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  1. Someone should send her this video below to help her to a conclusion. 100% Proof of Crisis Actor Psyop at Capitol Shooting (bitchute.com)
  2. WOW, and people swallow that BS without challenging the scumbags? There was this Health Sinister in Canada getting the same treatment ( Flu shot) and again, no one said a word but the fake was so obvious that they censored that video like everything else. The brainwashed are as much of a threat to society as the scammers. Yeah, we're fucked. https://www.brighteon.com/f37899c8-3762-423e-8d3e-07a04067a3aa
  3. @NG10 Welcome back to the forum and yes, they'll kill as many as they can anyway possible.
  4. Now we should all consider this for a minute. What if (or I should say when) censoring the internet wasn't good enough that the scumbags decide to shut it down as in the EVENT 201 scenario? How would we investigate anything without it? They have the big end of the stick and it's for the population to react NOW before it's too late. Most people don't realize it but this is just the beginning. Wait and see when they get dirty, it won't be pretty. Something people tend to forget is that EVERYTHING the scumbags predicted so far, happened. So I would suggest to pay close attention to what the satanists say in interviews.
  5. We are losing the battle. Too many sheep are following the MSM propaganda and firmly believe in the scamdemic. Even forums are censoring, I am getting banned on another forum for speaking the truth and links are deleted by mods. My posts have to be reviewed by mods now before they get posted. Well, I just sent a post telling them they are just like Facebook, Jew tube, Google, etc. It won't get posted but I will get banned for calling them out. So yeah, we are losing and now when the forecast calls for rain, I pray to God we get shit instead just to piss everybody off. It's a shitty world anyway so it needs fertilizers to carry on their agenda.
  6. Kicking the door down at my home would be trespassing so I would have the right to self defense. Can't have cameras rolling for that type of situations.
  7. way to go mate... this world is so corrupt that you'll never understand the whole picture but if someone is willing to look into it at least that person gets to see what is going on. F** sometimes I feel like I'm alone and the only one sane on this planet yet the evidences of this scam are so obvious but for some reason they are all part of conspiracies... ok
  8. Really, I have been watching that the last couple days and it's pretty good. If only people knew how corrupt this world is, there would be a major revolt and killings going on. I'd be better off on another planet i think. lol
  9. Hahaha, good one but they can't spot what is hitting them in the face now (scamdemic) how are they supposed to spot anything. Good luck with that.
  10. I would take about 15 pages to get them all out in the open. That is not a scam that started yesterday so, there is a lot of people involved. The major players have been named on here but there is way more to that list.
  11. Way to go, that is the way to live and never mind the scumbags.
  12. I would have a present for them and yet they wouldn't have time to enjoy it...
  13. That is because this thread is too big and good info sometimes gets buried before it gets proper attention
  14. very true and don't be shy to share any info you have. Truth has to be out in the open.
  15. We have all the facts on convid, just not in the MSM or from the perpetrators.
  16. I'm dead against wearing masks but in some places, it is mandatory (gov buildings hospital, etc) so I ordered one that says: "What a scam". It's the first time I pay for a rag, $10 so I may as well make it count. If we have to wear the darn rag, we may as well make a statement.
  17. That's where some of the viruses are...
  18. I would suggest you look at when the jews killed millions in the Soviet Union in the early 1900. No sympathy from me. EUROPA – The Last Battle ~ The Full Documentary (2017) : Tobias Bratt, Europa TV : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  19. The Health Sinister is a she. ... without a paddle.
  20. I think it was wiped. Same thing happened to me when I tried to share the video of the health minister of Ontario, Canada getting the jab. It was done with the media present and it was so fake and obvious that she never got the vaccine, now for some reason that video is nowhere to be found... The internet is really bad around the world these days, everything seems to disappear overnight, really weird.
  21. And I would even go farther to say: "Do not let these bastards get to you, live your life the best you can and do not worry about what you cannot control." I've learned a long time ago that keeping a positive attitude and having faith in your daily life will bring you a brighter future as opposed to seeing dark all the time. I gave up watching tv/news quite a while ago because of Convid, it is their intent... to keep you in stagnation. Be happy and live it to the fullest... without the vaccine. Cheers!
  22. If enough people were to wake the f' up, we wouldn't be in this mess.
  23. We need as many on our side as we can get to fight this scamdemic and the more we are the harder it is for them to accomplish their goal. Together in numbers is the only way. I know it is hard to wake up the sleepers and sometimes a waste of energy but we have not alternatives. If only the scammers could end up in courts and politicians kicked out of power, it sure would make a big difference. We can only hope. Cheers!
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