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  1. This video shows what a ghost town London has become. Businesses are collapsing all over, TFL have announced bankruptcy, tourism is dead and retail units are empty. The city will never be the same again.
  2. Hopefully, this is a better resolution image.
  3. It is hoped that this could be the biggest anti-lockdown rally yet in the UK outside of London. Apparently the Ickes are to be involved.
  4. The Tesco Manager in this video, who tried to prevent this man from entering the store for not being appropriately dressed, eventually has to admit that clothes are essential. Edited to add: @alexaliterally just beat me to it (by a matter of seconds) with her pictures of this guy.
  5. Apparently, according to social media, the list below has been released by a whistleblower. It outlines what is deemed essential and non-essential with pet care items (including toys presumably) being approved whilst many baby products and children's toys aren't.
  6. At the march today in London, a friend was lectured and handed one of these leaflets by a police officer. This was because some swear words were uttered over the megaphone we were using (by another random person on the march). In return, my friend gave the police officer one of the Covid-19 protest leaflets being handed out.
  7. Thanks for this as a friend of mine mentioned 'The Contagion Myth' to me earlier today and that you can't get hold of it - I have shared the link with him. Out of reactions...
  8. Nice one @Given To Fly - out of likes for now. Please do report back on the results.
  9. 83 year old Maureen from Barnsley has been on Good Morning Britain today with her husband speaking her truth again along with plain common sense. She eclipses the nauseating and patronising Dr Sarah Jarvis who has clearly been wheeled in as the so-called "expert" to shut her down and who has quite some nerve to say that this has been the worst pandemic in 101 years.
  10. More experimentation with Covid-19 testing. In this video, Luke Pompey ordered a home test kit and sent the swab back but without providing a sample. Lo and behold he received a positive result.
  11. I am not sharing this because it is Anna Brees but because of this wonderful 83 year old lady from Barnsley who tells it like it is.
  12. Rebel News is now offering legal help to fight fines imposed due to the Scamdemic. Where a case has merit, they will crowdfund a civil liberties lawyer to fight the fine in court. The form to request assistance can be found on the link below. https://www.rebelnews.com/fight_the_fines_uk
  13. The meeting point has been announced early due to changes in the attitude of police and to help people to plan their jouneys. The route itself, nor the final destination, will be announced in advance. SPEAKERS CORNER, HYDE PARK - 12PM ON SATURDAY 24TH OCTOBER. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuCEOdpXTVw&list=WL&index=9
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