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  1. The MSM has gone over the deep end. Here on the local news a couple days ago they reported that now fish, whales and other marine life might get infected of the corona virus due to infected people flushing toilets. lol Fauci better tell them to follow the 2m distancing rule and to wear masks... maybe a curfew? That's better than watching cartoons.
  2. I've never seen a virus so DEADLY in my life. It's killing everything on this planet, scary times. Now I want to be abducted by aliens to get to another planet, oh just wait...unless they already abducted a Convid positive human. We're fucked anyway and some people are worried about going to hell when they die. WE ARE IN HELL
  3. When the shooter shoots the victim the first time and walks down the allee, the camera doesn't follow the shooter as if it couldn't, then toward the end, it films the end of the allee. Why did the cop secure the area AFTER looking after the victim? Your security first (secured area) then look after the victim. Where did the tarp or whatever that was go? Nah...
  4. Someone is already filming before the attack as if he/she knew ahead of time and doesn't scan to see where the attacker goes. When the cops show up, they put the victim on a tarp or something then it cuts out then you see the victim is on the ground and not the tarp. After looking after the victim then a cop goes by the door to secure the area which is the first thing he should've done. For some reason, there's always issues with videos as if nothing can have a logical flow of events. When that happens... I think it's fake. That video doesn't look right to me.
  5. I tend to see that as a strong possibility. What would be the point of living on earth to just die 80 some years later to end our journey? As DI says (which I believe), ours bodies are just vehicles and our spirit/consciousness lives on forever.
  6. @MatchaLove Could you at least show your actual alien in your pictures?
  7. Better have humor than rants I guess
  8. Hats off to you, you're beating the system all by yourself. CONGRATULATION
  9. I have yet to see proof in any of your pictures of a tall grey or any of your aliens so... what is this thread about then?
  10. It ok, even fools don't sense fear at times
  11. @MatchaLove Do you always talk to yourself like that? I hope you're not married...
  12. Here is an update from my previous post. Since the provincial government increased restrictions here on the scamdemic recently, now it's mandatory to wear a mask anywhere indoors in public buildings. I was still working for this company and at 1 of the sister company sites, everybody had to wear the rag at work and so did I. But returning to the main company's manufacturing site I was told I had to wear the rag even though no one else had to. That didn't sit too well with me and I asked to see the general manager. He would not change his policy yet couldn't explain why I wasn't in their "bubble". Since I brought up valid arguments that he couldn't explain and still stuck to his new rules, I gave him back my access card and quit then and there. For 2 days, the Project Manager tried to change the rules somewhat (texting/phone) but I was still going to be treated different then the rest of the crew. Long story short, I told him "Fuck this" that it was my final decision. If I got to wear that rag to make a living, so will others. EQUALITY AND FAIRNESS FOR ALL.
  13. I would sacrifice my body to my wife so she could survive, I would tell her... chew on this!
  14. " Stay at home, can't work but support your local businesses" F"ck them, if I can't make money, I'm not supporting no one but ourselves. Ever since this scam started, the radio station plays the National Anthem everyday at noon. I rush to turn the darn thing off, can't stand it.
  15. I don't know if he seems drunk, he could be high instead we don't know... Weed is legal in Canada so... All I know is politicians are the best liars there are and we're better off to get our info anywhere but from them. I hate Bill Gates but at least he didn't lie when he predicted the future reference Covid19 so far, it's working as planned I guess.
  16. Do you seriously think flimsy Trudeau will admit their plans to Canadians? Review the answer given in the first link I provided above. You have to understand their political language when they're caught on a particular subject and how they never answer the damn question asked. I wouldn't put any faith in anything f.ckhead Trudeau says. That being said, I still hope you are right but I guess we'll find out fairly soon. Oh and the videos in the link you provided, don't work... doesn't matter, what Trudeau was saying was probably BS as usual anyway. Thanks for the link btw, I got to see some of what is out for tender according to your link... like 50,000,000 units of 1ml Syringes for all provinces and NWT, 15,000,000 units delivered by Jan 31,21 and 35,000,000 units by march 31,21 with options for more orders.
  17. @jesuitsdidit @Tamlinn Again, this interview with David Icke, skip to 59 minutes to get to my point. Canada has tenders out for Riot Control Agents, Oleoresin Capsicum Defensive Spray, Crowd Control Barriers and Service Providers for Federal Quarantine/ Isolation Sites. All for Canada's response to Covid-19. The letter in your OP might have some merits after all. https://www.bitchute.com/video/rOjG0Fss3xMP/
  18. @jesuitsdidit @Tamlinn Here is a follow up on your OP. Read the statement "Internment Camps" before viewing the video... https://theirishsentinel.com/2020/10/15/canada-going-tyrannical-2nd-total-lockdown-isolation-camps-for-refusers/
  19. The poster never answered if it would be his first lie. I understood that he/she doesn't expect he will do so. In my opinion, he's just waiting for the election to be over to show his true colors.
  20. wideawake

    Do Something

    A very good hearted woman I know is actually doing that, putting them in mail boxes everywhere.
  21. Recent polling shows that around 50 percent of Americans surveyed would decline to take one of the coronavirus vaccines under development, many citing concerns that the approval process is being rushed. Though Trump has repeatedly stated a jab would be available by election day, a recent shift in federal guidelines – as well as delays in at least two ongoing trials over safety concerns – could push FDA approval into December, with a mass roll-out coming in the following weeks and months. So if Trump gets elected and he orders mandatory vaccination... Would that be his first lie?
  22. I hope you're right about this but if it's true, it would be suicide for him to do so I would assume.
  23. @Tamlinn I live in Canada and I know in Quebec city, Quebec they said anyone not complying to protocols were to be arrested and detained in an undisclosed location... I posted this bolded statement in another thread, so at least some of it is starting to happen...
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