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  1. On 3/31/2021 at 6:49 AM, oddsnsods said:



    I hate this planet more by the day. 

    That fucking Trudeau needs to go any way possible, scumbag.

    Here in Canada, politicians are getting themselves a pay raise while we "the workers" can't work and locked down because of their scamdemic. And then they wonder why some people go around with guns, shooting in par lie ament. 

    Economic downturn in Canada? Pay raise for Members of Parliament! (bitchute.com)

  2. 25 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

    Another jab of polyethylene glycol-laced nanoparticle covered synthetic mRNA compound with your tea, Nora?


    Exclusive: Over-70s to get booster Covid vaccines from September

    Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi plans new jabs rollout to protect vulnerable groups from variants

    Nadhim Zahawi told The Telegraph that ministers are expecting up to eight vaccines to be available by the autumn


    In an interview with The Telegraph, Nadhim Zahawi, the vaccines minister, revealed details of the plan, which will see some people have three doses within the first 10 months of the jabs being in use.
    Mr Zahawi also revealed that ministers were expecting up to eight vaccines to be available by the autumn with a number made in the UK, including one that could protect from three different Covid variants in a single jab.


    On "A Warrior Calls" live broadcast tonight, that very subject came up with a Dr. reference the push of multiple vaccines for a very nefarious agenda. 

    It was quite an eye opener and I sure would recommend EVERYONE to watch those broadcasts (about 1 hr long) 3 times a week about this scamdemic. 

    Home - A Warrior Calls

    Very informative.

    See you there.

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  3. 8 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

    On the surface, it appears to be a good development, but it also fits in with the Ruling Elite's desire to destroy national governments and introduce a global NWO. 


    We have no other options but tribunals, unless you have a better solution to this scam?

  4. On 3/26/2021 at 9:06 AM, starseednick said:

    hi wideawake,


    Thank you for your response. I am just a guy talking, hoping that individuals are willing to not blindly accept mainstream narrative. 




    I don't know too many on this site blindly accepting the mainstream narrative.

    You are trying hard to wake people up and I appreciate that but if you could come up with references in your videos, it would be quite an improvement as opposed to "I believe". People want facts and backed up evidences. 

    Over time you will get better with your videos and you just might do great.

    I hope you understand that this is a positive criticism on your videos and I wish you a successful future.



  5. 1 hour ago, oddsnsods said:



    As no ones posted, its cheese alright & this woman is not a doctor, so shouldnt be trying to give medical advice.

    Just adds to the ditch these weirdos are digging for themselves.


    Here we go again with another fake injection... so obvious.

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  6. On 3/15/2021 at 2:39 PM, jupiter said:

    as time goes  by St. James Islands and sexorcism Knightclub of the Lolypope 

    Lolita Express  Virgin Galactic  and  Epsteins Solomanic Orgy Temple

    Weinsteins Lolywood & Fuckingthem Palace  is   , 

    in children books and fairytales genetically prior prince Savile SUPERMAN  or  SPERMAN ,   

     which one it is  ?







    I think he just promotes his videos and he doesn't comment much.

    Most of his videos are about "I think and 100%" but nothing to refer to or a link. 

    He means well but it doesn't come across as truth with the: I believe.



  7. 3 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

    Imagine we have been at war with an invading alien race and after one year we still only have the word of the media that they are really here. Covid has taught me that people are perhaps mesmerized enough to be triggered into hysteria just on the say of a figure of authority. In the simple mind just saying " we are fighting these aliens" is proof enough. Well that and a white labcoat and a diploma from a diploma mill.

    Very true and very evil if you ask me... fucking evil

  8. 4 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

    And here I was for the longest time wondering how realistic the creatures would have to look to fake an alien invasion and make it believable. Imagine my surprise watching them turn the world upside down with a threat they never had to prove exists 🤣

    Scientists claim that the microbe world looks just like our universe so... ALIENS ? Yes but in a virus form... 🙂

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  9. 2 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    You die within 60 days of a fake covid test, it's definitely a covid death.


    You die within 6 hours of a real experimental vaccine, there's no evidence that it's vaccine related.


    Welcome to clownworld. Welcome to idiocracy.


    Right on the money mate and still some people are blind to this evil war going on....

  10. On 3/5/2021 at 4:08 PM, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

    Israel's tikkun olam, light unto the nations vaccination plans


    Jewish "prophecy" fulfilled


    Buckle up buckaroos, fuck me it's gonna get bumpy...





    This here should go viral ASAP... Fuck!!

    And some still don't know we have been at war for a long time. What is happening now (Convid) is just the icing on the cake. It didn't start yesterday.


    A BUMPY RIDE ALRIGHT... Let's say it going to get ugly.




  11. 1 hour ago, DarianF said:

    @Roska Postit FYI:




    Thank you very much for this video... I'll take news all day from such a brilliant charming LADY she is.


    Anyway, for some reason I could see myself with a lovely sweetheart like her during Convid lockdown. Don't wait for me at a protest... 😄


    Cheers  😉

  12. 9 minutes ago, skitzorat said:





    That is the reason why SOME people can see right through them, they are telling the truth of their plans in the MSM and have for a long time. Yet, the brainwashed can't even see it. 

    Gates and Fauci and others have been doing the same and still, we "the conspiracy theorists" are nuts and a danger to society.

    We have a long and hard battle to fight ahead of us against the scumbags AND the brainless.


  13. 11 minutes ago, alexa said:


    I've always sensed this, IMO they are operating under a force that we know nothing about. We can only theorize & try to join the dots..................................................................................................💠


    Freemasons will always protect each other so if top politicians are into secret societies (which I believe) rules and agendas will be followed. Simple

    Btw, we live in a corrupt world, don't ever forget that.


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