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  1. 3 hours ago, Lord Humungus said:

    Trump says he will NOT force Americans to take coronavirus vaccine as polls show widespread skepticism about jab


    Trump says he will NOT force Americans to take coronavirus vaccine as polls show widespread skepticism about jab

    US President Donald Trump said he would not issue a mandate for a coronavirus vaccine when a jab becomes available, allowing individuals to choose for themselves amid concerns that immunizations are being rushed through trials.

    Asked who would be first to receive a vaccine in an interview on Fox Business on Thursday, Trump said “essential workers” and “older people” would take priority, but made a brief detour to assure that he would not make vaccination compulsory.

    “I don’t believe I’d ever do a mandated vaccine,” the president told Fox’s Stuart Varney. “I just don’t think I would do that, where you have to have it, because there are some people who feel very strong about that whole situation.”

    President Trump is making sure essential workers and all Americans will have access to a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine. pic.twitter.com/FSlnVDpGp8

    — Trump War Room - Text TRUMP to 88022 (@TrumpWarRoom) October 15, 2020

    Recent polling shows that around 50 percent of Americans surveyed would decline to take one of the coronavirus vaccines under development, many citing concerns that the approval process is being rushed. Though Trump has repeatedly stated a jab would be available by election day, a recent shift in federal guidelines – as well as delays in at least two ongoing trials over safety concerns – could push FDA approval into December, with a mass roll-out coming in the following weeks and months.


    So if Trump gets elected and he orders mandatory vaccination... Would that be his first lie? 🤥

  2. 1 minute ago, Tamlinn said:

    If this whole scenario is true, then the person who is the whistleblower should just do the correct thing and come forward publicly with it. Show the Canadian public the proof that that this is what Justin Trudeau has planned, otherwise the information is completely worthless. Anyone with integrity would.


    I hope you're right about this but if it's true, it would be suicide for him to do so I would assume.

  3. 44 minutes ago, Michi713 said:

    I’m a lil paranoid at this point.  Because y’all are allowed to travel to Europe and we aren’t.  And we aren’t allowed to cross over to your country either.  (Although I found a way once through Glacier National Park).  We are “restricted” in Mexico.  
    I’m in the south and feel like the walls are closing in.  I wonder what they have in store for us, being that we are the last armed ones.  Maybe they wish to get rid of us by some other means than military, so they won’t have to bother fighting us...damn I got myself all freaked out. 


    You are freaking out and for good reasons. Shit is hitting the fan now, not in the near future but... NOW

  4. Just now, Beaujangles said:



    I have to go to UK again at some point...... I can only imagine the BS i will encounter on that visit.  Was hoping for a chat with David Icke but it seems all requests are barred. ;-)

    Good luck mate.

    A friend of mine went to work in Alberta and he had to fly from the east coast and back. He had to wear that face rag the whole way out there including airports. 8 f'n hours str8. You might have to go through the same.

    Fucked up satanic world we live in.

  5. 5 hours ago, Michi713 said:

    @Beaujangles are you in Canada?  How are things up there?  Does any of the above seem to be unfolding? 

    I live in Canada and I know in Quebec city, Quebec they said anyone not complying to protocols were to be arrested and detained in an undisclosed location... 


    Like someone said on here before,


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  6. 1 minute ago, Comedy Time said:


    Why would you do that? I mean post a useless off topic response and once more evading valid posts.


    A truth seeker woukd look at all evidence. Not so much here though.


  7. 12 minutes ago, Comedy Time said:


    I know, because I am kicking your arse.

    You are kicking nothing here, all you are doing is create animosity in EVERY POST in all threads you "contribute" to.

    You make a fool of yourself and we all see it.

    Some people should be banned on here but yet they can't be as they are always on border line and yet not enough to justify a ban.

    I've seen other arrogant clowns like you and you don't impress me. Go back to your sandbox and come back when you mature.


  8. 2 minutes ago, Comedy Time said:


    No problem dude. You believe what you want, you ignore what you want.


    Do you actually know what you believe happened? Does it explain everything that happened? THAT should be your starter for 10.


  9. 1 minute ago, Comedy Time said:



    Loads of evasion dude. Well done.


    I'll summarise what you just wrote...


    "Yeah, what you posted is all BS innit, he isn't a pilot because of reasons innit, I don't know how the columns bent like that innit, could be a missile with magic plane shape producing properties innit, about your list....oh look over here diversion diversion diversion." 


    What are you afraid of? The video shows a plane. Discuss. The other video shows plane parts.  Discuss. My list details the problems. Discuss them. The pilot explains the situation - prove he isn't a pilot.


    And you....arm waved it all away. Truthers huh.

    Truthers innit...

  10. On 10/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, Comedy Time said:

    Wow, you're great at debate. Wave it all away with a sweep of the hand.

    Because it is BS.

    On 10/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, Comedy Time said:

    Three times you ignored them. Wave those arms around.

    Yeap, again as I said, it was BS so nothing to talk about there.

    On 10/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, Comedy Time said:

    That's what honest people do. You should try it. I retracted it because videos that were there 15 years ago have now gone.

    Well, if they were videos fitting the government's official story, youtube would still have them there.

    On 10/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, Comedy Time said:

    That is called an ad hominem argument. You ignore his testimony because it contradicts your own bullshit. The pilots-for-truf also spoke out just after 911, but their shite is ok is it?

    Yes, how can he be an expert? Because he said so? lol

    A real experienced pilot doesn't spend his days on CNN (the most trusted news), CBS, writing blogs, in magazines, etc like he supposedly did. Experienced pilots FLY PLANES.

    On 10/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, Comedy Time said:

    Dude, you've got that arse backwards. I go to normal lengths to disprove bullshit stories.

    🤣 OK... Is that the "new normal"?

    On 10/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, Comedy Time said:

    4. How did the columns bend inwards from an explosion at the impact point?!

    I don't care how they bent. A missile can bend them inwards just as easy as a plane.

    How do you explain the US not invading Saudi Arabia if most "terrorists" were Arabs?

    Why the PNAC document that come out 1 year before 9/11, describes EXACTLY the New Pearl Harbor as mentioned by your favorite Boy George Bush (as DI calls him)? It could not have been planned, could it?


    There's more to this story then just a missing black box and you seem blind to it all except a few aspects of it that can't be proven, like paper trail. 😄


    Having to wear a mask these days aren't meant to cover your eyes but to cover your mouth and nose...

  11. On 10/14/2020 at 2:40 AM, Eldnah said:

    As for USAF - it was structured organised and tasked to deal with aircraft approaching the US - not within it. The failings on the day do not lie with the US airforce -

    I don't think so, that is exactly what the US Air Force was "training " for on that day. That is why they couldn't intercept the commercial planes... too busy.  🙂

    On 10/14/2020 at 2:40 AM, Eldnah said:

    If you believe it was all a set up and everything was a false flag - then the operation was set up in such away that USAF was isolated and prevented from acting/

    True statement here.

    On 10/14/2020 at 2:40 AM, Eldnah said:

    If you believe there really were terrorists and the CIA let it happen then the operation was set up in such away that USAF was isolated and prevented from acting

    Yes, there really were terrorists but they weren't Arabs with box cutters.

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