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  1. True and you would think it would also reflect on the stats...
  2. @oz93666 I don't believe any of it or we would see evidences of funeral homes being overwhelmed. For example, my father passed away (cancer) at the end of October and it took 5 days to have his wake in a "red" region. Not too bad when considering how many are supposedly dying of this scamdemic, let alone of other causes. And I might add, the reason for the 5 day delay was because the funeral home was only allowed to have 1 wake at a time as opposed to 3 or 4 like most funeral homes can have. At that rate, of course there will be back logs. You think the undertakers will tell yo
  3. @epsom I hear you, I've been wasting a lot of time and energy talking to the brainwashed. It's hard to explain how can anyone (like most under 40 yo) tell you "the truth" about any subject via cell phone/internet but yet can't figure this one out, is beyond me. Now instead of talking to the brainwashed, I just let them know where I stand by my actions and reactions in public. I sure get attention at times but I also get to talk to like minded strangers on the subject. I noticed that it makes them feel good knowing they are not alone knowing about this fraud on humanity. Btw a
  4. @FVCK BILLY G4TES I reviewed the shooting of that Babbitt lady and most of the riot and I smell a great big fish here. Am I missing something here? If we look carefully at the shooting, surprisingly the bullet (a la JFK) hit Babbitt in the throat and never come out the back. Did the cop use a low powered handgun? One would expect the bullet to go through her "neck" and hit the wall or the picture on the wall, yet no indication of a bullet hitting the wall anywhere. Another anomaly of this video is Babbitt was reportedly shot in the neck yet some "actor" is putting pressure
  5. That is the kind of protests (if not better) we need to have everywhere in the world but... AGAINST THE SCAMDEMIC.
  6. They knew major protesters were to show up today so... if it's not staged, they are plain stupid. I believe that is what they wanted to create division and hopefully have many injured and or dead to speed up their agenda. Republicans or Democrats... They're all the same.
  7. Yes it is. Enjoying the show yet? It's been in the making for years and it's not over... Darker days ahead for the whole planet, wait and see.
  8. Here is a good one folks about Fauci taking the jab and I suspect his last comments (and gesture) about being sore is not a mistake but has a meaning ... Wait a Second! What's Going on Here? (bitchute.com)
  9. That is the problem with this society. Look at the scamdemic going on right now, evidences of it being a scam is obvious and most can't be bothered looking for the truth. Lazy people rely on the MSM to guide them in life. SAD BUT TRUE.
  10. @LFOD Follow your gut instinct. I see him the same way and I suspect he works for 3 letter agencies for an upcoming alien false flag threat. He stinks so bad, I can smell him from here.
  11. @oz93666 The cabal wants that info (propaganda) out there because if that wasn't the case, it wouldn't be on google, period.
  12. @Seeker According to retired Israeli general and current professor Haim Eshed, the answer is yes, but this has been kept a secret because "humanity isn't ready." So now we're ready I assume? The aliens should eliminate the scamdemic dictators on this planet, they would find out humanity is ready to welcome them here. Joking aside, now that professor Haim Eshed is retired, he reveals such a big secret and it's all cool... ok I can see in a not too distant future, the aliens as our next invisible enemy just like Covid is. Wait and see
  13. The MSM has gone over the deep end. Here on the local news a couple days ago they reported that now fish, whales and other marine life might get infected of the corona virus due to infected people flushing toilets. lol Fauci better tell them to follow the 2m distancing rule and to wear masks... maybe a curfew? That's better than watching cartoons.
  14. I've never seen a virus so DEADLY in my life. It's killing everything on this planet, scary times. Now I want to be abducted by aliens to get to another planet, oh just wait...unless they already abducted a Convid positive human. We're fucked anyway and some people are worried about going to hell when they die. WE ARE IN HELL
  15. When the shooter shoots the victim the first time and walks down the allee, the camera doesn't follow the shooter as if it couldn't, then toward the end, it films the end of the allee. Why did the cop secure the area AFTER looking after the victim? Your security first (secured area) then look after the victim. Where did the tarp or whatever that was go? Nah...
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