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  1. 10 minutes ago, Jaquiby said:

    Emotionally blackmailing and shaming people, there are no depths to how far they will go with this. Evil, pathetic lunantics.  This made me angry, and im usually a patient calm person, but this makes me more resolute to not comply with anything that comes out of there lieing mouths. 

    check out the video I posted in my previous post. An eye-opener for sure.


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  2. On 8/6/2020 at 4:55 PM, chud said:

    if you think of it THE MASK is even worse than lockdown since I don't want to see that shockingly ugly show my fellowmen are giving outside... during lockdown you were still allowed to go work and shopping, so it's even worse now that you can do the same but having to wear and see MASKS everywhere...


    I got a couple of things left I don't even dare to tell and I bet and hope I'm far from being alone in that case... WE 'free' Westerners almost got at fearing to even SPEAK as much we're living in TERRORIST COUNTRIES... 



    Let's put it this way... the terrorists people are looking for, are in their own back yards. Think of it as 9/11 as an example ... They were from Saudi Arabia or Iraq even maybe Bin Laden planned assets? Give me a break... terrorists were from within.  :classic_wink: 

  3. 9 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

    Customers will not be able to:

    • Use seating areas
    • Access study spaces
    • Access toilet or baby changing facilities
    • Use a computer without booking in advance
    • Pay for additional computer time
    • Access Wi-Fi
    • Read newspapers or periodicals
    • Participate in group activities



    From my local library.  that's that service dead next.

    And yet, radio stations are advertising to spend your money here, there and everywhere but you can't go to work. 

    Fu**k  them  all, if I can't make a living why should I support others because of a plandemic?

  4. Hey, very good and interesting topic.

       Very plausible if you ask me. Same idea as having an isotope left out of the RT ( NDT welding) lead casing.


       I've heard of a case locally when a manager found a bare isotope (shiny) in a plant, put it in his pocket, once in the office he gave it to the secretary, she puts it in the desk drawer thinking it was cool and shiny. No one knew what it was until someone came in and noticed what she had was VERY DANGEROUS. Quite a few ended up with major cancer and died shortly later. Another case I heard about was a few years back, an NDT truck was travelling throughout a major city (red lights, rush hour, pedestrians) with a bare isotope in the back of the tuck. Only god knows how many ended up with cancer because of incompetence that day. 


    Just to show, a 3 letter team surely can come up with a similar idea and for a specific agenda. 

    It's an eyeopener for sure.


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  5. 16 hours ago, Mr H said:

    It's interesting because like before this stuff kicked off. I wouldn't hesitate to go down to the shops. Heck sometimes I would go down there when I didn't really need too, perhaps just to get out of the house and end up buying some stuff.


    But now, there is a whole bunch of questions that run through my mind before I even bother going outside to a shop.


    It's really a constant weighing up the necessity of going to the shop versus the potential hassle/non-service.


    I'm sure when they count up the till receipts they will be significantly down. I'm sure I'm not the only person whose frequency of shop visits and expenditure has significantly decreased.

       Same here, I can't be bothered with the hassle and their "new normal".

    Yesterday I went to the local library to get a document printed to find out that all computers were out of service due to Covid19. My response to her was "OK thank you but you may as well sell them all as our New Normal...Covid will ravage humanity for the next 50 years." To my surprise, she agreed and seemed to see it as a scamdemic.

       I'm not worried about Covid, I'm more worried about getting the f**k back to work.


    Go figure 🤬

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  6. 9 hours ago, peter said:

    I don't know how true it is, but I herd  recently that they are trying to get pedophilia categorized as a form of disability  in the land of the Vatican  . If that's true every kiddie fiddler will have their very own get out of jail free card

    We hear more and more about that "disability" and I suspect the population in general will eventually become "doctors" in short terms. I know I would if any of my grandchildren were tackled by one of those "disabled".  He/she would not need a hospital to be diagnosed. 

  7. I do not like Greer for multiple reasons but here are 2 reasons to keep me from reading/watching anything he has to say.

    First, if he has a B.S. degree in biology and M.D. degree, why give that up (good money) to start the Disclosure Project? Something is up...

    Second, all aliens are friendly and he sees them everywhere. If you have money, go with him and you will see them too. 😲

    According to him, the US government invited him for a briefing to learn more on the subject... my a**s


    He's a fraud.



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  8. Hello to you all,

    I am not new to conspiracy theories and/or forums and I'm looking forward to discuss different topics on here with you all. 

    On most forums, it is nearly impossible to discuss the lies repeated by MSM and government officials. It is obvious many are working agents pushing very hard to deny conspiracies, i.e. 9/11, PNAC doc, Pearl Harbor, Covid scamdemic, etc. 


    Hoping to learn more on different subjects and having debates on here with civilized people.


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