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  1. Thank you for posting this There are very few these days willing to speak the truth so it's well worth sharing.
  2. Justice like in the old west. Judged and sentenced by 12 of your peers, no appeal and if death by hanging is called for ? Done within 2 days Next...
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    A man falls asleep for hours tanning on the beach, wakes up in pain burnt from head to toe and needs to see a doctor for his second degree burns. The doctor prescribes remedies, pain killers and to take 1 viagra every 4 hours. Puzzled, the nurse asked how viagra can help him. Dr. says '' it'll at least keep the blankets away from his body''.
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    Here is a joke for you: 2 ladies get in on an elevator and one started sniffing and asked her lady friend: ''Don't you think it smells like sex in here''? Her friend apologized saying: Oops, sorry I burped.
  5. The ones at the top making decisions for their people, country, or planet for that matter, they should be appointed (hired) with FULL ACCOUNTABILITY. They would be fired on the spot and/or criminally charged when appropriate, for any wrong doings, not inquiries that leads nowhere and nothing more than just a shitshow. One would think twice knowing the rope is hanging outside waiting to be used… The voting system is rigged and as an example, our crime sinister turdo won the last election with less than a third of the votes… go figure
  6. I hear what you're saying and that is their plan but right now around the world there's already enough people awake to upset the cart, we just can't give up and that should be our first objective. Assuming they're winning this takeover is admitting defeat from the very beginning. I am not down yet and as the saying goes: I'd rather die standing than living on my knees. I am very well aware we are in this war for the long haul and it's only starting but instead of idling and letting them establish their rules, mandates and acts, we need to be pro-active and go after the parasites themselves. It's going to get ugly soon enough so lets roll up our sleeves (pun intended) not for the poison but for the long battle ahead and get a thicker skin. Eventually after much pain and deaths, we will have a new normal they so promoted but without the parasites themselves. Maybe they could foresee their own extermination... We need a strong positive mentality and perseverance to get there and one should seek likeminded individuals for support and survival. https://rumble.com/v261e7m-our-birthright.html
  7. It is our duty to save humanity from collapsing and by turning against all vaxxed people (as some suggest), it would be beneficial to no one during this long term struggle. The truth will prevail eventually and it is for each and everyone of us to do our best to share PROVEABLE FACTS with the vaxed and unvaxed on a regular basis. I managed (still) to influence quite a few sleepers myself and I make it my priority one to spread the truth. We are at a point of no return, we, all of us, have to work toward saving humanity and eliminate the parasites that have been killing billions over the years. A tooth for a tooth... we just can't afford to lose this battle, we can't. We do what is right and from the heart... Cheers!
  8. Take an extension cord, plug it in then put your tongue at the other end of it, after that, come back to us and tell us if it exist or not...
  9. I would bet any money this fella above is not worried about censorship at the moment, look at his face...
  10. Am I the only one to see this as in your face with what is going on today? THEY own you... Yeah like fuck they do.
  11. Here is one most would be familiar with, the TerraCotta Army... amazing!
  12. They shouldn't even be on this planet let alone walking the streets... fuck them all.
  13. Don't we already have reporters as in "YOUR NEIGHBOURS"??? They come from all sides now... :)
  14. Hey, you might be late to the party but here I'll fill you in... https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/first-do-no-harm and then here... https://rairfoundation.com/soviet-canada-doctor-locked-in-psych-ward-who-exposed-stillbirths-explosion-in-vaccinated-moms-interview/ and icing on the cake... https://rumble.com/vr4tie-trudeau-admits-he-is-breaking-the-law.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=2 It's been in the works for a while...
  15. Well they will blame anything to cover up their genocide. Yesterday while travelling by car, I heard the major news story was about why so many hospitals were overcrowded by up to 200% in some places these days here in Canada. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the reason and had a good laugh knowing most people are so gullible to swallow this bs. The reason given was because it was right after the holidays. That's it... We sure must be conspiracy theorists to believe otherwise. FUCKTARDS!!
  16. I think these days the worst of possibilities are right here on this rock. The sooner we leave this rock honorably the better off we will be. I just go with what my heart tells me and I do not worry about such a thing. Life too short... Cheers!!
  17. That was just my opinion and just like arseholes, everybody's got one.
  18. Nah, that is what you think. Money is not an issue if you print the darn thing... Banksters are in charge. Look beyond the money aspect of this "Great Reset", "transgenderism and gayish lifestyle (I should also include pedophilia) is nearly the norm now let alone this new robotic shit that has been introduced in society in more ways then most think. Doing away with family values is a sure way to break society and guess what... Look where we're at now Men and Women need to wake the fuck up soon or it's going to get really ugly in a very near future, beware.
  19. Same idea as having to be vaxxed to be eligible for assisted suicide...
  20. ‘Close encounters in closed rooms’ – what a fabulous German euphemism for assisted suicide. The term ‘2G’ meanwhile refers to a system which only allows free movement for leisure activities for the geimpft oder genese— ‘vaccinated or recovered.’ God forbid that a person without the jab should try to end it all – talk about a vaccine passport to the afterlife… Steerpike Steerpike is The Spectator's gossip columnist, serving up the latest tittle tattle from Westminster and beyond. Email tips to [email protected] or message @MrSteerpike What does that tell you... You can only die if you're healthy
  21. Liar he is and worse. Also during the crackdown on the convoy in Ottawa some people on site mentioned that the bullies believed to be police officers could barely speak English (UN ??). Hmm, listen to when Crime Sinister turdo almost spilled the beans in that inquiry at 1:53:30 into his questioning… He also wanted to invoke the Emergency Act in the spring 2020 when the plandemic started but couldn’t get support from the provinces. You can listen to him say that at 1:58:55. what a fucking low piece of shit…
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    Ugly looking thing I'll tell you, as a welding inspector... Build back better hey?
  23. Not just torture but also pedophilia, trans, bi, gays are also becoming normalized by brainwashing our next generations. They want to break family values, sexualize everything on tv, bars, concerts, movies, etc promoting their agenda for the dumbass going along with it. ...sick fucks
  24. DISCUSTING And the problem is not only happening in that location or the UK but in America also and it's been going on for quite a few years now. Abuse seems to be a trend lately and here is a video I posted in the child abuse thread on sexual abuse on kids and covered up. Fast forward to 37 minutes, heart breaking... https://www.bitchute.com/video/DIctrJ1kR91X/
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