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  1. Yes and yet most people believe the propaganda from the media. I hate going in public now having to face the brainless, I rather stay home after work and weekends, enjoy nature, have my beer and live life as if they don't exist. I guess that's my new normal.
  2. Why blame China? People always blame China or Russia, what about your own government? Same goes on about this scamdemic. People blamed China for convid but yet all governments on this planet planned a great reset, being the appropriate time and they all go along with all the "preventive measures" against this "deadly virus" and forcing a nefarious vaccine on the population. Out of nowhere, governments have now tons of money to give to people to stay home instead of working to stimulate the economy. Go figure, China must've been behind this whole scheme... Yeah right. Now, if there's a major pipeline shutdown by a cyberattack, I would be willing to bet that China or Russia had nothing to do with it and that the same scumbags that are behind this plandemic are the culprits and it's not by mere happenstance. It is sickening how far they are willing to go to meet their goal. Just an opinion.
  3. How about getting rid of the threat altogether, wouldn't that be easier?
  4. @Seconal ... And the constant brainwashing by the MSM and censorship on the net...
  5. So after viewing that video I see that if you take fentanyl you are expandable? When Floyd was going unconscious why did the cop keep his knee on Floyd's neck? When on fentanyl, you don't have a right to first aid/medical attention right away? The medics never bothered to check him out until later when Floyd was in the ambulance and on the way. Nah, just another black low life they couldn't be bothered with... Abuse of power and lack of empathy for all to see on MSM. That's probably what they mean by "new normal".
  6. I smell something fishy here. If a cop is to abuse his power to the point of killing someone, he wouldn't do it while knowingly being on video. Even his partner never tried to stop people from filming the event or to convince Chauvin that it was enough. Another strange moment I find is when the paramedics showed up. They never gave Floyd medical attention but just throw him on a stretcher and drive away. The way I see it is this whole scenario was a display to the public and later to be on MSM for a specific purpose and I think they (whoever they is) got what they wanted. Interesting times we're living in alright, we could do without.
  7. @JackOnory I'd rather die in a tragedy than be rescued because I was a puppet.
  8. @CrowintheSnow Talking about lights, my dad told me a story about such an event but outdoors. Dad and mom were travelling late one evening (dark) on a remote paved road quite a few years ago. He said all of a sudden the sky lit up for as far as he could see like it was day time. It lasted a few seconds then back in the dark as normal. The next day it was mentioned in the paper and the report was that it had been witnessed by many and as far as over 100 miles away. He said they never heard anymore about it from the msm and no explanation was ever brought forward.
  9. I don't know if all the statements mentioned in your post are true but it sure made my day, especially the one quoted here. Cheers, love it.
  10. I won't forget he has died but I already forgot what he may have done right... if any.
  11. He wasn't born at 99 years old. He caused alot of suffering while on this rock and that is why people are glad to see him gone. It's not to say he's the only one on earth doing the carnage to humanity and we know who most of them are.
  12. PERMANENTLY? Wishful thinking... (TV=BRAINWASHING)
  13. THIS A /_I_\ II II III IIIIII I couldn't 've said it better myself... And to add a little to it; when my dad passed away last October, it wasn't big news in the media but he sure was a much greater man for the betterment of humanity than that scumbag. I'll sleep just fine tonight...
  14. @Grumpy Owl I just watched a video called The Healing Web by Dylan Louis Monroe after getting that link on Home - A Warrior Calls webinar tonight and it looks quite interesting but I have to look more into it as there is alot of info to go through. He seems quite knowledgeable in more then just the healing part and from what I see, he's not too far off the mark. The Healing Web, 2019 (weebly.com) chart itself will take a bit of study and focus to really understand it but I am willing to give it a serious look. Here is his website DEEP STATE MAPPING PROJECT – Deep State Mapping Project. The art of Dylan Louis Monroe. And his video We can all profit by staying away from pharmaceutical scammers whenever possible. I hope this is good info, Cheers!
  15. Here are 12 Vaccine Truths Vaccine (constantcontact.com)
  16. A middle finger won't do much with the cabal. I do connect with people opposed to this evil objective and it looks like there is not enough of us to change history even though i keep my hopes up. As far as being creative, I have a really a quick solution for the controllers but I can't say it on here. Let's say, when push come to shove I won't be going alone...
  17. The fella in the video below sums it up pretty well as to what has been going on and where we are heading. If only people would slow the fuck down a little and think for a minute. This world corruption has been going on for a very long time and this is pretty well our last chance for humanity to survive this evil force. It's only going to get worse, so may as well fight back together but the smart way or we'll go nowhere. Brighteon
  18. Here is a priest warning from Rome must hear before you die (Free Masons). Amazing what he says, especially coming from a priest. :) Brighteon
  19. Why pay to survive on a planet we were born on?

  20. I hate this planet more by the day. That fucking Trudeau needs to go any way possible, scumbag. Here in Canada, politicians are getting themselves a pay raise while we "the workers" can't work and locked down because of their scamdemic. And then they wonder why some people go around with guns, shooting in par lie ament. Economic downturn in Canada? Pay raise for Members of Parliament! (bitchute.com)
  21. Christopher James Home - A Warrior Calls Ezra Levant, Rebel News Rebel News Richard D. Hall RICHPLANET TV - Exposing Media Lies
  22. On "A Warrior Calls" live broadcast tonight, that very subject came up with a Dr. reference the push of multiple vaccines for a very nefarious agenda. It was quite an eye opener and I sure would recommend EVERYONE to watch those broadcasts (about 1 hr long) 3 times a week about this scamdemic. Home - A Warrior Calls Very informative. See you there.
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