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  1. Hello Catherine and welcome to the forum. A lot of people have been reporting parosmia. In fact, a colleague of mine was only telling me yesterday that, since she "had Covid" some time last year (during the autumn I think), she has not been able to stomach certain healthy foods that she used to enjoy including fresh tuna. She has also had many other difficulties including unexplained high blood pressure, problems with her iron levels, fatigue and hormonal difficulties. She is only in her early 30s sadly. I haven't quizzed her too deeply, but I suspect that the true cause of her problems is the vaccine. I remember that she was one of the first to have the injection, despite her age, because she was considered potentially "at risk" - I am not sure why but I think it may have been due to her weight - and this was before she allegedly "had Covid". My colleague is noticeably less bright eyed and bushy tailed than she used to be. Back to your question about potential remedies, somebody has posed a similar question in an "awakened" group I am part of on another platform. Many are suggesting smelling essential oils such as lavendar, peppermint, orange, lemon and eucalyptus - apparently there may be a need to retrain the brain with five strong smells per day. Other suggestions have included shots of apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper shots, sepia (a homeopathic remedy), oregano oil, nat mur tissue salts, zinc and vitamin B12. I cannot promise that any of these will work not having had the same experience myself, but perhaps the suggestions may be of use to you.
  2. A Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill, revealed during the Queen's Speech earlier this week, has been proposed but, for some reason, cannot yet be found on the parliament website. https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/queens-speech-2022 Having left the EU, The UK can now set its own rules in respect of the regulation of genetic technologies. The Bill aims to "take precision breeding techniques out of the scope of restrictive GMO rules" and will allow for CRISPR gene editing which supposedly is distinct from genetic modification as no foreign DNA is being introduced. https://off-guardian.org/2022/05/11/gene-edited-food-the-next-stage-of-the-great-reset/ It is entirely possible that gene edited foods - both crops and livestock - will be hailed as the solution needed to address the engineered global food crisis whilst also being the simultaneously convenient answer to the climate crisis and making farming "more sustainable". It has even been suggested that genome edited crops could help prevent future pandemics. A cynical mind could surmise that bird flu and other animal diseases have been catastrophised with a view to conditioning the masses to accept that animals are dirty and dangerous and in need of gene editing to help make them less susceptible to said afflictions. Perhaps gene edited food could become the new means by which those inclined can virtue signal how they are doing their bit to help save the planet whilst lining the pockets of those with vested interests including, of course, 'Farmer Bill' Gates.
  3. According to Big Brother Watch, it has been quietly confirmed today, with little fanfare, that the domestic NHS Covid Pass has been discontinued. Venues and events operators can no longer require it as a condition of entry.
  4. These links make for interesting reading. https://www.newdawnmagazine.com/articles/alice-a-bailey-mother-of-the-new-age-or-the-new-world-order According to Isobel Blackthorn, a biographer of Alice Bailey, she was maligned for her stance about the "Jewish problem" and was critical of what she saw as their exclusive practices separating them from the rest of humanity. Bailey particularly spoke out against Zionism. As a result, the Lucis Trust felt the need to issue a statement about Bailey's position on the Jewish faith. I have quoted some of what it says, but the full statement is linked to below. https://www.lucistrust.org/arcane_school/talks_and_articles/concerning_the_ageless_wisdom_writings_on_the_jewish_people Make of that what you will.
  5. In my first post on this topic in the megathread, I queried whether anybody knew where in Bailey's works I could find her alleged 10 point plan which has featured in Hugo's recent videos and which he claims comes from her books. I have since asked Hugo if he could provide specific references to verify this info. He has not replied. In the absence of sources from Hugo, I have completed my own research and concluded that the 10 point plan is fabricated. According to this source, the 10 point plan was invented by Pastor David Ogbueli. It didn't take long to come across the link below which refutes the content of the meme, which apparently misrepresents what Bailey taught and wrote, whilst providing examples where she spoke against centralisation and totalitarianism. I don't see the need to recite its contents – please just follow the link and see what it says. https://isobelblackthorn.com/2021/03/11/re-visiting-alice-baileys-10-point-plan/ For the record, I am not endorsing Bailey and her work as I do question it and harbour reservations including the UN connections - however, I would urge people to actually go to the source material and find out what a person was actually imparting before drawing conclusions. DI has often been criticised and accused of being a nutter or anti-semitic, but it is usually the case that those making the accusations have not actually read his books or seen his presentations. Given my easy access to Bailey's material, courtesy of Mark Passio's ARK, I have been able to verify the quotes given in the link above whereby Bailey expounds upon the dangers of a super-government given the current (at her time of writing) consciousness of mankind. The quotes from 'The Rays and the Initiation' and 'Externalisation of the Hierarchy' are accurate although my page numbers differ presumably as I have different republications of the works. I have not, however, despite quite extensive searching, been able to verify the material included in Hugo's meme and neither has he... In my opinion, Hugo's use of the meme is lazy in that it has been recycled from unreliable faith-based sources apparently threatened by thought forms which question their established dogma. Whereas Hugo may protest that he is only putting information out for people to draw their own conclusions, he displays a knowledge gap and presents some poorly researched material which many of his followers blindly accept and which has wider ramifications for those besmirched. It seems that Hugo has derived his so-called “research” from videos such as the one below, but does anyone honestly consider this a scholarly masterpiece worthy of being taken seriously? (I have checked the book 'Education in the New Age' - which is mentioned at the start of the video - for Bailey's alleged 10 point plan and drawn a blank).
  6. I previously posted my thoughts on the original Hugo's new age doctors video in the megathread which I have linked to below. Since then, Hugo has posted a follow up video and is now pointing the finger at Dan Astin-Gregory. As before, Hugo's conclusions lack evidence. In particular, he is very selective in the footage of the rally he shows, cherry picking very small segments of two pro-Trump speakers which I doubt was representative of the whole event. Dr Zelenko, in my view, was not praising Trump but rather bigging up his own detox protocol. And of course you would find Trump supporters in the crowd given the binary political system in the US. Furthermore, Hugo alleges that Clay Clark has financial links to Trump but does not present any evidence of this. https://www.bitchute.com/video/tGNBJrbmBWPW/ As for criticisms of breathwork and mediation as being "new age", these practices have been around for thousands of years and are known to be beneficial to health. So I cannot understand why Hugo would take such issue with these practices. Hugo also asks where Dan has come from as he only appeared making podcasts at the start of the pandemic. Dan has always explained how he came to become active within the freedom movement after his honeymoon at the beginning of 2020 which, if memory serves me correctly, was in China (or somewhere in Asia). Perhaps we should also question where Hugo popped up from within the last two years and why he won't show his face. I am posting Dan Astin-Gregory's response to Hugo to allow him the right to reply. I think those who have watched Hugo's videos should take the time to listen to Dan who makes some excellent points but also talks about the personal impact of the slander. From my observations of Dan over the last two years, I believe he is entirely genuine and keeps to his personal integrity whilst remaining grounded and open-minded. In contrast, I now have deep reservations about Hugo who won't even show his face but rather seeks to cast suspicion, on the basis of (at best) tenuous connections, from behind a screen. In my view, he is causing division, is damaging the cause and has therefore lost my support. I now see him as disingenuous whilst covering up his mistakes with more disinfo. He doesn't back down when clearly in the wrong which demonstrates a lack of good character and isn't, in my view, someone who can be taken seriously.
  7. I have been saying lately to anyone who will listen that I feel time is speeding up. Time passes by in a blur and, when people ask me how my week has been, I have to think hard as to what actually happened. It is helpful to know other people have noticed changes as some just look at me curiously when I bring up the topic. A number of my work colleagues have too been relating how time keeps escaping them. Blink and it is the afternoon or another day, week or month. Maybe it could be put down to how busy we are, but we have always been busy. Some have suggested that the sense of time speeding up is part of getting older but I feel there is more to it than that. If time is passing more quickly, getting older would coincide with that anyway. So is ageing definitely the real cause? King Kitty's suggestion of "the quickening" is interesting with some sources contemplating the possibility that this may correlate with changes to the Schumann Resonance. Apparently, whilst claims that the Schumann Resonance has risen overall from the base frequency of 7.83Hz may not necessarily be true, it may be that the higher harmonics are being recorded more often and with greater power potentially causing changes to our energetic reality, physiology and wellbeing. https://www.soundintentions.com/2020/04/schumann-resonance-is-it-changing/ Some theorise that, with these higher frequencies becoming more powerful, time is passing more quickly. I don't know if this is true, but I am adding it as a possible avenue of investigation. For anyone that wants to take a look, the HeartMath Institute (a favourite of DI) has several sites across the world where they track hourly changes in the Schumann Resonance via their magnetometers. https://www.heartmath.org/gci/gcms/live-data/gcms-magnetometer/
  8. I was chatting with a young lad yesterday who told me about Julian Chamberlain who seems to have considerable ingenuity and cheek. I am not necessarily recommending people follow his example, but his campaign has piqued my interest and is worthy of a share. There is a common misconception about legal tender whereby many think that shops and other businesses are obliged to accept cash in return for their goods and services. This isn't true - instead, legal tender is only applicable in the settlement of debts. The Royal Mint claims further that the settlement of debts only relates to those going through the courts, but I have not been able to substantiate from which legislation this part derives. https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/knowledgebank/what-is-legal-tender https://web.archive.org/web/20120302223933/http://www.royalmint.com/aboutus/policies-and-guidelines/legal-tender-guidelines https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_tender In 2016, This is Money reported on a story of a credit card holder called 'James' who used his card to buy up Royal Mint commemorative coins, clearly listed as legal tender, in order to rack up air miles. He then was successful for some time in persuading the bank to accept the coins back as payment to discharge the debt. However it seems that, on getting wind of this, the Royal Mint issued instructions to the banks that they needn't accept the commemorative coins as payment as they are not intended to be used as cash. As a result, the banks stopped allowing James to discharge his debts via these means. Where Chamberlain comes in is that he has been using non-circulated Royal Mint commemorative coins to pay for diesel at petrol stations. He has got into some scrapes and even been arrested by one heavy handed PC but has had many wins too. He was paid £5,000 in compensation by the police for the ordeal surrouding his arrest and the solicitor who took his case on believes that Chamberlain is correct in his thinking. Chamberlain is of the opinion that the Royal Mint were trying to cash in on the commemorative coins and this has now backfired. In fact, he makes around 20% profit by buying up the coins on eBay for less then their face value which can then be used at the petrol station for their claimed worth. One such coin which has been overpriced by the Royal Mint in respect of its face value is the Trafalgar which became legal tender in 2016 as per this proclamation which states, as with all other legal tender coins, it can be used "for the payment of any amount in any part of Our United Kingdom". The point I am making in this thread is that the theory could also apply to ordinary cash in circulation. The point distinguishing buying fuel from a petrol station is that you accumulate the debt, via filling up your tank, before you are actually required to pay. This is different from a shop or other similar business because your presenting the goods at the till and asking for the shop to sell them to you (making an offer to contract) does not equate to being in debt. But customers are in a stronger position to insist on paying in cash as a form of legal tender at petrol stations, or possibly even restaurants, where you pay for the goods or services after the event. Even if the Royal Mint's point about the debt needing to be settled in such a manner through a court is valid, it seems that, if you offer to settle a debt in legal tender and this isn't accepted by the creditor, they cannot then successfully sue you via the courts.
  9. Joel Smalley is a quantitative data analyst who has been working with HART collating and analysing the 'Our World in Data' Covid-related numbers alongside mortality statistics. His first video analysis in September 2021 was probably posted on the forum at the time, but here it is again for those who missed it. It is a short video, less than two minutes in duration, showing, in the countries featured, Covid mortality rates before and after the vaccination programme commenced. He has now compiled a longer video 'Covid Requiem Aeternam' which can be found on his substack channel as well as Odysee. https://metatron.substack.com/p/covid-requiem-aeternam?s=r https://odysee.com/@realjoelsmalley:2/requiemaeternam:9 This is the overall global picture where, following the introduction of vaccination programmes, the Covid death rate per million per day rose by 42% from 1.4 to 2.0. Smalley's latest video presentation of the data provides a more detailed analysis showing, on a country by country basis that, for the vast majority, deaths attributed to Covid were higher after the vaccinations were introduced as well as all-cause mortality. Every country of the world is featured. He concludes that "this is a global public health failure of truly unprecedented and epic proportions".
  10. This story has been kept very quiet and has only just been picked up by OffGuardian via the latest update to their 'This Week in the New Normal' series. https://pandemictimeline.com/2022/03/a-court-in-sicily-italy-declares-mandatory-vaccination-to-be-unconstitutional/ A court in Sicily, Italy declares mandatory vaccination to be unconstitutional On March 22nd, the Sicilian Court of Administrative Justice found that vaccine mandates are unconstitutional especially given that the injections have been shown to cause serious, and sometimes fatal, adverse reactions. It was ruled that a single death from the injections, making such citizens "disposable", would be enough to render the mandates unconstitutional. Further, the court held misgivings over the lack of testing and the overriding of informed consent which cannot be present in a mandated situation. The matter will now proceed to the Italian Constitutional Court for further consideration.
  11. I think I have a similar thought process to you @Beaujangles. When first coming across alternative channels several years back, I was very wide open. But I have certainly become more discerning as I have (hopefully) become more seasoned. Nowadays I start out from a standpoint of scepticism - not just of mainstream reports, but of any so-called news circulating within the alt media too. I avoid jumping on any bandwagons and take any "bombshell" reports and other clickbait with caution. I try and then undertake a fact check whilst using my "introverted intuition" to also feel if something checks out. It is a balancing act between the left and right brain, thinking and feeling and intuition and facts. A balanced approach, I think, is to learn to hold an idea in one's mind without accepting it. From there, you can explore the concept without being committed and engaging any ego investment. An acceptance of not being infallible is needed. In some ways it seems that the more you learn, the more you realise you have to learn and how little you really know. Nobody will ever get everything right - we need to also make mistakes along the way and realise when we have been wrong in order to hone, more keenly, our ability to research and discern.
  12. Happy 70th birthday David. Thank you for all you have contributed towards truth and freedom. I hope to bump into you again soon on another demonstration!
  13. Perhaps this video is more heart-warming than amusing, but I had to find somewhere to put it! It is of a donkey's reaction after being reunited with the girl that raised him.
  14. On the face of it, this ruling appears to be good news. However, I am fearful it is not. Reading closer into what the the article says the court decided, it has been concluded that the measure to place elderly patients into care homes was "unlawful" because the government failed to account for the risk of asymptomatic transmission of Covid and did not undertake testing before transferring hospital patients. Covid, apparently, was even more deadly, via asymptomatic transmission, than the government allowed for - this further perpetuates the ridiculous and unscientific notion that disease can be spread by people who are well and that greater distance is needed. This is a particularly dangerous narrative because it was the whole justification for the restrictive measures and why the healthy had to be imprisoned also. I am strongly of the view that lockdown measures were the actual cause of excess suffering and death rather than a so-called novel coronavirus. Yet it has not been said that lockdown measures themselves are harmful - if anything, it is implied that even stricter measures should have been imposed. There is of course no consideration of the use of midazolam as being a possible cause of deaths in care homes, nor of the impact isolation can have on general wellbeing and quality of life. It would seem there is no question in the minds of the court that it was Covid that caused the excess deaths in care homes. Doubtless the upcoming inquiry into the government's handling of Covid will also draw a similar conclusion to dovetail nicely in with the WHO's Global Pandemic Treaty which will incentivise "early reporting" of health emergencies and operate according to a "precautionary principle".
  15. Although I am not directly involved, there are ways I could get in touch with some of the people connected to Hope Sussex. I am not in a position to watch the video at the moment, but I will take a look when I can and see if I can send it their way.
  16. After being reported by the "neighbourhood committee" for wandering around Shanghai after testing positive for Covid, an elderly woman fought off six police officers who were trying to quarantine her. Medical workers later isolated her in a confined space and she tried to escape before unfortunately being taken away by Covid staff. Another grandma was also filmed fighting off Covid officials who were trying to force testing on her. They remind me of my gran who fought off a burglar with her walking stick in her 90s. She was a fierce woman.
  17. I am reposting this from the Coronavirus Megathread. I had originally considered posting it in this thread but thought it would, as an important topic, be more visible in the Megathread. However, given all the bickering and forum sliding which is currently burying any info in that thread, I am now reposting this here. The concerns surrounding the WHO's global pandemic treaty are starting to gain pace with the first public hearings on the proposals now closed. Kit Knightly has written this piece for OffGuardian outlining how the proposed treaty is a recipe for technocratic globalism with the suggestion that nation states will need to be "held accountable" if they fail to fall lockstep in with any "agreed requirements". https://off-guardian.org/2022/04/19/pandemic-treaty-will-hand-who-keys-to-global-government/ The WHO currently does not possess the power to enforce compliance. But it seems, following on from the UN's report from May 2021, that the treaty sets to change that alongside offering incentives for nation states for early reporting of "health emergencies" by way of financing and technical support. Punishments could also be meted out for non-compliance such as "public reprimands, economic sanctions or denial of benefits" within the shadow of the suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths of defiant leaders including President John Magufuli of Tanzania and President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi. Such measures will only serve to encourage pandemics, especially given the grossly loose redefinition of the word and, worse still, from which a "precautionary principle" will be derived. Nation states may be required to take action against a potential pandemic with restrictive measures like to include yet more testing, use of vaccine passports and the threat of lockdowns and stay at home measures. And all this could be issued at the whim of an unelected bureaucratic elite of so-called experts who will reassure us to "trust the science"™.
  18. It sounds as though you are referring to Dr Royal Raymond Rife who was fascinated by bacteriology, microscopes and electronics. He devised powerful microscopes overcoming previous limitations of standard research microscopes and, in the 1930s, discovered a way to destroy micro-organisms using resonance. Forum member @Messenger isn't around nowadays but often used to post bout Rife. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/supressed_inventions/suppressed_inventions12.htm https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/salud/salud_defeatcancer11.htm In 1934, his frequency instrument underwent clinical work involving 16 patients with terminal cancer and other diseases. Rife's report on the matter, dated to 1953 in his copyrighted book, stated that: Within three months, 14 of the patients were signed off as cured with the remaining two patients taking another four weeks to respond. The total recovery rate was 100%. It seems his discovery threatened Big Pharma leading to its bitter suppression including a campaign by Morris Fishbein of the American Medical Association who also relentlessly attacked Harry Hoxsey for his herbal cancer remedy. Whilst Hoxsey had been harassed through the courts, different tactics were employed against Rife including the pilfering of items from his lab, vandalism of his microscopes and a suspicious fire which took place just before the announcement of Rife's work. Finally, his work was illegally confiscated by the police and a law suit was brought against the manufacturers of Rife's instruments which, although unsuccessful, bankrupted the company due to legal expenses. This, combined with the Great Depression, caused the complete cessation of the manufacture of Rife's frequency instruments. Medical journals refused to publish any papers about Rife's therapy meaning that medical students were kept in the dark about his work. Instead, cancer treating drugs, some of which had alarming mortality rates, were promoted and approved whilst cancer rates soared. Sadly, with his life's work sabotaged, Rife turned to drink and died in 1971, at the age of 83, due to a combination of alcohol and valium.
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