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  1. Artur Pawlowski is the Polish-Canadian preacher in Calgary whose worship services keep getting interrupted by Police and Environmental Health. Here is the latest altercation posted to his YouTube channel which will no doubt get taken down in the not too distant future. This time he bellows at the intruders, like he is exorcising demons, to "make an appointment" and not to come during the time of worship.
  2. This was featured on the DI main site yesterday but I don't think I have seen it posted yet. For me, this is very exciting and significant so I had to share. https://davidicke.com/2021/04/25/dr-stefan-lanka-experiment-shows-that-its-not-a-virus-that-kills-cells-but-the-laboratory-process-they-use-to-claim-a-virus-kills-cell-its-all-a-scam/ https://odysee.com/@DeansDanes:1/cpe-english:f Dr Stefan Lanka experiment shows that it’s not a ‘virus’ that kills cells but the laboratory process they use to CLAIM a ‘virus’ kills cell – IT’S ALL A SCAM! Dr Stefan Lanka has been undertaking control experiments, commissioned in a laboratory, into the cytopathic effect of SARS-CoV-2 and has publicly revealed the latest of his findings disproving the claims of virologists. This part of the control experiment has specifically explored whether the claimed cytopatic effect of SARS-CoV-2, and by extension all viruses, can be induced without any infected material (an absence of a virus). Virologists do not perform these control experiments. It is claimed by virologists that, when viruses are grown in cell culture, the damage to and death of the cells shows that viruses are the culprit and therefore cause disease. This is part of the process involving "isolation" of the virus and is also considered as evidence for SARS-CoV-2 as a deadly disease causing pathogen. In this experiment, the cells were only exposed to fetal bovine serum and a small level of antibiotics. A then higher dose of antibiotics were administered after which damage to the cells started to become very apparent. The laboratory confirmed that this cytopathic effect is not virus specific and therefore cannot and must not be claimed as evidence of a disease-causing virus. The death of tissue cells in the test tube occurs in the same way without any infected material.
  3. FFS - thanks for pointing this out. YouTube is getting beyond ridiculous. How on earth can a video of people marching be against their community standards?! Here is the video again from another channel which is still up for now. It can also be found on BitChute here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/hR7JknhkrThW/
  4. I have now come across the video filming the whole procession from Waterloo Bridge. It is 51 minutes long. But, as I said earlier, many people didn't make it that far so this wasn't the protest at its peak.
  5. This is a sped up video of the whole of the London march yesterday. Estimates of numbers vary with Official Voice saying it was 750,000 strong. I don't think it was that many but it was certainly in the hundreds of thousands. According to one person who videoed the procession from one of the bridges overlooking Embankment, it took 50 minutes for the entire march to pass through albeit at a slow pace. And Embankment was quite late into the march (maybe 4-5 miles in and around the 2-3 hour mark) so some protestors didn't even get there - some of the people I know who went didn't make it that far. We have already seen the picture of the 100 year old man, and there were many other people who went in spite of walking difficulties including one woman I saw with a rollator walker and another with a crutch. It was huge and there were stickers everywhere including on two police liaison officer's backs who took it with good humour. JP Morgan's signs also got covered in them.
  6. Thanks zArk for digging this up. Whilst Jacques Attali denies making the statement, it would be nice to know exactly what he did say to Michel Saloman, which was later published in L'Avenir de la vie, to be able to see if it bears any resemblance to what has been attributed to him. I will also be mindful to take anything from Michael O'Bernicia with caution. I certainly view his private criminal prosecution with some scepticism, although mixed in to the papers and the information on his website are some very good points too.
  7. Hugo Talks has been contacted by a Public Health England whistleblower who works in the Finance and Commercial Directorate. Screenshots are included below of the parts of the email that Hugo reads out. https://hugotalks.com/2021/04/23/phe-nhs-whistleblower-something-very-sinister-going-on-hugo-talks-lockdown/ The email then turns to more personal matters for the whistleblower who appears to have had an adverse reaction to the Pfizer jab which may be linked to the ingredient PEG which is known to cause anaphylaxis.
  8. You may be interested in the 'Take the Knee' thread Prince Arthur which started in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. I recall posting about the parallels between taking a knee and Masonic rituals and have linked this below.
  9. According to this Tweet from David Kurten, a request for investigation of the UK Government has been lodged with the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague. Allegations have been made of genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code. This appears to be the original source of the press release. https://fos-sa.org/2021/04/22/request-for-investigation-of-the-uk-government-and-its-advisers-for-genocide-crimes-against-humanity-and-breaches-of-the-nuremberg-code-issued-to-the-international-criminal-court-at-the-hague/
  10. I assume you are posting this link in response to this headline "just for balance". In reply to the link you have posted, I found Jonathan Parry's piece disingenuous. It seems to be a character assassination - criticising his naturopathic approach to health - rather than engaging with Kaufman's arguments. For starters, he repeatedly refers to Dr Kaufman as a psychiatrist but neglects to mention the fact that Dr Kaufman has also studied molecular biology so is not exactly unqualified to comment on the structure of viruses, their DNA or RNA and how they may interact with cells. The link you have posted does not engage with the "step by step analysis of a typical claim of isolation" presented by Dr Kaufman. In the absence of this, perhaps as Dr Kaufman has done, you could offer your analysis of his conclusions step by step? Do you disagree that, during the alleged isolation process, viruses are mixed with all sorts of other substances - many of which contain genetic material such as monkey kidney cells and fetal bovine serum? In light of this, what are your thoughts on whether the alleged virus has been truly separated from other genetic material in order for it to be confidently identified and its genome sequenced? What are your thoughts on the cause of the cell death? Do you think that, given that many other substances are combined with the alleged virus, it can safely be concluded that it is the virus causing the cell to die rather than the other ingredients (which includes anti-biotics streptomycin and amphotericin which are toxic to kidneys and therefore kidney cells)? Do you not think a negative control experiment would be a good idea? And, to quote Dr Kaufman, "How do you confirm something that was never previously shown to exist? What did you compare the genetic sequences to? How do you know the origin of the genetic material since it came from a cell culture containing material from humans and all their microflora, fetal cows, and monkeys?" I hope you can find the time to respond with your thoughts on the above. All too often new members pop up criticising DI and/or Dr Kaufman over their view that SARS-CoV-2 hasn't been isolated in pure form and then, once a rebuttal is given, the new member disappears never to be seen again having only provided a link but not offering their own considered opinion.
  11. This is yet another study showing the severe adverse effects that can accompany mask wearing. https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/18/8/4344/htm The paper, which has undergone full peer review and was published in The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on 20th April 2021, analyses 65 studies demonstrating "quantifiable, negative effects of masks". It seems that the purpose of the paper is to call for, and aid with, a careful risk-benefit analysis regarding use of face coverings. It won't be a surprise to forum members to learn that the potential risks from wearing masks are vast and wide-ranging. The study separated such risks into the following categories. General Physiological and Pathophysiological Effects for the Wearer Internistic Side Effects and Dangers Neurological Side Effects and Dangers Psychological Side Effects and Dangers Psychiatric Side Effects and Dangers Gynaecological Side Effects and Dangers Dermatological Side Effects and Dangers ENT and Dental Side Effects and Dangers Sports Medicine Side Effects and Dangers Social and Sociological Side Effects and Dangers Social and Occupational Medicine Side Effects and Hazards Microbiological Consequences for Wearer and Environment: Foreign/Self-Contamination Epidemiological Consequences Paediatric Side Effects and Hazards Effects on the Environment One of the parts I found most interesting was reading how wearing masks: Perhaps this is one of the reasons why there seem to be some very angry mask wearers out there. As a conclusion, the authors confirm that there is very little evidence demonstrating the positive effects of masks, or that they are even necessary as a public health measure given the much lower revised IFR rate of Covid-19. But the side effects of masks are clinically relevant and need to be taken into account by doctors.
  12. Hugo Talks featured this in one of his videos yesterday perhaps picking it up from the Michael O'Bernicia blog linked below. It further adds to the evidence that the Covid Scamdemic has long been planned as a means of depopulation. https://hugotalks.com/2021/04/22/shedding-lockdown-news-roundup-hugo-talks-lockdown/ https://www.thebernician.net/globalist-banker-predicted-scamdemic-genocide-of-the-useless/ Jacques Attali is a powerful international banker, political adviser and senior civil servant who counselled President Francois Mitterand - he is also a proud eugenicist. He made the following statements during interviews with Michel Saloman in 1981 which were published in 'The Faces of the Future' which are certainly very prescient.
  13. Some instructions for those thinking of attending the Glasgow rally tomorrow. I have posted a similar set of instructions for the London rally in the event's calendar thread.
  14. until

    Some instructions for tomorrow.
  15. UK Column showed Dr Nikita Kanani's speech in their broadcast on Wednesday (21st April). Her mentioning that the vaccine offer is "evergreen" also struck me too. Here is a video I have found of her presentation. It is from 2:10 into the video that she states that it is not too late for people to change their minds and come forward and get the injection as "our offer is evergreen".
  16. This video was posted today on the main DI site. It is an interview with Lauren Briggs, aged 32, who experienced dangerous blood clots 10 days after having the AZ vaccine.
  17. For any of our Scottish members who may be interested.
  18. If you feel up to some mischief you could say, whilst feigning complete sincerity of course, that you are doing your bit by being in the vaccine control group. They might actually believe you. Of course it is none of their business so you could just tell them to keep their noses out of your personal affairs and that you don't want to discuss it.
  19. Sadly, DI didn't "out" Jimmy Savile in 'The Biggest Secret' and I think you will find that when your copy arrives. He certainly did, however, expose Lord Mountbatten. Regarding the video you have linked to, DI doesn't say that he exposed Savile in 'The Biggest Secret' but rather Lord Mountbatten (who introduced Savile to the Royals). And this is confirmed further by the index section of my copy of the book where any individuals are ordered by surname. Firstly, here is the 'M' section clearly showing page numbers to refer to in respect of Lord Mountbatten. I have checked each page number where Mountbatten is mentioned but none of them also refer to Savile unfortunately. And here is the 'S' section showing that there is no mention of Savile. Metak's keyword scan of all DI's books seems to be accurate so I have no reason to doubt metak's findings that it was first in 'The Perception Deception' in 2013 - some time after Savile's death - that DI wrote about Savile in one of his books. That isn't to say that DI didn't utilise other means to "out" Savile during his lifetime but it just cannot seemingly be found in his books.
  20. I am wondering if this altercation was staged. It does seem pretty convenient that it was all caught on camera and has been highly publicised. And now everybody is clambering to push Rod Humphreys' story and either pat him on the back or call him misguided and accuse him of spreading a dangerous message. This altercation doesn't feel organic to me. It could simply either be yet another distraction or divide and conquer technique. But, on a deeper level, I think there is a goal to undermine our western democracies in order to bring in a one world government - so exposing the lack of opposition and real choices in our political system could help towards that goal.
  21. Back in 2003 during the first SARS scare, rather than promoting the use of masks, the Australian Government threatened prosecution and heavy fines of up to $22,000 for an individual and $110,000 for a corporation if distributors suggested the masks offered unrealistic levels of protection from the disease. https://anti-empire.com/2003-australia-threatens-to-fine-retailers-who-exaggerate-the-benefit-of-masks-vs-sars-up-to-au110000/ 2003: Australia Threatens to Fine Retailers Who Exaggerate the Benefit of Masks vs SARS Up to AU$110,000 "Farce mask: it's safe for only 20 minutes" The Sydney Morning Herald reported on this story on 27th April 2003 and quoted the NSW Fair Trading Minister Reba Meagher who said: It was also pointed out that the masks are only effective as long as they remain dry and can become saturated with moisture from breathing in 15 to 20 minutes rendering them ineffective after such time has passed. They were seen as providing marginal benefit at best, and more as a source of comfort for those anxious about the newly discovered alleged pathogen.
  22. Rod Humphreys gave this short interview after the altercation with Keir Starmer explaining why he denied him entry to the Raven of Bath pub. As a lifelong supporter of the Labour Party, Humphreys is very disappointed that there has been no opposition to lockdown measures which he rightly points out as flawed and dangerous.
  23. REGISTER YOUR NEW STAND: [email protected] UK STANDS IN THE PARK. EVERY SUNDAY, 10-11AM. *SCOTLAND* Aberdeenshire – Duthie Park (bandstand), Aberdeen. Aberdeenshire - Park opp Town Hall, Inverurie. Aberdeenshire - Picnic Area by Outdoor Pool, Stonehaven. Angus - Arbroath Beach Bathing Pool, Arbroath. Argyll – Argyll Gardens (by hotel), Dunoon. Ayshire - Dean Park (by castle), Kilmarnock. Ayrshire - Howard Park (basketball court), Kilmarnock. Ayrshire - Eglinton Country Park (carpark), Kilwinning. Ayrshire - Boydfield Gardens, Prestwick. Dundee - Drumgeith Park, Dundee. East Lothian -Lewisvale Park, Musselburgh. Fife - Oakley Park, Dunfermline. Fife - Berveridge Park, Kirkcaldy. Fife - Letham Glen, Leven. Fife - Craigtoun Park (nr cafe), outside St. Andrews. Glasgow - Dawsholm Park, Kelvindale. (25/4) Glasgow - Kelvingrove Park (hilltop benches opp uni) Glasgow - Queen's Park, Langside. Highlands - Bught Park (by Islands), Inverness. Lothian - Saughton Park (bandstand), Edinburgh. Moray - Cooper Park (outside library), Elgin. Moray - Grant Park (play area/cafe), Forres. North Lanarkshire - Drumpellier Country Park (carpark nr whale tail), Coatbridge. South Lanarkshire - Strathaven Park (bandstand), Strathaven. Stirlingshire - Kings Park (nr tennis courts), Stirling. Perth and Kinross - Macrosty Park, Crieff. Perth and Kinross - South Inch Park, Perth. Scottish Borders - Shedden Park, Kelso.
  24. I have linked a couple of posts below which explain further. 'A Stand in the Park' is a means for those who have had enough of the Covid narrative and restrictions to make a peaceful stand in a park local to them between 10am and 11am on a Sunday morning and meet other like-minded people. It seems to be really taking off in the UK with now over 300 parks registered. I have a choice of about 4 or 5 within easy reach for me (but I do drive). Thanks @Lady Baynhamfor posting Dan Astin-Gregory's interview with the founders of 'A Stand in the Park'.
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