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  1. They literally explain this to you from just 1 minute 30 seconds into the video and for the next minute or so . The figures are from the ONS.
  2. corbett’s usual excellent breakdown , this time on the Great re.. transformation ..
  3. any ideas where this is ? I see palm trees so I’m guessing it’s not Liverpool ..
  4. France will now have a 4 week curfew in 8 cities from 9pm -6am starting Friday. putain de merde coming this way ..
  5. He’s an absolute fucking fraud and it should be called out anytime he’s mentioned on this or any other forum
  6. Note: The creator of this video compilation of public domain content, protected under the Fair Use doctrine, grants free and unrestricted license to anyone who wishes to republish it. We do request that the notes below, including this message, be included in their entirety with the rebroadcast of this video. Translation: Feel free to republish it, just please included the text notes that accompany the video. In honor of the memories of Nobel prize winner Kary Mullis (1944-2019), researcher and gay rights activist Hank Wilson (1947-2008), writer and activist Christine Maggiore (1956-2008
  7. With respect , that’s nonsense . Totally debunked by Corbett here.
  8. I love these visual examples - great for the masses. Although ‘confirmed cases’ should of course read ‘ dubious positive PCR tests’ instead .
  9. This thread has 6,666 replies . I better make it 6,667 ..
  10. correct , there’s zero evidence that asymptomatic people spread it but this video is rather old (June I think ) and the WHO within 24 hours basically threw that spokeswoman under the bus and made her ‘correct herself’
  11. I ‘liked’ this yesterday but deserves to be put out there again - people were struggling to find Kary Mullis’s actual quotes regarding his thoughts on his own PCR test and it’s non-usefulness as a diagnostic tool . In fact , “fact checkers” have been claiming he never said what he says at the start of this video .
  12. did you know the founder of Netflix , Marc Randolph, his great-uncle was Edward ‘propaganda’ Bernays ? And Bernays of course was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. It is indeed a cult.
  13. Was this recently on the main site ? I don’t see it . Do you have a link ? Dr Hillary jones is a complete mess. Because the policy of the cult is to give confusing and contradictory messages to the public as forms their propaganda, this Dr shillary Jones is forced to make himself look a complete Stefan Kuntz on national tv the same bloke who today will shame non- maskers
  14. Take the job , take the money , don’t do the job , spread some truth. Sounds like a piece of piss frankly .
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