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  1. Well in Cantonese the word for '4' sounds a lot like the word for 'death'. In Hong Kong people avoid owning cars with a 4 in the number plate. As a biker I wanted a motorcycle with 444 in the number plate but never managed it. Rode around on a 750 Kawasaki with the lads from The Wanch.
  2. We've been here before but tonight I feel like repeating myself... I play saxophone. When buying really old saxophones you have to be careful about what pitch they were made in. Low Pitch is A = 440Hz. High Pitch is A = 456Hz. Amusingly if you have a High Pitch sax and transpose it you can just about play in tune with an A= 432Hz instrument. If the sax was made before 1920 be very careful of the Low Pitch / High Pitch problem. High Pitch saxes were made up until the mid 1930s but became increasingly rare. My 1925 Selmer sax is Low Pitch. Note that 432Hz is nowhere to be seen! Now for the boring history bit. A tuning fork owned by Handel has A = 422.5Hz. One owned by Beethoven had A = 455.4Hz. Tuning was all over the place. 440Hz was used by some orchestras then in 1834 the Stuttgart conference agreed on A = 440Hz. Verdi (1840s to 1901) liked A = 432Hz, nobody else cared. Eventually A = 440Hz became the modern international standard. Very old pipe organs in churches tend to get sharp over time, the frequency of A increases because every 50 years or so the pipes have to be re-tuned. That means removing metal, that sharpens the tone. etc and in ever more detail should you be interested. Anyway A = 440Hz is NOT a conspiracy.
  3. I don't make New Years Resolutions. What I do is make a list of everything that is pissing me off and see what can be done to remove them! Some like that squeeky hinge on the bedroom door get dealt with by a burst of WD40. Others are not so simple... And as ever - learn to recognise that which can be changed and that which can't!
  4. For more than you wanted to know about Aaron Carter go here:- https://kiwifarms.net/threads/aaron-carter.102894/ Sometimes the site is unavailable when it comes under attack - a lot of people hate it... Tor is your friend in that case!
  5. For a more modern take on the hollow earth look out for books by Brinsley Le Poer Trench. Especially "Secret of the Ages: UFO's from Inside The Earth" (1974) and "Reptiles From The Internal World" (1979) published by Panther Books - you should fine them used at Abe Books.
  6. Yes, that is the back of a woman. Skinny, probably spends time in the gym too. Lots of photos of her on the interweb, not many showing her back though. None look as bad as that though. I wonder if it has been photoshopped? Surprised her staff let her out looking that that if it is an untouched photo! She has been getting stick for being too thin since at least 2015.
  7. Read the book! Any TV series based on a book leaves a lot out and creates distortions of what was originally written. While Arthur C Clarke had a liking for young men, I'm not sure he was a paedophile.
  8. useful links:- https://kiwifarms.net/whats-new/ https://kiwifarms.net/threads/the-caroline-farrow-adrian-harrop-and-anthony-george-halliday-stephanie-hayden-megathread.71712/ this one is nasty - extreme caution advised if you are of a sensitive nature!:- https://kiwifarms.net/threads/srs-and-grs-surgeons-and-associated-horrors.76786/ More than you wanted to know about Clara Sorrenti (keffals) the transsexual that managed to cause kiwifarms serious trouble for a week or so:- https://kiwifarms.net/threads/keffals-clara-sorrenti-lucas-john-roberts-queen-clara-the-fart-dominatrix-sorrentithott.115295/ Intriguing mix of truth and lies and opinions from Russia, Ukraine, USA etc about the ongoing situation:- https://kiwifarms.net/threads/russian-invasion-of-ukraine-megathread.128094/ There is lots more, interested in the various arguments in the gaming community? More than you wanted to know! etc.
  9. Despite the best efforts of assorted twisted individuals kiwifarms.net is back up and running. You are advised to download and learn how to use the TOR web browser for your operating system. Mainly I use kiwifarms.net because it is faster, accessing via TOR is slower, however, should it be necessary:- http://kiwifarmsaaf4t2h7gc3dfc5ojhmqruw2nit3uejrpiagrxeuxiyxcyd.onion/ is the link to access kiwifarms via TOR and the dark web. https://t.me/s/kiwifarms has regular updates on the state of play.
  10. Was the Nord Stream gas leak caused by sabotage? The following is courtesy of Kiwifarms.net (which is back despite efforts to get them off the internet). USS Kearsage was close to Bornholm Island (Danish) and the Nord Stream pipeline. A US helicopter with the call sign FFAB123 is cited as the possible culprit using an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle of some sort. A sea-drone if you will. Feel free to check this info!
  11. kiwifarms.net is dead kiwifarms.ru is dead kiwifarms.top is working! Yes, Cloudflare in the USA kicked them off, then DDOS-Guard in Russia kicked them off, so now they are hosted in China. If you have any concerns around the Alt-Right in the USA, or transexual activists, or general internet weirdos: it is THE place to go to find out more about them than you ever wanted to know.
  12. this is nothing. Google 'shotacon' and follow the links. Then 'lolicon' and follow the links. Then google 'Boku no pico'.
  13. https://t.me/s/kiwifarms has important info about the current state of play. kiwifarms.net has been blocked by Cloud Flare kiwifarms.ru is the Russian mirror that is currently under attack. Why does any of this matter? Censorship and freedom of speech. If Kiwi Farms can be forced off the internet ANYTHING can be forced off the internet - including David Icke. The future for all of us may well involve TOR and the dark web. http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion/threads/the-endless-drum-beating.129023/ for those that already use TOR. If you don't use TOR, time to start learning how!
  14. kiwifarms.net is an American website that is under attack by a number of transexual activists. The major attack is expected this (Monday 29th August 2022) evening. The website is peculiar to say the least, I lurk there because some of the info posted on various barking mad individuals varies from interesting to downright bizarre. Some of it is frankly disgusting. Want to know more than you ever wanted to about Holly Dance her dead son Archie Battersbee? It's there. Want to discuss pro / anti Holocaust without fear? It's there. Want the video of the Christchurch and other shootings? It's there. I knew there were some first class dangerous weirdos around, well, Kiwi Farms is where you find out about them. Do NOT go into the SRS (bad sexual re-alignment surgery) thread unless you have a strong stomach. Why anybody would ever think it was a good idea to get surgery that bad is beyond me. And the mad people encourage each other despite the terrible results!
  15. I was watching telly this morning when a programme about Werner Von Braun came on. It included footage from the cameras when he sent the very first rocket into space in 1942. Clue: it's round!
  16. Well, I watched all 16 minutes of that Lookoutfa Charlie video. He claims the final mastering process is unnecessary. Wrong! Once the multi-track audio has been mixed down to stereo you then have to consider exactly how you are going to release that song. Selling it as a vinyl single? Needs a different mastering process. Selling it as a vinyl LP? Needs yet another different mastering process. Selling it as a CD? Needs yet another different mastering process. Releasing a version just for the radio? Different again. Releasing a best-quality version for the hi-fi nutters spending thousands on their audio equipment? Different again. As for those 'voices' - well I almost managed to hear one little section, but mainly utter twaddle as usual. I think he would enjoy playing the songs backwards listening for satanic messages a lot more... I haven't bothered to work through his methodology, but I can assure you no psychologists working for the gubmint are adding funny noises to the final release that might sound like voices if you have enough imagination. And yes, I have worked in a professional recording studio on music that went on to be released on vinyl, radio, TV, and CD.
  17. The computer was a bit cruder than a ZX Spectrum. 2084 words of RAM and 36,864 words of ROM. The computer had only one job to do and was programmed in Assembler. That means with careful programming you can get it all to fit and do the job. Very old school nowadays! I used to work programming 4bit and 8bit microprocessors in assembler a lifetime ago. They used RTL (resistor-transistor-logic) which is even older than the now obsolete TTL (transistor-transistor-logic) chips I used when designing digital electronic gubbins. More than you want to know here:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_Guidance_Computer
  18. As for the various other countries: Persia became the name for what is now Iran mainly because of the Ancient Greeks. Persia is what you might call a county of Iran. Like calling The Netherlands 'Holland' when Holland is just a region of The Netherlands. So why Iran? Because they speak Farsi, and the name of the country in Farsi just happens to be Iran not Persia! There is nothing to see here, no conspiracy theories. As for hiding god... happily there is no god to hide!
  19. Prussia is part of what is now Germany plus assorted bits and pieces of countries next door. Most definitely NOT Russia!
  20. Bah Humbug! I was there in 1976 doing Electronic Engineering exams in hotter temperatures than these. Nanny-State needs telling where to get off....
  21. So you both distrust physics and science so much that you are happy to use products made as a direct result of physics and science to tell us how much you distrust physics and science. Well done!
  22. I'm an old man so it won't be long until I find out one way or the other. And if I'm wrong... I look forward to telling her she isn't much of a god needing all that worship. Still typical female I suppose.
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