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  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are cultures where she would be considered beautiful, in others a fat cow. As a 'tit-man' I accept big bellies as a consequence of big tits. If they have big tits and they are skinny they always look like horses, you win some you lose some... As for dressing tastefully, not my thing, she's got it and she flaunts it,. My kinda gal!
  2. Alexa, you don't even know what 'functional transitional resources' means. zArk, you know nothing, probably a 15 year old sat sitting in his bedroom.
  3. Having abandoned Astronomy as a product of Freemasons it seems now Geology is to be abandoned too! What next, Biology and the denial of the circulation of blood around the body?
  4. I watched the first 20 minutes then wondered how many of his logical fallacies I could be bothered to refute. Let's take F=ma and the shock result of 0 because the magnet isn't moving. The equation shows how much force is needed to accelerate an object. No Acceleration No Force. So what is his problem?
  5. Not true. Piers Corbyn has been talking about the coming Little Ice Age and grand solar minimum for years! see weatheraction.com
  6. You scrap the vehicle or permanently export the vehicle. That's it...
  7. Bubbles are spherical because of surface tension, it has nothing to with gravity. The tension wants to be a minimum and the shape that allows that is a sphere.
  8. Look, the British Empire couldn't hold Afghanistan in the 19th Century. Soviet Russia couldn't hold Afghanistan in the 20th Century. What chance does anyone have of holding it in the 21st Century? None, as has been proved by recent events.
  9. Well: 20:55 UTC is the time at Greenwich also known as GMT. Those islands off Africa look to be the Cape Verde Islands, please do tell if you can work out from that tiny pic precisely which islands they are. Now, the Cape Verde islands are in a different timezone. They are 1 hour behind UTC so the actual time in Cape Verde was 19:55. The leads to - what time does the sunset in the Cape Verde islands? Today the sun sets in Cape Verde at 18:43 local time. On 21st August 2021 sunset was at 18:56. As you know, there is 'twilight' where you are still aware of light from the sun. Astronomical Twilight on 21st August 2021 ended at 20:10 local time. So in Cape Verde you would have been aware of something interesting happening in the last 15 minutes of twilight. https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/@3374818?month=8&year=2021 and here is an animation of the eclipse at Cape Verde that suggests the timings given in your pic are a bit out:- https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/@3374818?iso=20170821 The earth spins!
  10. Oh go on then. Google 'Gilbert and George'.
  11. I abandoned idols of all kinds 40 years ago. But Zappa was a very good guitarist and an excellent composer of both rock and modern classical music. His life story is well known from a couple of biographies and assorted newspaper, TV, and radio interviews I could give other examples of people breaking the common standards of propriety going back hundreds of years before 1967 or any year since. I have better things to do.
  12. You sound a bit repressed to me. Welcome to 1967!
  13. oddsnsods: those pics of the wind turbines are a very good approximation to what I saw when I was sitting in the Coast Bar at The Claremont Hotel in Douglas Isle of Man. What better proof of 'the curve' and the globe earth can you get? I avoid Flat Earth threads unless I have something very definite to say. The flat earth nutters are impossible to debate with.
  14. OK. Let's try 0.81 and 0.162 and 0.355347. Can you see what I did there? I used the numbers from my example above and made them constants less then 1. Do 8.1 1.62 16.2 3.55347 get any more exciting?
  15. A weird book you might like is 'Jesus The Man' by Barbara Thering. She uses the well known 'pesher' technique to extract a very different story about the life of Jesus from the New Testament. (he died in Rome an old man, for everything else you will have to read the book!)
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