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  1. Finder – you seem to suggest that I am not aware of the forum happenings and thus am of questionable consciousness. This misses the point of my comment concerning your letter. Freedom of choice and consent are important principles to me and encompass what I see as personal responsibility. This includes having my own voice and being consulted with my consent obtained before somebody deigns to speak on my behalf. I have read Larken Rose's 'The Most Dangerous Superstition' that ink has recently posted and this fits completely with the concept of personal responsibility and
  2. I will be there again. Can anyone shed any light on whether this is definitely affiliated with the London Real Army as I can't find anything on the website or social media, aside from this flyer, that suggests it is?
  3. Maybe I should invest in one of these laser pointers.
  4. Whilst I don't necessarily disagree with the questions asserted in the OP's letter, nor all of its content, I would like to point out that I, for one, was not consulted. So, with the letter purporting to come from "many members of the forum" with the frequent use of the word "we", I was not one of those. I was not aware that a forum spokesperson had been appointed. Even if one has, I would still prefer to post my own views as an individual.
  5. Something tells me that the Dominic Cummings outrage, following on from Neil Ferguson's disregard of lockdown measures, is another exercise in gauging public opinion of the measures. Dominic Cummings travelled from London to Durham weeks ago at the end of March but the story has only just broken within the last few days... I think they want to see if public opinion either: Leans towards support of lockdown and that anybody who breaks the rules is "arrogant" and "selfish" should be treated harshly or; Starts to view the measures themselves as suspicious if even our polit
  6. Dominic Cummings has had lots of visitors today. Firstly a campaign van has turned up at his house playing a video of Boris thanking the public for their sacrifice. https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/a-campaign-van-has-turned-up-at-dominic-cummings-house-playing-a-video-of-boris-thanking-the-public-for-their-sacrifice/24/05/ A protestor called Ben, has also been protesting outside of his home. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/may/24/anger-across-britain-at-dominic-cummingss-260-mile-lockdown-trek And now the police are pa
  7. Looks like round two is coming up at Speakers Corner...
  8. Maybe we should take a leaf out of this angry mob's book.
  9. Thanks for the update Gareth. I would like to make a suggestion regarding the new and improved forum. Perhaps it needs to be mentioned on David Icke's podcasts to try and increase membership? I fear that we may, with this forum hack and the inaccessibility of the old forum, have lost members again. An increase in the number of reactions allowed per day also wouldn't go amiss.
  10. This graph was featured on UK Column's report yesterday and compares the death rates per 100,000 in non lockdown Sweden over the last 30 years. It shows a trend of decline in death rates including for 2020 and is yet more evidence exposing what a farce lockdown is.
  11. I was there yesterday, arriving a couple of hours in to the event, and there were far more than just 60 people protesting! There were hundreds of people at Speaker's Corner itself (even two hours in) - most just sitting down and listening to music or having a picnic. Some had banners, specially made t-shirts and signs. Several had megaphones and there were people with drums. We didn't see Piers Corbyn, probably being too late to witness his arrest. A spontaneous march started and, again, I would say that one or two hundred people were involved. It was after the march started that t
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