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  1. I could not agree more with your first paragraph and I'm glad someone said it.
  2. Don’t suppose anyone here has entered France recently unjabbed ? Although they have recently dropped a lot of the nonsense , unjabbed still need ‘essential reason for travel ‘ . One of my friends over there has said they don’t check too much now but hmmm I don’t know , it could be an expensive gamble. Wondering if anyone has had any direct experience?
  3. fuck me, that’s a shocker . Genius spinner. Wanted to hate him when I was younger but just couldn’t. Edit: He was almost certainly jib jabbed though as he was critical of Novax Djokovic
  4. Funnily enough his famous goal against Arsenal was 11 years today
  5. This is old mate. He died in 2017
  6. I’ll jump in because I posted the video. That video was put together by plasmaburns, probably the finest, most perceptive researcher of the Boston marathon lie . That said, in the comments he stated that the images were pulled from the following website https://masksaredangerous.com/nanotech-in-the-shots/ There were some very interesting images as well as video contained within the link. I say ‘were’ because that site has been taken down very quickly. I’ll have a look to see if it’s replicated anywhere .
  7. ‘ Images of self assembling nano technology taken from the ‘RNA genetic operating system upgrade’ shots’ . As Plasmaburns states in the comments , the images were pulled from the following website. Take a look , it’s creepy as hell . https://masksaredangerous.com/nanotech-in-the-shots/
  8. Tremendous, thanks for posting, I'll save this now. Such a narcissist , he can't keep his eyes of the camera in the BBC interview and that scripted opening line is actually hilarious. How the fck he has the audacity to keep pretending he's a freedom fighter is absolutely mind blowing. I simply don't trust anyone that attempts to defend this prick.
  9. By the way, try and find that repulsive city-boy Charlie Veitch, Tomlinson 'witness' video - it has been well scrubbed of the interweb... If anyone has it, post it please.
  10. Jesus, 4 games in total were halted today in the EFL New normal.
  11. I’ve just edited my post as there is another one at Oldham v Rochdale
  12. The Fulham v Blackpool game currently stopped .. want to take a jab at the reason ? yes , another medical emergency in the crowd edit: and another one apparently at Oldham v Rochdale ffs
  13. Wow, a video of the shilliest of fuking shills. Why do people try to keep this banker cunt relevant ? I almost didn't recognise him since he wasn't giving murdered Ian Tomlinson a verbal kicking in this video.
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