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  1. I posted this on the Community Calendar event thread but cannot link to the post directly. The organisers of the 'Unite for Freedom' event have teamed up with #honkforhope to help transport people to the event via coach / bus. Here is the link to the same day booking form returning the evening of 26th: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfmTsskfzAG2X2gvCYuvI6sGY5-RWIvfGAfmtaq00fhhVp-PA/viewform This is the link to the "stop over" booking form with the return journey taking place the following day (27th) after the 'Peopl
  2. The Deagel website has been known about in the truth community for several years but has been regaining interest amidst the current scamdemic. You may be interested in the thread below.
  3. It should all be about choice in my view. If the elderly and vulnerable want to self-isolate then fair enough, and I am sure all who know them would respect that choice. But it shouldn't be forced on all the elderly and vulnerable as many would rather take their chances in the face of the so-called deadly virus, still see family and friends and carry on as normal. Isolation can have catastrophic consequences for people's health - and can be worse than any virus - and therefore should not be mandated. Lock-up should certainly not be forced on the fit and healthy. The eco
  4. I found this video very upsetting but I think it is important to share the reality of what is taking place. This poor woman - the pain and loneliness is etched so hauntingly over her face. I think most people, if given the choice, would rather a shorter but happier old age than a longer one spent locked up in misery. I still cannot fathom why the masses don't get this and why they think lockdown is benefiting the elderly and vulnerable.
  5. Following Boris Johnson's speech last night, both the army and the police have stated that they will not be undertaking any public order or enforcement activities.
  6. Louise from Save Our Rights speaks with DI as to why he thinks it is important that as many people as possible attend the Trafalgar Square rally this Saturday 26th September. DI states that it is a pivotal point in history and an opportunity to make a statement that there is a massive awakening going on and that we are not prepared to give our power away to authority. The more people can see the numbers prepared to stand up, the more the momentum will gather. We have a short window to make our voices heard.
  7. Julia Hartley-Brewer of Talk Radio has been doing an excellent job grilling cabinet ministers about the false positive rate (FPR) of coronavirus testing. She interviewed Matt Hancock last week and Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, yesterday. From around 10:10 in the video below, she asks the crucial question as to whether members of the cabinet have even discussed the FPR. After seemingly trying to wriggle out of the question, Grant Shapps finally admits that they haven't. And he, just as Matt Hancock last week, shows his lack of understanding of the meaning of the FPR which suggests that a v
  8. The crucial part of Carl Heneghan's interview with Andrew Neil, where he talks about the cycle threshold, has been uploaded to YT and will embed. Here it is.
  9. A group of proper experts - including Professor Sunetra Gupta, Professor Carl Heneghan and Professor Sucharit Bhakdi - have today submitted an open letter to Boris Johnson, Chris Whitty and Patrick Valance et al setting out concerns about current policy and asking for reconsideration of the path forward. The letter has 4 authors and 28 signatories.
  10. It is a collaboration between Save Our Rights UK, Event 202, Earth United, StandUpX and StopNewNormal (Piers Corbyn). They appear to be in talks with police and are asking for donations towards the risk assessment which is needed for protests to be legal at present. Donations would also go towards equipment hire, security (they are trying to recruit SIA accredited people for this), first aiders, marshals, advertising and leaflets etc. They have partnered with #honkforhope to help with coach transport on the day.
  11. The organisers have said that the rally will go ahead even if we are locked down again. I don't think they will change their position on this, particularly as Piers Corbyn and Save Our Rights have been out protesting since at least April / May which was when we were previously locked up.
  12. I haven't seen the narrowed down footage myself - just what Odds posted of the aftermath above. But he certainly didn't look in a good way. I just hope that the reports of his death are wrong.
  13. The word is that the man was hit on the head with a baton, went down, hit his head on concrete and was then jumped on by the police. Now he is reportedly dead. Apparently there is narrowed down footage of this which someone is trying to get to UK Column.
  14. One of the complaints against Sitchin was that he tried to warn DI off from speaking about the reptilians. And this, coupled with the Arizona Wilder interview, has formed some of basis of allegations that he was a disinfo agent, alongside criticism of his translations of the cuneiform tablets. Arizona Wilder, IMO, is not to be trusted as reliable. She disavowed DI and what she said about the reptilians. With the old forum still unavailable, I have had to link to Reddit below: http://antinewworldorder.blogspot.com/2011/06/open-missive-from-jennifer-ann-kealey
  15. Yes he is rather! He is Sean Argyle - an investigative journalist. His YT Channel is called Sean Speaks. He was one of the speakers yesterday.
  16. This is an interesting video of today's protest which will no doubt get taken down off YT soon. The confrontation between the crowd and the police starts around 4 minutes in, and at around 4:50 most of the protestors are calling to others to calm down, not be violent and not to push. It seems from this footage that most protestors were trying to keep the protest peaceful. At around 10:50 the police withdraw.
  17. until

    The organisers of the 'Unite for Freedom' event have teamed up with #honkforhope to help transport people to the event via coach / bus. Here is the link to the same day booking form returning the evening of 26th: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfmTsskfzAG2X2gvCYuvI6sGY5-RWIvfGAfmtaq00fhhVp-PA/viewform This is the link to the "stop over" booking form with the return journey taking place the following day (27th) after the 'People's Network and Family Picnic in Hyde Park: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScAlZXqtLnQhWKT6c-PqLFKeG-v
  18. Same with the Daily Fail. I won't quote the whole article but it states that "conspiracy theorist" protestors, who outnumbered and pushed back police, were seen throwing bottles, spitting at taxi drivers and one had a large dog which escaped and ran around. They appear to be making attempts to discredit speakers such as Kate Shemirani, "a suspended nurse", and Dolores Cahill who was "forced to resign from an EU scientific committee in June over claims she made about the pandemic". https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8750505/Anti-mask-mayhem-Trafalgar-Square-Conspiracy-theorist
  19. I know a lot of people think he was a disinfo agent, but Zecharia Sitchin wrote extensively about the Anunnaki according to his translations of the Sumerian cuneiform tablets. I think there was likely some truth in his writings but I remain unconvinced about some parts including Nibiru. Even if his work it to be taken with caution, I think it nevertheless provides an essential foundation to the Enki and Enlil stories. Lloyd Pye believed in Sitchin's work and built upon it via disciplines of anthropology and genetics. In addition to the books he wrote, many of his lectures can be fo
  20. Thanks for starting this thread seclorum. The common law is gaining momentum among activists and so deserves some attention. I will try and summarise what I understand of common law below (although I am not necessarily endorsing it or the organisations named). It's a huge topic so my summary may be a little long... The main activist groups I know of are as follows: Earth United who are coordinating mass action of common law claims worldwide to lawfully regain the public courts. They are developing an app to aid with this, as per the video in the OP. https://
  21. Alan Jones of Sky News has been exceptionally outspoken throughout Victorian lockdown. In the video below, he reports on the resignation of an economist in the Victorian Department of Finance and Treasury, Sanjeev Sabhlok, who resigned "so that I would be able to speak out against the state's management of the COVID-19 infection". "I made a number of criticisms of the state government on social media. The head of human relations at Treasury asked me to remove them. "I resigned on the same day, the only honourable course for a free citizen of Australia".
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