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  1. Back in 2003 during the first SARS scare, rather than promoting the use of masks, the Australian Government threatened prosecution and heavy fines of up to $22,000 for an individual and $110,000 for a corporation if distributors suggested the masks offered unrealistic levels of protection from the disease. https://anti-empire.com/2003-australia-threatens-to-fine-retailers-who-exaggerate-the-benefit-of-masks-vs-sars-up-to-au110000/ 2003: Australia Threatens to Fine Retailers Who Exaggerate the Benefit of Masks vs SARS Up to AU$110,000 "Farce mask: it's safe for only 20 minu
  2. Rod Humphreys gave this short interview after the altercation with Keir Starmer explaining why he denied him entry to the Raven of Bath pub. As a lifelong supporter of the Labour Party, Humphreys is very disappointed that there has been no opposition to lockdown measures which he rightly points out as flawed and dangerous.
  3. REGISTER YOUR NEW STAND: [email protected] UK STANDS IN THE PARK. EVERY SUNDAY, 10-11AM. *SCOTLAND* Aberdeenshire – Duthie Park (bandstand), Aberdeen. Aberdeenshire - Park opp Town Hall, Inverurie. Aberdeenshire - Picnic Area by Outdoor Pool, Stonehaven. Angus - Arbroath Beach Bathing Pool, Arbroath. Argyll – Argyll Gardens (by hotel), Dunoon. Ayshire - Dean Park (by castle), Kilmarnock. Ayrshire - Howard Park (basketball court), Kilmarnock. Ayrshire - Eglinton Country Park (carpark), Kilwinning. Ayrshire - Boydfield Gardens, Prestwick.
  4. I have linked a couple of posts below which explain further. 'A Stand in the Park' is a means for those who have had enough of the Covid narrative and restrictions to make a peaceful stand in a park local to them between 10am and 11am on a Sunday morning and meet other like-minded people. It seems to be really taking off in the UK with now over 300 parks registered. I have a choice of about 4 or 5 within easy reach for me (but I do drive). Thanks @Lady Baynhamfor posting Dan Astin-Gregory's interview with the founders of 'A Stand in the Park'.
  5. It's Sunday and therefore 'A Stand in the Park' day. Some of the pictures of the stands taking place are amazing so here are a few. Portsmouth Falmouth Northampton And, saving the best to last, the Isle Of Wight
  6. Hugo Talks made a longer video than usual which he posted last night. He hasn't bothered uploading it to YouTube because his main channel is currently suspended and it would no doubt get deleted straight away from the back up channel. Hugo spends the video just simply reading out accounts of Covid "vaccine" adverse reactions which have been posted to a Facebook group called 'Covid19 Vaccine Victims & Families'. The accounts are almost all of very severe reactions with many deaths occurring not long after the injection, usually coming unexpectedly and prematurely. He
  7. Dr Tom Cowan and his co-author Sally Fallon Morell cover this in their book 'The Contagion Myth'. This is one link to the pdf version of the book. I have also linked to the thread about the book below. Perhaps @Pina Colada may be interested too. https://aim4truth.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/The_Contagion_Myth_Why_Viruses_Including_Coronavirus_Are_Not_the_Cause_of_Disease_by_Thomas_S._Cowan_Sally_Fallon_Morell.pdf The part about the milkmaids can be found at the start of chapter 13 'A Vaccine for Covid-19' on page 170. Essentially, the dairymaids had a healthy, unmark
  8. Welcome to the forum Adam. Even in the mainstream it is known that Mountbatten was a paedophile. The Mail on Sunday, the Sunday Times and the Sun have covered Mountbatten's abuse of young boys following the release of a secret FBI dossier compiled by agents looking for dirt on him - see links below. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7368429/Lord-Mountbatten-homosexual-perversion-young-boys-according-FBI-dossier.html https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/lord-mountbattens-lust-for-young-men-revealed-90swzmgms https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9749
  9. I guess it was only a matter of time and to be expected, but I am still pissed off at this news. UK Column have been suspended from YouTube for a week. They do seem to be broadcasting on other channels live as I post this. No doubt the broadcast will be on their Bitchute channel later which is linked below. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/8A8gTUgMoXYR/
  10. There is a White Rose Telegram channel with templates and instructions for printing stickers. t.me/jointhewhiterose You need a cheap Brother label printer and some roll and then the rest is quite easy. My printer arrived on Saturday with one roll and I got printing - I was surprised at how easy it was. I've been out shopping this morning (maskless of course) and snuck a bit of stickering in!
  11. Thanks metak - out of likes for now... Following the links from the first page of the old forum's Savile megathread, I have found this which was posted to DI's headline page on the 2nd November 2011 - two days after Savile's death. https://web.archive.org/web/20141206223310/http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/55533-death-of-a-showman-jimmy-saville-1926-2011/ So DI certainly didn't hang around outing Savile after he had died and well before the story broke in the mainstream. Perhaps this helps suggest that DI may also have spoke
  12. The joint statement from the CDC and FDA concerning the J&J Covid-19 injection is intriguing yet worrying in that it is made clear that the blood clots that are occurring are very unusual. The blood clots are unique and have to be treated differently rather than using heparin which is the standard treatment. Apparently the use of heparin could be dangerous! https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2021/s0413-JJ-vaccine.html Joint CDC and FDA Statement on Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine
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