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  1. If this is a game you are playing, you will be disappointed as I am no fool to your little scheme. This thread is full of references 3434 pages including the video in question and you ask me to show you proof? I see what you are about now and don't bother responding. Morons on here, unreal.
  2. Yeap, their own documents and statements to the public.
  3. I would keep him home for 14 days before I would get him tested by crooks. And btw, @Truthspoon hit it on the nail. Best advice here.
  4. What do you need for proof? Fauci telling Bill Gates: "We're going to kill all the vaccinated and the unvaxed will go to internment camps. We will crash the economy and control planet earth with only freemasons left." And all on video with audio? If that is what you're waiting for well, get yourself a good couch as it'll never happen. The video I presented in the original post shows more than enough evidences to put them all in jail if the court system wasn't corrupted. So... yes, 100% lies. You should watch the video again to let it sink in.
  5. I would say everything went as planned since patents were submitted years ago and not after the convid plandemic breakout. They also have plans for the unvaxed, you can put money on that... Their plan is to tiptoe their way to full control of planet earth and it is a war of biblical proportion without firing a single bullet (so far). The worst is still to come and then bullets will be used. I went to a sporting goods store 2 days ago to buy bullets for hunting and the shelves were almost empty. Yeah, delivery problems my ass... We haven't seen half of what they're capable of and how far they're willing to carry this on. I already hear on the news (in Canada) the scare about how bad the internet hacking is during this plandemic so with time again the brainwashed will believe the official narrative when they shut down the internet to the general public saying it was done by big hackers from nowhere land. It's all in the books already and going as per their little exercise in 2019 called Event 201. Why is the price of fuel going up steady? All goods are transported by trucks so the truck companies have to pass the bill on to the consumers to survive so the price on every item purchased from anywhere will increase dramatically thus crashing the economy. It is not caused by a shortage of drivers, just another propaganda. They have always told us in advance their next move so anyone with opened eyes and ears can predict the near future. For the unvaxed it is an all out war worth dying for or else, internment camps... As the saying goes: Buckle up buttercup.
  6. Here is the proof about lying... https://rumble.com/vmowu6-urgent-newsthe-smoking-gun-that-will-put-anthony-fauci-into-prison.html
  7. Here is a Covid War Compilation. What pro and anti-vaxxers are saying about the vaccine stalemate. https://www.bitchute.com/video/WqHWkCsQ9css/ The best one I've heard @ 23min 45sec was (paraphrasing here): "If in order for you to get the jab you have to be pressured, lied to, coerced, shamed, threaten, punished and criminalized, be sure it's not in your best interests". That should end most arguments with a pro-vax..
  8. The Vigano Tapes Interesting to see how corrupted the Vatican is. If you have faith in God, have a look at this video. https://insidethevatican.com/vigano-tapes/the-vigano-tapes/ Cheers!
  9. The best evidence I have, I've seen with my own eyes and not just once. The video included here is about how to lure UFO's. Different to say the least.
  10. Here on the east coast Canada, the internet, tv and phones have been acting up quite a bit lately (on and off...) but no worries it wasn't planned, just a glitch.
  11. I never bothered as I wash once a month and I had just washed when I heard about it so... no need, I was good for a while.
  12. I hope it stays down... Good riddance
  13. The video in question is made by MrTruthBomb and his docs are well presented and to the point. I just found out about him lately, pretty good. Here is another good one I'm watching at the moment... https://www.brighteon.com/e5b332e2-8789-4cfd-926f-cf97daf994fd Enjoy, Cheers!
  14. After watching this video (Part 1), there's no reason for anyone to believe the WHO, Gates, Fauci or any of the satanic fucks and/or getting the jab. I have yet to see part 2 and I hope it's just as good. A must see, it pretty well explains it all. Don't be shy to share before it gets censored. https://www.bitchute.com/video/rvcQQgSb8F7W/
  15. Here is Michel Chossudovsky explaining this whole scam/reset. Very interesting. https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-michel-chossudovsky-the-corona-crisis-and-the-engineered-destabilization-of-the-global-economy/5745532
  16. 8 o'clock eastern time... my bad
  17. Sorry if this here has been posted already but here it goes... https://awarriorcalls.com/ Tonight @ 9 pm Eastern time (Canada) Chris James will have a webminar (You can watch it by registering at the bottom of the page) and according to him, he will reveal what is to come down in Ontario on Wednesday the 15th with the help of some police figures and fuck knows who else. According to him, it will go viral... He's been preaching for almost 2 years now about common-law and supposedly now he's got support from some of the law enforcements. We will see and I hope they can stir shit somehow. Btw, chances are it won't be on the news...
  18. It's all good posting tweets and all negative comments about this convid subject (which I have) but is there anything for the better of human kind? I've read very few of positive way out of this racket on here and they are few and far between. We can't see life as always negative and it sure doesn't hurt to look for a way out of this scam. Anything in this tread showing any PROGRESS against this scamdemic would be more beneficial than just rambling. Just saying...
  19. And here is the start of the great reset once the US economy has crashed. No, it was not planned...
  20. I did the same thing a few years ago with a local conservative member looking for my vote. I noticed a vehicle in my driveway with the party logo and his name on it. I wasn't long getting to the door to greet him. When I opened the inside door, that scumbag was already on the deck reaching out to open the screen door. I said in no uncertain terms: Hold'er, what the fuck do you want? After telling me in a reluctant way the reason for his visit (looking for votes), I just let him have it reminding him when I had been at his office before related to a local issue and he never gave me a second of his time and today was my turn. Needless to say I was not quite as polite as this fella in the video here and ended the one way conversation with: "Fly the fuck out of here, cocksucker". ... As a side note, I found out later that he was gay. I assume he must've been familiar with that name.
  21. And here is a 1 1/2 hour video on Richplanet with Andrew Johnson talking about the very same subject in August 2017. After watching the video, no one should believe in Convid propaganda anymore. Sickening really.
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