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  1. 1 hour ago, Messenger said:

    Jones is cointelpro (counter intelligence program) which is why he "spells out" and "gets" so much of this stuff, because he is being provided information. Of course he also sees it too because he has been doing it for so long but make no mistake about it, he is a high level gatekeeper.


    You will always know a gatekeeper in the Truth community because they will never touch two topics, one: the UFO and alien topic, and advanced propulsion, and other aerospace and military industrial complex material, and two: secret societies.


    William Cooper exposed Jones back in the 90's. Cooper talked about the UFO craft he saw while on watch while he was in the US Navy aboard a submarine, and then later he spent a lot of time talking about freemasonry and the "Mystery schools". Years later Cooper ended up being shot by the local Sheriff or FBI literally on his front porch.


    I'm not saying to not watch Jones but just saying to be cautious of him.


    Thank you,

    you hit it right on the nail and I couldn't've spit it out any better. 👍

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  2. 12 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Yeah education too and many others as you say.


    It just seems bizarre that we're facing draconian measures and on the face of it it is based on a narrative and no actual body of evidence. And the more bizarre thing is that no one has questioned, where is the evidence? Prior to accepting measures or even during. Seems to be an assumption that you trust the government 100% with what they say because they have your best interests at heart and therefore no evidence is required. Just the face of it from what I can see.


    If there was a real pandemic and it was evidenced, then I'd be more than willing to help out with whatever, but I don't think there is any... so bizarre.


    The issue here is not because there is no evidences, there are tons of them. The issue is that the MSM and governments are censoring the whistleblowers and control the information provided. That is why most people watching tellievision only, will believe what they hear. 

    Google, Facebook (so I'm told), Twitter and You Tube are also censoring quite heavily. Quite a team effort really so if someone goes against the proven propaganda, he/she is called a moron, idiot, a Trump supporter or a conspiracy f**khead. Name calling is usually the tactic used to stop the truth from coming out.

  3. @rs1978


    I agree with you about being FKD but I see the sheep out there starting to get fed up with that mask bs and are starting to see the light.


    The key is to keep spreading the word and reason with willing listeners. Eventually, people in mass will protest the system (almost there) but it must be clear to protest peacefully as to not give the authorities a reason to bring in the military or other forces to come up with Martial Law. That is what they want, we shouldn't give it to them.


    I personally don't wait for divine forces to help us out here, get out there and do what you can to protest in whichever way you can and if we all (most) do it, they will have to postpone their agenda. 

    It is for us to defend our rights and to expose the corruption.

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  4. @Mr H

    yes, there is proof.

    In some places, if you go to the hospital with the symptoms, they put you in a room for Covid19 infected patients and eventually you end up on a ventilator. For some reason you die of Covid19 shortly after. 

    Here is the proof you are looking for I assume...


    Other cases have been classified as Covid19 deaths because people died of other causes (car accidents, heart attack, etc) but tested positive after death... go figure. It's only going to get worse when the vaccine is out according to Kill Gates thus reducing the population by 10 to 15%.




    I hope that answers your question.

    Cheers, stay safe and away from vaccines...



  5. 26 minutes ago, oz93666 said:

    Lot's of venom directed towards AJ from the many new comers ...I've been regularly listening to him since before 2000 , he is the most important figure in the truth movement ...



    AJ is predicting nothing . He is covering how Gates is telling people "there's no way back to a normal life ... the virus will not end"


    I might be a new comer on this site but not to alternative news and especially to AJ. In my opinion, Alex Jones is not the most important figure in the truth movement and I even suspect him (no proof) of spreading propaganda for others.


    I can't stand someone supposedly telling you the "truth" and yelling at the same time unlike DI who uses common sense when dealing with an issue. AJ is trying really hard to convince people that he's the real deal and it looks like it's working since you think "he's the most important figure in the truth movement". Believe what you want but he sure doesn't appear to me as the real deal, he's in for the money like most of them and pushes and agenda that isn't his own.


    Btw, did you purchase one of his masks yet?

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  6. On 8/15/2020 at 10:20 AM, oz93666 said:

    ^^^ Dustification is THE big anomaly that must be explained ...Dr Judy Wood has gone into this in the greatest detail and  nukes under the towers just doesn't do this


    Look at the second picture on this page , the rusty looking towers during construction , look how tall they are , if they collapsed the rubble would be around 100 to  50  meters high we only see a fraction of this (towers were 545meters) 

    ...no known tech dustifies things like this .. we are dealing with unknown weapons the secret government has .


    where did the towers go? 




     I believe Dr. Judy Wood might have a valid theory here and it doesn't mean the scumbags didn't use thermate also.




  7. 1 minute ago, seclorum said:


    Yes, he is a brave bloke, putting it all out there like that.

    The propaganda is so heavy down under especially in Victoria, they are really pushing it for what I think is an exercise here, a test, so they can polish their methods including law enforcement, and collect stacks of data.... see how far they can push the people.

    So he will be vilified, and then some, by the authorities, and by the sleepwalkers that believe them. But the message needs to go out far and wide.

    Far and wide alright because when the "second wave" hits, they (WHO, CDC, NWO, etc) will go for the home run. Better wake up the sheep now... might be too late later.  😲

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  8. 15 minutes ago, Orange Alert said:

    Italy has announced that masks have to been worn in public places, including in the streets, from 6pm to 6am. But not 6am to 6 pm. Well not yet.    I expect the UK will be making mask wearing in the streets obligatory in the not far distant future.




    Wow, that's perfect. While people sleep the virus is roaming around but then the sun rises, people wake up and go to work, etc and the virus goes to sleep. Scamdemic is over... 😀

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  9. Very sad indeed and I hope we'll never have to live through that again. 

    Something I noticed is that it only shows what the Germans may have done but they never show or tell what the Russians, British and Americans have done.

    I guess we know who wrote the books...

  10. On 8/14/2020 at 5:42 AM, Illmatic said:


    He's probably a very smart businessman in a way, in terms of choosing the most profitable strategies for Microsoft, his vaccine interests etc, but social smarts and charisma he definitely doesn't have. You'd think they've have chosen someone a little bit better. 

    He couldn't solve the virus problems with Microsoft and now we're putting our faith in him to solve this "deadly virus"? 

    He can shove that vaccine where the sun don't shine. 

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  11. 47 minutes ago, Athenry04 said:

    The sheep will get vaccinated, others won't. Those that are meant to survive this will, and those that aren't won't. There will be resistance, but not enough in the short term to prevent their plans going someway down the totalitarian road. However I still think they won't be able to quite pull of the whole global coup in the long term.

    Never underestimate your enemy... 😏

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    Good video mate. Like I said in a previous post, I don't see much of a bright future coming up and I'm more worried for my children and grandchildren having to live under a Luciferian dictatorship and a never ending war to a point of mass starvation.

    I'm going to do what I have to do to survive even if that means breaking the law and/or "ethics" to protect my loved ones.

    We know it's coming, just a matter of when.


  13. @pirate


    Good post but that was brought up many times over the years but a video I watched a while back on bitchute ( can't find it now, darn) was about this lady who was supposed to work on building 7 for repairs or something prior to 9/11. She said the company she worked for, needed the structural drawings of WTC7 to accomplish their work and according to her everybody knew that the building was wired for demolition. 🤨

    I should've saved that video. If true, many are keeping quiet... hmm

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