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  1. I hope you're right about this but if it's true, it would be suicide for him to do so I would assume.
  2. @Tamlinn I live in Canada and I know in Quebec city, Quebec they said anyone not complying to protocols were to be arrested and detained in an undisclosed location... I posted this bolded statement in another thread, so at least some of it is starting to happen...
  3. @Beaujangles When do you plan on going to the UK? Very soon you won't be able to travel outside of Canada, second wave you know...
  4. You are freaking out and for good reasons. Shit is hitting the fan now, not in the near future but... NOW
  5. Well, you could buy a big bag of sunflower seeds, if you eat one at a time, it should last you quite a while.
  6. @Beaujangles I've heard of someone taking 6 hours eating chips in an airplane so he wouldn't have to wear a mask
  7. Good luck mate. A friend of mine went to work in Alberta and he had to fly from the east coast and back. He had to wear that face rag the whole way out there including airports. 8 f'n hours str8. You might have to go through the same. Fucked up satanic world we live in.
  8. I live in Canada and I know in Quebec city, Quebec they said anyone not complying to protocols were to be arrested and detained in an undisclosed location... Like someone said on here before, WE'RE FUCKED
  9. Here is a little something to read on Trump the Savior http://www.chuckmaultsby.net/id51.html
  10. If anyone thinks I'm putting them in danger, well obviously they are not wearing their masks properly.
  11. I'm in the camp of "the one who doesn't care about others" ...
  12. You are kicking nothing here, all you are doing is create animosity in EVERY POST in all threads you "contribute" to. You make a fool of yourself and we all see it. Some people should be banned on here but yet they can't be as they are always on border line and yet not enough to justify a ban. I've seen other arrogant clowns like you and you don't impress me. Go back to your sandbox and come back when you mature.
  13. I don't think it's comedy time, have fun. I won't play your game
  14. I already did answer so... pay attention
  15. not him, the one you linked to
  16. I could channel people and say a lot worse and make the front page on NT Times, it doesn't make it true. Don't get hung up on that shit.
  17. Because it is BS. Yeap, again as I said, it was BS so nothing to talk about there. Well, if they were videos fitting the government's official story, Jewtube would still have them there. Yes, how can he be an expert? Because he said so? lol A real experienced pilot doesn't spend his days on CNN (the most trusted news), CBS, writing blogs, in magazines, etc like he supposedly did. Experienced pilots FLY PLANES. OK... Is that the "new normal"? I don't care how they bent. A missile can bend them inwards just as easy as a plane. How do you explain the US not invading Saudi Arabia if most "terrorists" were Arabs? Why the PNAC document that come out 1 year before 9/11, describes EXACTLY the New Pearl Harbor as mentioned by your favorite Boy George Bush (as DI calls him)? It could not have been planned, could it? There's more to this story then just a missing black box and you seem blind to it all except a few aspects of it that can't be proven, like paper trail. Having to wear a mask these days aren't meant to cover your eyes but to cover your mouth and nose...
  18. I don't think so, that is exactly what the US Air Force was "training " for on that day. That is why they couldn't intercept the commercial planes... too busy. True statement here. Yes, there really were terrorists but they weren't Arabs with box cutters.
  19. Because it's all BS. 3 times you linked "facts" about 9/11 that I looked at and 3 times it was all BS. You even retracted your statement reference to videos at airports. Then you come up with an "expert pilot" who spent more time on CNN and writing blogs than flying planes and it just so happened to be right after 9/11 to debunk "conspiracies" and push the official narrative. Quite an expert. So it is understandable that I seem unable to debate what you are putting up. You will go to any length to push the official story... Why is that?
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