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  1. I am not sharing this because it is Anna Brees but because of this wonderful 83 year old lady from Barnsley who tells it like it is.
  2. Rebel News is now offering legal help to fight fines imposed due to the Scamdemic. Where a case has merit, they will crowdfund a civil liberties lawyer to fight the fine in court. The form to request assistance can be found on the link below. https://www.rebelnews.com/fight_the_fines_uk
  3. The meeting point has been announced early due to changes in the attitude of police and to help people to plan their jouneys. The route itself, nor the final destination, will be announced in advance. SPEAKERS CORNER, HYDE PARK - 12PM ON SATURDAY 24TH OCTOBER. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuCEOdpXTVw&list=WL&index=9
  4. Danny has been making some police officers clearly feel uncomfortable - they seem particularly defensive in this video. Perhaps he has pricked their consciences a bit.
  5. Here you go Alnitak - click on the post below.
  6. A collection of responses to FOI requests can be found on the following link. https://fromrome.info/2020/10/17/19-labs-refuse-to-admit-they-have-isolated-covid-19/ The responses from 19 institutions around the world all fail to confirm that SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated without first combining a patient sample with other genetic material. Included in the responses are those from Public Health England, the UK Department for Health and Social Care, the Sunnybrook Institute (oft cited as the institute claiming to have isolated the virus), Health Canada and the A
  7. More medical experts are speaking out about coronavirus measures. Yesterday a group of doctors gathered on the steps outside the US Supreme Court - they have challenged the narrative and seek to allay fears about the virus.
  8. The StandUpX organised march took place in London today starting from Hyde Park (short video below). There are protests taking place most days and in most cities now. Next Saturday 24th October - as per the forum calendar event - is the next big combined protest. It includes Save Our Rights, StandUpX, Earth United, Event 202 and StopNewNormal (Piers Corbyn). The precise central London location won't be disclosed until the day. My understanding is that it will be more focused on marching than speakers.
  9. I love mushrooms and fungi! And I am not ashamed to say that, for some inexplicable reason which escapes me, I become very excited when I spot a specimen. The most fascinating mushrooms/fungi, to me, include the stinkhorn, porcelain fungus, earthstar, puffballs, ink-caps, the boletus family and parasols. In the video below Paul Stamets, Mycologist and Entrepreneur, is interviewed about a new documentary, which is about to be released, called 'Fantastic Fungi'. Fungi, he says, could be one of the solutions for rebuilding our damaged ecosystems. The spores of mushrooms are nuclei for
  10. This graph, taken from the main DI site today, is interesting. It compares the ONS death rates average for previous years (in blue) against 2020 (in red). What seems apparent to me is that the 2020 spike in deaths in March / April (deliberately forced by the government IMO to present an image of a pandemic), then corrects itself by the massive dip in April / May that follows. It suggests that deaths were hastened in people who were otherwise seriously ill and would probably still have died within the weeks and months that followed. Otherwise the pattern is entirely normal and the e
  11. The Underwater City of Cuba https://mysteriesrunsolved.com/2020/05/underwater-city-of-cuba.html In 2001, whilst searching for sunken treasure-laden ships from the Spanish colonial era, marine engineers working for a company called Advanced Digital Communication (ADC) stumbled upon ancient sunken structures on the sea bed off the western coast of Cuba. They were using advanced sonar equipment to survey the area and discovered symmetrical and geometrical stone shapes at depths of 2,000 to 2,460 feet. Underwater robots were then sent to capture better ima
  12. I was just thinking about the Dogon tribe yesterday @Seeker so it is funny to see a thread pop up about them. The two French anthropologists who took an interest in the Dogon were Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen who began their studies in the 1930s and which continued until Griaule died in 1956. What they found in terms of the depth of knowledge and rich mythology and custom possessed by the Dogon tribe is fascinating. I would suggest the Dogon retained their knowledge due to their isolated location in the Bandiagara escarpment in Mali - a deliberate choice perhaps - which al
  13. Keep up the fighting spirit Liverpool.
  14. This is from the Daily Mail apparently.
  15. A friend of mine did the most incredible mix of NRG's 'Never Lost His Hardcore' into Prodigy's 'Claustrophobic Sting'. I think he may have used this NRG remix.
  16. Save Our Rights Youtube videos won't embed but, according to the video linked below, 34 Labour MPs who voted against the Bill yesterday have been put on probation for 6-12 months (dependant upon whether they have previously defied "the whip"). All because they voted with their consciences rather than toe the party line. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_7b5J2TjLA
  17. The German Government has been humiliated as 11pm curfews have been declared not legal. Let's hope that more courts will start siding with the people. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8847125/Berlin-court-overturns-order-shut-Berlins-bars-restaurants-11pm.html Court overturns order to shut Berlin's bars and restaurants from 11pm because 'it is not apparent' it would help fight coronavirus Court noted infections in Germany stem from beyond food and drink industry It said closing bars would be a 'disproportionate encroachment on freedoms' It comes afte
  18. Despite a number of proposed amendments being tabled for the Bill's hearing today, each one was rejected. This included: Proposals that the Bill should set limits on the types of criminal conduct permitted by "relevant authorities" such as causing death or serious bodily harm, torture and sexual offences; The removal of some of the "relevant authorities" which should be granted the powers; Restricting the situations in which the "relevant authorities" are permitted to use criminal conduct; Making "relevant authorities" apply for judicial warrants to carry out the crim
  19. A crowd funding page has been set up to help support the gyms in Liverpool which have resolved to stay open despite the tier 3 lockdown and whatever fines are imposed. Despite the funds raised, they should refuse to pay the fines and challenge their lawfulness in court. I hope their resolve stands firm.
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