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  1. image.jpeg.8c85d4e945f0ea770aeea37f3f20c180.jpeg


    An update from the Save Our Rights Telegram channel.



    6 DAYS TO GO!

    The location will be announced on Friday night - it IS going to be somewhere different as their new tactic to stop us growing is to ignore us and our presence which is easy when we keep doing the same thing. So it’ll be a bit different this time (but not too radical).

    However the start location won’t be too far from the usual and what will be the SAME is our high vibration and our joyous and free message! So bring the instruments and lets make some noise!

    Remember announcements across official channels every night at 8pm.

    Follow Save Our Rights UK here -

    Website - saveourrights.uk (mailing list is at the bottom right)
    Telegram - t.me/SaveOurRightsUKOfficial
    FB page - facebook.com/SaveOurRightsUK
    Insta - instagram.com/saveourrightsuk
    Twitter - twitter.com/saveourrightsuk


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  2. A word of warning regarding the trains, there are a lot of engineering works taking place on the 29th May. All my overground routes have rail replacement services in place. I will instead go direct to a tube station and park there. For anyone intending to take the train on the 29th May, I would suggest checking your journey well in advance.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Scubasteve said:

    Is the London protest likely to be ok to bring children ? Any ideas?


    The last rally on the 24th April was very peaceful and it was attended by people of all ages including children.


    The only issue with the police took place after the march back at Hyde Park once most had gone home. It seemed to be the usual staged shenanigans for the MSM to then use as material to denounce the protestors.

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  4. 16 minutes ago, truth_seeker90 said:

    Are there any more details for this for someone who doesn't use social media (such as where to meet, what time etc)? Would like to go to the London one on May 29.


    What usually happens is that the location of the start of the march gets announced on the morning itself via social media - literally a couple of hours before it starts. However, it pretty much always ends up being at Hyde Park. The last two have started from Hyde Park Corner with many before starting from Speakers Corner. So I would suggest that, if you don't have access to social media, hang around the Hyde Park area and you will find the march. They set off fireworks and flares last time so because of that, combined with the number of people there (and noise), you couldn't miss it.


    I can almost guarantee that you will also come across other protestors on your journey - certainly when you get to London. So just speak to people and ask them if they know where to head and perhaps stick with them. Everyone I have come across at the rallies has been really friendly and welcoming.


    Aim to be in central London for 11am. I don't know yet if this one is starting at 12 midday or 1pm but I will post further updates up to the day before the rally. On the day itself, I will be going so probably won't be able to post any more updates on the day unfortunately.


    I hope this helps and I hope you come along and enjoy the experience. 🙂

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  5. 7 hours ago, zArk said:

    just had a quick but awesome conversation with a school mum and i really see the future of protests as being decentralised , non-town centre, actions which are as normal as possible


    in the past few days i have spoken to 3 people openly and honestly and they were likeminded regarding covid, vax, who, gates, great reset.  For 12months i was encountering zombies who spoke a good game riiiiiight-upto the point when they went for the flu vax or put on a mask.


    there are millions of people inhiding atm but they are screaming to get out and say stop this crap


    centralised protests are failing;

    • the media controls the narrative to the zombies
    • the police have authority to use force
    • there are no zombies around to witness
    • too far for most people to travel
    • most people have 'shit to do' (work, children etc)

    additionally a big problem is that the state has total control in city centres. it has the numbers to police,the space is limited and it can use laws to squash


    however if Standup encouraged local people to do the school run or go shopping in tshirts slogans and without the nappys on;


    • the info spread is wider to zombies in their face
    • there isnt enough police to police
    • walking on a school run or in shops cannot be construed as a protest and falls outside the current laws

    just my thoughts



    I absolutely agree zArk that there also needs to be action on a local level.


    There are some initiatives going on as such on a local level such as A Stand in the Park where there are dozens of parks listed now where people can meet like-minded locals at one of the registered parks on a Sunday morning. Also, Official Voice are setting up local groups and are planning something involving these groups on a wider scale I think in a few months time. Some of the other initiatives involve "flash mobs" of maskless shoppers.


    That doesn't mean that I don't think the bigger rallies have a purpose either. It is one of the many prongs of protest that can be implemented alongside more local and personal action. But these rallies have to be big to have an impact, and to get going in the first place, rather than being shut down by the police. What I think the larger rallies create is an immense feeling of togetherness as well as providing an opportunity for people to meet others who may then turn out to be local to them. You can also quite easily identify a fellow protestor on train journeys and get chatting. And, with the last big rally on 20th March, we saw the impact it had on the bus drivers and no doubt some passengers, drivers and shoppers too - anyone of them with doubts about the Covid narrative would have seen that they are not alone in their doubts and may now find the impetus to resist on some small level.


    As the popular meme goes - we are not here to wake up the sheep but rather the sleeping lions.

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  6. 19 hours ago, TFH said:

    I've never been to a protest such as this before. Are they easy to get to via public transport once we've hit London on a train? 


    Do the gavvers try and setup blocks to stop pedestrians getting there etc etc? 🤔 


    I would say to exercise some vigilance and caution on the day. The reason why I say this is because the last big event I went to on the 28th November turned into complete chaos with people getting arrested exiting tube stations apparently (i.e. King's Cross and Angel). Announcements kept going out with location changes because people were getting to one location and just getting nicked straight away as the police were waiting outside. I had to change course twice because of this. There weren't any blocks, however, to stop pedestrians but some coaches were stopped en route and passengers / drivers nicked.


    The 28th November was particularly bad as the tiers had been brought in with the exemption for protests removed. The police therefore came down harder than they had before. As far as I am aware, the legislation has not since changed to allow exemptions for protests again. Although lawyers giving advice to the Human Rights Committee have confirmed that the common law right to protest remains in force because Coronavirus Regs do not expressly remove this right, I don't think this will deter police. Plus a Bill is being put forward soon which, if passed, will increase police powers to police protests - I need to look further into this Bill and how quickly it is likely to be heard (i.e. if it might be before 20th March).

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  7. For those thinking of going to the event on 20th March, please be aware that the location will be announced only a few days before the 20th March and could be subject to change on the day.


    So the advice is to get to central London and wait for the location confirmation (if not confirmed prior to the date) which will be announced via the event's Telegram channel along with any changes. So it would be a good idea to make sure you have access to this although updates are likely to also be posted on this thread. Should anybody want the link to the Telegram channel, please feel free to PM me.


    The timing is still somewhat vague. I have seen flyers stating that it starting at both midday and 1pm so I do not know which is true yet unfortunately. I would suggest being in central London for 11am in case of the earlier start.


    The reason why the event will not be at Trafalgar Square is because there is expected to be another type of protest going on there - BLM I think.



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  8. 8 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

     PS Her PA's real name is Fiona Hine and she was having a go on her Facebook page at a guy called Geza Tarjanyi who I believe may be one of the only

    sincere people around camping outside number ten Downing Street for 52 days and nights 



    Thanks for clearing this up for me GR - I knew I knew Fiona's face and even looked back on my old post below but dismissed her as being the same Fiona because of the different surname. I didn't click back on Katie Hopkins' article to look at the photo...

    I have seen Fiona's video too where she has a go at Geza. I think he had raised some questions about why she was so quick to the police station to support Dr Schoening, when she wasn't even at the event on the 26th Sept, with a suggestion that she was trying to poach him for Kate Shemirani's doctor's crowd (19th Sept). To be honest, I had wondered the same thing... She then criticises Save Our Rights for not sending anyone but it seems to me that she was she was keen to be first in there.


    I am in various FB and Telegram groups of the different protest groups. But I am not on Twitter. The only criticism I see, from one group to another, is Kate and Fiona towards Save Our Rights and now Piers. I have not witnessed Louise, Vincent or Piers publicly criticising Kate and/or Fiona, but I certainly don't have full coverage of what is going on. StandUpX seem to be caught in the middle...


    Somebody I know has been to more rallies than me and knows Piers well enough now to say that he trusts him. He does not, however, trust Mark Steele who seems to give off bad vibes.


    I completely agree that differences should be put to one side. If people cannot do that, you really have to doubt their sincerity towards the cause. My gut has been, and still is, more with the organisers of the 26th Sept rather than the 19th Sept.

  9. On 10/2/2020 at 3:31 PM, Saved said:

    Extremely naive to think that the organisation isn't already heavily infiltrated. If it's like any 'protest' group I've been involved in, money would have changed hands long ago and the direction it will be going in will already be in the process of being steered into the least beneficial (to the cause) direction possible.



    8 hours ago, Apophis 2029 said:

    They are 100% infiltrated. And steered into oblivion. 


    Kate Shemirani and her PA Fiona Rose-Diamond - who have both been charged with organising the Trafalgar Square rally on the 19th Sept - emphatically state that there are infiltrators. They have been pointing fingers at Piers Corbyn, and Louise Creffield and Vincent of Save Our Rights.


    However, Kate Shemirani is involved with Mark Steele who, in my opinion, is deeply suspect. And they were the group to split off from what had been a joint effort on the 29th August, creating a division. Could there be an element of sour grapes as their event wasn't as well attended?


    It is very difficult to know who to trust. Or is it just a case of egos and chinese whispers...?



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  10. The organisers of the 'Unite for Freedom' event have teamed up with #honkforhope to help transport people to the event via coach / bus.


    Here is the link to the same day booking form returning the evening of 26th:




    This is the link to the "stop over" booking form with the return journey taking place the following day (27th) after the 'People's Network and Family Picnic in Hyde Park:



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  11. I am sure that we would all like to know a little more about the organisers of the event and what it is about. Perhaps this video may help. My understanding of who is who in the video is as follows (but, if anybody knows better, please correct me if I am wrong):



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  12. 10 hours ago, Red Pilled said:

    Mark Steele said in his Yorkshire Speech that London is being shut down on the 21st. Anybody heard this?



    This rumour has been going around on social media and I am wary of it.


    Mark Steele and Kate Shemirani are suggesting, on the back of it, that more people should choose to attend the event that they are invoved with on the 19th rather than the one on the 26th. Whereas the organisers of the 26th are encouraging people to go to both events if they can and are supporting the rally on the 19th.


    Even if lockdown is implemented, the 26th September will be going ahead. The organisers are very clear on that.

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  13. On 9/4/2020 at 12:16 PM, Red Pilled said:

    Isn’t Icke doing a 5 hour presentation on this date? He’ll be in London again also?


    A new flyer has been released today which no longer mentions "Icke". Like you, I had been wondering how DI could do the Trafalgar Square event on the 19th given his 5 hour presentation the same day. Video link could be possible I suppose but it looks like he is not involved with this event after all.


    I must say that I was particularly impressed by Dr Mikael Nordfors last Saturday so it is good to see him listed again.





  14. Piers Corbyn (Stop New Normal) explains a little more about the event on 26th September, the purpose of which is to make a stand against the Coronavirus Act in the days leading up to its 6 month review. According to Save our Rights UK, they are hoping for speakers from ordinary members of the public who have been adversely affected by the Act. Piers also hopes to involve rebel MPs in the event.



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