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  1. ALL Abrahamic religions are bollocks so god can go fuck herself. Or Allah or whatever you call the bint.
  2. Indeed. Follow the money... The council knew what might happen but hoped it wouldn't.
  3. Probably just a small child having a bad dream. I am reliably informed that when stressed I chunter like hamster a in my sleep... My 3 year old grand daughter used to shriek "No daddy no!" in her sleep. You can imagine how the family and neighbours interpreted that... Not true. Just a 3 year old having bad dreams. Do keep monitoring though, you need to build up the evidence.
  4. G suits are for having fun with extreme acceleration in fighter planes, really tight turns that would make you pass out. Branson and crew didn't get anywhere near those G forces so suits not needed. Ditto Concorde. And anyway, have you forgotten there is no such thing as gravity? Only density exists...
  5. The Bailiffs only come in when you have a CCJ against you and you still haven't made any payments. With a proper payment plan you won't even get a CCJ = County Court Judgment. Talk to the Citizens Advice Bureau and Step Change. Then talk to the debt collection company (or write to them) saying you want to arrange a payment plan and ask for a Statement of Means. Or just make a £10 per month offer and see what they say! You can negotiate with them. Extra costs might have been added to the total, ask for a complete breakdown of everything you owe. Sometimes you can get them to drop the extra charges when you start to pay. And I suppose start paying your water bills when they arrive - they won't be going away...
  6. That is a twisted take on Apartheid! Bringing Apartheid down was a good thing.
  7. Some questions for you:- 1) are you actually with United Utilities 2) who have you been paying 3) can you prove who and how much you have been paying 4) do you have meter readings - give them photo proof if possible. By getting all of the info together you will be able to do a sensible reply that can stop further action in its tracks. If you haven't been paying then they can take further action. In that case ask for a Statement Of Means and when it arrives fill it in accurately. They use the Statement Of Means to determine how much income you have left over every month. They will have difficulty in making you pay more than that. If it works out at a tenner a month and you really do owe £600 than 60 months is how long you will be paying and how long they have to wait. Contact Citizens Advice Bureau and also Step Change at www.stepchange.org
  8. google 'Final Exit' by Derek Humphrey. You can find a free pdf copy at Zlibrary and probably other places. You should be able to buy a printed copy too. What you do with the information therein is up to you.
  9. Yes, that is what the sun does at the North Pole in summer. Of course it never rises at all in winter! Get a flight to Tromso in Norway (nice place). Go in summer and the sun doesn't set for 6 weeks. Go in winter and the sun doesn't rise, plenty of opportunity to see stars and the Aurora Borealis though - Norwegian weather permitting!
  10. The wife of a bloke down the road had a stroke after being given the Covid vaccine. They are refusing to give her the second dose. She is about 50 years old.
  11. I suppose you have a Costa Rican passport so need some sort of visa for Europe? Get a tourist visa, they often last 6 months, then marry her while you are there. Meanwhile... This is the 21st Century and distance earning is possible. Depending on the subject she is studying there is no reason why she can't live with you wherever you are and carry on with her studies. I worked with a bloke that was a doing an MSc in the UK, he moved to Thailand, continued the MSc online and got it!
  12. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/weeklyprovisionalfiguresondeathsregisteredinenglandandwales Go to the Office of National Statistics website and download the deaths data. Unless you are over 70 with other health issues (diabetes etc) you have very little to worry about. Most of the under 70s that died had one or more serious health issues - people I know that have died were in this category, and I do mean 'serious' health issues! I know assorted people in their 30s that have had Covid - affected them no worse than flu. I have refused the vaccine and will continue to do so.
  13. To give you some comparisons with what is happening in India, the data below shows the total number of UK deaths for selected years from 1838 to 2020. The exact numbers of deaths per year can be a bit imprecise because if someone dies in late December it may well get recorded as a death in the following year. So a quick precis of the TOTAL number of deaths per year gives us this:- Year Number of deaths Population per 100,000 1918 611,861 34,024,000 1,798.3 2020 608,002 59,829,000 1,016.2 1976 598,516 49,459,000 1,210.1 1979 593,019 49,508,000 1,197.8 1972 591,889 49,327,000 1,199.9 1985 590,734 49,861,000 1,184.8 1891 587,925 29,086,000 2,021.3 1900 587,830 32,249,000 1,822.8 1918 was the year of Spanish Flu, 2020 was Covid-19. Now let's look at the data in a normalised fashion - deaths per 100,000 of population. That takes out the distortions caused by size of population. In general the 19th Century had a really high death rate per 100,000! That leaves us with 'where is the dreadful year of Covid 2020 in allthis, must be really high right'? Um. No. Year Number of deaths Population per 100,000 1849 440,839 17,565,000 2,509.8 1918 611,861 34,024,000 1,798.3 1940 581,537 39,889,000 1,457.9 1945 488,108 37,916,000 1,287.3 1967 542,516 48,272,000 1,123.9 2000 537,877 52,140,000 1,031.6 2003 539,151 52,863,000 1,019.9 2002 535,356 52,602,000 1,017.7 2001 532,498 52,360,000 1,017.0 2020 608,002 59,829,000 1,016.2 Pardon? Why weren't we in lockdown in 1967 or 2000 or 2001? The population of India as at April 2021 is reckoned to be 1,390,885,000. Cumulative deaths from Covid Feb 2020 to April 2020 are 204,812. Deaths from Covid per 100,000? 15. 15 deaths per 100,000 from Covid 19. Current data excluding Covid-19 from the UN shows deaths of 735 per 100,000. Add in Covid and you get 750 deaths per 100,000. The news reckons there is gross under-counting of Covid deaths in India. However, whatever they died of, you can't easily hide the totals. Feel free to provide better data! And THAT is why I won't have a Covid vaccine. Not needed.
  14. I'm so old I can remember when Easter Cards did not exist. Easter Cards serve only Mammon, nothing else.
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