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  1. @Persephone

    Whenever you decide to get a network of people, don't do it on facebook, emails, texting or twitter. It won't take long you will get "spies" in the crowd and look into laws about gatherings promoting conspiracy ideas. 

    It's a full out war right now and the authorities will do anything to stop anyone going against the "new normal".

    I hope you succeed in your endeavor whatever you do. 

  2. @DannyUK

    Well done mate. 

    I can see people not believing the covid scam here if they only see 1 evidence of it. But when you add this WITS report to Event 201 (organized by Gates), depopulation plan (admitted by Gates), inflated Covid deaths numbers (admitted by US officials), masks are useless (admitted by Fauci), etc, etc then a person would have to be REALLY F***ING BRAINWASHED to still believe in a pandemic and it would be useless trying to convince them otherwise.

    The worst is some don't even want to hear the evidences unless it was on Facebook... go figure 😷

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  3. 8 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    In case anyone hasn't noticed, the 'inquiry' into the Manchester attack began yesterday.


    Manchester Arena Inquiry: Terror attack investigation opens




    Manchester Arena Inquiry: One paramedic at scene for 40 minutes after blast





    It all stinks so far, doesn't it?


    I can't wait to hear what Richard Hall makes of all this!


    So many false flags going on, it comes to a point like Richard D. Hall says: " Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see". 🤔

    Same idea as this "Boston Unbombing". https://www.bitchute.com/video/pEawykLCaKZT/

    ... And when the authorities ban people from talking about an event like the Las Vegas shooting or the Sandy Hook event, you know right then and there that there's an agenda at play here and it was staged.

    Oh, and it usually happens during an exercise at the location. 🙄

  4. 4 hours ago, Haunted Universe said:




    All his questions suggest that clandestine/black op operations totally dont go on behind the scenes (remember Bin Laden being dropped in the sea in a box),staged and the assassination of JFK (in my opinion), and the moon landing which is a total fake as well.









    Could you elaborate on the bolded section or maybe start a thread on the assassination of JFK?

  5. 23 hours ago, Carlos said:


    If you saw on the news that the flight had crashed why would you go to the airport? The question is more about how many would have failed to have noticed the events on the news. 

    True and they would've had plenty of time to see/hear the news considering the flight duration.

  6. On 8/26/2020 at 5:17 PM, andy1033 said:

    What i would like to know is, epstein was running a breeding programme(as well as his blackmail programme), with high ranking people and young girls.


    I wonder, does the feds have records of this breeding programme, and what was its purpose?


    I wonder how many famous males were brought into it, and what was its purpose?


    Considering epstein was working for israel, in very real terms, what was this programme for?

    The program was to satisfy the pedophiles... big bucks

  7. 4 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    I'm a Canadian and from what I hear, wearing a mask while having sex is not so uncommon. Maybe she uses a bondage mask and wants all Canadian to get into bondage, I don't know...  😆


    I could give it a try I guess... if I'm told by my devoted government. 😜

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  8. @JackJohnson

    Yeap, my wife and I don't agree on this scam and she tells me all the time that I should follow the rules. 🙄

    I disagree and showed her facts about this whole narrative from the government but yet she still doesn't see it, "it's a conspiracy".

    2 of my children agree it's a scam and the 3rd one knows but doesn't want to talk about it.

    The scammers wanted to divide society, well, it's working.  

  9. @Clubsandwich

    So, what if it was designed that way? I mean, they come up with a plandemic and make it obvious that it's a scam then the second wave is real, like a really deadly virus so people like us "the conspiracy theorists" still brush it off as a scam again thus get caught with our pants down. They would get their wish by killing millions and then come up with a vaccine.


    Fuck knows...

    This comment is what I posted in another thread

  10. 3 hours ago, Silent Bob said:



    The first wave, which was fake, hasn't scared enough people, so a 2nd wave will be extra hyped up as we are already seeing. Maybe even a real plague released if such a thing is possible, if not just more scare mongering and chipping away at peoples immune systems through fear/stress/mask wearing etc. 


    So, what if it was designed that way? I mean, they come up with a plandemic and make it obvious that it's a scam then the second wave is real, like a really deadly virus so people like us "the conspiracy theorists" still brush it off as a scam again thus get caught with our pants down. They would get their wish by killing millions and then come up with a vaccine.


    Fuck knows...

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  11. This scamdemic has turned people into imbeciles and it's just starting, wait for the second wave. 🙄


    I was at the hospital the other day because of an minor eye injury and I noticed most nurses (idling btw, not busy at all) wore their masks under their chins.

    If there was a REALLY DEADLY VIRUS out there, rules would be enforced with no exceptions, period. 

    The truth is out there in our faces and people still believe the bs.

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  12. 4 hours ago, FrankVitali said:



    I still have yet to see a photo of Bill wearing a mask!!


    Very true but I did see Fauci wearing one (by himself in the middle of the field) and I think it interfered with his baseball skills. 😁


    But, he didn't need one when off camera. The virus is deadly only when on camera...


  13. @Paul M

    As I already stated on this forum, people will search on the net for anything going but this scamdemic. 

    Amazing how the MSM has fooled so many and censored Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc.

    Even when I mention to look up the info I provided, most will say "nah, it's all garbage and you believe that shit".

    It's really hard to get people to open their eyes but... I keep trying.


    Oh btw, welcome to this forum 👍

  14. 12 hours ago, Mr H said:

    I have done my own extensive research on Trump and as far as leaders go, he's about as good as you're gonna get at this moment in time! For all his faults!


    Whether or not you agree with me, or David or whoever, BY GOD look at the alternative. BIDEN. Christ if he gets the job of running the free world then I might just have to up my own job expectations!


    I think it's by design to have a moron as an opposition to the Republican party thus getting a sure win for a second mandate for Mr, Trump... their puppet for the second Covid wave and the NWO agenda.

  15. 3 minutes ago, Someone2630 said:



    There are a whole lot of billionaires and politicians that deserve to spend the rest of their lives in PRISON for mass murder. YOU helped elect these clowns vote for any party that they try to ban. The BNP spring to mind. I may disagree with a lot of their politics, but the fact that they are vilified gives a reason to vote for them, same all over Europe., but we seem to be very short on these as well.


    Don't think that the voters had anything to do with this racket. ANYONE voted in is part of the problem. The ones controlling the system don't get an election, they are always in power.

    By saying " You helped elect these clowns" is not a fair statement, it doesn't matter who you vote for. They're all the same and answer to TPTB once elected. 

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  16. I was just hired at a fabrication shop on a temporary basis (3 days a week) as an inspector and was recently told I will have to wear a mask (no one else in the plant wears one), as inspectors travel from site to site. My response was that I hadn't work since mid April due to the scamdemic and that it must be past 14 days by now (being sarcastic). The manager said it didn't matter and I might have to wear one. It's still up in the air but when they tell me I have to, I'll tell them that it should have been in the agreement before hiring and that I will not wear one and they can terminate me if they have to. The certification I have and they need is rare in my area and I doubt they would let me go because of it. 

    Either way, if I can make a point and have the upper hand in this debate with them, I sure will fight this nonsense. We will see soon enough.

    F**K THEM.

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  17. 9 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    Its been just over two weeks since I went to the protest in Birmingham, and I haven't developed any symptoms, despite being in close proximity to a couple of hundred people not wearing face coverings. Interesting that!


    You can't get sick from a virus that don't exist, unless you take their test and turn out positive. Then you will be taken in to a hospital and chances are, you will then die.  🙂

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  18. What I find disturbing, is even on some alternative forums the truth is censored. I provided (on another forum) proof of government officials admitting that Covid19 death numbers were inflated and other statements as well and my posts were deleted by the administrator for pushing a Covid conspiracy. Go figure.

    Or moderators/administrators letting some preferred posters spread lies and insult everyone else in the process against guidelines. 

    The scamdemic and other propaganda like 9/11, false flags, etc is heavily monitored everywhere. I got banned on a very popular forum and about to get banned again on another one because I don't put up with being censored by fascists and I sure tell them off as I call a spade a spade.

    Scary world we live in.

    What I can't understand is, ask anyone a puzzling question and they will answer fairly quickly via google then right after that tell them the truth about this scamdemic and they will argue with you that on the news last night they said... blah, blah blah.


    If only people would use their brains once in a while...

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