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  1. A Peruvian court has accused Bill Gates, George Soros and the Rockefeller family of creating the coronavirus pandemic. https://en.news-front.info/2021/01/12/peruvian-court-names-soros-gates-and-rockefeller-creators-of-the-coronavirus-pandemic/ Peruvian court names Soros, Gates and Rockefeller “creators” of the coronavirus pandemic The three-judge appeals court in Peru cited the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason they did not have a ruling on a prisoner's bid for release done on time. The judges are quoted as saying: I have found this short YouTube video about this story too which can be viewed with English subtitles.
  2. I am confused by this because it is my understanding that the Coronavirus Bill (HC Bill 122) was introduced to Parliament on 19th March 2020 and became law - as the Coronavirus Act - on 25th March 2020 after receiving royal assent. https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-8857/ https://services.parliament.uk/Bills/2019-21/coronavirus/documents.html There was much discussion on the forum at the time of the implications including the possibility of detention (including of children), the lowering of Care Act standards, the lower threshold for detaining people for mental health reasons and changes to cremations and burial practices (incuding the removal of form 5). However, this probably all got lost in the hack. Since the Act was passed (which has since been extended for another 6 months), the government have completed a U-turn on the provision for one Doctor to authorise detaining someone in hospital under the Mental Health Act 1983. We are thankfully back in the position that two Doctors need to authorise detaining a person. This was announced by Matt Hancock in the House of Commons on 30th September 2020: https://www.keepbritainfree.com/forum/activism/government-u-turn-on-mental-health-laws-enshrines-world-class-protections-heading-into-2021
  3. Welcome to the forum GSM. There is already a dream thread so you may get more response if you posted about your dream there. Here is the link to the thread.
  4. Just come across this link highlighting 31 published papers which suggest that lockdowns are ineffective. https://inproportion2.talkigy.com/do_lockdowns_work_2021-01-15.html?fbclid=IwAR29VPNWior9yLRolSK_p26FRBh8YpLoDT_C010lZiUprMdfGAIoIk14q7c
  5. According to this Big Brother Watch tweet, the coronavirus legislation has been amended to allow police access to NHS Test and Trace information as to who is self-isolating. There appears to have been no parliamentary scrutiny of this change which has been done on the quiet. The legislation linked to in the Tweet can be found below. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2021/97/regulation/4/made
  6. This factual and to the point video by Jeffrey Peel is currently doing the rounds on social media. It is called 'Two Januarys' and compares January 2015 to January 2021 both of which had high winter death tolls - the difference being the use of flawed PCR testing and restrictive measures.
  7. Hopefully this comes as some reassuring news about vaccines for those within the 47 nation states of the Council of Europe (which includes the UK). Although the Council of Europe cannot make binding laws, it does "have the power to enforce select international agreements reached by European states on various topics" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Council_of_Europe ) and includes the European Court of Human Rights. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has passed a resolution that vaccines must not be mandatory and no one should suffer discrimination on account of not having been vaccinated. https://pace.coe.int/en/files/29004/html It reads: 7.3 with respect to ensuring high vaccine uptake: 7.3.1 ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated, if they do not wish to do so themselves; 7.3.2 ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated, due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated.
  8. I am not registered to use Pastebin but you are welcome to use my locally saved sources via this WeTransfer link.
  9. Something tells me Yasmina that you will always be OK and welcome wherever you are. From what I know of you, you have the intelligence, strength and resourcefulness to always land on your feet. And I can't but help admire your obvious courage and warrior spirit (whilst I can also equally admire Mac's resolve to never be pushed out of his homeland). Make sure to stay in touch and let us know how you're getting on xx.
  10. I have finally found the time to watch the 22nd January 2021 press conference too and comment about it. The opinion from John O'Sullivan, who wrote the piece I posted, appears to be based on the Q&A from 44 minutes into the press conference but also within the context of the WHO guidance on face masks published on 1st December 2020. The press conference can be watched here: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 A journalist asks about the use of FB2 masks which have now been made mandatory in Austria and parts of Germany on public transport and in shops. These regions have apparently decided that regular masks are not safe enough. The journalist also asks if there is any evidence that regular fabric masks are less efficient to prevent new variants and if the mask guidelines will be reviewed. The answer from the WHO stresses that masks alone are not effective and should be used in combination with other methods. This is also what the updated WHO guidance dated 1st December 2020 on masks repeatedly states. https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/337199/WHO-2019-nCov-IPC_Masks-2020.5-eng.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y The WHO also have no intention of changing the guidance any further right now. The recommendations currently include 3 layer masks but this comes with shortages. The guidance is very wishy-washy on the effectiveness of masks in the community outside of health care settings and even says evidence of protective efficacy is “very limited” (page 8). Whereas there appears to be a longer list of potential harms from mask use as oppose to the “very limited” evidence of benefits (page 10): Perhaps the headline is a little sensationalised and makes a bit of a leap in declaring the WHO has said people do not need to wear masks. But I do think it is implicit on the WHO's response, and also in their guidance, that the regular fabric masks that most people are wearing are not effective.
  11. This is a handy pictorial representation of the size of an alleged SARS-CoV-2 (or flu) aerosol vs the size of the holes in a non-surgical mask. It comes from the Harwood Economic Review publication 'A Crisis in Science' - please see page 33. https://www.aier.org/article/a-crisis-in-science/
  12. I know there are a lot of FOI requests floating about at the moment but I was taken aback a bit by this one. I have erased any identifying names / reference numbers from the letter which is why there are gaps. Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, Wales has released the comparative monthly inpatient and day case numbers for 2018 to 2020. Needless to say, the 2020 admissions are shockingly low - in some months less than 50% of numbers of patients in previous years.
  13. In addition to the CDC's VAERS, the WHO also has a database of "suspected side-effects from various medicinal products" "collected by national drug authorities in over 110 countries". The database is called VigiAccess and is really simple to search. http://www.vigiaccess.org/?fbclid=IwAR1wOSqxNhigYcB9dwpzxm5mA417SYyBNkW3MScqeo1G-8iwPSxM25_zmiIb There are entries for "Covishield" which is the Indian drug regulator's name for the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine developed in the UK and which is also being manufactured in India. Here is what a search for "Covishield" adverse reactions has just brought up for me this evening. A total of 32,499 reactions to date with 30,410 reported since the start of the year. I think the point also has to be made that, with any ADR reporting system, people need to know about it in the first place (which most probably don't) meaning that side effects probably go largely unreported.
  14. President Magufuli is showing his worth as leader again by expressing reservations to Tanzanians about the Covid vaccine and warning that they could be dangerous. He has directed the Ministry of Health to only adopt vaccines after they have been approved by the country's own experts. He also remains firm in not adopting travel restrictions and other lockdown measures. https://www.tuko.co.ke/401091-magufuli-warns-tanzanians-covid-19-vaccines.html
  15. Excellent point - I hadn't thought of that. But would the waste accumulate fast enough compared to the food being consumed to stop the mouse getting trapped?
  16. An interesting analogy I have seen on social media relates to your point about how this should have been nipped in the bud before we became too deeply buried and trapped amidst the dangerous lies.
  17. I haven't watched the full WHO press conference but, according to this article, the WHO are now saying that there is no scientific medical reason for any healthy person to wear a mask outside of a hospital. https://principia-scientific.com/who-you-do-not-need-to-wear-a-mask/ WHO: You Do NOT Need to Wear a Mask Furthermore, last month, the WHO had also claimed that masks are only of limited value in conjunction with other measures. Dr Joseph Mercola analysed WHO's advice and pointed out that:
  18. Following on from the Weimar District Court ruling a few days ago about disproportionate lockdown restrictions (I have linked my previous post on this below), another court - this time in Belgium - has found the enforced wearing of masks in public places unconstitutional. A man was acquitted of not wearing a mask on the basis that the restriction to his freedom of movement had not been shown to be justified. The public prosecutor has appealed but let's hope that the decision sticks. https://ukhumanrightsblog.com/2021/01/25/enforced-wearing-of-masks-declared-unconstitutional/ Enforced wearing of masks declared unconstitutional
  19. Hi epsom, I don't think HSBC have threatened to close accounts of unvaccinated customers - at least not yet. But what they have threatened to do is withdraw their service from those who refuse to wear face coverings in branches. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9147125/HSBC-threatens-shut-bank-accounts-customers-refuse-wear-face-mask.html
  20. We have a thread on it already with the link to the BNT video. Here you go.
  21. This video doesn't necessarily make for the easiest listening but is very revealing from the perspective of a patient on a Covid ward. The lady in question has underlying health issues including a heart and lung condition but was admitted to hospital for a broken leg and damaged spine. She tested negative for Covid prior to admission and only tested positive after being admitted on a "clean" ward. She was moved to a Covid ward despite being asymptomatic and despite her objections. Her account of what has been occurring on the Covid ward is pretty shocking - she is one of 6 patients, of which 4 of them have no symptoms, and all the others are elderly. She tells of how she was asked to observe another patient's vital signs who then died in front of her because the staff were too busy. Whilst she is being interviewed, another patient is calling out desperately for assistance - clearly suffering - but being ignored by staff. The lady being interviewed filmed whilst on the ward but was confronted by police and security and had her phone taken. Her conclusion is that, before being admitted to hospital, she believed the mainstream narrative and had concerns about getting Covid due to her health issues. But now, after her first hand experience of being "treated like an animal" like the other patients, she says that we are not being told the truth by the media and she will help with the campaign for truth.
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