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  1. I fully understand what you are getting at here but in my humble opinion, I hear there are talks about some kind of positive force getting together world wide to reverse the tide peacefully and get the key players in a world court. There still is some positive influential and powerful people out there that are also awake (not everyone is a mason ) but it takes time and they keep their cards close to their chests, that is if they can make it happen before the other side unleash a world war... Only God knows... and work for the best.
  2. i can think of at least two I used to like as entertainers but no longer since they promoted the f’n poison… Dolly Parton Morgan Freeman
  3. I wonder what would happen to your BC or Crypto or whatever else if when digital ID becomes the only way to be part of society...
  4. I think what they are doing is quite revealing and I suspect we will find out really f**kn soon folks. Btw, the war on humanity is still ongoing, just a reminder...
  5. Well, maybe she had been shovelling shit (way heavier) that she acquired in the last 4 year, only God knows.
  6. He probable just signed his death warrant, just saying….
  7. ... and since this puke is dead, another one surfaced to carry the torch. It is also a gay and pedo club I might add...
  8. it’s just a shitshow for the gullible and that asshole connected to the WEF (same as that Indian traitor from the NDP) will ‘win the next election’ since Trudeau has accomplished his task and Poil lievre will continue to carry the agenda forward. Trudeau will pursue his NWO plan but somewhat behind the scene thus limiting his liability. If this document Poil lievre refers to is authentic and end up in court, it will last so long that it’ll end up being dismissed. It’s just a game for these fuckers and I sure can’t wait to see them all 6 feet under if i get to last that long.
  9. Investigate, investigate, investigate I think they have investigated long enough. It’s time (long overdue) to get justice and deal with the pukes. I’m sick and tired to hear ‘we must investigate’, most of us on here have reached the conclusion of the investigation a long time ago but it doesn’t count because we’re no ‘experts’.
  10. be patient, it looks like it’s in the cards…
  11. Very true, a brain fart on my part. Thanks Nip !
  12. hey, you forgot COW FARTS. Bad for the environment so we should eliminate them and eat da bugz.
  13. They’re all doing it including politicians, doctors, police, journalists and all the pukes out there that are the voice in a satanic war…
  14. But but but, I heard Santa Claus (Satan) Shwabstika (nazy) tell the truth once… The New Normal it is…
  15. Makes you wonder, maybe the mask wasn’t a bad idea after all.
  16. A little humour here… I’ve had lots of strokes and it actually got the blood flowing
  17. Isn’t that what they did with Convid and the vax? It sure worked out in their favour then by the look of the sheep, just saying….
  18. With new terminology these days it cannot be a lake, a pond or a river. Even a puddle can be a body of water but it’s too complicated for the fuckwits so a body of water it is and covers them all.
  19. In my travels I heard a good one on radio the other day, they were talking about this big pig farm and for the visitors going in the barn or close to pigs they’d have to wear masks and gloves and that is to protect THE PIGS. It’s just the new normal, no worries folks…
  20. I’ll eat an mRNA vax free moose. I would love to see Bill Gates chasing a moose with a syringe, I would have to video that challenge.
  21. True but what I’m saying is that it is in everything they do including euthanasia. They don’t give a f**k about any of us useless ‘’eaters’’ When their medical system, wars and financial control is established to their standard, the unelected (and elected one’s) f**wits will TRY to put their foot down on the remainders, us, and that is when shit’s REALLY gonna hit the fan. I’m waiting…
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