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  1. @seclorum The more peaceful protests world wide, the better.
  2. @FVCK BILLY G4TES Good video mate. Like I said in a previous post, I don't see much of a bright future coming up and I'm more worried for my children and grandchildren having to live under a Luciferian dictatorship and a never ending war to a point of mass starvation. I'm going to do what I have to do to survive even if that means breaking the law and/or "ethics" to protect my loved ones. We know it's coming, just a matter of when.
  3. @pirate Good post but that was brought up many times over the years but a video I watched a while back on bitchute ( can't find it now, darn) was about this lady who was supposed to work on building 7 for repairs or something prior to 9/11. She said the company she worked for, needed the structural drawings of WTC7 to accomplish their work and according to her everybody knew that the building was wired for demolition. I should've saved that video. If true, many are keeping quiet... hmm
  4. @FVCK BILLY G4TES Yes, I agree. Treason to the population, not between countries as they are all in together
  5. @FVCK BILLY G4TES Anything happening on this planet, you can be sure Israel is involved and with their blessings. Nothing surprising here, they are all in cahoots together the rest is for show.
  6. the takeover is world wide, not just America...
  7. Lots to read if you know where to go but Bitchute has lots of videos with experts or in the know people telling you what is really going on. For a start , you could watch the link I provided in my previous post. Good luck searching and btw many on here will post some good links, keep an eye open. Cheers
  8. Did you watch the video link I provided? It's not about zombies but about actions and measures taken (past) to combat this deadly virus. Exactly "to a T" of what is happening now.
  9. https://www.bitchute.com/video/uuVhAaqcl4k/
  10. I don't think China/USA is the source of the SCAMDEMIC. The ruling cabal ( top masons, Rothschilds, Jews, secret societies) had that all planned out A LONG TIME AGO. In 1 of my recent posts, I provided a video on this issue and the scenario was written in 2014. Mind you, it was just a written scenario but it's EXACTLY what we're living today... Must be a coincidence
  11. Btw, I'm looking for the original boxes to see if I can find some info on them.
  12. Thank you very much for posting this video. Later in the video, the guy is talking about many are having internet issues then they will end up getting 5G in their homes. Well, we had issues with ours and the internet provider said we needed something more powerful and sent us 2 small white electronic devices that we plug in within 10 meters of the main power supply for that to work. I wonder if that is that 5G gizmo they're talking about or what. He are 3 pictures of 1.
  13. Btw, the USA knew all along where Bin Laden was hiding before he died. They had their own agent interviewing him in his own hideout in 1997. I know that was before 9/11 but even then Bin Laden was on the most wanted list yet allowed to get on to business as usual. Oh... the agent's name was Peter Arnett.
  14. Well, according to the media Obama, Killary Clinton and others watched it happening live on their monitor so... Of course it's not true, just saying
  15. Held for interrogation doesn't make sense. Obama would've been proud to show such an accomplishment that Bush couldn't.
  16. I found that suspicious right away. He's still living somewhere comfortable or he died way before that day. So many lies, can't trust news reports.
  17. It's all part of the game. Trump looks like he's trying his best with the Covid situation and making the Democrats look like fools, it's just to get the population on his side before the election. Why is loser Biden leading the Democrats? To make sure Trump wins this upcoming election and carry on the agenda of the cabal. I suspect Trump will show his true colors once elected for a second term and that is when people will realize they had been played all along. This constant fighting we see on the news is all part of the plan. Democrats vs Republican, Bill Gates to reduce population, the idiot Fauci's contradictory statements,Covid19 confusing regulations/reports, can't work/stay at home, mandatory masking and upcoming vaccination, BLM, etc. Something we never hear about is where is all that government money coming from during this scamdemic. Most countries were broke before this outbreak and now there's money everywhere. I can tell you all now that taxes will go way the f**k up next fiscal year. They create divisions within society and then will come martial laws. Some might find this too far fetched and laugh today but don't be surprised when they come to your doorstep. Trump is surrounded by jews so he's not there to clean the swamp and/or the deep state and to save Americans but to carry on the agenda agreed upon. That is just my opinion and I don't see anything positive world wide in the near future. Beware of false prophets.
  18. Keep your chin up and don't be shy addressing the issue with others. Even if you can wake up 1 person, it's a good start. That person might convince others too. Anyone contradicting the MSM in general is perceived as a nut but I share relevant videos to family members and friends and have changed many people's opinion on the subject. Keep it up. Cheers
  19. If enough people would really see what is going on, this scamdemic could end real quick. The sheep are the ones we should worry about...
  20. ... And thank you for this post. I wasn't aware of this here and I'm Canadian.
  21. It should go viral to wake up the masses, yet some will say it's bs.
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