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  1. Make sure you don't have WiFi! I live in an old house. The gas meter is outside in a metal box. They can fit a smart meter but it won't work because there is no WiFi signal. As a result - no smart meter in my house! Cable up your house so every mains plug socket has an ethernet (RJ45?) socket next to it. Combined mains/ethernet sockets exist. Then whatever you use for internet just gets plugged into the ethernet socket. You probably don't want to want an iPad... Some Android tablets might be OK with an ethernet cable.
  2. Is that a curve I see where all those green lights converge? And, having been to Iceland and seen the Aurora Borealis I can tell you those colours are fake. Yes the greens and reds are there but a LOT paler than any picture you see on the internet or TV. The camera enhances the clolours. It lies. Indeed, one of the best ways to spot the Aurora is to look at your phone screen. That will show you what the naked eye cannot see!
  3. That last bit: A^n + B^n = C^n Please do NOT post things like that. It literally puts the fear of God into amy G.
  4. So if the firmament is heaven, and the flat earth we live on is in the waters under the firmament ... we are living underwater!
  5. It wasn't the Rockefellers in the 1930s, nor was it Goebels. 440Hz was one of many standards long before then. I like vintage saxophones, when buying one made before 1920 you have to check if it was made to 'low pitch' or 'high pitch'. Low Pitch is 440Hz. High Pitch is 457Hz. Conn (major US manufacturer) were making only Low Pitch 440Hz saxophones from 1914. You could buy a new High Pitch saxophone up to the 1930s if you really wanted one. Martin (major US manufacturer) were definitely making Low Pitch 440Hz saxophones in 1907. My 1925 Selmer Model 22 So
  6. Ok. You should be able to move to Norway then. You can camp ANYWHERE in Norway as long as you are more than about 400m form a road or whatever. Don't know the rules for Finland. Moving in with the Sami still seems like the best bet for you.
  7. That's a bit of a defeatist attitude! 790 miles is nothing! I rode my motorcycle from the UK all the way to northern Finland, Sweden and Norway via Holland, Germany, and Denmark. And back! So, the heading north bit shouldn't be too much of a problem for you. Now, what are the rules for owning land in Finland? Can you afford to buy a plot so you can build your own cabin? Finland does have a lot of wood! And mosquitos, but you should be used to them. Buy some land - there are only 4 people in the whole of Finland and they live in Helsinki so it should be cheap? Li
  8. I don't know who Adya Field is, but she's got 'bingo wings' underneath her upper arm. Standard thing to happen to women as they get older. She's a woman.
  9. I've been to Finland - vast open spaces as you head north! Surely a Finnish cabin renting website exists? Other than you would need serious arctic equipment can't you just camp? You are Finnish and you are a tough lot that knows how to live in extreme cold conditions. Perhaps hitch a ride with the Sami reindeer herders?
  10. I can remember UK summers so hot the asphalt melted and we all got told off for coming covered in the road tar! Butter was the 'approved' method of getting it off! Perhaps they use a different formulation less affected by heat now?
  11. Ah! I understand now! Amy G wants a video taken from the fake ISS showing a plane landing in Australia! I'm not up to date with the ISS orbit but I'm sure they will be happy to oblige on one of those boring days in space.
  12. I would like to thank those above that replied to this topic in a sensible manner. I was unable to. The manifest ignorance of anything to do with maths and physics from the FE believers does my head in and makes me angry.
  13. Yep. And why shouldn't the aliens be odd? Have a read of 'Who Made The Moon' - I posted the link to the pdf earlier in this thread. The moon IS a very strange object, the odds against it being the size it is and the distance it is are astronomical! Happily the universe is very big so the chance of it happening somehow by chance become fairly high!
  14. Some years ago I paid for one of those food intolerance tests, got some interesting results. As for wheat, my intake is low. White bread bloats me horribly if I eat it too much of it over a couple of days. Wholemeal bread less so and I don't eat much of that either. No problems with rye or barley or spelt or oats - I buy Nairns rough oatcakes. The tests also showed I am intolerant to buckwheat which is in some wholemeal spaghetti, and of course galettes in Brittany are made from it. I can't say I've suffered from the intolerance - the odd galette washed down wit
  15. try this: https://ia802800.us.archive.org/7/items/TalbottDavidTheSaturnMyth1980/TalbottDavid-TheSaturnMyth1980.pdf also available in epub and kindle formats One thing we all have in common on this forum is a feeling that 'something is not quite right'. In this thread we attempt to keep the good stuff and get rid of the downright stupid.
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