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  1. Only in the last few days, it has been reported that one recipient of the nasal swab test has now suffered leakage of brain fluid due to the test. It is still maintained by the mainstream, however, that the swabs present low risk. In this case, the woman in question had an undiagnosed and rare condition which it is said was a factor in causing the leakage. https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/other/coronavirus-nasal-swab-test-causes-brain-fluid-leak-in-us-patient/ar-BB19D11v
  2. Tricky to decide where to post this but Macron's words are akin to brainwashing, control of perception and therefore censorship. Home schooling will be banned with children compelled to go to school - a place "where we force consciences" - with morality and ethics determined by the corrupt state. My heart goes out to anyone with young children at this time. https://www.en24news.com/2020/10/macron-bans-home-schooling-except-for-health-reasons-from-2021.html
  3. A short video from a farmer in Victoria about the ridiculous hoops he has been told to jump through just to feed his sheep.
  4. Dr Sam Bailey, who comes across as very credible, explains how her medical training necessitated "pre-test probability" as a fundamental concept of diagnosing a patient. This requires a patient to have a likely chance of having a target disease such as tell-tale symptoms before being tested. Testing for Covid-19 in NZ started out on this basis during their strict 4 week lockdown which led to 100 days of no community transmission. However, this policy switched in August which led to cases being identified and lockdowns implemented again. She also explains why the PCR tes
  5. BitChute is coming increasingly under fire from groups such as Hope Not Hate with accusations being made that its content is dominated by conspiracy theorists and "hateful and dangerous content". David Icke, Max Igan, Info Wars and even James Corbett get mentions in Hope Not Hate's report which can be found on the link below. Of course, accusations of anti-semitism are thrown in too. https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/BitChute-Report_2020-07-v2.pdf Hope Not Hate recommends that:
  6. This interesting study was reported today on UK Column looking at the safety of mask wearing from a different angle. Whereas most of the focus has been on reduced oxygen intake and raised CO2 levels, this study considered the possibility that fibre particles of face coverings may be loose and could be breathed in, particularly given the more forceful breathing which accompanies wearing a mask. It raises questions as to the pathological consequences such foreign material could have if it enters deep lung tissue. The conclusion is quoted below. https://www.researchgate.net/publicatio
  7. The guy in this video is very frantic and over the top, but credit to him for experimenting with the Covid-1984 home test. Three tests were completed in his name and that of two friends. Rather than providing their own samples, swabs were taken from a dog, a computer keyboard and the pavement. I won't give away the results.
  8. "After the events of September 26th, we are choosing to take a different tact with this Political Protest." Prior registration is required as the exact location of the protest will not be made known to attendees until the morning of the 24th October. For groups, one member of the group is asked to sign up as the point of contact. https://uniteforfreedom.uk/we-have-the-power/
  9. Thanks for this odds. Regarding the masks on flights, the Jota website does make a point of mentioning exemptions which includes by reason of age: Regarding the Tweet, Simon Dolan has replied to this himself. His explanation for delivering masks are that they are medical PPE for the NHS. He also says that he is paying himself for the gap between the crowd-funding monies raised and the actual legal costs.
  10. One of the UK government's main defences to Simon Dolan's case is that he does not have "victim status" regarding the human rights breaches of lockdown. He does not live in England but was making the claim due to his impacted business interests. This was a weak argument for claiming victim status and would have failed (indeed, Dolan's legal team did concede this point). This is where the crowd funding was crucial to be able to bring the claim in the public interest. There is already legal precedent for a claimant to establish sufficient interest to bring a case where it represents
  11. Being intimidated for not wearing a mask is a disability hate crime. It is possible to be a victim of disability discrimination even if you don't have a disability but are thought to have one. It is good to see at least one charity sticking their neck out for non mask wearers.
  12. This pictorial representation of the UK Covid statistics helps put things into perspective.
  13. Regarding the Tory back bench rebellion, Steve Baker MP - one of the MPs involved - has been sporting a t-shirt which states that "2020 is the new 1984". Here is an interview from a couple of weeks back with BBC Radio 4 where Steve Baker says that "it's now time for us to start living like a free people, not subjecting ourselves to constantly shifting legal requirements which I think now no one can understand."
  14. I doubt anybody here will be shocked by this but, judging by the comments, the normies are furious. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8779373/Parliaments-bars-NOT-subject-10pm-curfew.html# Parliament's bars are NOT subject to 10pm curfew and MPs don't have to give their contact details to get a drink Bars inside Parliament are exempt from the Government's new 10pm curfew Facilities serving inside Palace of Westminster are as a 'workplace canteen' Comes after a curfew was imposed on on pubs, bars and restaur
  15. After interrupting his speech at Trafalgar Square, riot police arrested Dr Heiko Schoening who was trying again to give his speech at Speaker's Corner. They were clearly determined to shut him up! No doubt this is because he has been instrumental in the Berlin protests and formed the "Extra Parliamentary Committee" (ACU) which has the support of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of medical professionals all calling out the virus as a fraud. The Berlin protests have numbered in the millions. This is why they arrested him - he wasn't even an organiser of yesterday's event.
  16. The risk assessment for the event had been fully approved via the police liaison and with Westminster City Council. This made the event "legal". There were a couple of times where messages had come through from police that people were getting too close to the stage and not social distancing well enough. Organisers therefore put out warnings as such (albeit sarcastically as it is impossible for so many thousands of people to socially distance within the space we had...). It is my understanding that Dr Heiko Schoening was the last speaker and it was at this point, according to Piers Co
  17. I think you are on to something about talking to the officers. One of my friends who I was with yesterday did the same thing as you once we reached Hyde Park. She appealed to two police officers and asked them what they thought the measures mean for their families. She explained about the officially low death rate and the issues with masks. One of the officers, who probably shouldn't have, admitted to her that many of them are confused by it all too (although this was qualified with a belief that they are still protecting the tiny minority of people who do become seriously ill from
  18. According to this source, the Astra Zeneca vaccine trial has been halted for a third time - this time in the US because one of the recipients developed "neurological symptoms". The test is still ongoing in the UK (having resumed again), India, Brazil and South Africa. https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/they-ve-killed-god-i-can-t-feel-god-my-soul-is-dead-astrazeneca-halts-covid-19-vaccine-trials-after-second-volunteer-develops-neurological-problems The reports of these "neurological symptoms" sound like a spiritual disconnect akin to th
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