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  1. Just now, Messenger said:

    Oh I'm talking about all that too, not only the cig butts.


    Believe me, I am not excluding corporate execs who are doing massive littering, I'm addressing both ends of the spectrum here from the little guy to the giant corps and those who are on the board of directors. I would love to see the energy industry culled. I'm not even talking about murder here but simple removal from the position and stripped of assets/material items and fiat currency since that seems to be so damned important to everyone.


    The way I see it, nothing will improve on this planet until the giants put in their effort and money to change things then we can worry about cigarette butts.

    It drives me crazy when I see a big corporations and even governments getting away with it. The worst is WE can all afford to do our parts but that includes them too.

    The problem starts with them but according to them, we the people are at fault and are to fix it. 

    No logic here... 

  2. 6 minutes ago, Messenger said:

    Not my intention. My intention is to point out WHY the NWO apparatus have given us this coronavirus bullshit, and I can't say I blame them given humanity are so selfish and lazy. I mean, how bloody difficult is it for a person to put their cigarette butt in a fucking garbage can?


    People don't want to throw the spent butt down on the floor of their vehicle or home, but they will toss it out the window as if the Earth is one big garbage can.


    And now I am seeing masks littered.


    Let the culling continue!


    For those of you who are not litterbugs this doesn't apply to you.


    The Earth is not a garbage can, it is a living entity. Sad that I have to point this out on the Icke forum where I figured there would be people more conscious than on the average political or automotive or whatever else forum where the usual unconscious knuckle-draggers hang out.


    Socialism is also the NWO's agenda but socialism is a form of control and reduction of the use of resources.


    Sorry to tell you mate but you seem some worried about cigarette butts as it shows on here with several posts about them littered around. I understand you and disapprove of such carelessness BUT there is way fucking worse on this planet then cigarette butts.

    When you look at corporations polluting the entire planet yet not a soul says a word, ships throwing their garbage in the oceans yet not a word, governments covering up for big companies for polluting this earth yet no a word...

    Go to malls and look at the wrapping on items to buy, all plastic, foam and nothing recyclable naturally then they tell us WE ARE THE PROBLEM

    Leave me alone with cigarette butts. 🙄

  3. Well,

    I've watched Michael Cremo's video a while back and he had me puzzled back then and again a few days ago so I figured I would post it here to get some of your thoughts on the matter.

    I personally don't think it's too far fetched for humans to have been around for millions of years knowing what archeologists find and the location and depth of the discoveries are, it makes you wonder what is going on. Some will refer to Wikipedia as a source ( 👎 ) about Michael Cremo and call him a nut and his research as pseudoscience but we've been lied to before and still today so... Who knows.

    Any idea?



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  4. On 10/12/2020 at 4:18 PM, greatdayforfreedom said:




    This is disgusting and nothing less than child abuse! We had 'Cuties'' on Netflix, now this. Yet another example of the agenda to normalise paedophilia.   That smug creep and that vacuous trollop unsurprisingly thinks it's great. Hopefully most people can see what the agenda is behind this revolting story. Many are aware that children are being sexualised. 


    Ever wonder why youtube doesn't ban that shit? Exactly... AGENDA.

    But don't show a bare breast (of an adult woman) on there or they will remove that asap and you'll probably get a warning I suppose.


    Evil bunch


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  5. 6 minutes ago, Comedy Time said:


    You don't need to be a good pilot to crash a plane.



    Correction, you would take the word of SOME pilots who would not know the maximum speed of the aircraft since they would not even go near the VNE speed. Boeing would be better qualified to give this information.


    But hey let's run that up the flagpole shall we?

    Evil perps meeting:


    Evil overlord: So we are in agreement. No planes and video fakery, kill the passengers, burn them blah de blah.

    Evil underling 1: Yes your highness. Leave it to me. I'll make those blinking planes look so real.

    Evil underling 2: Yes and I'll make them look like they are going 580 mph.

    Evil Overlord: Don't be an arse, they can't go that fast at 1000ft.

    Evil Underling 2: Ahaaa, but nobody will notice.





    Some kind of a smart answer when there is none to be found...

    You have a link to your professional pilots stating it is easy to crash a plane in NY WTC?

    You have a link that would state you can go at 500mph at low altitude without having it falling apart?

  6. 6 hours ago, Comedy Time said:


    You say Arabs as though they haven't got the same capabilities.


    Sustained absolute maximum speed...pushing the engines to their limit will cause permanent damage to the plane. They're built to withstand quite a bit and I very much doubt any pilot has taken any large passenger plane even close to give an accurate opinion. According to "some" pilots should be your statement. Because others have no problem with it.


    I'm guessing the terrorists weren't bothered about screwing the plane up. A minute or so at screaming speed. Well possible.

    You seem to be the only one to get all the proper records because according to flight instructors, "the terrorists" couldn't fly anything so it's not because they were Arabs but because they were incompetent.


    Reference to maximum speed, I would take the word of an experience pilot before yours... well, unless you are an experience pilot? 

    How many hours do you have under your belt?

  7. 2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:


    Yes. He is a man who makes money off of the gullible. Diving planes accumulate speed.


    I am no expert in this but according to experienced pilots, planes would fall apart at 500 mph at low altitude and with inexperienced pilots like these Arabs to hit targets thus making it impossible for the planes to have crashed in the WTC. If that is true then they could've been missiles as opposed to planes...

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  8. 16 minutes ago, Comedy Time said:


    Yes, I am aware of the details surrounding UA93, but your conclusion is not accurate. If it hits the deck at 550mph then bits are going to fly off considerable distances. Plus there is the impact crater.


    It may have just been clipped by the fighter plane to disable it, or Bush ordered it to be brought down. I cannot rule that out but as I say think it less likely.

    I don't think Bush ordered anything that day. I would be surprised if he could order a pizza so... no, Cheney was in charge in the bunker watching the show and giving the orders.

    That is why I said in another post that the terrorists were not arabs with box cutters but Americans in suits in bunkers.

  9. 34 minutes ago, Comedy Time said:


    Sigh......no it contradicts nothing. The wall on the crash test was specifically designed to produce a dead stop impact. Ie. Its resistant force exceeded the incoming kinetic energy. On the Twin Towers, the wall was not sufficient to resist massively more kinetic energy.


    And like most people I am encountering.....you completely ignore the point being demonstrated!


    For Shankesville, the plane hitting the ground WOULD be the same as the dead-stop plane crash.....therefore the same result - smashing into tiny bits and thrown great distances.


    Or it exploded in the air before hitting the ground?

  10. 43 minutes ago, Tamlinn said:

    I looked up flu cases in Canada. Mysteriously they dipped to "exceptionally" low levels on the weeks that Covid cases started being reported. My own province stopped recording flu cases completely. Pretty suspicious.



    Thanks for the info. Which province would that be?

  11. 41 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    He's an ignoramus.  When it comes to the real business of understanding what's going on in the world he can't tell his arse from his elbow


    He's clumsy woke propaganda


    But, but... with Convid we are supposed to cough in our elbows...

    What if he makes a mistake? Blowup?  😄

  12. 15 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    That's why the Military are being 'gently' introduced onto the streets.
    Going door to door offering free covid tests on the doorstep.
    Next is to help distribute voluntary vaxxinations.
    Tip Toe Tip Toe....softly gently.
    Then.....enforced vaxxines and then all out Martial Law.
    All for our own safety and well being though, eh ?

    Exactly and very few are seeing the light now. Once Martial Law hits, the sheep better not ask me how this happened because I sure will have an answer for them and it won't be a polite one either. 

  13. 5 hours ago, HistoryIsComplex said:

    Right now we are watching tons of people's videos, podcasts, tweets and other stuff just get DELETED.


    How will they pull this off once COVID is "over"?



    Exactly the same as 9/11 events. They don't give a damn what people say or do. You can't beat the military, police, judges, the system.

    Unfortunately, I see a major shake up world wide coming, that be a war or a major revolt.

    Life is never going to be the same anymore. 

    Fucking new normal, I'm already fed up and ready to leave this planet any day.

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  14. 2 hours ago, 2020member said:

    Where do people like us go for comfort (as sad as it sounds). The ramifications of this will be unreal levels of isolation, and will send many of us, almost schizophrenic with nothing to soundboard our internal thoughts with. 


    What about true information?

    Where will we find the truth on scams like Convid or 9/11 among many false flags, etc?

    I'm not looking for comfort on the net but rather information that'll wake people up by sharing.

    Rest assured, you won't get the truth on CNN.  🙂


  15. 7 hours ago, Comedy Time said:


    Dude....I wonder what is confusing you here. The phrase "forces are identical" or the "same result".


    Would you like me to shout?

     As it happened. Big chunk of mass going very fast. Building had insufficient resistant force. 


    Columns broke. I await something more than the usual no planer noise.


    I wrote big post you didn't. You ignored it all.


    Finally an answer, you really struggled to answer this simple question.

    Now I understand where you stand, the aluminum wings can slice through the steel wall of the building without any damage because the building had insufficient resistant force...

    Enough said.  🤔

  16. 1 minute ago, Comedy Time said:


    Wtf? I gave you an answer! The forces are identical....you just bloody quoted it.



    And your stunning conclusion for this was reached because? You were doing so well, you got the identical bit, then you seemed to mess up slightly. Show your mathematics for any of it. Because it is a problem of mechanical force and engineering.


    I await an answer to a whole host of things from any single no-planer...must I list them again?


    So your answer is a question and you criticize everybody else for doing the same. Hmm


    My conclusion was by logic. Every time on 9/11 discussions ( towers fell on their own footprints, arabs as highjackers, fake planes, Silverstein's insurance racket, the pentagon attack video, unusual crash debris in Shanksville, etc, etc) for some reason, there is no logic anymore but always a long technical, mathematical, scientific answer. Why? 

    Because NIST said so?

  17. 13 hours ago, wideawake said:

    @Comedy Time

    Now think of it this way... if you could throw the WTC at the plane with the same kinetic energy, would the wings collapse or the steal columns?


    12 minutes ago, Comedy Time said:


    The forces involved are identical....BUT....you cannot sum the kinetic engine of the building in the same way and use it to determine damage. It is a much more complicated sum.


    So... still no answer.

    I'll tell you what the difference is before you google all day for an answer... none and the wings will collapse, period.

  18. 2 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Milton Keynes Community Hub posted this video on Facebook showing how funeral attendees are prevented from comforting each other. Carl Vernon has now picked this story up. The funeral is rudely interrupted by a jobsworth because attendees have the audacity to show empathy and the wish to be close during their sadness.




    Well, That doesn't sit well with me as my dad is getting closer to his deliverance due to cancer. I will have to go through that in the very near future and I'm afraid I just might lose it if that happens to me.

    This is insanity, after the funeral, most if not all in that room will gather at someone's place for something to eat, have a say, hug each other and have a few beer.  They already restricted attendees to  FAMILY ONLY and still have to wear a mask and keep distances? So now I can't hug my mother?

    I just might go to the funeral with a baseball bat... to kill the odd fly in the place.

  19. 12 hours ago, wideawake said:

    @Comedy Time

    Now think of it this way... if you could throw the WTC at the plane with the same kinetic energy, would the wings collapse or the steal columns?


    4 hours ago, Comedy Time said:

    This was asked before the forum hack and the answer is the same result.


    Listen, do you have any actual mathematical analysis to support any of this? Because at the moment it's just you doing Ralph from the Simpsons.


    So that is your answer? I was expecting more from you...

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