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  1. It's Sunday and therefore 'A Stand in the Park' day. Some of the pictures of the stands taking place are amazing so here are a few. Portsmouth Falmouth Northampton And, saving the best to last, the Isle Of Wight
  2. Hugo Talks made a longer video than usual which he posted last night. He hasn't bothered uploading it to YouTube because his main channel is currently suspended and it would no doubt get deleted straight away from the back up channel. Hugo spends the video just simply reading out accounts of Covid "vaccine" adverse reactions which have been posted to a Facebook group called 'Covid19 Vaccine Victims & Families'. The accounts are almost all of very severe reactions with many deaths occurring not long after the injection, usually coming unexpectedly and prematurely. Here is the link to the Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/299493215066149 Hugo's video can be found on the links below. https://hugotalks.com/2021/04/17/death-by-vaccine-hugo-talks-lockdown/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/s5p2yjJ4FxTv/
  3. Dr Tom Cowan and his co-author Sally Fallon Morell cover this in their book 'The Contagion Myth'. This is one link to the pdf version of the book. I have also linked to the thread about the book below. Perhaps @Pina Colada may be interested too. https://aim4truth.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/The_Contagion_Myth_Why_Viruses_Including_Coronavirus_Are_Not_the_Cause_of_Disease_by_Thomas_S._Cowan_Sally_Fallon_Morell.pdf The part about the milkmaids can be found at the start of chapter 13 'A Vaccine for Covid-19' on page 170. Essentially, the dairymaids had a healthy, unmarked complexion demonstrating that they did not develop smallpox. A theory grew that, because the milkmaids must have been exposed to cowpox, this gave them protection against smallpox (the human form of the disease). However, physicians noted differently in their observations at the time knowing of hundreds of cases of people developing smallpox after having had cowpox (https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Case_Against_Vaccination). In 1796 Robert Jenner tested this hypothesis and inoculated a boy with pus scraped from cowpox blisters and then, with vehement self promotion, declared that the vaccine gave lifelong immunity to the disease. However, this can be shown not to be the case through analysis of death rates in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated through the 1800s and into the early 1900s. There was also the famous refusal by the inhabitants of Leicester to have the vaccine - who instead improved sanitation and quarantined the sick - resulting in only one smallpox death during the 1870-2 epidemic. Cowan and Fallon Morell therefore disagree that it was exposure to cowpox that protected the milkmaids from smallpox. They suggest instead that the maids had access to a superbly nutritious probiotic food - raw milk - and praise the benefits of good nutrition in preventing disease.
  4. Welcome to the forum Adam. Even in the mainstream it is known that Mountbatten was a paedophile. The Mail on Sunday, the Sunday Times and the Sun have covered Mountbatten's abuse of young boys following the release of a secret FBI dossier compiled by agents looking for dirt on him - see links below. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7368429/Lord-Mountbatten-homosexual-perversion-young-boys-according-FBI-dossier.html https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/lord-mountbattens-lust-for-young-men-revealed-90swzmgms https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9749352/lord-mountbatten-fbi-claims-ira-murder-anniversary/ In 2019 a book called 'The Mountbattens' was written by historian Andrew Lownie which connected Mountbatten specifically to Kincora boys' home in Belfast and which is widely regarded as well researched. The book was based on over 100 interviews, research from dozens of archives and new information released under Freedom of Information requests. Regarding the Kincora scandal, the book included two interviews with two unnamed men who describe being brought from the home in 1977 to Lord Mountbatten and then of the abuse he perpetrated on them. Another writer, Robin Bryans, also linked Mountbatten, along with Anthony Blunt, to Kincora in April 1990 and reported this in Dublin based magazine 'Now'. https://www.irishnews.com/news/northernirelandnews/2019/08/26/news/new-book-links-lord-mountbatten-to-sex-abuse-at-kincora-boys-home-1694271/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robin_Bryans DI had said for years before the release of Lownie's book that Mountbatten was involved in the Kincora paedophile ring scandal and certainly incuded this in 'The Perception Deception'. He also reveals how Savile was brought into the royal family's fold by Lord Mountbatten (Commandant General of the Royal Marines) and how Savile was the first civilian to be awarded the first Marines' Green Beret. On speaking of this honour, Savile said that: Hopefully this should help show some of Lord Mountbatten's links to paedophile rings and other known abusers such as Savile and Blunt.
  5. I guess it was only a matter of time and to be expected, but I am still pissed off at this news. UK Column have been suspended from YouTube for a week. They do seem to be broadcasting on other channels live as I post this. No doubt the broadcast will be on their Bitchute channel later which is linked below. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/8A8gTUgMoXYR/
  6. There is a White Rose Telegram channel with templates and instructions for printing stickers. t.me/jointhewhiterose You need a cheap Brother label printer and some roll and then the rest is quite easy. My printer arrived on Saturday with one roll and I got printing - I was surprised at how easy it was. I've been out shopping this morning (maskless of course) and snuck a bit of stickering in!
  7. Thanks metak - out of likes for now... Following the links from the first page of the old forum's Savile megathread, I have found this which was posted to DI's headline page on the 2nd November 2011 - two days after Savile's death. https://web.archive.org/web/20141206223310/http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/55533-death-of-a-showman-jimmy-saville-1926-2011/ So DI certainly didn't hang around outing Savile after he had died and well before the story broke in the mainstream. Perhaps this helps suggest that DI may also have spoken out about Savile before his death, but this is still unproven at present unless anybody else can come up with anything?
  8. The joint statement from the CDC and FDA concerning the J&J Covid-19 injection is intriguing yet worrying in that it is made clear that the blood clots that are occurring are very unusual. The blood clots are unique and have to be treated differently rather than using heparin which is the standard treatment. Apparently the use of heparin could be dangerous! https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2021/s0413-JJ-vaccine.html Joint CDC and FDA Statement on Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine
  9. I remember the Savile megathread on the old forum but sadly we cannot refer back to it now. I only discovered the DIF in 2016 so long after Savile's death. So for me personally, given that the thread was hundreds of pages long, I would have only started reading it towards the end - due its size, I didn't go through the entire thing. I also had far less time in those days, and far more catching up to do, to keep up with all the threads on the old forum. You say that old forum members knew about Savile before the news broke - was that more specifically before Savile died in Oct 2011, or did the thread start after his death but before the news broke throughout 2012? And did it provide any evidence that DI had spoken out about Savile during the time that he was alive?
  10. This interesting video has come my way today. It is a short report made by Meditel Productions for Channel 4 News in 1998 but which was never aired after being pulled the day before transmission. The film reveals how HIV has never been isolated in pure form and exposes anomalies in test results. Meditel have commented on the video as follows:
  11. Dr Sam Bailey has just uploaded this video 'The Truth About Virus Isolation' for those interested in this aspect of exposing the Scamdemic. She also provides her references. References: 1. Etymology of ‘isolated’:https://www.etymonline.com/word/isolated 2. Cambridge dictionary - Isolation: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/isolation 3. Dictionary.com - Isolate: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/isolate 4. Professor Vincent Racaniello: https://www.virology.ws/about/ 5. Virus isolates, variants, strains - what are they?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2G2b... 6. Viral RNA is not infectious virus!: https://www.virology.ws/2017/02/17/viral-rna-is-not-infectious-virus/ 7. Principles of Virology 4th edition: https://archive.org/details/Principles_of_Virology_4th_Edition_2_Vol_set_by_S._Jane_Flint_Lynn_W._Enquist_Vi/mode/2up 8. Virus Mania - 3rd English edition 9. Otago Daily Times, 13 June 2020: https://web.archive.org/web/20210126072245/https://www.odt.co.nz/lifestyle/magazine/offensive-otago-unis-fight-against-covid-19 10. Official Information Request to Otago University: https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/2021-03-30-University-of-Otago-Purification-of-SARS-COV-2-redacted.pdf 11. 1,000,000 Euro for proof of isolation of SARS-CoV-2 and its genetic substance: https://www.samueleckert.net/isolat-truth-fund/ 12. “RECOGNIZATE": A Word to fill a gap, C. R. Madeley & Christian J. Kay - The Lancet, September 30, 1978 13. Extracellular vesicles or exosomes?: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6711079/ 14. Why misinterpretation of electron micrographs in SARS-CoV-2-infected tissue goes viral: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)32079-1/fulltext#seccestitle10
  12. I have also seen lots of rumours circulating in the last few months about DI claiming he is a freemason who uses symbolic hand signals, bringing up events surrounding TPV and his knowledge of Savile. The main sources of these claims seem to be Chris Constantine, Paul Dudley and Lee Ryan. I had considered starting a thread to address / debunk the claims being made but have concerns about stirring up a lot of shit and especially dredging up all the TPV drama. Whilst I can dismiss the other claims without too much concern, like you Bee, the Savile situation does niggle me more. Thanks to metak for providing where in DI's books he has written about Savile. I have now found the 'Doorway to the Cesspit' part in 'The Perception Deception' and will quote exactly what DI wrote about what he knew of Savile. So DI states that he only found out about Savile's activities in the late 1990s, long after he had left the BBC. He then says he tried to make this information known between the late 1990s and 2011. It seems that, if metak's search has thrown up all the times DI's books mentioned Savile, Savile only featured in 'The Perception Deception' which dates to 2013. So no mention was made in DI's books during the period between when DI says he found out about Savile (late 1990s) and Savile's death (2011). In what other ways may he have tried to circulate this information? Informally, in videos, interviews, at events or on the website perhaps? Or could he even have made direct reports to authorities? Realistically, in the absence of a video find or an archived webpage showing DI outing Savile before his death, we will probably never know the detail. DI appears to claim that he did not know about Savile's activities during the time he worked at the BBC. Whilst some people seem to think that everybody at the BBC knew about Savile, can that reasonably be inferred? Some people choose to keep to themselves in their working environment and not participate in what could be seen as gossip. And the BBC is a big corporation with large numbers of staff and multiple locations. So, without having actually been there at the time ourselves, I am not sure we are in a well placed position to judge the likelihood of DI knowing about Savile (or not) during his time at the BBC. So I guess it comes down to how much each of us are willing to trust DI's word on this as evidence either way is somewhat lacking. Regarding whether DI knew about Savile whilst working at the BBC, I am willing to give DI the benefit of the doubt as not all people engage in workplace rumours. On the point that DI claims to have tried to expose Savile after he did find out (and before his death), I would truly like to see some evidence of this but at the same time will keep in mind the possibility that DI may have tried to do this more from behind the scenes.
  13. I saw people warning against this alleged Mike Yeadon quote on Telegram yesterday. Apparently he is trying to spread the word that he did not say this. I have now taken a look at the link cited and what is said bears very little resemblance to what is being suggested in the image above. Perhaps others may like to cross-check too. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/exclusive-former-pfizer-vp-your-government-is-lying-to-you-in-a-way-that-could-lead-to-your-death
  14. There are some things said by this "clinical lab scientist" that I wouldn't necessarily disagree with. For example, I do believe Covid-19 to be flu rebranded, as is suggested, and that deaths have occurred mainly due to co-morbidities. Also, what is said about the genome of the virus being extrapolated from 37 RNA base pairs is also correct as far as my understanding goes, and I agree that SARS-CoV-2 has not been isolated in pure form. So I can see why some people may have been persuaded that this is genuine. But it is the part about Koch's postulates that is a big red flag for me and which is what caused me to doubt the claims when I first saw the post in December. This "clinical lab scientist" and his "team" claim to have tested the supposed Covid-19 samples through Koch's postulates and then under an electron microscope. It is then claimed that two other viruses were identified - influenzas A & B - rather than SARS-CoV-2. Firstly I would suggest that the way it is phrased sounds pretty unscientific to me. But, more importantly, it is my understanding that no virus - including influenzas A & B - has ever been isolated according to Koch's postulates which is why mainstream science now relies on sequence-based microbial identification. I posted about this in another thread here. It was from watching a Dr Sam Bailey video that I became aware of the actual paper that called for a reconsideration of Koch's postulates and which is now relied on by scientists who dispute that Koch's postulates are the gold standard for proving the existence of microbial pathogens. It is because of this paper that sequence-based microbial identification is now preferred by the mainstream. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/14534757_Fredricks_D_N_Relman_D_A_Sequence-based_identification_of_microbial_pathogens_A_reconsideration_of_Koch's_postulates_Clin_Microbiol_Rev_9_18-33 As I said in the other thread, the paper openly acknowledges that Koch's postulates cannot be used for viruses because it is not possible to isolate a virus from other genetic material. This would include influenzas A & B. So, if these lab scientists really have managed to find a way to isolate a virus according to Koch's postulates, this would be a huge achievement that has never been accomplished before! In terms of the methodology provided in the statement (supposedly now from a Dr Derek Knauss), they "did not use the BS PCR test" to do this but where is their paper outlining how they did accomplish this feat that has eluded all other scientists? It is also claimed that they are suing the CDC. Where is the evidence for this? Why has there been no update on the progress of the case which supposedly started in December or even before? And why is this same statement being recycled and recirculated over and over again - with different alleged authors - when it is now 6 months old?
  15. Sorry guys but I am going to have to call BS on this. This statement about 1,500 samples supposedly of Covid-19 instead testing positive for influenza A and influenza B has been doing the rounds since early December 2020 and, in my view, is fake. The post first seems to have originated in the comments section of this thread on 6th December 2020 posted anonymously. https://www.wadeburleson.org/2020/12/presidents-vaccines-mr-edwards-and.html The post then went viral on Facebook at which point it started being attributed to a Professor Robert Oswald of Cornell University. On learning this, the real Professor Oswald issued a statement on his Cornell University profile page. https://www.vet.cornell.edu/research/faculty/robert-oswald-phd A couple of months back, a video then circulated on social media of somebody reading out the exact same statement which I repeatedly called out on Telegram at the time with nobody being able to give me the name of the actual clinical lab scientist who had allegedly authored the statement. It could have been literally anybody reading it out. Now the statement is being attributed to a Dr Derek Knauss who is supposedly a clinical lab specialist, focusing on virology and immunology, based in Southern California. I would like to see some evidence that there is a genuine Dr Derek Knauss willing to take credit for this statement. All I have been able to find via search engines are dodgy looking websites crediting the statement to this so-called individual but nothing to substantiate this further. Given that the post started as an anonymous comment and was then misattributed to Professor Robert Oswald, I find it hard to believe that this latest incarnation currently doing the rounds is any less fake than before. This is one case where I will have to agree with the fact checkers.
  16. It should have been pretty obvious from day one, when signing the contracts with Apple and Google, that this was going to happen as, without location data, how can you "track and trace" people?! It makes you wonder if Test and Trace has been deliberately set up to fail and waste public money whilst the nation spirals into bankruptcy and oblivion. Comments on this YouTube video are of the view that, if Apple and Google are now guardians of our privacy data, we must be in trouble!
  17. A Family Court in Weimar has ruled that coronavirus measures imposed upon students in schools cannot be justified and are not scientifically reasonable or necessary. This is following an action brought by a mother concerned about the physical, psychological and pedagogical effect on her children of masks, tests and social distancing. What is particularly good about this judgment is the sheer depth in which the science behind the measures was examined causing the mainstream thinking to be picked to shreds. I have summarised the findings below under the headline. The original source is linked below along with the translation of it. https://2020news.de/sensationsurteil-aus-weimar-keine-masken-kein-abstand-keine-tests-mehr-fuer-schueler/ https://docs.google.com/document/d/13tlF0vUYQBYba7_d-tam3cSt0dUDqlI1MeQvO0TbM_E/edit Sensational verdict from Weimar: no masks, no distance, no more tests for students 1) Masks All the available scientific evidence shows that masks have no effect on the incidence of infection. Politicians may only be interested in the symbolic value of the mask. Masks are not only useless but are dangerous especially given that they are often touched with the hands and become a contamination risk. The population has not been taught how to use masks properly and it would be unrealistic to expect the population to achieve appropriate handling of the masks. Transmission by aerosols is medically implausible and scientifically unproven, whilst the theory is harmful for human coexistence as people can no longer feel safe in indoor spaces. Any potential small benefit from masks, should a new variant emerge, is countered by numerous potential side effects on the physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing of the children. 2) Social Distancing Keeping a distance of 1.5 metres is only potentially of value where symptoms are present. Yet still this hasn't been scientifically proven. Keeping a 1.5 metre distance amongst asymptomatic individuals is not supported by any science. However, this greatly impairs human coexistence - particularly more carefree contact among children - without any apparent benefit in reducing transmission. Close contacts of less than 1.5 metres, even where an individual has cold symptoms, does not pose a risk as contact times are typically too short for transmission to occur. Asymptomatic transmission is extremely rare and statistically meaningless. There is no evidence that compliance with social distancing reduces the risk of infection. 3) PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests Only genetic material can be identified by the PCR test and cannot confirm whether a person is infected with an active pathogen. The test cannot distinguish between "dead" matter (harmless genome fragments as a remnant of the body's immune system) and living matter in the form of a fresh virus capable of reproducing. PCR parameters can be manipulated, including via the number of target genes to be tested along with the cycle threshold value used (with positive tests arising from 35+ cycles having no scientific basis). It is noted that the WHO's RT-PCR protocol initially recommended using up to 45 cycles without defining a cycle threshold value for positive. Rapid antigen tests only detect protein components without any connection to an intact, reproducible virus. There are high rates of false positive test results, particularly among asymptomatic individuals. Neither PCR tests nor rapid antigen tests are suitable for making a diagnosis. The judge therefore concluded in light of the lack of scientific evidence to support the measures, that the encroachment upon fundamental rights is unconstitutional and entirely disproportionate. The measures passed were deemed to have arisen from a "factual disconnect that has reached historic proportions". The court therefore ruled that, with immediate effect, schools are prohibited from imposing these measures any longer.
  18. This Denis Rancourt Tweet explains what happened with the first link I posted. He has been banned from ResearchGate for publishing evidence showing that masks can cause harm to the wearer. It seems as though his research may have hit a nerve. I have now watched his debate with David Kyle Johnson and Rancourt clearly and easily won the day. Rancourt remained calm, focused and effortlessly lucid whilst Johnson seemed pretty unhinged and like a petulant child, especially towards the close. He did get very shouty! The YouTube comments are overwhelmingly in support of Rancourt too which says it all.
  19. Given all the manoeuvring lately around Covid certificates and the compulsion upon some businesses to demand test and trace data from customers, I thought now might be a good time to remind ourselves of what Boris Johnson said about ID cards in 2004. https://www.boris-johnson.com/2004/11/25/id-cards/
  20. I don't know the name of the French healer unfortunately, but the quote from Rudolf Steiner about the elimination of the soul with medicine has been widely shared recently and picked up also by DI. If anyone can confirm to me where more precisely within Steiner's work this quote can be found, I would be very grateful - just so that I can be sure that the quote hasn't been misattributed in some way. There were some reports during the AZ "vaccine" trials of at least one recipient feeling like they had lost the connection with their soul. Some viewed the reports at the time as dubious but they seem to be gaining some credibility lately following accounts from energy workers after the wider "vaccine" roll out. https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/they-ve-killed-god-i-can-t-feel-god-my-soul-is-dead-astrazeneca-halts-covid-19-vaccine-trials-after-second-volunteer-develops-neurological-problems
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