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  1. I can remember UK summers so hot the asphalt melted and we all got told off for coming covered in the road tar! Butter was the 'approved' method of getting it off! Perhaps they use a different formulation less affected by heat now?
  2. Ah! I understand now! Amy G wants a video taken from the fake ISS showing a plane landing in Australia! I'm not up to date with the ISS orbit but I'm sure they will be happy to oblige on one of those boring days in space.
  3. I would like to thank those above that replied to this topic in a sensible manner. I was unable to. The manifest ignorance of anything to do with maths and physics from the FE believers does my head in and makes me angry.
  4. Yep. And why shouldn't the aliens be odd? Have a read of 'Who Made The Moon' - I posted the link to the pdf earlier in this thread. The moon IS a very strange object, the odds against it being the size it is and the distance it is are astronomical! Happily the universe is very big so the chance of it happening somehow by chance become fairly high!
  5. Some years ago I paid for one of those food intolerance tests, got some interesting results. As for wheat, my intake is low. White bread bloats me horribly if I eat it too much of it over a couple of days. Wholemeal bread less so and I don't eat much of that either. No problems with rye or barley or spelt or oats - I buy Nairns rough oatcakes. The tests also showed I am intolerant to buckwheat which is in some wholemeal spaghetti, and of course galettes in Brittany are made from it. I can't say I've suffered from the intolerance - the odd galette washed down wit
  6. try this: https://ia802800.us.archive.org/7/items/TalbottDavidTheSaturnMyth1980/TalbottDavid-TheSaturnMyth1980.pdf also available in epub and kindle formats One thing we all have in common on this forum is a feeling that 'something is not quite right'. In this thread we attempt to keep the good stuff and get rid of the downright stupid.
  7. The esoteric literature is half of my library! I'll dig out some titles. As for astrologers - any of them, from newspaper frauds to the 'real thing'. They just can't decide if Aquarius has started or we are still in Pisces. As soon as you read my post "This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius" from Hair must have started running through your head! From you other posts you must be old enough to remember it. Feel free to show us a model of the dome firmament that shows the precession.
  8. Have a look at this:- https://ia803003.us.archive.org/15/items/TheAdamAndEveStoryTheStoryOfCataclysmsChanThomas/The%20Adam%20and%20Eve%20Story%20-%20The%20Story%20of%20Cataclysms%20-%20Chan%20Thomas.pdf It was posted in Todays News -> This is the most important book you will ever read, and its implications posted by rwkt on 2020 August 12th The book is well worth a read! And he comes to a similar conclusion of 'galactic alignments' being the cause.
  9. Precession:- The earths axis of rotation moves in a circle that takes about 24,000 years to complete. It is why the Sphinx was built in the age of Leo, bull cults were common around the world in the age of Taurus, the fish became a symbol of the christians in the age of Pisces, and why astrologers can't decide if we have yet entered the age of Aquarius. There is a lot of esoteric literature about precession and the 24,000 year cycle. Polaris is the current pole star but in 10,000 years or so it will be Vega. We live on a globe earth.
  10. Does this mean we don't have to worry about syphilis anymore?
  11. for a musical version of the earth and Venus and those patterns try this from Sound Cloud:- https://soundcloud.com/nanoharmony/earth-and-venus-beats-wave-function
  12. Try and find 'Who Built The Moon' by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler. You should be able to find a pdf out there somewhere. They make a very good case...
  13. Juno is a big asteroid, correct name '3 Juno' being the 3rd one to be discovered. Those plates of the paths the planets trace in the sky are almost certainly correct. They are of course made by observations by a person on earth. The observations have to cover many years to see the complete pattern for any particular planet. All those twizzly bits are because all of the planets and the earth sort of twizzle around the sun... Ergo a delightful proof of a globe earth and the heliocentric solar system.
  14. How did haemophiliacs in the UK get infected by HIV? By imported blood products contaminated by HIV. A clear case of an illness transferred from sick people to 'healthy' people.
  15. I've done sums. Now, I want to see replies WITH WORKINGS. No cheating using online calculators. Show the formula you are using. amyG you can start. Comedy Time, you go second, then I will post mine.
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