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  1. Not true. Piers Corbyn has been talking about the coming Little Ice Age and grand solar minimum for years! see weatheraction.com
  2. You scrap the vehicle or permanently export the vehicle. That's it...
  3. Bubbles are spherical because of surface tension, it has nothing to with gravity. The tension wants to be a minimum and the shape that allows that is a sphere.
  4. Look, the British Empire couldn't hold Afghanistan in the 19th Century. Soviet Russia couldn't hold Afghanistan in the 20th Century. What chance does anyone have of holding it in the 21st Century? None, as has been proved by recent events.
  5. Well: 20:55 UTC is the time at Greenwich also known as GMT. Those islands off Africa look to be the Cape Verde Islands, please do tell if you can work out from that tiny pic precisely which islands they are. Now, the Cape Verde islands are in a different timezone. They are 1 hour behind UTC so the actual time in Cape Verde was 19:55. The leads to - what time does the sunset in the Cape Verde islands? Today the sun sets in Cape Verde at 18:43 local time. On 21st August 2021 sunset was at 18:56. As you know, there is 'twilight' where you are still aware of light from the sun. Astronomical Twilight on 21st August 2021 ended at 20:10 local time. So in Cape Verde you would have been aware of something interesting happening in the last 15 minutes of twilight. https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/@3374818?month=8&year=2021 and here is an animation of the eclipse at Cape Verde that suggests the timings given in your pic are a bit out:- https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/@3374818?iso=20170821 The earth spins!
  6. Oh go on then. Google 'Gilbert and George'.
  7. I abandoned idols of all kinds 40 years ago. But Zappa was a very good guitarist and an excellent composer of both rock and modern classical music. His life story is well known from a couple of biographies and assorted newspaper, TV, and radio interviews I could give other examples of people breaking the common standards of propriety going back hundreds of years before 1967 or any year since. I have better things to do.
  8. You sound a bit repressed to me. Welcome to 1967!
  9. oddsnsods: those pics of the wind turbines are a very good approximation to what I saw when I was sitting in the Coast Bar at The Claremont Hotel in Douglas Isle of Man. What better proof of 'the curve' and the globe earth can you get? I avoid Flat Earth threads unless I have something very definite to say. The flat earth nutters are impossible to debate with.
  10. OK. Let's try 0.81 and 0.162 and 0.355347. Can you see what I did there? I used the numbers from my example above and made them constants less then 1. Do 8.1 1.62 16.2 3.55347 get any more exciting?
  11. A weird book you might like is 'Jesus The Man' by Barbara Thering. She uses the well known 'pesher' technique to extract a very different story about the life of Jesus from the New Testament. (he died in Rome an old man, for everything else you will have to read the book!)
  12. You might find the TV series 'Testament' made by John Romer in 1988. You can find it on YouTube. There is a book too. It covers the history of the bible. How it came to be what it is now and the people who wrote it. It is well done and in a way that does not offend believers unless they literally believe the bible to be the unaltered word of god.
  13. Have a read of Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky. He makes it very clear that a comet HAS crashed into the earth in recorded history and gives so many quotes from the bible and other sources he practically rubs your nose in it! Standard science hates him and his works with a vengeance! Whether he is correct in his conclusions I honestly don't know, but he was the first to point out that something is very wrong with history and the 'unchanging' nature of astronomy and geology.
  14. We used to think Bob Hite of Canned Heat was really really fat! In these modern days of the obesity epidemic he looks quite sleek. Ewige Blumenkraft.
  15. "Wholesome traditional society". When did that ever exist? Sex And Drugs And Rock'N'Roll has always been a better way to live. Unless you prefer a monastery? I nearly did...
  16. I downloaded the 'Flat Earth Clues' pdf by Mark Sargent recommended by Jikwan. What follows is a comprehensive rebuttal of the first few pages. On page 13 of Flat Earth Clues headed ‘Your Guide to The Flat Earth’ the first error occurs in paragraph 3. “But for those who have never forgotten their history, here’s the modified “Men In Black” version. For the first 4,000 years of our civilization, we believed that the earth was a flattish disk, surrounded by a solid dome barrier called the Firmament. All of the five major religions had their own version of this, and the churches enforced the belief.” Except: the Chaldeans knew the earth was round and stated ‘that the moon’s light is reflected and her eclipses are due to the shadow of the earth.’ They are the same Chaldeans mentioned in Genesis 11:31 when Abraham left Ur of the Chaldees with his family. Let’s move forward to the Romans and Pliny who wrote ‘Human beings are distributed all round the earth and stand with their feet pointing towards each other… Another marvel, that the earth herself hangs suspended and does not fall and carry us with it.’ And so we move on to paragraph 4. “Then, around 1514, a man named Copernicus created a new model of the world. He stated that if the earth was spinning around 1,100 miles an hour, and circling the sun at 60,000 miles an hour, the world was round.” But the ancient Greeks knew the world was round. Eratosthhenes was born about 276BC and calculated the diameter of the earth. Copernicus used the very accurate observations of Tycho Brahe to prove heliocentrism – the planets orbit the sun. Tycho Brahe would have none of it, he stuck to geocentrism, the sun, moon, and planets orbited the earth in circular orbits. Now our hero Tycho Brahe comes to the rescue to demolish the solid dome Firmament in paragraph 1. The 1577 comet. Shown above is a depiction of the 1577 comet observed by Tycho, which remained visible from November 1577 to January 1578. His observations revealed no measurable parallax, implying that the comet was located beyond the sphere of the moon. His reconstruction of the comet's orbital path (below), from brightening and dimming and displacement with respect to the background stars, indicated that the comet moved across the concentric planetary crystalline spheres. This supported the notion of a "fluid heaven" and contradicted the physical reality of these spheres as real, hard, transparent, and contiguous spherical shells. Orbital path (1577 comet). The comet's path is drawn within Tycho's planetary system, where all planets orbit around the Sun, with the latter orbiting a fixed Earth. Note that the comet's path crosses numerous planetary spheres, from which Tycho concluded that the said spheres could not be crystalline, solid objects as assumed by Aristotle. Like Nicolaus Copernicus and other earlier astronomers, Tycho clung firmly to the notion of perfectly circular orbits for all heavenly bodies; Johannes Kepler would be the first to break from this particular theory. The observatory that Tycho Brahe had built at Uraniborg on the island of Hven in 1576 was one of the last in Europe before the invention of the telescope.
  17. oddsnsods, the path of the planets is correct. If you plot them out over the years it takes for them to complete their orbits as seen from earth then you really DO gets those patterns. It certainly is not proof of a flat earth. You could say those squiggly bits are due to the ball earth orbiting the sun. If you wanted to...
  18. Jikwan, the Claremont Hotel in Douglas is very nice. You don't have to book a room to use the Coast Bar, just go camping and then sit in the bar looking out to sea and on a nice clear day you will see the wind turbines with your own eyes. Take binoculars too, starting to wish I did. On your way out on the ferry take something you trust that measures distance so you can note where the nearest turbine to Douglas is. The distances I found were for Walney Island but that wind farm covers a massive area and no one will tell me exactly where the last turbine is! More precisely, the distances are to the NEAREST turbines to Walney Island = furthest from Douglas.
  19. The Coast bar is on the ground floor of the Claremont Hotel so I was sitting 30 to 40 feet above sea level. Don't know the exact height from sea level to Douglas Promenade, and then half a dozen steps from the pavement into the hotel. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@54.1508331,-4.4802022,17z should get you to Google Maps so you can use the street view feature. Oh, and well done on managing to find out where the nearest wind turbine is to Douglas! I trawled the interweb and Walney Island was the best I could find. We did pass by turbines in the sea as we cruised by on the Ben My Cree ferry from Douglas to Heysham. Anyway, apart from Ball Earth what other possible explanation could there be for me being able to watch the turbine blades rotate and the bottom third be hidden by the horizon?
  20. 10 minutes with a pen and paper shows that once you have found a number whose digits add up to 9 then you can multiply it by any whole number up to infinity and still get 9 when you sum the digits. 81 = 8 + 1 = 9 2 x 81 = 162 = 1 + 6 + 2 = 9 4,387 x 81 = 355,347 = 3 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 4 + 7 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9 etc literally ad infinitum! So what is the problem and the great secret?
  21. I give in. What is the Pythagorean sum of a number?
  22. A few days ago I was sitting in the Coast bar of the Claremont Hotel on Douglas promenade on the Isle of Man. I was drinking a double measure of Southern Comfort and idly looking out of the window out to sea. I happened to notice there were wind turbines in the distance. The turbines are big. The bottom third of the turbine blades dropped below the horizon as they turned. What would cause that? I was looking East. It was probably the Walney wind turbine farm about 30 miles out to sea from the Isle of Man. The turbine blades are over a 100 metres long.The tips of the blades are about 180 meters tall at the highest point. Just in case anyone wants to do a quick calculation on how much of the turbines should be hidden by the curvature of the earth. Or come up with some other explanation.
  23. ALL Abrahamic religions are bollocks so god can go fuck herself. Or Allah or whatever you call the bint.
  24. Indeed. Follow the money... The council knew what might happen but hoped it wouldn't.
  25. Probably just a small child having a bad dream. I am reliably informed that when stressed I chunter like hamster a in my sleep... My 3 year old grand daughter used to shriek "No daddy no!" in her sleep. You can imagine how the family and neighbours interpreted that... Not true. Just a 3 year old having bad dreams. Do keep monitoring though, you need to build up the evidence.
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