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  1. Wow! My external hard drive arrived back yesterday complete with Mark Passio's 'A.R.K.' repository. It is RAMMED full of content - thousands upon thousands of books, audio files and videos containing esoteric and alternative knowledge. If only I could retire to a cave to digest it all!

    1. TetraG


      Where did you find out about this Mark guy Eve? 

      Very good to see you and your massive capacity for learning still going strong, and (hehe>) a cave sounds just right, a slightly heated cave even better!... Hi! & warm greetings!...  

    2. Mitochondrial Eve

      Mitochondrial Eve

      I first heard of Mark Passio I think on the DIF (one of the older incarnations of the forum). It would have been several years back now, but lately I have been getting more in to his work. Information about the A.R.K. can be found here. He sent the hard drive back to me super fast - it went over there and came back within two weeks.

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