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  1. I suspect they know how vulnerable the vents are for bunkers and their set up is way more sophisticated than that and air already under is to be recycled constantly without the need for surface oxygen. We're not talking about bunkers like in Vietnam as you mentioned earlier, the ones they have is to last for a decade at least. Do not underestimate the enemy, they know what they're doing but they still will fail on the long run because for one we are not evil scumbags like they are and two, we are on a PARASITE DIET...
  2. Once the parasites can't control humanity as intended, they'll start a nuclear war having clones as presidents and crime sinisters around the world while they sit tight in their hellhole (probably with a golf course) for the next 10 years or so thus eliminating the useless eaters (us) in the process. The survivors of what will be thrown at humanity will know how to deal with those pedos when they resurface and I suspect it won't be pretty. Hang on tight...
  3. Does this here sound appropriate to your statement? I suspect it's only an extra entry point to a tunnel network leading the pukes to their tomb. I know of a very basic army base where you can go underground to come back up 40 miles away so... imagine what the parasites may have as tunnels and center hubs.
  4. It's a do or die situation and like a well known dummy (Bush) once said: You're with us or against us, simple.
  5. I don’t see too many other options. The truth is the only long term solution on this rock, weapons won’t do it so I say to all, sit tight and buckle up, this planet is about to rock… very fucking soon. Get with liked minded folks, get assets (not cash) and learn about survival in all aspects of that challenging journey ahead, be wise and beware. Good luck to you all and lets get rid of these pukes once and for all the right way. By exposing them and using deadly force as a last resort I.e. self defence.
  6. That is what we were taught in the military and btw, it’s not a bad idea about the jab. While we are busy, the lowest scums on this planet get to speed track their agenda…
  7. It was by accident, I heard it on the news…
  8. I know exactly what you mean, I’m living it myself but that doesn’t stop me from speaking the truth, ignorance is enemy #1. Keep faith and live standing, not on your knees. Cheers!!
  9. The WEF scumbags already said publicly what their plans are for humanity so it's no big secret. If only people would actually pay attention and listen, not just hear them talk and pretend it won't happen. The parasites have always warned us what their next steps were going to be and in the pretense to ''help humanity'' but the sheep prefer to brush that off as empty threats or buy into it as the ''elite'' coming to their rescue. The truth will prevail some day, before WWIII or after it but the way it's going now with too many simple-minded followers around I suspect it'll be after unfortunately.
  10. Divide and conquer is one of their ways to get to you and us all and you're falling in the trap. Going around with your chest out and self-pride because ''you were right'' isn't going to accomplish anything for the betterment of humanity. Use the system available for survival even after the CBDC comes into effect and that includes the vaxxed. Again, be wise and beware...
  11. I find it odd that you have so much interest against the vaxxed but not much to say about the actual evil doers... Your focus is lacking a bit I'd say...
  12. I see now what they meant with “The New Normal”…
  13. Shit will hit the fan before the vaxxed will be extinct.
  14. Quite a few close ''friends'' of mine and all of my 7 siblings have turned on me for not getting jabbed and for spreading the truth and some of them have even died and injured from that poison but that doesn't make me hate all the vaxxed. If one doesn't cause me harm I don't see a need to hate them or write them off as dead. That is exactly what we, the unvaccinated had to put up with in 2021, 2022 being categorized as second class in society and when they wished we would die but now it's ok to label all vaxxed the same way? I have issues with that and we should've learned by now about how we the unvaxxed were done wrong and to not get as low as some of the hardcore sheep did and writing them off as dead just for revenge... Our problems won't be solved that way and some people seem to forget who the parasites are and what they are doing to humanity. Our problems are way bigger than just the experimental injections, the NWO is well on its way with wars, great reset shit, CBDC, 15 minute cities, transgenderism, pedoshit, etc, etc, etc. Our energy would be better spent on exposing the scumbags like WEF,WHO, politicians, MSM, judges, doctors, corporations and the rest of the pukes.
  15. Blame the parents for her attitude, I have 5 grandchildren and they are all well behaved and if I was to get an attitude from any of them like the one you described above, I sure would address it with the parents. Most of the time you’ll see that kind of thing from broken families and/or neglected children. It’s a sad situation these kids are living, really.
  16. I don't know where you live but in my neck of the woods many of the vaxxed people are angry with authorities, the medical system and the media for lying to them day in and day out and that is why they will avoid future shots at all cost now. You seem angry at all the vaxxed and you even consider them all dead, wtf? At the rate you're going, you'll have lots of enemies pretty soon and you might even want to adhere to your own advice and learn to be invisible as it will get ugly soon enough. This shitshow we are living now is just an introduction to what is coming so I would suggest not to turn your back on the whole world because of some bad apples. Humanity has lost a battle but not the war, be wise and beware...
  17. Ever since that plandemic started in 2020 I have been way more careful not to injure myself at work or at home knowing now how bad our health care system is screwed up and corrupt. We've got to stay away from hospitals these days, many of the doctors and nurses are compromised and are not to be trusted. I never take medication and I'm never sick (knock on wood) and I want to keep it that way.
  18. I haven't been sick in years and even then it was just a mild cold. Here's a good question. - Does Covid even exist at all?
  19. I see it a bit differently, when someone promotes bs about convid or vax shit to me like MSM does, I'm not too f'cking shy to let them know the truth with facts that cannot be denied. Does that make me a target? Maybe and I don't care. I won't live on my knees for anyone, not for ''authorities'' nor for anyone else and when such a conversation come up I'm the one staring them in the eyes and if they are too brainwashed, they usually look away and change topic real quick. Vaxxers in general aren't the enemies even though some are (the hardcore pro-vax), the PARASITES pushing the poison, wars, the destruction of family values and the freedom of humanity are the ones we are at war with. The vaxxers have been fooled and in the last 3 years I managed to educate quite a few about this ongoing biological war and they admitted to never take another shot ever again after falling for the scam in the first place. Eventually enough vaxxers will wake up to fight this corrupt system with us and not against us. We need to share the truth with anyone willing to listen, vaxxed or not as that is the only way to fight this war until we get the scumbags in prison or at the end of a rope. There will be a time to be invisible and that is when shit will hit the fan at a point of no return like when they force us into that CBDC racket. In the mean time spread the truth while gathering hard assets and like minded folks in preparation for when you'll have to use alternative means for survival. SPREAD THE TRUTH AND DON'T LOOK BACK... Cheers!
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