it with the parents. Most of the time you’ll see that kind of thing from broken families and/or neglected children. It’s a sad situation these kids are living, really.
  6. I don't know where you live but in my neck of the woods many of the vaxxed people are angry with authorities, the medical system and the media for lying to them day in and day out and that is why they will avoid future shots at all cost now. You seem angry at all the vaxxed and you even consider them all dead, wtf? At the rate you're going, you'll have lots of enemies pretty soon and you might even want to adhere to your own advice and learn to be invisible as it will get ugly soon enough. This shitshow we are living now is just an introduction to what is coming so I would suggest not to turn your back on the whole world because of some bad apples. Humanity has lost a battle but not the war, be wise and beware...
  7. Ever since that plandemic started in 2020 I have been way more careful not to injure myself at work or at home knowing now how bad our health care system is screwed up and corrupt. We've got to stay away from hospitals these days, many of the doctors and nurses are compromised and are not to be trusted. I never take medication and I'm never sick (knock on wood) and I want to keep it that way.
  8. I haven't been sick in years and even then it was just a mild cold. Here's a good question. - Does Covid even exist at all?
  9. I see it a bit differently, when someone promotes bs about convid or vax shit to me like MSM does, I'm not too f'cking shy to let them know the truth with facts that cannot be denied. Does that make me a target? Maybe and I don't care. I won't live on my knees for anyone, not for ''authorities'' nor for anyone else and when such a conversation come up I'm the one staring them in the eyes and if they are too brainwashed, they usually look away and change topic real quick. Vaxxers in general aren't the enemies even though some are (the hardcore pro-vax), the PARASITES pushing the poison, wars, the destruction of family values and the freedom of humanity are the ones we are at war with. The vaxxers have been fooled and in the last 3 years I managed to educate quite a few about this ongoing biological war and they admitted to never take another shot ever again after falling for the scam in the first place. Eventually enough vaxxers will wake up to fight this corrupt system with us and not against us. We need to share the truth with anyone willing to listen, vaxxed or not as that is the only way to fight this war until we get the scumbags in prison or at the end of a rope. There will be a time to be invisible and that is when shit will hit the fan at a point of no return like when they force us into that CBDC racket. In the mean time spread the truth while gathering hard assets and like minded folks in preparation for when you'll have to use alternative means for survival. SPREAD THE TRUTH AND DON'T LOOK BACK... Cheers!
  10. People should never forget that when the plandemic started in 2020, the hospitals were empty of convid patients and hospital staffs had lots of time to dance to post videos on farcebook while the MSM were pushing their propaganda. Eventually the brainwashed would go to hospitals for a simple flu or cold and were put on ventilators which is what killed them. Covid-19 has never been proven to exist, here is a link to Christine Massey's FOIs looking for evidence and so far ?? NONE... https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/fois-reveal-that-health-science-institutions-around-the-world-have-no-record-of-sars-cov-2-isolation-purification/
  11. She only said covid and didn’t elaborate since it wasn’t the place to discuss about it.
  12. Yeah same here, especially now after I've been exposing the truth about the scamdemic since day one. As an example, my niece is a head nurse and was 100% pro-vax, mask and mandates and now since the truth is starting to come out, she is reluctant to admit her failure to see the scam and ignores me knowing we, ''conspiracy theorists'', were right from the very beginning. Many have turned on me for being a conspiracy lunatic and even avoid me altogether including my long time hunting partner. I am ok with it and as the saying goes: It's better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. As a positive side note, My MIL passed away last April and at the wake a lady I didn't even know walked up to me and simply said: ''You were right''. I said right about what (expecting condolences instead) ? She only said ''Covid'' and then sympathized with the family of the lost loved one and left. I still don't know who that lady was but I'm thankful to see my ''conspiracy theories'' didn't always fall in deaf ears...
  13. What I have noticed lately is some people are acting like zombies in another world, really. I've experienced that quite a bit in recent times, I would ask a stranger a simple question (like directions or whatever) and that sleepwalker would just stare at me and then walk away. At first, I was wondering what was wrong with people but after so many encounters with these oddballs I then realized that it was probably the side effects of a very ''effective vaccine'' causing that. That is probably a part of what the parasites referred to as ''The New Normal'' I assume.
  14. Sorry for telling the truth about Santa, just keep that a secret between you and I (and everyone else reading this).
  15. Santa is just like Convid 19… He doesn’t exist.
  16. I personally don’t consider shedding as a threat to my health, if I did I would have to isolate myself until the end of my existence and it ain’t gonna happen and since most people believed the lies we were fed by the parasites and got jabbed, it would be nearly impossible to live without interacting with them. I live à happy life without any worries and if I’m to die because of shedding, so be it but… that’s me.
  17. I’ve been around sick people ever since that plandemic started and I have yet to get sick. If you’re not jabbed, don’t worry about it.
  18. The elite as you call them do not exist, they are PARASITES…
  19. To all, don’t let yourself get distracted with BS world events, focus on the root of the perpetrators. That’ll give you all the answers you need.
  20. Chinada here… https://youtu.be/no15zc7OBdI?si=rLfFk0YOAIr2e2rN
  21. It must be different where you live because here in Canada when the ‘’cops’’ come out with helmets on, that means they let the dogs out (thugs) to push an agenda. Oops, I meant Chinada… Who let the thugs out?
  22. Many have already started forming communities, sooner the better.
  23. For now… Wait for when they implement the CBDC and chips in humanity everywhere, without it you’ll no longer be allowed to function in this New Normal world. Eventually we’ll have to form our own communities in order to survive, better that way anyway.
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