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  1. @SimonTV Even though the construction worker video looks staged (rappelling down ), it sure gets a point across.
  2. The construction worker got it down path I'll tell ya. He calls a spade a spade. I wish there were more people like him on this rock. Maybe life would be easier for humanity if the "sleepers" were to wake up some day and use their brains and hearts for once.
  3. I have 7 siblings and mom still living in our family (dad passed of cancer last year) and all jabbed but the only convid related black sheep in the family... me. Well, a couple weeks ago I got a call about my younger bro being in ICU for reactions of different kinds. Come to find out he had heavy chills, hearth racing, shaking and somewhat imbalanced. After getting multiple tests results from C-scans, MRI, blood, etc they found his heart was enlarged on 1 side. Anyway, he ended up spending 6 days in ICU severely medicated then sent to regular floor for another 5 days. Right away without being a doctor, I would bet my bottom dollar that it's experimental injection related. I mentioned it once to a family member and he absolutely rejected that theory getting angry at the same time and went on a retarded mumbo jumbo about convid is real etc and he knows because it was on the news. Needless to say I had my say and hung up on him. What do people need in order to understand the scam? I'm ready to leave this planet any day now...
  4. I already showed my position on "Greer the greed" on this site... To cut it short: Beware of false prophets as they are everywhere these days. After wasting your time on him for a while, you'll agree about what we're talking about here. Cheers mate !!
  5. You have a link for that? I would love to read/hear about it. One thing to consider is if that is the case that he is fighting the cabal and not playing us, the court system will drag its feet to process a case against the elites. Not to mention how much work it involves to get as many reliable and scientific proofs that it is a scam. If it was to go like a Nuremberg II, it's a big apple to chew...
  6. When I was offered employment back in April, masks on work sites were mandatory. After I accepted the offer over the phone that is when the manager mentioned that masks wearing was mandatory. I didn't think twice and asked right away if face shields were acceptable as an alternative. He answered positively and I took the job. Side note here, at the shop, hard hats are mandatory so are safety glasses, boots, etc. In order to survive the evil plan, we have to play smart and be a fighter at the same time. Wearing a face shield is not an issue for breathing clean air and less submissive looking if find. But if he would've said masks only, I would've decline the work on health basis. We have to be able to survive while fighting the cabal and we're in it for the long haul so a job means revenue while planning for an imminent dark future. We all have bills to pay and dependants to look after thus the need for work. You can take a hiring company or an employer to court over this and you might win but... I'll bet my bottom dollar, they'll drag this in courts (especially now and convid related) for years and you'll go broke before you win your case. Just saying, you might have to come to some kind of alternative (like I did) prior to just quit or get fired over this. Unless you know you'll be fine financially doing without. And Yes , you are right. It's against the law and I'm proud of you for saying so...
  7. I forget on which video I heard the following. There was some major upgrading work planned for WTC7 prior to 9/11 and the contractors needed the technical drawings to accomplish their tasks. According to that lady, everybody knew there were explosives set throughout the building and they would've had to work around that. They never got to do the work as 9/11 happened first. I wonder if there was any truth to that...
  8. Same here Especially when they already planned to shutdown the internet as we use to know it. It is ok to express our emotions on here at times but I noticed fewer planning on our part than criticism of the system. As someone said: Wake up Freddy, the day is over.
  9. @karmaxxxx Well, it was about make Britain great again and now we're talking surviving when SHTF. I didn't want to derail the tread. I assume anything positive is good...
  10. @karmaxxxx Well said and the way you say it, you hit it on the nail.. Thank you
  11. Sorry for derailing. We could discuss more in the Solution Section...
  12. Like a need for vetoed reliable leaders to organize it properly and be the voice of all, fully transparent of course.
  13. Any inputs from any members would be welcome as we may all have to come to that level in the near future. Any ideas?
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