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  1. Ways to make holes in everything from sea shells to skulls (for trepanning) have been around for 30,000 years or so. 'Accurate' ways of making holes in metal for making guns and machines have been around for hundreds of years. https://www.gutenberg.org/files/20239/20239-h/20239-h.htm is a translation from the latin of the 10 books on architecture by Vitruvius, a Roman engineer and architect. That should tell how they have been building things for the last couple of thousand years.
  2. Your 'daily-driver' normal operating system should be linux or if you fancy a trip to geekland one of the BSDs. If your job involves high-end audio or high-end video or heavy duty maths you may well find that you have no choice but to use Windoze or Mac OSX. For everything else there are alternatives that run on linux and play nicely with the Windoze and Mac versions. The BSDs aren't quite as well served in that respect. First choice linux: debian. If the evil that is systemd vexes you then use devuan, they rebuild debian to work without systemd. I use it for audio work. My daily-driver is OpenBSD.
  3. Dear Ethel. Women are evil. Nasty nasty evil bitches that steal the semen from from men so they can have children. I can name names of evil bitches that did that....
  4. Abortion is a sad necessity. In the old days I supported 'Abortion on Demand'. Now because of immigration from foreign cultures I find it impossible to support it due to abortion of females.
  5. Well, it depends on your point of view... I think that bringing another being into the world to suffer and die is a shockingly bad thing to do. I had a vasectomy and have no offspring if that helps... I DO like getting my hands on a really nice big pair of tits though.
  6. Tired of god-bothering fuckwits threatening Satan and hell. Let me explain: ALL of my friends will be there. My dad, a really nice bloke unlike me will be there. My wife will be there. It will be a big fuck off party because we will outnumber Satan and his full-of-shit demons by 20 to 1.
  7. They can't spell either! medicines, pesticides. Nobody lied about lead in paint. It took awhile but they worked out too much lead intake is bad for you. Small children used to like chewing on things painted with lead paint so to protect them from themselves and their incompetent parents that let them do it governments forced the manufacturers to remove the lead. What are the lies about opiods? Use them too much and there is a risk of addiction. Everybody has always known that going back thousands of years. The safety of vaccines. Mainly they are safe. Some aren't worth having because the disease they protect against isn't dangerous. Polio vaccine? Good thing, ask my friend born before they had such things that has lived with polio ever since. Flu vacccine? Nah, not worth it. etc. As to what that has to do with Flat Earth nonsense - who knows?
  8. As to only 3,000 deaths from Covid, it is more like 6,000, obtained from a Freedom Of Information request to the Office of National Statistics. To be clear that is people who died OF Covid. A lot of people died WITH Covid, and many of those didn't have Covid until they went into hospital with something else - including a friend of mine with a broken leg!
  9. No. Really, No. God-botherers are not worth arguing with.
  10. Just re-install 'The Rant Room' accessible only to those that log in. Hiding stuff hither and thither is 'tedious' and requires me to log in. When I logs in I gets in a strop. When I gets in a strop I tells the fuckwit Flat Earthers where to go. etc.
  11. Mainly I avoid getting involved with Flat Earth fuckwits so this is my last post on the subject. I despise you all with all my heart. If I ever met you in person I would beat the shit out of you for being so spectacularly stupid. Thank you. And good night.
  12. No Flat Earther ever responds to my observation about the wind turbines. The Isle of Man is a nice place for a break, The Claremont Hotel is a very nice hotel. You too can sit there watching the wind turbines. I realise you might want to wait for June and the TT Races because they are serious fun! I can wait.
  13. No need to feel sorry hm. He is in heaven with God, Jesus, and the angels now!
  14. Here's one I posted in the locked thread in August 2021: A few days ago I was sitting in the Coast bar of the Claremont Hotel on Douglas promenade on the Isle of Man. I was drinking a double measure of Southern Comfort and idly looking out of the window out to sea. I happened to notice there were wind turbines in the distance. The turbines are big. The bottom third of the turbine blades dropped below the horizon as they turned. What would cause that? I was looking East. It was probably the Walney wind turbine farm about 30 miles out to sea from the Isle of Man. The turbine blades are over a 100 metres long.The tips of the blades are about 180 meters tall at the highest point. Just in case anyone wants to do a quick calculation on how much of the turbines should be hidden by the curvature of the earth. Or come up with some other explanation. So, what possible other explanation can there be other than we live on a globe? Please do tell!
  15. So Game Of Thrones was a documentary and I never knew! (actually it is a stupid American that knows nothing talking crap about something they know nothing about) You can see dinosaur skeletons for free in UK museums. Head to the Dorset coast and see what you can find, dinosaur bones are still visible there. etc.
  16. Spherical geometry gets a bit exciting if you are not used to it... It is best described as 'Non-Euclidean' because 'normal' Euclidean / Pythagorean geometry only works on a flat plane. Clue: we don't live on one. Google is your friend if you want the mind-numbing detail, it would take about 4 pages to do a full explanation here!
  17. I used to live in Cambridge. That gave me a life long hatred of cyclists. They were all a bunch of vile cunts ignoring all the rules of the road. Why did they get away with it? Most car drivers were also cyclists. Buy a two-wheeler with an engine!
  18. Where in the world do you live? What are the labour laws where you live? For the moment: lie. say you are double vaccinated.
  19. Most of the results searching '.' in youtube are horror movie type things. .
  20. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_of_light Empedocles (c. 490–430 BC) was the first to propose a theory of light and claimed that light has a finite speed. He maintained that light was something in motion, and therefore must take some time to travel. Aristotle argued, to the contrary, that "light is due to the presence of something, but it is not a movement". Ole Rømer first demonstrated in 1676 that light travels at a finite speed by studying the apparent motion of Jupiter's moon Io. In 1865, James Clerk Maxwell proposed that light was an electromagnetic wave, and therefore travelled at the speed c appearing in his theory of electromagnetism. In 1905, Albert Einstein postulated that the speed of light c with respect to any inertial frame is a constant and is independent of the motion of the light source. As for how they measured it:- 1862 Léon Foucault, using a rotating mirror got 298000±500 metres per second 1907 Rosa and Dorsey, using Electro Magnetic constants got 29971 0 metres per second 1926 Albert A. Michelson, using a rotating mirror got 299796 metres per second Things got ever more accurate after that. Follow the link for a long intro to the subject.
  21. No. When Copper Knickers used the very accurate observations of Tycho Brahe to prove heliocentrism the speed of light was not something he would have understood or known about.
  22. Won't happen. Where will the Lithium for the batteries come from? Where will the electricity to charge the cars come from? How will you charge your car if you don't have a garage or off-road parking? Now for niche vehicles it works a treat. Converting things like buses and Post Office vans to electric would work well to reduce air pollution. Heavens, I might even buy an electric motorbike. But everybody and his mother driving electric vehicles? No.
  23. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are cultures where she would be considered beautiful, in others a fat cow. As a 'tit-man' I accept big bellies as a consequence of big tits. If they have big tits and they are skinny they always look like horses, you win some you lose some... As for dressing tastefully, not my thing, she's got it and she flaunts it,. My kinda gal!
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