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  1. 2 minutes ago, Comedy Time said:


    No problem dude. You believe what you want, you ignore what you want.


    Do you actually know what you believe happened? Does it explain everything that happened? THAT should be your starter for 10.


  2. 1 minute ago, Comedy Time said:



    Loads of evasion dude. Well done.


    I'll summarise what you just wrote...


    "Yeah, what you posted is all BS innit, he isn't a pilot because of reasons innit, I don't know how the columns bent like that innit, could be a missile with magic plane shape producing properties innit, about your list....oh look over here diversion diversion diversion." 


    What are you afraid of? The video shows a plane. Discuss. The other video shows plane parts.  Discuss. My list details the problems. Discuss them. The pilot explains the situation - prove he isn't a pilot.


    And you....arm waved it all away. Truthers huh.

    Truthers innit...

  3. On 10/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, Comedy Time said:

    Wow, you're great at debate. Wave it all away with a sweep of the hand.

    Because it is BS.

    On 10/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, Comedy Time said:

    Three times you ignored them. Wave those arms around.

    Yeap, again as I said, it was BS so nothing to talk about there.

    On 10/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, Comedy Time said:

    That's what honest people do. You should try it. I retracted it because videos that were there 15 years ago have now gone.

    Well, if they were videos fitting the government's official story, youtube would still have them there.

    On 10/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, Comedy Time said:

    That is called an ad hominem argument. You ignore his testimony because it contradicts your own bullshit. The pilots-for-truf also spoke out just after 911, but their shite is ok is it?

    Yes, how can he be an expert? Because he said so? lol

    A real experienced pilot doesn't spend his days on CNN (the most trusted news), CBS, writing blogs, in magazines, etc like he supposedly did. Experienced pilots FLY PLANES.

    On 10/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, Comedy Time said:

    Dude, you've got that arse backwards. I go to normal lengths to disprove bullshit stories.

    🤣 OK... Is that the "new normal"?

    On 10/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, Comedy Time said:

    4. How did the columns bend inwards from an explosion at the impact point?!

    I don't care how they bent. A missile can bend them inwards just as easy as a plane.

    How do you explain the US not invading Saudi Arabia if most "terrorists" were Arabs?

    Why the PNAC document that come out 1 year before 9/11, describes EXACTLY the New Pearl Harbor as mentioned by your favorite Boy George Bush (as DI calls him)? It could not have been planned, could it?


    There's more to this story then just a missing black box and you seem blind to it all except a few aspects of it that can't be proven, like paper trail. 😄


    Having to wear a mask these days aren't meant to cover your eyes but to cover your mouth and nose...

  4. On 10/14/2020 at 2:40 AM, Eldnah said:

    As for USAF - it was structured organised and tasked to deal with aircraft approaching the US - not within it. The failings on the day do not lie with the US airforce -

    I don't think so, that is exactly what the US Air Force was "training " for on that day. That is why they couldn't intercept the commercial planes... too busy.  🙂

    On 10/14/2020 at 2:40 AM, Eldnah said:

    If you believe it was all a set up and everything was a false flag - then the operation was set up in such away that USAF was isolated and prevented from acting/

    True statement here.

    On 10/14/2020 at 2:40 AM, Eldnah said:

    If you believe there really were terrorists and the CIA let it happen then the operation was set up in such away that USAF was isolated and prevented from acting

    Yes, there really were terrorists but they weren't Arabs with box cutters.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Comedy Time said:

    You seem unable to debate numerous things I am putting up...why is that?

    Because it's all BS. 

    3 times you linked "facts" about 9/11 that I looked at and 3 times it was all BS. You even retracted your statement reference to videos at airports.


    Then you come up with an "expert pilot" who spent more time on CNN and writing blogs than flying planes and it just so happened to be right after 9/11 to debunk "conspiracies" and push the official narrative. Quite an expert. 🙄   

    So it is understandable that I seem unable to debate what you are putting up. You will go to any length to push the official story... 


    Why is that?

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  6. 9 hours ago, Comedy Time said:



    Haha. A no planer says I am being humiliated? I gave you a big list to Address and you ran away. I showed a video analysis of the Pentagon footage with a clear plane.


    The damn wiki reference was simple page showing a similar crash. Ignored by you.


    Rather pathetic. You are too fixated on your crazy belief to feel humiliated by the glaring canyon sized holes in it.


    How did they make the plane sized holes go inwards? The columns bent inwards. Explain.....or run away.

    Just by your posts I can tell, you just like to argue. You're not discussing the subject here, you are bickering until everyone agrees with you. If not, then you attack posters for lying and being blind, etc. It just never ends even when proven wrong.

    There are many like you on forums and you sure are comedy time.


    Grow up and when you can reason like an adult, come back to post some more. In the mean time, go away. 

  7. 12 hours ago, Comedy Time said:

    It was a plane.

    ok, if you believe so. Still you didn't convince me with wikipedia references and sloppy reports supported by governments.

    I gave you a break after you admitted you couldn't find videos of the terrorists boarding planes and retracted your claim, yet you come back for more humiliation?

    Don't you ever give up?

    You are playing games... so you go play with oops, by yourself. Not my thing.

  8. 1 hour ago, oddsnsods said:

    Test & trace consultants are paid £7,360 a DAY: Fury as private sector company is handed cash equivalent of £1.5 million annual salary for coronavirus tracking



    I suspect that is why so many in the higher echelons (politicians, big business owners, corporations of course, etc) are not saying anything against the Convid scam. 

    With money offers like that, most will take the cash and go along with it.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    The pentagon is the most CCTV'd building on the planet and a clear video was also taken from the hotel across the road but this video was swiped by FBI on the day of the attack


    Yet the only clip that has been released of the pentagon attack appears to show a missile rather than a plane striking the pentagon


    Why won't they just release a video of a plane hitting the pentagon?


    Because of National Security, you know.

    Some real terrorists might study the video and know how to do it for real after watching that.

    Joking aside, if the government wants to hide anything then it's secret because of National Security even though there was ZERO security that day. NATO fighter plane pilots were too busy playing games pretending to defend the nation from a terrorist attack by planes. 😮 

  10. 7 minutes ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Chris Green MP for Bolton West handed in his resignation today as Parliamentary Private Secretary.


    His letter of resignation is scathing of lockdown measures, states that the "attempted cure is worse than the disease" and calls for Government to listen to distinguished academics, epidemiologists and other specialist who may have "better alternatives" than the Government's approach.



    It's about time and I wished politicians throughout the world would do the same... if only

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  11. 12 minutes ago, Comedy Time said:


    Hand waving noted. The evil perps unable to get some look alikes and HD quality 🙄

    You won't even admit it's a piss poor video. It's pretty bad when phones can get better videos then the security camera at an airport. 🙄

    Btw, where's the video of all the other 'terrorists"?

  12. 1 minute ago, Comedy Time said:


    Wiki is fine for general stuff that can be corroborated. A similar crash and it broke into tiny bits. That should convince an honest truther.


    I'm not pushing the official anything! I'm dissecting your unofficial claims. They are all huffenpuff.


    The qualified pilot said it could be done and most of his peers agreed. Your response was to ignore this and talk about coincidence 

    Your qualified pilot didn't have time to fly planes, he was too busy writing blogs, showing off on CNN, doing everything but flying planes and did you noticed that he started going public in... 2002?

    Geez, another coincidence. Just on time to debunk conspiracy theories.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Messenger said:

    that humanity are destroying Earth and this corona virus was a method for the NWO apparatus to slow that process while also gaining more control over us.


    PLEASE...  🙄

    If most think that way... we're really fucked.

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  14. 7 hours ago, Comedy Time said:

    @wideawakeYou suggested I should put some links up.


    Shanksville similar to...... American Eagle Flight 4184: 



    Engines at the Pentagon:



    Full analysis of Pentagon Impact:



    Another Pilot looks at the issues:







    Thank you,

    First of all, I don't use Wikipedia as a reference... not reliable

    The expert pilot you linked twice, well here a quote from the link.


    Patrick Smith is an airline pilot, air travel blogger and author. His Ask the Pilot column, from which portions of this website have been adapted, ran in the online magazine Salon.com from 2002 until 2012.

    Patrick has appeared on over 300 radio and television outlets, including CNN, PBS, the BBC and National Public Radio. He is regularly cited in print publications worldwide, and was voted one of the “25 Best Bloggers” by TIME magazine.

    When does he get to fly airplanes to get his hours and become an expert? 🙄

    And another one.


    At the same time, the evidence does not conclusively prove that the aircraft was a 757, much less that it was Flight 77. However, that lack of conclusiveness should not be surprising given the systematic suppression of evidence by authorities.

    Yeah, hurting for links much?

    Give it up mate, I see you're pushing the official narrative and will go to any length to convince anyone. 🤥


  15. 5 hours ago, rideforever said:

    Glad to hear it ... maybe you'd like to speculate why you were made of such stuff whereas the man in interview wasn't, and perhaps how the times are different ??  What do you think?


    It's how I was raised to look after myself in all aspects of life (money, relationship, work, responsibilities, etc). My parents didn't baby us all our lives and I would think most in my age group grew up the same way. 

    Today, society as a whole care more for animals then people.

    And we wonder why this place is going to shits...

  16. 25 minutes ago, rideforever said:


    Yes but see the difference.  Father is visible awkward, touches face, unhappy facial expressions.  He knows its wrong.

    But woman very excited, big grin ... look what I did, she says ... servant of devil.

    The whole scene is like gaslighting or some trauma torture chamber ... see how devils humans are.

    Stand back look at the scene.

    Child bent upside down, might as well nail him upside down to wall.

    Woman very nervous and excited.

    Man knows its wrong but pressure form 'society'.

    Very ugly scene, all is wrong.


    Phil and bird also know it's wrong.


    Then older devil creature comes on to kill the soul of the child even more.  Want to see world of satan, this is what it looks like.  What else.


    One important message of Jesus is .... in this world many devils and demons masquerade as "authority" ... but you do not agree, instead you follow God.  Always follow God, only the source light.  Everything else you give away to the darkness.


    People used to go to Church, every week memorise this image of the world full of devils.  You say no, and you follow God.   
    In the end very good message to memorise.


    I did see how uncomfortable the father was, I agree with you there. But the issue I see here in this case is not that women are evil but that the man here has no balls to stand up and stop this nonsense.

    He is as much at fault as she is.

    I have 3 children (all grown up now) and I can tell you if wifey would've tried something like that, I would've sent her to Siberia to cool off. 

  17. 6 minutes ago, Comedy Time said:




    Dude, you are afraid to answer the obvious question. You people are very fond of making claims and statements without considering the obvious implications.


    1. The terrorist pilots lacked the skill and training needed to fly jetliners into their targets

    This is an especially popular contention with respect to American flight 77.  Hijacker pilot Hani Hanjour was a notoriously untalented flier who never piloted anything larger than a four-seater. Yet he is said to have pulled off a remarkable series of aerobatic maneuvers before slamming into the Pentagon.  The pilots of American 11 and United 175 also had spotty records and had flown only private planes.  They should have had great difficulty navigating to New York City, and even greater difficulty hitting the twin towers squarely. To bolster this idea that the hijackers were Oswaldian pawns, the conspiromongers often invoke impressive-sounding jargon and fluffery about high-tech cockpits, occasionally trundling out testimony from pilots.

    Reality: The cabal’s feats did not require in-depth technical knowledge or a high degree of skill.  The attackers, as private pilots, were completely out of their league in the cockpits of those 757s and 767s; however they were not setting out to perform single-engine missed approaches or Category-3 instrument landings with a failed hydraulic system – or to land at all.  They were setting out to steer an already airborne jetliner, in perfect weather, into the side of a building.  Though, for good measure, Mohammed Atta and at least one other member of his group did buy several hours of simulator training on a Boeing 727 (this was not the same type of jet used in the attacks, but it didn’t need to be).  Additionally they obtained manuals and instructional videos for the 757 and 767, available from aviation supply shops.

    Hani Hanjour’s flying was exceptional only in its recklessness.  If anything, his loops and spirals above the nation’s capital revealed him to be exactly the shitty pilot he by all accounts was.  To hit the Pentagon squarely he needed only a bit of luck, and he got it.  Striking a stationary object — even a large one with five beckoning sides — at high speed and from a steep angle is very difficult.  To make the job easier, he came in obliquely, tearing down light poles as he roared across the Pentagon’s lawn.  If he’d flown the same profile ten times, seven of them he’d probably have tumbled short of the target or overflown it entirely.
    As for those partisan pilots known to chime in on websites, take them with a grain of salt.  As somebody who flies 757 and 767s for a living, I think my testimony carries some weight.  Ask around and you’ll discover that the majority of professional pilots feel the way I do.



    And routinely they would get ignored. As will the one I just posted.



    Flouncey flounce.

    http://web.mit.edu/civenv/wtc/PDFfiles/Chapter IV Aircraft Impact.pdf


    To hit the Pentagon squarely he needed only a bit of luck, and he got it

    Yes, like everything else that happened on 9/11. Luck and coincidences and no camera footage of anything for National Security.

    Not even proof of "the terrorists" boarding the planes. The planes were remote controlled or they were missiles. I suspect the latter.

    Btw, don't believe what FEMA or any other organization sponsored by the government publishes.


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