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  1. What you have written about breath brings to mind for me the Qabalistic tree of life and the fool's journey. The fool card of the tarot's major arcana is numbered zero and represents all possibility - it is associated with Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which corresponds to "breath". On the tree of life, Aleph sits on the first path between Kether (the realm of causes) and Chokmah and it is here where the journey starts -expansion as you describe it - down to Malkuth (the realm of effects) and materiality / objects. The fool's journey ends with the World card of completion which corresponds with the final (22nd) Hebrew letter Tau, the mark or cross, and is where inner exploration begins and the dream of separation ends. There is no beginning or end but a cycle of expansion and contraction whereby the realms of cause and effect are inseparable with the existence of each dependent on the other. Thus separation is an illusion.
  2. There is a school of thought that, if we adopt an image, persona or vision and act and feel as though it is true, it will come to pass - through this we create our reality. The vision that we adopt doesn't have to be "true" but should naturally come to be in time in a "fake it until you make it" way. If what we perceive as reality is illusory, maybe we don't need to see things as they "are" and through a lens of limitation. We are where we are but it is the destination we should focus on - not where we have come from.
  3. I have reservations about Big Brother Watch, but their campaign against the government's plans to spy on our bank accounts under the guise of detecting welfare fraud has been successful - the news has been announced via Big Brother Watch's social media channels including Telegram. The campaign included a petition which gained over 170,000 signatures and support from other rights groups including Disability Rights UK, Winvisible and Public Law Project. The proposed Data Bill has been dropped. News: We've defeated the Government's plans to spy on all of our bank accounts
  4. Reverse image searches can help with this sort of thing. 'The Occult Anatomy' is a very interesting illustration and resource as you say and seems to have been designed by David Rusenik according to this page on Etsy. The link below may provide a more readable image for you and also includes the original versions. https://imgur.com/a/occult-anatomy-zBkeT
  5. According to an Evening Standard article, TfL have confirmed that 7 in 10 people issued with Ulez penalty charges have not paid up. As a result, almost a million "fines" are outstanding amounting to over £218 million presumably due to the contempt in which the Ulez expansion is held by many drivers. Hopefully this will prove to be too many to pursue especially when combined with the administrative burden from the need for replacement cameras each time they are cut down or otherwise disabled. In addition, congestion charge penalties are owed by the US Embassy to the tune of £14.6 million with the Japanese Embassy and India's High Commission also owing significant sums. Apparently diplomats are not exempt because the charge is not a tax but a "service" - but some embassies are nevertheless resisting the charge amid threats of legal action via the International Court of Justice.
  6. It has been widely reported today that Klaus Schwab, aged 86, will be stepping down from his executive role at the WEF after founding it over 50 years ago in 1971. Schwab's replacement at the helm of the WEF has not been confirmed yet but it has been suggested that its management structure will be changed to a president and managing board. It seems that Schwab will retain some involvement with the WEF nevertheless as chair of the board of trustees. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/05/21/world-economic-forum-davos-founder-klaus-schwab-to-step-back-from-executive-role.html World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab to step back from executive role
  7. Although this information dates back several years, I was previously unaware of just how old some Indo-European folk tales and fairy stories may be. According to a study carried out by Durham University anthropologist Dr Jamie Tehrani and folklorist Sara Graça da Silva from New University of Lisbon, such tales have their roots in the bronze age dating back thousands of years when Indo-European languages were first forming and must have been passed down orally. Their findings were published in the Royal Society Open Science journal in 2016. It is thought that the stories would have been told in a now extinct language and with timeless themes such as the battle between good and evil, issues surrounding morality and punishment and reward. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/jan/20/fairytales-much-older-than-previously-thought-say-researchers Fairytales much older than previously thought, say researchers
  8. I am becoming increasingly cautious about documents such as this, or alleged quotes, as hoaxes are too commonplace. However, this letter does check out and can be viewed on the link below as a response to a freedom of information request. It is one of 5 documents of correspondence between Klaus Schwab / the WEF and the Australian government from 2022-23 surrounding the upcoming Davos Annual Meeting. According to document 4, PM Anthony Albanese did not attend the Davos Meeting from 16th to 20th January 2023 but the Australian government nevertheless recognises climate change as a pressing concern and is "committed to cooperation in responding to this collective challenge". https://www.pmc.gov.au/sites/default/files/foi-logs/foi-2023-001.pdf I am not sure if the phone call aspect can be verified though and wonder where this information came from?
  9. As the NHS is showing signs of rolling back on the transgender trend as per my post above, the same may also apply to schools according to this BBC article. Again this is only draft guidance, but it does nevertheless show increasing caution when it comes to pushing gender identity and it looks likely that schools will be directed not to teach this concept nor expose children to disturbing content. Other restrictions concerning sex education in schools are also being suggested and rules will be strengthened in order for parents to have easier access to teaching materials to see what is being taught. https://www.bbc.com/news/education-69017920 Schools told not to teach about gender identity
  10. Dr Carl Heneghan and Dr Tom Jefferson have written an article for the Daily Sceptic about the payments received from AstraZeneca (AZ) by celebrity doctors Ranj Singh, Nighat Arif and Philippa Kaye. Jonathan Van-Tam is another public person to have received a payment from AZ. According to their findings, paid promotion of vaccines by these TV doctors is not in the right side of the law and breaches The Human Medicines Regulations. https://dailysceptic.org/2024/05/15/celebrity-doctors-being-paid-to-promote-vaccines-is-against-the-law/ Celebrity Doctors Being Paid to Promote Vaccines is Against the Law The article also suggests that Philippa Kaye and Ranj Singh may have breached their ABPI contracts too by failing to declare their previous involvement with AZ in more recent TV appearances. Philippa Kaye declared a payment from AZ in 2020 and Ranj Singh in 2022 yet both have gone on since to speak publicly about AZ's pharmaceutical products (including Vaxzevria) without declaring their involvement with AZ. In addition, a question mark remains over when these individuals may have first signed their contracts with AZ even if payment (and declaration of it to the ABPI) came later. It is suggested that greater clarity is needed "about the exact timing of payments to highly influential doctors and the timings of when the negotiations started".
  11. Due to my hiatus from the forum, I wasn't aware that this thread had been created. It's a really good idea so thank you @EnigmaticWorld. Unbeknownst to me, I recently posted the video in the OP of this thread about the Yamnaya culture, who seem to be ancestors of the Scythians, in the St George's Day thread. I have only recently discovered Tom Rowsell's work (via his 'Survive the Jive' YT channel) after I read Gary Lachman's Secret History of Consciousness which described the kurgan hypothesis. Curious about the hypothesis, I searched YT and was led to Rowsell's (very interesting and well researched) work. I also find the 'Dan Davis History' and 'Fortress of Lugh' channels interesting. As for my contribution to this thread, perhaps some information about Doggerland wouldn't go amiss. Doggerland is the land mass which once connected the British Isles to mainland Europe and Scandinavia - it was home to humans and animals, as well as serving as a land bridge, for thousands of years. It is thought that disaster struck when melt water from the former ice caps wiped away what once was at the end of the Younger Dryas period. Doggerland has been considered a candidate behind the legend of Atlantis because of this. It is considered to have been part of the "mammoth steppe" because of the array of animals which thrived in the area including woolly mammoths, bison, reindeer, brown bears, cave lions, woolly rhinoceros and more.
  12. I don't entirely trust Black Belt Barrister either because he is chummy with Charlie Veitch who is widely considered an agent in conspiracy circles. Having said that, I think Black Belt Barrister's legal content, given that he is registered as a barrister and regulated by the Bar Standards Board, can be trusted as representative of the mainstream view of the law and our legal system. He does provide some useful tips on some areas such as TV Licensing and parking penalties. And, unpopular as this may be within the alternative sphere, he is correct about the nonsense put out by the FotL / Sovereign Citizens / "common law" cultists etc even if he gets a bad rap from them including the likes of Richard Vobes. RDH doesn't work for a company as far as I am aware but rather works for himself. I assume he must still need a bank account in order to receive payment from the sales he makes - maybe he withdraws it afterwards at intervals. Aside from what RDH has said publicly, I am not sure how anyone other than RDH can really answer these questions about his finances other than with a considerable dose of speculation.
  13. I cannot speak for Richard D Hall's personal finances and nobody else presumably can either aside from the man himself. However, he definitely has at least one bank account because he is requesting bank transfers direct to a Barclays account in his name for donations towards his legal case. https://www.richplanet.net/donatelegal.php I have found it easy enough to avoid harassment from TV Licensing. I don't watch television and complete a 'No Licence Needed' declaration - they leave me alone for two years and then send me a form to fill to confirm (again) that I do not need a licence. Black Belt Barrister seems to suggest that you don't even necessarily need to complete the declaration but it does seem to stop the harassment so I prefer to do so for a quiet life. Granted, when I first stopped my payments and completed the declaration, there were initially some threatening letters in bold red - but, when I complained formally in writing, they pretty quickly apologised and claimed there had been some sort of admin error (the wrong button had been pressed or something...). If they were to turn up, I would probably invite them in and show them my set up and that I genuinely don't watch TV. I would ask to film them before letting them in though so that they don't pull any funny business. RDH made a video during the Scamdemic explaining about how he came to buy his house in Wales on the cheap, the work he has done on it to provide off grid capabilities and how he has achieved paying off the mortgage he had (which was only £28,000). RDH supplemented his meagre self employed earnings of £7,500 to £10,000 per year with Working Tax Credit and describes himself as a "miser". It helps being able to do the improvements oneself as RDH can and he also inherited from his late mother. https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=289&part=1&gen=99
  14. I don't trust Andrew Bridgen and believe him to be controlled opposition. As others have pointed out, he was originally in favour of harsher Covid lockdowns and voted for mandatory vaccinations and then, all of a sudden, was promoted as a "hero" of the "freedom movement". I have seen Bridgen share fake news on Twitter - namely crap from Sean Adl-Tabatabai's 'NewsPunch' (as it was called then) site - and then inevitably get called out for it. This undermines the alternative media rather than helping the cause of freedom. He rubs shoulders with the likes of Mark Sexton who is iffy as they come with his nonsense crime reference number, absurd letter writing to the Prime Minister and the King and secret invitations to secret meetings. Bridgen does the rounds of sharing the platforms of all the usual suspect individuals within the freedom movement including Charlie Ward (who admitted procuring underage girls for Jimmy Savile when he was involved with Top of the Pops) and Fiona Rose Diamond. Bridgen has long been known as a "rent a quote" MP which I pointed out in the Brian Harvey thread. He can be bought it would seem. There have been rumours that Bridgen is part of a plan to set up an interim government. Miri Anne Finch has also made some excellent points about Bridgen which I would recommend taking in. She wrote an open letter to Bridgen yet has not received a direct response. Her concerns include the obvious pitfalls of his defamation case against Matt Hancock and his involvement with Laurence Fox's Reclaim party which does not appear to be genuine opposition given that Reclaim have produced few candidates since its inception in 2020. Despite Reclaim doing very little, Bridgen defected to that party and a wealthy donor connected to Bridgen, Jeremy Hosking, gave up £5 million+ to it which is apparently funding on a par to the Lib Dems. Not to mention that Fox is from a prestigious acting dynasty - in Miri AF's eyes he is a professional deceiver and Reclaim is a form of performance art with media coverage aplenty. It is long, but I will quote Miri AF's latest blog about Bridgen and her experience with his interviewer Ahmad Malik. https://miriaf.co.uk/4229-2/ As an aside, I will caveat by saying that I am not sure the alleged Albert Pike quote referred to by Miri AF is genuine. It is proliferated a lot within the alt space but I have never been able to trace it to an original source.
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