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  1. Yes, they will wipe out in whatever way possible that which they fear, of course the Light of Indigos would terrify them. FROM: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia2/ciencia_indigo49.htm by Alex Myles Indigos have an inner knowing that is far more powerful than psychic abilities. Rather than thinking, Indigos use feeling to make sense of the world. They observe the electromagnetic vibrations that everyone sends out and then have the ability to translate the energy to understand it. Indigos take responsibility for their own lives and also use their intuition to follow their intended path. They are desperate to find the meaning of their life and the missing answers that are found within the hidden and subliminal messages that everyday life delivers. Indigos will literally feel as though they have been born on the wrong planet. They will feel alien-like while in the company of others who do not resonate with their experience. Indigos may feel as though they are the black sheep of the family or that they are the lone wolves of society. This is because they do not gel with others well, unless they are vibrating on the same wavelength. Indigos will often recreate their own families by forming a bond of friendships with those who are similar. They often refer to those they resonate deeply with as their soul families or warrior tribes or something similar. Blessings, Lupa
  2. You have been through alot. Blessings on you on your path. Was the Reptil agenda behind the insistance on jabs for children, to wipe out those Indigo Lights?
  3. There's like half-step dimensions between dimensions like overlapping? Sure are alot of riders sucking up loosh from the fear, confusion ... I'll havta ponder the diff betw snake energy and lizard. I have held snakes but not lizards, tho I like them both, within limits. So how am I to know if it's reptilian or just some creep who needs a bath?
  4. Exactly! My fake and uber-disingenuous ego sez fk those reptliian clowns and the unicorns they rode in on!
  5. Thanks for the beautiful pix. I found this thread after watching The Nature Of Reality - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast Dec 15, 2022 David and Christianne take a long walk in a beautiful park/forrest/nature https://banned.video/watch?id=639b19aafb47d928d58f06bd It was an excellent video. I think I could use a nature walk but it would just be me, no Nature of Reality discussion.
  6. I'll be taking a pass regarding watching Twerking Kids Parties. I'd rather stick needles in my eyes.
  7. Prof Prat, I am proud to be a global menace at this time. We are MANY!
  8. Thanks for keeping in touch about this stuff. Some interesting bits from drop 17------- Bill: You don't truly believe the cabal is going to win, do you? Gideon: "No, but they have been successful so far, we have to admit that. They are very powerful, we have to admit that. They can be stopped, they can be destroyed, but I think people are too vulnerable to their tricks. We need truth seekers to be strong, not weak. I see too many people following their gatekeepers. I see too many people who are seemingly aware and awake, who then quickly fall back into traps. This is what worries me." +++++++++++++++++++++++ Gideon: "The entire human race gave up their sovereignty for a hundred years, maybe two hundred, maybe as far back as we can remember, to the bankers. There is no reason a nation needs a central bank, none, yet they exist. That is the fundamental question of the freedom of a nation, if it has a central bank or not, if it issues its own currency, or not. That is how you actually destroy the cabal, in real terms, you eliminate their banks." Bill: People barely understand this. All I hear on the U.S. news, and not just the U.S. but other countries, is the Fed did this, the Fed did that. But the Fed is nothing. The Fed is nobody. The Fed is useless! The Fed is a private bank we hand over all power to for no reason. +++++++++++++++ …..There are other ways to resist. The best is to stop participating in their matrix and to walk away from it." Bill: By walking away, what do you mean? Stop using phones? Stop watching TV? Gideon: "Yes. Exercise discipline in one's habits. Only use cash, stop paying for streaming services or cable, be extremely judicious at the grocery store with what you buy, what brands you purchase. Visit farmer's markets. Get rid of the data plan and sanitize your phone. You can use social media, but do it anonymously, destroy their data gathering systems. Plenty of things we could all do, at once, to simply exit the system." Saw this right after I read drop17: *******Australian banks embrace digital ID Reclaim The Net <[email protected]> Australia's major banks: ANZ, CBA, NAB and Westpac, are happy with EFTPOS' payment system known as ConnectID to provide the national digital ID. But if you're in Australia - or indeed, in New Zealand - what does this mean? The big banks behind the big push are unsurprisingly known "as the big four" - so, ostensibly, everything stays inside the "big financial family"? What EFTPOS (stylized as, "eftpos") stands for is, "electronic funds transfer at point of sale" - (if you're in Singapore, you might know it as "NETS"). It's an electronic payment system involving electronic fund transfers based on the use of debit or credit cards, at payment terminals located at points of sale. Australia's Payments Plus (AP+) - described as a broker for digital identity initiatives both behind EFTPOS and BPAY - made the announcement. And BPAY is an Australian electronic bill payment company working with online financial institutions, mobile or telephone banking with registered billers.... <<<<
  9. the feds recently raided an organic Amish farm, so it looks like they are doing something right, ie "if we let the amish get away with it, everybody will be doing it and our food shortage strategy will go belly up." Not related to that exactly: No speculating what this means but it’s part of something cuz it’s got Vatican + $$$… >>>>>>>>>>Rome Newsroom, Aug 23, 2022 / 05:51 am Pope Francis has ordered that the Holy See and connected entities move all financial assets to the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), commonly known as the Vatican bank. …According to Francis’ rescript, financial and liquid assets held in banks other than the IOR must be moved to the Vatican bank within 30 days of Sept. 1, 2022.<<<<<< RE "and connected entities": sure sounds like the spiderweb DI talks/writes about.
  10. Hey Quarantined, I'm still keeping an eye on this stuff, to see what develops, it cd be total zero. from an email: The month of August was the month the Cabal decided to let everyone know their plans. Countless stories appeared in the media discussing CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), Digital IDs and social credit tracking and scoring (I've posted about these on my Twitter). It's not a secret anymore. It's out in the open, and all of it serves to confirm CSRQ is on the way. Let's go over some bullet points of events the past month: 1) New Intel Drops are being posted on my new site here, including Intel Drop 15 which was just released. 2) Our Telegrams are where we communicate important updates, especially on Gideon's Comms channel. 3) A supporter by the name of Wireless put together an incredible 2 minute video on CSRQ. It may be good for sharing with friends and family. 4) We were able to raise a few hundred dollars for our friend in need, Truth ExposingEvil. Even though money will be worthless soon, this person was in dire need and at risk of homelessness. We still need to help people in need, even if we don't have much time left before the Reset. Thank you to all who contributed. 5) Telegram remains a great way for us to communicate. If you don't want to use your real phone to sign up, you can use a service called FelixMerchant.com to get a burner phone number for $2 (this service can be used for a variety of platforms). 6) In case you did not see it, our second video from Gideon was posted this month on our YouTube. 7) The Biden Admin took a step toward instituting digital money and getting rid of the U.S. Dollar, which could happen on December 13th. Now some personal words from me on what's going on: We saw parabolic interest in CSRQ when we first released this story. Our views and new people joining us was sky-rocketing. But then something happened: the agents went into high-gear attacking us and posting false claims about us. Their efforts to attack us worked. A lot of people abandoned us over complete lies, which we then linked to a pedophile and a hacker who we proved were posting false information. Let me repeat that: we proved those behind the attacks were a pedophile and that their agents were lying about us. Eventually, they backed off and went away, but the damage was done. People betrayed us, and decided to side with a pedophile. By the time we proved their campaign against us were based on falsehoods, it was too late. That is the nature of false accusations. No one cares about the truth, once the charge is made, the damage is done. This is why the cabal is winning. They have thousands of agents at their disposal, and thousands of gatekeepers working for them. The public is too easily misled, and the people in the truth movement are splintered, confused and also easily led astray. We lost our battle to expose CSRQ and stop it before it happens. It will happen, and there's nothing we can do. Our efforts plateaued and reached a point where very few new people were learning about our information. We haven't remotely reached enough people to wake them up and stop this. Because we cannot stop CSRQ, we are re-focusing our efforts. We are going to be focusing now on our Sovereign family, the small group we have formed who will fight back after CSRQ comes online. We are and will be the last line of defense to stop this after it happens. We have now officially made four families Sovereign. They will fight with us when this happens. We plan to make a few more Sovereign. We promise those of you who are not Sovereign we will not forget you. We will have about two months to destroy CSRQ from within, before the forced vaccinations start happening. We are planning and coordinating now on how to do that. We need to keep lines of communication open. Here are critical ways you can still contact us: [email protected] (Michael's email) [email protected] (back-up email) Here's some links to bookmark and check up on each day: Bill's Twitter We Are Sovereign's Twitter Survive The Reset Twitter Bill's Gab Bill's Gettr Bill's Brighteon Social Our Telegram Announcements Our Telegram Group Our YouTube Thank you for your support. We are indeed all Sovereign and the cabal will not win. We will fight until our last dying breath to defeat them. - Bill Sweet #WeAreSovereign
  11. Thanks, Quarantined, for posting all of this.I continue to follow it, although it seems to be considered "psy op"/ fiction on this forum. Pretty ironic that we're on THE DAVID ICKE FORUM and peeps are so quick to dismiss it as "psy op"/ fiction !!! It's interesting to me, what they are saying about "the astral", not that I would claim to have a deep understanding of the MULTIVERSE. (where there are also battles between ET races....) >>>>>This is their plan to win both wars, the one here and the one on the other side. Yes, I believe there are wars not only here on earth but in other dimensions, layers of the MULTIVERSE. Gideon: ... They always thought, 'This must all be happening on Earth.' Well, it is, but in multiple dimensions, not just in this one." Gideon: "Yes. Because a war is being fought in the spiritual realm, but that war has a boundary. It cannot pass into our realm." >>>>during their meetings. They have seances. They access other entities, from beyond. They meet with and speak to commanders who lead the armies over there. Then they work day and night to keep the sheep on Earth totally stuck in a materialistic belief system, so they never clue in on the fact there's more beyond this life."<<< The cabal has accomplished much evil and destruction by working black magik / LHP type workings. Some folks of other or no religious beliefs don't buy this understanding of what's happening. Do they think it's just because they have big $$$ that they have accomplished all this killing, maiming, horror and evil? They are working at it and have been for years; check videos of rituals at Bohemian Grove or that creepy sht at CERN ceremony. Anyone that thinks black magik (can involve various demonicus besides "satan") doesn't exist is naive and in denial. >>>what the cabal is doing in September... the ceremony they're doing in September is going to change that. (free will)<<<< so I guess I'll be watching closely what's happening in SEPT and connecting dots back to what Bill & Gideon have said here. I'll check in here when they post Part 2. Regards, Lupa M
  12. There's some very fkd up people in this video but I did not see any "Demons Manifesting Through Celebrities Caught on Camera" which would be interesting, like seeing the reptilian face of a royal.
  13. But back to the ? about who do I listen to/read, not necessarily "intellectuals" Tessa Fights Robots -on Substack, cuz believe it or not there's intelligent women out there on substack and writing on REDUXX type sites Mark Crispin Miller, actually I guess he is an "intellectual" Russell Brand - I don't know exactly what he's doing but I never seem to turn off his vids before it's over so that's a sign for me There's others I look at occasionally but these 3 are 2-3 x week. Bernard Gunther and Jon Rappoport I could mention but I'd have to list the caveats... i'm sleepy now....zzzz
  14. watched it earlier today. It's um, pretty grim, ain't it? Not sure what I can do with that info except think about what do I want from that scenario and how to seek it.
  15. So next time you are going to Butch Craft with the kidz, could I tag along? It sounds real good. I sure could use some times like that, out in Nature with fire and talk about real stuff. (Can we talk "Lone Gunmen" too?)
  16. Thanks for posting all the OcuLabs info. I have been watching it for awhile and was thinking of posting something about it here, especially when they were talk about DI. I'm not completely convinced about "psy-op or not" but I keep reading the updates. Let's see how this unfolds....
  17. This is beautiful. All hail the Angry Aussie!!!
  18. RE Scientists create world’s first ‘synthetic embryos’ ..... it is legal and we have ethical approval to do this with human-induced pluripotent stem cells. This is providing an ethical and technical alternative to the use of embryos,” said the eugenicist who missed the class about ethics but still talks about it. What asshat gave this “ethical approval”? But it should be good for the trans-men who have synthetic wombs…
  19. jack mentioned sweating which reminds me I read something about saunas or Epsom salt baths (be careful tho if you have cardio, blood pressure, diabetes issues) would help detox. I'll try find references. Probably any type of detoxing you can manage would be a good starting point.
  20. Over here, Northern California, there were many special programs to "assist the elderly" during lockdown. I was able to get restaurant food delivered for very cheap.There were free holiday dinners delivered. I always answered door with no mask of course and they would be visibly freaked. I was able to get volunteers to water my plants and do errands for me. I particularly enjoyed all these luxuries knowing it was all based upon the Covid Lie! The special programs are over now but I sure did enjoy myself in some ways. No guilt. i liked going in stores maskless and saying "I just need a couple of things then I'm gone." {I did enjoy throwing crumpled kleenex on the stairs and in the yard to freak out the neighbors who have been abusive towards me. And coughing alot on the porch if they were outside..... ME-OW!}
  21. Excellent article, evansir. I believe you would find this very interesting; sorta dovetails with what you've written: COVID Vaccines – Consequences On The Soul, Spirit, And Life After Death By Bernhard Guenther, May 24, 2022 https://veilofreality.com/2022/05/24/covid-vaccines-consequences-on-the-soul-spirit-and-life-after-death/ >>>>A few months ago, I came across a 100-page pdf document, “Corona Vaccines from the Spiritual Perspective. Consequences on Soul and Spirit and the Life after Death,” by Thomas Mayer. <<<<< (I have not explored this PDF as yet.) >>>>It is about a complete take-over of the physical vehicle [body] by the occult anti-divine forces, priming and genetically modifying human bodies for “incarnational opportunities.” In short, full-on body-snatching and possession via dislodging the spirit/essence from the body. This ” hybridization program” is priming humanity’s transmutation into shell vessels for hyperdimensional possession.<<<< There are many other excellent articles and also podcasts on the Veil of Reality site.
  22. Yes, LGB people had the trans shoveddown our throats, so to speak...
  23. If I have Faith and Belief but not in the bible, what then?
  24. From the article: "But he said there was a 'margin of unpredictability,' pointing to how BA.2.12.1 became dominant in the US but BA.5 'succeeded' when the two came in direct competition." There's so much propaganda in that one sentence, I got the vapors. Yes, I see your competition, who can find/predict the most dominant, deadly, successful killer subvariant first! U R so fkdup. Next subvariant: BS.666
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