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  1. 4 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    The list for excuses in the media for sudden death and heart problems has been growing more and did I miss any? covid/long covid goes without saying. 


    Causes for sudden death or heart attack: Any physical activity sudden death, plowing snow, taking paracetamol, moving clocks forward an hour, skipping breakfast, weather, being a football fan, pandemic stress poor diet, cannabis use, referee whistles, fizzy drinks cause stroke, Flu, rising bills, climate change changing babies more chance of heart problems, ukraine invasion, being sarcastic, napping, artificial light during sleep, extra serving of red meat linked to big rise in heart disease risk, over thinking poisons the brain, extreme weather rise in heart disease, video games, tennis practice, tiny particles in the air causes heart attack, breathing too many times per day, stress from christmas holidays and change in schedule, compound found in eggs linked to an enhanced risk of blood clotting, soil, air pollution leads to irregular heart beat, gardening (as activity), hot weather causes breathing problems, taking a shower, common cold causes blood clot, being too happy cause heart attack, 

    hey, you forgot COW FARTS.

    Bad for the environment so we should eliminate them and eat da bugz.  😊

  2. 1 hour ago, Nip said:


    The ultimate in buck-passing. Jeeeez !


    They’re all doing it including politicians, doctors, police, journalists and all the pukes out there that are the voice in a satanic war…

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  3. 1 hour ago, sock muppet said:


    “Stay home save lives” was a lie
    “We’re in this together” was a lie
    “Two weeks to slow the spread” was a lie
    “Masks help prevent the spread” was a lie
    “Super spreader events” was a lie
    “The vaccine is a dead end for Covid” was a lie
    “You’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccines” was a lie
    “Breakthrough cases are rare” was a lie
    “The shot is 100% effective” was a lie
    “Only two shots to get your life back” was a lie
    “You just need to get the third one” was a lie
    “The fourth one offers the most protection” was a lie
    “A million people died of Covid” was a lie
    “Pandemic of the unvaccinated” was a lie
    “Winter of severe illness and death” was a lie
    “Nobody was forced to take it” is a lie
    “The vaccines saved millions” is a lie
    “Nobody is injured or dying from the shot” is a lie
    It’s all lies


    No amnesty

    No deals

    No escape

    Justice first!!!

    But but but, I heard Santa Claus (Satan) Shwabstika (nazy) tell the truth once…


    The New Normal it is…



  4. 18 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    I was recently re-watching some old clips about geoengineering which i have shared online many times over the years. I just felt a pull to the information.


    one of the clips was of the climate scientist david keith being interviewed on the BBC 'hardtalks' programme, years ago and after i watched it i clicked on keith's wikipedia page to see what the guy is now upto as i haven't heard anything from him for years.


    I was reading through the page when something caught my eye. There was a bit about how him and his team had been considering what substances could be sprayed as particulates in the atmosphere to reflect the sunlight, allegedly to combat 'climate change' and i noticed that they had been considering spraying dust made up of ground up diamonds.


    This jumped out at me for two reasons. First of all because despite having read a lot about geoengineering over the years i don't recall anyone ever mentioning diamond dust. The usual substances people claim are being dropped on them are: aluminium, barium and strontium. So that was odd. But secondly i know that israel is central to the global diamond trade and that de beers diamond mining company had been created through rothschild money.


    So i did an online search and found an article in a science website about how a team at harvard (where keith worked) had discussed the idea of spraying diamond dust into the atmosphere and that they were being funded by bill gates but i couldn't really find anything else about this.


    This sounded really dodgy to me because i know that diamonds are extremely hard and crystaline and that surely inhaling powdered diamonds would be extremely harmful so i did a search to see if there were any known ill effects from inhaling diamond dust and i found an article about a condition called diamemia which can be caused by inhaling diamond dust and which afflicts some people who work in the diamond trade cutting and polishing diamonds.


    Well blow me down when it said in that article that diamemia can cause blood clots, cardiovascular issues and respiratory issues as those are all the conditions being associated with 'covid' and with the jabs for the alleged 'covid'. This got me thinking about whether some of the 'graphene' that some researchers are saying they have seen under spectroscopes, in peoples blood, is in fact diamond dust as graphene is also carbon and can turn into diamond under pressure.


    Then within days of me posting about this in my 'pirates republic thread' i saw an article on an indie media website saying that there is an israeli geoengineering company that wants to spray particulates into the atmosphere and its called 'stardust solutions'. Stardust is apparently made out of diamonds and israel just happens to be the centre of the worlds diamond trade.


    Suddenly more than a few dots were joining up. Now i don't have anything concrete about all of this yet but i wanted to put this out there to people so that they can also keep an eye on this and be vigilant. I also know that israeli planes have been flying into UK airports though this has been supposed to have been related to the movement of weapons to israel due to the gaza genocide. I just feel there is something to all of this and wanted to raise the alarm: diamond dust

    Makes you wonder, maybe the mask wasn’t a bad idea after all. 🤣

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  5. 19 hours ago, Dazzer said:

    Just read this beaut on a footy forum...


    It’s a long Story mate, I was told that on the balance of probability my Stroke was caused by a clot 


    A little humour here…

    I’ve had lots of strokes and it actually got the blood flowing 🤣

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  6. 6 hours ago, BornFreeNowAgain said:

    It is getting harder and harder for them to ignore now. At some point the dam will finally burst and they will have to talk about this in the media and then big G will have to respond. They probably have planned for this though and have a narrative already planned. The sheer numbers now are hard to ignore and even the sleeping are starting to mumble in their sleep 'something is wrong'. 

    In my travels I heard a good one on radio the other day, they were talking about this big pig farm and for the visitors going in the barn or close to pigs they’d have to wear masks and gloves and that is to protect THE PIGS. 😳


    It’s just the new normal, no worries folks…

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  7. 16 hours ago, Seconal said:


    But what about the vaccines they'll develop for farm animals. Would you eat an mRNA vaxxed Cow?

    I’ll eat an mRNA vax free moose.

    I would love to see Bill Gates chasing a moose with a syringe, I would have to video that challenge. 🤣

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  8. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    if they cause dementia in people then they lower those peoples cognitive powers which then makes them inferior in the sense that they will not be able to cognisize their state of enslavement nor strategise a resistance to it

    True but what I’m saying is that it is in everything they do including euthanasia. They don’t give a f**k about any of us useless ‘’eaters’’ When their medical system, wars and financial control is established to their standard, the unelected (and elected one’s) f**wits will TRY to put their foot down on the remainders, us, and that is when shit’s REALLY gonna hit the fan. 

    I’m waiting…

  9. 12 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    i think i heard vernon coleman make a link between dementia and a lack of vitamin B12


    we get vitamin B12 from animal products and vegans often have a lack of it. Now when we consider the WEF's goals of cutting down meat, egg and dairy consumption and replacing them with lab grown synthetic 'meat' and insects we could then anticipate an increase in dementia if it is true that vitamin B12 is a factor in that

    … but their objective (the parasites) is not to increase dementia in society, it’s to make you inferior to them. They eat the best there is and you only get to eat fucking bugs. 😲


    Dont get me wrong, there are many bugs and plants that are very good for you but I will still eat my stake (wild meat) no matter what the pukes say. 

    F**k them all…

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  10. 12 hours ago, Nip said:


    I'd suggest he is a compulsive liar. Shame really. He needs some kind of emotional and mental support

    The only support he deserves is a rope, a very good one for multiple uses since there are many parasites like him pushing this war on humanity… 👀 👀 


    No forgiveness and never forget.  😉

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  11. 6 hours ago, truther79 said:

    What are your views on contracting some form of illness from the jabbed when it comes to intercourse? Lots of differing views.

    My wife took the first 2 needles (convinced by her head nurse niece) and I don’t have any medical issues YET so I don’t know if that shedding thing is real of not.

    One thing for sure even if shedding is real, that won’t stop me from getting my nooky. 😊


  12. 5 hours ago, Mazthehobo said:


    It would only take a modified virus to attack the weakened immunity of the vaccinated and all of a sudden you are at that 17.5m figure.




    Nah, just be patient and let the original experimental injections do its thing you might get to that figure soon enough… 👀

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  13. 1 hour ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

    Word to the wise, if you are planning to start a business and wish to circumvent those bankrupting lockdowns make sure your business is an essential service. Essential services folk had a near total mobility during lockdown.




    Yes but, it came to a point in my neck of the woods (eastern Canada) one had to be vaxxed to travel. That’s how they do it.


    I said fuck this and laid low on employment insurance for a year and by then the restrictions were lifted.

     I would’ve shovelled shit for living if I had to. I ain’t no dart board for nobody so their poison they can shove it you know where.  🤣

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  14. 16 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:


    I expect they have installed limestone scrubbers to recirculate air but the amount required makes long term usage impractical. As regards the technologies required to obscure bunker venting I doubt they have anything revolutionary since they discovered that the ultra streamlined radar-defeating, billion dollar stealth aircraft are defeated by simple receptors that see the air turbulence. Granted they may find comfort in the idea that their presence will remain secret but nothing can hide that much air moving around. Might even move fast enough to create a whistling sound or a low droning rumble.




    I just hope that God does his thing and cracks this planet to a point of creating earthquakes where the pukes are hiding thus blocking the exits of their bunkers so they can finally die down under all at once with their own kind i.e. excrements, really.

    That would surely be an act of God of great change for humanity and all in one single event. 😄

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  15. I've heard of many tunnels under New York and it wouldn't surprise me if that is where the homeless can stay warm and live a different lifestyle down under. The real pedos have their rituals in better places than under someone's floor, more so on islands 🙂 or mansions...   

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  16. 9 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:


    Totally analog. Designed for efficiency under power outage. Typwriters, analog communication and power consumption metering. They don't install the crap killing us up here down there. If they do they stay well insulated from it. I say pipe down some chemtrails in their air intakes, see how they like it. In passing it is important never to underestimate how drawing air breaks cover. Creates air turbulence detectable with high end drones. It's the bunker's Achilles Heel. Especially with the metric tonnes of air they are moving.


    I suspect they know how vulnerable the vents are for bunkers and their set up is way more sophisticated than that and air already under is to be recycled constantly without the need for surface oxygen. We're not talking about bunkers like in Vietnam as you mentioned earlier, the ones they have is to last for a decade at least. 

    Do not underestimate the enemy, they know what they're doing but they still will fail on the long run because for one we are not evil scumbags like they are and two, we are on a PARASITE DIET... 😉


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