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  1. So what’s going on with this whole Damar Hamlin thing then ? It’s got more than a touch of Tiffany Dover vibes . Weird shit . He’s since tweeted ‘clone’ from his Twitter page, and allegedly a selfie , again hiding his face . Is this a honeypot psy-op to ridicule ‘crazy anti-vax conspiracy theorists ‘? it all seems to be weird behaviour whatever happened to him on the pitch . If that’s him and he’s ok , on the road to recovery, that’s great but why ridicule those that have supported you ? Think his gofund me has got up to 9 million dollars or so.
  2. I'm not an NFL fan (I'm in the UK) but I'm hearing on Twitter a player has gone down and been receiving CPR on the pitch https://twitter.com/HaroldeLong/status/1610096470019170306?s=20&t=SVpvUaQ1AfrEP3wdOIUvEQ BREAKING NEWS: Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, 24, given CPR after collapsing on the field in shocking scenes during the first quarter against Cincinnati Bengals Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, 24, given CPR after collapsing on the field | Daily Mail Online
  3. This isn’t from the Denver murals . Think this is a bit of disinfo that’s gone around.
  4. "In an interesting turn of events, Rowe died the following month" I'm not one to mock but that's some erm, brutal journalism by infowars..
  5. I appreciate there is a broader discussion about euthanasia in this tale but ultimately this is a story that derives from the alleged ISIS attack in Brussels during their European tour - Munich, Paris, Nice, Manchester, London. I suspect if Brussels was about as 'real' as the other gigs, then this whole story is a load of BS.
  6. I actually heard for a long time it was rumoured to be West Ham
  7. I know for a fact this guy has just died suddenly from a heart attack - friend of a friend of a friend scenario. Michael Watson has a high-level expertise in the structure and drivers of global health and national policy. He started his career as an internal physician at the NHS, before joining the biopharmaceutical industry and holds a track record of executive leadership positions for several vaccine technology manufacturers. Overall, Mike brings over 20 years of leadership of industry groups and foundation board membership enabling an extensive network of global funders, policymakers, and influencers. Prior experience: • CEO/Executive Chair, VaxEquity Ltd (2020-current) • CEO, MEVOX Ldt (2021 – current) • Board Member and Chair of the Remuneration Committee, FIND (2014 – current) • Vaccine Consultant on SARS-COV-2, Moderna (2020) • President of Infectious Diseases Strategy and Vaccines Venture, Valera/Moderna (2016 – 2019) • Global Head of Policy & Advocacy, Sanofi (2009 – 2016) • Head of R&D and Board Member, Acambis (2007 – 2009) • Executive Director Clinical and Epidemiology Europe, Sanofi Pasteur MSD (2001 – 2007) • Medical Director UK and Ireland, Sanofi Pasteur MSD (1998 – 2001) • Clinical Project Scientist, Takeda (1995 – 1998) • Senior Medical Advisor Cardiovascular, Bristol-Myers Squibb (1993 – 1995) • Internal Hospital Physician, NHS (1988 – 1993) • Executive Director Clinical and Epidemiology Europe, Sanofi Pasteur MSD (2001 – 2007) • Medical Director UK and Ireland, Sanofi Pasteur MSD (1998 – 2001) https://osivax.com/team_mf/dr-michael-watson-md/ https://twitter.com/finddx/status/1565012364214386691?s=21&t=2LIDd6XYGTrGTZCA63nxGA
  8. She looks stunning for 52. Probably because she has no doubt avoided all the pharma junk
  9. I can’t help wonder if she has a dark sense of humour
  10. and yet here you are spouting the language of the cult… “right wing crackpot” , “nut job”, “racist” , “extremist”
  11. Both I think ! I went to cash in my credits yesterday in order to then close the account and realised how tough it is to decide on what actually to order . ive since gone through this thread and there are a few interesting books that are also on audible so I’ve made note of them- I just want to get it done and stop giving so much money to Amazon
  12. I’m cancelling my Amazon audible account but have quite a few credits remaining. Any great recommendations? All subjects considered
  13. RIP Ray liotta and now Depeche mode’s Andy Fletcher https://news.sky.com/story/depeche-mode-andy-fletcher-keyboardist-and-founding-member-of-80s-pop-group-dies-aged-60-12622139
  14. I could not agree more with your first paragraph and I'm glad someone said it.
  15. Don’t suppose anyone here has entered France recently unjabbed ? Although they have recently dropped a lot of the nonsense , unjabbed still need ‘essential reason for travel ‘ . One of my friends over there has said they don’t check too much now but hmmm I don’t know , it could be an expensive gamble. Wondering if anyone has had any direct experience?
  16. fuck me, that’s a shocker . Genius spinner. Wanted to hate him when I was younger but just couldn’t. Edit: He was almost certainly jib jabbed though as he was critical of Novax Djokovic
  17. Funnily enough his famous goal against Arsenal was 11 years today
  18. This is old mate. He died in 2017
  19. I’ll jump in because I posted the video. That video was put together by plasmaburns, probably the finest, most perceptive researcher of the Boston marathon lie . That said, in the comments he stated that the images were pulled from the following website https://masksaredangerous.com/nanotech-in-the-shots/ There were some very interesting images as well as video contained within the link. I say ‘were’ because that site has been taken down very quickly. I’ll have a look to see if it’s replicated anywhere .
  20. ‘ Images of self assembling nano technology taken from the ‘RNA genetic operating system upgrade’ shots’ . As Plasmaburns states in the comments , the images were pulled from the following website. Take a look , it’s creepy as hell . https://masksaredangerous.com/nanotech-in-the-shots/
  21. Tremendous, thanks for posting, I'll save this now. Such a narcissist , he can't keep his eyes of the camera in the BBC interview and that scripted opening line is actually hilarious. How the fck he has the audacity to keep pretending he's a freedom fighter is absolutely mind blowing. I simply don't trust anyone that attempts to defend this prick.
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